Chapter 40: Wrapping Up Time

Summary: (Or me, trying to wrapping up this whole meeting mess...)

Notes: If you are reading this... I'm so happy you decided to read my story even after the lack of updates since september of last year! Thank you very much! I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoying writing it. Many things are revealed in this chapter. LONGEST CHAPTER YET! HELL YEAH!

Embassy of All Monsters, Ebott Ville, 1 year 7 months after the release of monsters and magic back into the world.

"Flowey. Stop." Wilson looked down upon the potted plant. After a staring contest of approximately one minute. Flowey lowered his gaze, as well as his vines… down to the ground and defeated, he decided to burrow to the pot of dirt so no one could see his face.

Weird how that works…

**"… I can't believe what I'm seeing… Flowey actually OBEYING someone?"

Yeah, that's weird, too… what happened here? Did we miss something important?

After recovering from the ordeal, Wilson sat back on his chair and Chester jumped to his owner's lap. No one knew exactly how to react to the nonchalantness in which he took it all so they just went along with what just happened.

Everyone except the royal couple, **"Mom and dad!" yeah, yeah I know, who looked as if they would be fine with the earth swallowing them whole.

Okay… owww that hurt…

Papyrus did a great job healing me, though. It's as if my nose was never broken! Of course some blood is still lodged in there but, oh well. That's something for my future self to handle.

I took my time to run my finger up and down the nasal bridge, just to make sure it is straight.

"Now, for the next part of this meeting…" *Concerned Chester Whines™* "…It's okay boy…" I swear, this little fluff can be a bundle of worries when he wants to be. "… if everyone is done with the questions, I would like to discuss about how we are going to proceed with the public eye and the possible repercussions for monster… government?"

What is their—

"Monarchy, your majesty. Monsterkind sees itself as a monarchy. Much to this government's displeasure" Toriel added watching at the pot of anger, warily.

I turned my head to where her gaze guided me and I instantly felt disappointment. Willow was trying to cook the potted plant by setting her hand ablaze and holding it in the air. A very frightened Frisk tugged at her black skirt trying to stop her from making a pot of Flowey a Lá Flamme for dinner.

Darn it.

With as much finesse I could muster at the moment. And after securing Chester to the ground, I stood up to rip the threateningly hot pot from my too vengeful sister's hands. She huffed; unamused that she couldn't turn the offending plant into ashes.

"Willow. Time out." I made my voice change to a cold 'no nonsense' tone such as Ms. Wickerbottom would be proud if she heard.

"But he—!"

"I said. Time out, Willow" She knows what she did was wrong, and her spinning, walking away and finally facing the closest corner was a statement of her knowing that such behavior is not going to be tolerated anymore. I'll have to talk to her about how fragile the monsters are… again. Thankfully, I have a bottle of water in my orange little pet. After pouring some in to the undoubtedly hot soil to lower its temperature, I looked back to the Ebott's crew to continue our conversation but it was the King who spoke first.

"I do have another question before we proceed, King of Shadows." He awaited for my reply, I gave a slow nod to his inquisition and he nodded back, just as slow. Maybe it's a good thing for everyone not to comment on the literal little accident that is Flowey. Later, I decide, we will address it later.

"I believe you have yet to tell us how you became King." Asgore said.

Okay… that one is the winner of the most uncomfortable question of the day. Clap. Clap. Clap.

He knows the implications of that question, or at least guess as much but, good Lords… Does he have to expose me this way? In front of the children?

All the humans and monsters stared at me with undivided attention, even Flowey sprouted from the now ambient like pot. First I tried to even out my breathing and not looking at anyone in specific. Then, I took Alphys phone.

What is her password?


Mew mew? How very original of her.

The screen blinked once in acknowledgment of the right answer, then, I stopped the recording. Wow, we have been here for one hour and a half. Two, if we count the time it took for everyone to gather. I saved the recording as First Meeting and put it back down on the table.

"I committed regicide; I killed the previous King and took the throne to myself." My announcement came evenly, as how you would tell someone the time or the weather. It was hardly the inflection you would use in such a proclamation.

A few gasps here and there. I still refused to see their faces, specially the one of a little boy next to me. Why did it matter so much to me? Frisk has a full family of people worth to spend ages in jail. Nonetheless, I feel shame coiling around my soul like a vice.

The decision I took that time will haunt me for the rest of my existence.

"Oh, come on! Who wouldn't like to kill Maxwell once or twice!"

Unbelievable how my sister can break the silence with the sharp cut of her tongue. Mighty power to have indeed.

"I don't understand… It seems to me that he revived after you killed him so… how is it possible for you to be crowned King, and still carry that title, if he is technically alive." Asgore added after processing what I just said.

He couldn't care less that I just admitted murder, could he?

I suddenly don't want to be here anymore. It could be so easy just to run away, as Willow had previously suggested, and avoid answering any more questions. Part of me wished to just follow what my SOUL wanted to do and pour everything on them, tell them everything, from start to end. At least, what I can remember of my time in the throne, which, for the lack of a better word, is scarce.

The other part, my brain, the one I should be using right know, screamed at me for the stupidity of this all, to do only what I must do and get out of here without revealing any more, but I know for a fact that if they don't receive an explanation from me, right now, they would not be so inclined to amuse my demands in the future.

And I need them to follow my lead for what is to come.

"I… he was… it was not…" As much as I tried to put my mind into words, they simply didn't complete the route from my mind down to my mouth. Embarrassment and a little bit of annoyance at myself making its way to my face, instead. Fine. The hard way is it then.

"I took the throne and the crown from him" Never said it was Maxwell, but no one needs to know that "and made some changes to the kingdom's rules and how the game was played." Heh, at least, that's what Maxwell said I did…

The King of Monsters nodded once more at my response, thinking. The Self-Exiled Queen looked at me straight in the eye. Judging. I stare back at her with the same intensity.

Who in the bloody hell she thinks she is to judge me?!

"ok, lets calm down a bit" Sans voice breaks the little staring contest between me and their Queen. She looks at him trying to figure out how in the whole world he dares to interrupt her when her judgment is completely justified…

Control your emotions, Wilson. Breath deeply and let go. No matter how much I try to be polite and don't acknowledge her visceral view of me, Toriel always succeeds to make my temper flare.


"Don't 'Tori' me Asgore!" Looks like someone is stressed out enough to lose her temper.

I won.

I know what instant karma is, I have seen it in funny videos Alphys shares with me through the human equivalent for Undernet. I never knew there was something as instant regret.

Better give her one of my most reasonable answers… a shrug.

After shouting at Asgore, it was clear who won the battle of 'who keeps it together the longest' Wilson finally smiled, happy of having out skilled the goat woman.

She has been so stressed, poor Tori.

I wish I could help her… or at least, not to weight her down…

I have to find a way to know everything about this man. For what I can only guess, he holds much more power than the political one, a normal King would have.

Heh, I really didn't want to get involved this much, but hell, there is no way around this one huh?

These two brothers are very problematic.

Working for him will surely give me some chance to know what he is planning. Whatever he has in store for all of us, I need to find out before any damage is done. I will be more cautions with them than I was with Frisk. That strange dark magic of his is something, until now, unknown to normal monsters. It's effects on monsters is only known to the two royalties who are not sharing as much information as I would like, Alphys is too excited to know what she is getting herself into, not the first time that that happens, and the exuberant duo of Undyne and Papyrus who are letting things unfold as they come.

So as it is, it's up to me to actually do something about the situation.

Wow, Papyrus would be so proud at me if he knew I won't be the lazy skeleton from now on.

This is driving me crazy!

I really don't know what is happening in that dense head of Frisk's!

You must think that, being the spectral being that I'm, I should be able to know what is going on with the kid 24/7. The only problem with that is that, I'm not.

And it's starting to get on my nerves.

**"Frisk!" I tried again. None of this is making any sense and… and… I'm confused as heck!

Not that I'm going to say that out loud…

'Chara, I don't know what to tell you. Last time I saw him was in "Darkness", after that, well, it all went with trying battling against The God of Hyperdeath… then the barrier broke… then all the monsters coming out of the mountain… It just got so complicated that I didn't have the chance to let you know about what happened in the dreams, nor I dreamt of him again afterwards.

Well, Frisk is right. Everything got more complicated after we defeated Asriel's supreme bad guy form.

**"It's okay Frisk, I understand" It's better not to rush, I know, it's just… just so confusing. Everything. But I have to let Frisk come and tell me what I want on his own.

I felt guilt coming in waves towards me, I looked at my host, questioning about the feeling, but he just smothered the emotion and said nothing.

I never was good with emotions… Even when I was alive…

It always took me awhile to realize something I said while angry hurted Asriel's feelings and, even then, I would not feel guilty about it…

I was an awful adopted sister.

Frisk has taught me so much in regards of sympathy towards other people in our time together, on how others are feeling and how they make me feel… on how to say sorry, not because I have to but because that's the right thing to do…

… On how to let go of the things that hurt you, on the things that you can't have anymore, on how to forgive…

Maybe… maybe one day we will tell Flowey I'm not gone, never was, from this world. Just like Asriel.

Maybe we will never tell him at all.

That reminds me!

Toriel lost her composture ~ I woooooon ~

Hehehe If it was just me and her in the room, I would have stuck out my tongue at the pathetic excuse for a royalty she is! As childish it should have been. She deserves it!

**"Uhm, Wilson?"

I can be quite forgetful when I'm having fun, poor child must be very confused with all of this new information.

"Yes dear, what is it?"

The seemingly unrelated question turned some heads of the gathered at the long table. In their eyes, I spoke to nobody just now.

**"Could you… could you please not tell Flowey about me being here?" Chara looked at me almost pleadingly.


"I can do that but, why?" I needed to know. It should be obvious by now that I can't live without answers to my questions.

**"You know how Asriel and I… ended up…" Death, killed by hateful humans "And I don't think that he is going to be very happy with Frisk lying to him for so long about me not being here…"

Frisk jumped a little and looked at Flowey intense gaze from where he is perched at the table. For some reason he has been silent since I told them how I seized the crown, but now, now he is looking at us as if he knew he is the subject of our discussion.

She did have a point, I couldn't just let him know about her presence.

Who knows what kind of problem he would do if he did.


He is looking right at where Chara is!

Uh, oh…

"PFF. AHAHAHAHA. Oh heavens, this is gold! HAHAHA" Oh, the gracious laugher of my dearest sister sounds like a siren…

…drunk and about to pass out.

She is the only one who would get amused at my expense!

Maxwell would be amused, too… him and his dumb smile—

Stop thinking about him!

Better yet, think about how could this happen?! Wasn't I the one who said that monsters couldn't see spirits? Was I wrong?

**He's using JUSTICE to see** The ever-present little voice in my head answers my first question. But this time I was in a loss of what did that mean. **Yes, and No.** That would answer the last two.


**Not justice, JUSTICE. Magic born from JUSTICE is meant to reveal, to see through, to find the truth and to focus one's mind. Normally, SOULS of JUSTICE are depicted with the color yellow. Papyrus SOUL is mainly yellow in color and as his dominant trait**

Well, that's impressive! And a little confusing… I shall investigate these SOUL traits further later on.

Papyrus' orbital rims lit with yellow magic, the result is a skeleton with a magical hue coming from his eye sockets.

**"Ack! Papyrus!? sh, sh!" In record time, Chara was in front of said skeleton trying, to no avail, to put her little hands on his 'mouth' to shut him up so he couldn't reveal her presence but the damage was already done. Said hands fazed through his face without any kind of resistance. Papyrus stays as still as he can, and shuts his mouth just as told but there is light amusement in his face.

Can he hear what she said?

**No, but he knows what someone putting both of ones 'mouth' means**

Yeah, everybody knows as much.

"Chara my child, is that really you? Please my child, we just want see you again." Toriel said and both, her and Asgore, raise from their seats trying to reach her, even though they didn't exactly know where she is at the moment.

"What the hell are you talking about?!" Flowey looked both parts confused and angry. "Chara is GONE. What is wrong with you two?! Papyrus! What the hell is going on?!" Flowey finally butted in the conversation.

So. He is the only one allowed to remember her, huh?. How rich.

This calls for some order!

Quickly, and before he could realize what was happening, I grabbed Flowey's pot. Again.

"What, what the fuck are you doing! Release me at once! Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no NOT THAT AGAIN! Take this you idiot!" The angry plant shouted and bit my wrist. Just where the long scar of past failures laid. Ouch!

Chester opened his maw obediently, he can perceive what I want him to do at times. Smart boy, my Chester!

"In you go again, boy. We need to talk about adult things you don't need to know for now." I grabbed one petal and pulled, successfully dislodging his, teeth? where they penetrated my skin. That is going to leave a mark, oh well. Beads of red liquid leaked from it, staining my sleeve with even more blood.

"Hey! What? Why?" He pouted now, more annoyed than mad. Good thing he remembers that he has to follow my orders.

"Well, for starters, you broke my nose. Then again, I shouldn't have had you in there for long periods of time. Sorry about that." I do feel a little guilty about it. Just a little. "However, that is no reason to be so violent. Me, nor my sister, have done nothing to you to be the targets of your wrath." This is just but an excuse to take him into the fluffy orange boy but he doesn't need to know that.

"But, but, but, she!" Vine pointed at a startled and sad looking goat "She is going senile and no one is telling her to shut up! What's wrong with all of—"

"In you go." A thought occurred to me. Can he use any of the items inside Chester?



"You're going to regr—"

"I'm already regretting all of this, thank you." With that, the little phyco flower boy dilemma is over for now.



"Would you be so kind to not let Flowey know about Chara?" I told him slowly, so he could understand the gravity of my words.

"OH… OKAY!" No questions? No arguing?


"This goes for everyone as well. Failure to comply and you will all face the consequences"

Upss… that went a little too far. That sounded more like a threat, although, that was not my intention.

Now, this is something I would have never dreamed to happen. How could Papyrus, out of everyone, see Chara? This never happened before so, why now?

**"I'm losing my shit right now. I'm losing my shit right now. I'm losing my shit right now. I'm losing my shit right now. Frisk, HELP!"

My head is spinning with the ghost's feelings filling up my mind. Shock, fear, horror, and finally, underneath it all, she felt… overjoyed.

I felt appreciation for Papyrus grow exponentially, like a balloon filled with water with the promise of being thrown at someone's face. Chara is so happy that even though she's trying to silence the tall skeleton, there is a big smile on her face.

"Princess?" Wilson calling for my companion's attention answered goat mom and goat dad's answer if she is, indeed, here with us.

**"I have a bigger problem right now! Call back tomorrow!" Now trying to cover the yellow colored sockets, Chara redirects her uneasiness to the scientist. Wilson tries again, sweeter…

"Chara, please?" He looks at her, finally making eye contact.

**"What!?" The scientist walks slowly to the seemingly looking empty space between him and Papyrus and reaches out.

His hands wrap in dark magic, making it look that he had tight fitted surgeon's gloves.

"This is of utmost importance, Chara. I will understand and accept what you decide, but, you must know that it will be of great help to me and to everyone if you say yes." He grabs both her hands to empathize his point. She lets him. "There is a way for me to show them… to show them all you're here and for you to talk to them, if you so chose."

She doesn't want to.


**"It's… it's not that I don't want to, it's just…"

"Chara, my child. Please…" Mom has tears in her eyes, some of them roll down her cheeks like diamonds falling from the skies.

It hurts so much to see mom begging.

It hurts… it hurts a part of us both in my SOUL that none of us can distinguish where her hurt started and where mine did.

We love her so much, to bring sadness to those eyes is the worst sin, in Chara's eyes, one can dare to make.

**"Oh, mom…" She still waver.

"Chara. Let's do this together. Don't you think it's been too long?"

She needs this, Toriel and Asgore need this as well.

And maybe, like this, we can have those long conversations Chara always dreamed for with her former caretakers and now mourning parents.

"You don't have to, you know. Screw what's easy for everyone. Take as long as you need or wait it out until you have your own body back."

Willow! Who's side is she?!

**"Hehehe, I like her."

Yeah, you say that because she is not afraid to say things that make everyone uncomfortable! Hmpf! That reminds me of what you told Mrs. Snowdrake's mom!

**"It was just a joke, jeeeeeez Frisk. Can't you let it go?"


**"Oh yea… uhm we can try… for a little while?"

"Wha-what did she said?" Mom looks at me hopefully. Unaware of how the conversation side tracked a little.

"She said that she agrees. For a little while." I tell her and she couldn't be happier. Asgore gets closer with the same or even more hope in his eyes than mom. I had never seen him like this before.

They really love Chara…

**"They love you too, dumb face."

I know…

But it's simply not the same.

Wilson extends his left hand above the ghost child, then to the side. A black border square manifests from his palm and make itself bigger. It open and closes once like a big black monster's maw with everyone image from another angle than my own.

The window like magic lifts up from where it is and sets between Asgore, Toriel, Papyrus, Sans that is on his side and Wilson, Chara and myself. I see everyone as if it was a big mirror.

It 'chews' one more time and I can see the two royalties as their eyes open in shock. They stiffen and stop to move completely. Sans eyelights are pinpricks and Papyrus squeals in happiness.

**"Mom? Dad?" Can you see me? Was the unspoken question.

"My… my baby." Toriel lifts her paws and rests it against Wilson's construct.

"Chara my daughter. We missed you so much." The image of them crying from a mix of happiness and sadness made me cry as well.

Their adopted daughter is not doing any better.

**"Mom… Dad… I'm so sorry… Please forgive me… I'm sorry… I'm sorry!" She got closer to the flat surface. Hands and two massive paws separated but for a thin layer of magic.

So close, yet so far.

Holy fuck!

Holy fuck!

Holy fuck!



"Th-th-th-this can't re-re-re-really be happening." My girlfriend says and I can't agree more. I would have said it with much flourishing language, but yeah, this couldn't possibly be happening.

The long lost human princess of the Kingdom of Monsters is right there.

A little transparent, floating in the air, sobbing like there is no tomorrow…


She has been here all this time. Right under her parents muzzles!

"If she could come back, then— mhpf" Alphys claps her hands to her mouth that I couldn't hear what she said.


"NOTHING!" She looks guiltily at me the same instant she responded my question with instant denial.

She is not like this, she NEVER shouts.


She is hiding something from me.

"I.. I …I … I .. me-me-mean… nothing… nothing really! Just dumb, dumb me thinking dumb things!"


"Alphys, my love. There is not a speck of dust in you that anyone can call dumb. And if there was, I would love it to the end of the world!"

It took some time for me to not to get completely embarrased when making Alphys know how much I love her.

Her blush is so deep that smokes comes out from her fried nerves.

That is soooo anime!

Only Asgore and Toriel's sobbing mumbling brought me back from my declarations of love towards my sexy yellow girlfriend.

When I thought this shit couldn't get any more confusing, this man comes and pulls another card from his sleeve. What is he gaining with all of this? I don't believe it's for some altruistic bullshit he is trying to get the King's and Queen's out in the open so they can have some sort of family reunion.


There has to be more.

"Hey Wilson" Ugh, forgot the formalities there.

He comes to me without caring about my slip up.

Meanwhile, Papyrus and Sans decided to give the happy reunited family some space and left their chairs. With nowhere else to go, they ended up coming to our side of the table.

Frisk hugs the specter once and starts comforting her with things they can do now together. The scene is so bittersweet. So close to her and yet they can't touch her, even less hug her. Sometimes, Asgore would talk about his children with me when I was younger, how they behaved and how much he had loved them both. Asriel's and Chara's death made him lose everything he once held dear. I couldn't relate. I never had a parent figure other than Gerson and the King, and even with them, it was not as having one own real family. They taught me so much and how to survive in this world. But a family? No, I never had one.

Makes me a little jealous of that kid.

"Yes, Undyne?"

He's very approachable but there is a little wariness towards me, I see.

I think it's better that way.

"So, uh…" Thinking back into my past made me lose the line of thought I had.

"Wha-what is that?" Alphys' nervous stutter asks.

"That?" He points at his magic. "That is a window. A creation of dark magic to watch any point in space I desire."

Yeah, good question and a hella confusing answer but that was not why I called him for.

"So… bringing them both back? Asgore's kids? I don't know if that's even possible." I stand up with the utmost seriousness. Papyrus looks at me sadly, yeah, I remember having used the same technique with him when he went to Waterfall to give me his report after having his battle with Frisk.

And for him to tell me he just befriended the enemy…

If Frisk had turn out to be like the humans in Asgore and Gerson's stories…

He would had ended up a smiling pile of dust, for sure.

I just wanted him to know it could have been the end of him if the human was anything like the stories of human knights during the war! I didn't mean to throw metaphorical shit at him!

Thankfully, it just resulted in a little kid in a pink tutu that knew how to dodge.

"Let me tell you something" One more step "If you give them false hope just to up and disappear with your sister to wherever you came from…" I materialize a blue spear with a sharp edge and point at him, dead in between his sky blue eyes. "I will personally hunt you both down and I kill you without mercy." I growl, each word with enough venom to melt steel.

"U-U-U-Undyne! Oh, m-m-m-my angel!" Alphys cries. I will apologize to her for making threats like this in the surface, at a human, at a royalty, no less. However, I just couldn't let this go!

Is he trying to manipulate those two with sentimental shit so they will obey him? Is this some kind of leverage? What about Frisk? Does he know what this man is trying to do?

Nah, the kid is as innocent as a goldfish. Perhaps he is not even aware of the situation Wilson is putting both royalties in, no, the entire monster race in. He is forcing us all to play along whatever plan he has.

Will I let him?


"Oh, kill me like you killed Frisk? With a spear piercing through their chest?"

"What? I never did that? What the fuck are you talking about?"

I notice his eyes turning redder by the second.

I blink in surprise of his words and he disappears from my eye sight. Shit!

"Listen, woman."

Gahh! My spear! How?!

I no longer feel the pulling sensation you get when utilizing magic in a magic bullet, it was yanked from me so quickly that I don't have the time to react.

Behind me!

Before I could turn around and make him know who the hell is he messing with. I feel the sharp end of my former spear, now darker than black, to my throat. He then grabs both my wrists in one hand.

So fast!

"Be very careful with what you promised there, Ex-Captain of the Royal Guard. You can seek me for a battle whenever, and I assure you I will fulfill any desire of yours to get you througoutfully beaten. But…" The point of the spear makes contact with my skin. It's cold like ice and powerful as Asgore's trident.

No way in all hell he can be more powerful than Asgore!

"… if you lay one. single. dirty. webbed finger of yours on my sister. I swear. You won't see the dawn of another day. Ever."


This is…

The real deal…

Killing intent.

I have never, EVER felt killing intent directed at me. So crude and cold, so powerful and undistilled…

Fuck! My SOUL tells me to back off, to run away.

*Death looms behind you. Fucking. RUN.

"U-U-Undyne! No, please. She really di-di-didn't mean it!" Alphys got closer. No, no, why is she getting closer!

I can't lose her to this psycho!


The tip of the spear leaves my skin but does not fade away immediately.

"You are so lucky I respect Dr. Dinohorn so much or we wouldn't be ending this so soon."

A beat of silence passes. He frees my wrists from his strong hold and dissolves the blackened spear.



My legs… I don't feel my legs.

Am I shaking in fear?

"I changed my mind Willow, we can go now. I'm done here." With a snap of my fingers, I let a terminating command echo in the room. The window fades away like a sweet memory and the King and Queen lay there trying, to no avail, to sense where their daughter went.

Or if they will ever be able to see her again…

"Bloody hell! Flipping finally!"

I knew she was readying a ball of flames, surely, to be thrown at the stupid fish at my command. She dissipated it seconds after I freed her at the lack of said order.

I'm so tired of all of this.

Two hard knocks on the closed door silence everyone in the room.

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