Here you go, the conclusion of this story! This is set during the series finale, and I hope you enjoy it : ) Thank you all for reading!

The Most Chaotic Date Ever!


Together, All Ways

Discord waved to Fluttershy as she went through his portal into Twilight's throne room to meet with the other girls. The chaos master visited each of them individually of course, and sometimes he even snapped them all to a random location with him for some fun. But these monthly meetings were special for the six friends, and he liked seeing them come together all on their own. The eternity of their friendship gave him such comfort; he cherished letting them cherish their time together.

Discord closed up the portal and turned back to the inside of Fluttershy's cottage. He straightened up a few things for her, snapped to make the dishes dance themselves out of the drying rack and into the cupboard, and made a mountain of carrots appear to feed the dozen or so little bunnies who lived in the cottage new (descendants of their Grandaddy Angel). All of his actions may have seemed too orderly for a chaos master, but these days he was happy to help Fluttershy with the little chores that would let her come home and rest after a full day of friendship fun.

Speaking of which, he snapped himself to the animal sanctuary now—he was in charge of seeing to things here too today before heading to the Ogres and Oubliettes convention.

Thankfully, since the sanctuary had grown quite a bit over all these years, he had help. Discord saw Celestia and Luna standing at the sanctuary gates as soon as he appeared. He tried not to chuckle at the idea that Twilight seemed taller than them these days. She was almost taller than himself actually; apparently a few decades of double alicorn magic really packed a punch.

He flew over to the pony sisters. They each wrapped a foreleg around him in a hug then pulled


"How are the girls and Fluttershy, Discord?" Luna asked with a smile.

"Absolutely brilliant as always on both accounts." He grinned proudly. "Fluttershy and I had a very nice Tuesday Tea, and her cottage is all clean now. And the girls all looked fine. Pinkie was a little late but she showed up with Lil Cheese in tow. I adore those party pony children: I can't wait until Tia and I get to babysit all four again."

Celestia nodded but then bit her lip. "And Twilight was really okay, Discord?" She tried to make her smile seem calm, though he could tell from the twitch of her ears that there was more too it.

Discord smiled gently. "She seemed very happy. And very ready… I eavesdropped on the end of the conversation in the throne room while I cleaned Fluttershy's cottage. She's sending that little student of hers to Ponyville."

Celestia's smile became more genuine; her eyes were a little teary. "Oh, that's…that's very good."

Luna touched her sister's shoulder. "I know you usually just write to Twilight to keep up with her, but I think a visit might be due in this case." She smiled. "And perhaps we could both 'hide out' with her when Luster Dawn takes on her first mission to save Equestria? You always said hiding out on your own when Twilight faced me as Nightmare Moon was maddening. But with the three of us, it would certainly be better. We could even invite Cadance as well."

Celestia smiled again finally. "Maybe…but I'm afraid we might have to leave Cadance to keep Flurry Heart distracted. You know how that little princess wants to jump into action at the first sign of trouble anywhere—she'd swoop in to 'save' Luster Dawn in an instant."

"Agreed from past experience." Discord grinned. "I'm the one who used to let her 'slay' me when we'd babysit her growing up and she wanted to pretend to be a palace guard like Daddy. The dramatic performances of demise I put on for that little filly should have received awards." He clasped his hands to his heart, threw back his head, and pretended to pass out on the ground before popping back up again.

Celestia laughed softly. "And I'd let her 'rescue me' from a tower of pillows." She shook her head.

Luna nodded. "I'm sure we'll all work out something with Twilight when the time comes with Luster Dawn."

"If Twilight needs help, I'm always here," Celestia finished with a little shrug, though her eyes were down.

Discord frowned a little and shared a quick look with Luna. Then he cleared his throat and put on a smile again. "Well, for now, I appreciate you ladies helping me with the sanctuary." He glanced out at the grounds then blinked and looked back at them. "Did you two get a head start?"

"Indeed! Celestia took care of the winged creatures and I took care of the sea creatures," Luna explained as her sister looked up again. "We didn't want to be delayed before the convention."

"Thank you, ladies!" Discord flew up. "I'll handle the land creatures then." He flew over the forested areas of the sanctuary, snapping up various food items and blankets and assisting a few creatures with medications.

The pony sisters watched, Celestia smiling gently.

Luna glanced at her sister. "He helps Fluttershy here weekly now?"

Celestia nodded. "Helping her helps him these days."

Luna gave a single nod and rested her head alongside her sister's.

Discord finished up soon enough and teleported between them. "Shall we away to the convention, ladies?" He held out an arm for each of them. "We'll be early for some great panels, and we'll even have time to get into costume first!" He snapped—his Captain Wuz outfit appeared on him, Luna received a hooded cloak with a quiver of arrows, and Celestia received a lute, a jaunty pink pointed hat, and a rose tucked behind one ear.

Luna nodded and put her foreleg over one of his arms. "I enjoy these conventions—no one is quite sure if we are actually the legendary pony sisters and chaos master or if we've just dressed up and transfigured ourselves to look like them."

Celestia took Discord's other arm. "And I enjoy seeing the ponies having fun, especially the little ones..and the couples." Her eyes hazed.

Discord winked at her. "Then let's go—and afterwards snack time with all our swag at the Pony Sisters castle!" He snapped his tail, and they were gone.

Hours later after nightfall Discord and Celestia were lounging in the throne room of the Everfree Forest castle. This place had become a second home to them over the years until the sisters had given up their room at Silver Shoals entirely, and even Discord spent more nights here each week than at his cottage. And the throne room had become a living room for the pony sisters and chaos master with throw pillows and cozy sofas and a nice table for games or dinners at the center of the room. Knickknacks from all of their fun times together decorated the walls.

Right now bags of souvenirs from the convention were scattered around as well. Discord rested together on a sofa with glasses of cider, Discord lounging back against the arm of the sofa and Celestia cuddled against him. Discord wore a pair of half moon glasses as he read an O&O Guidebook, and Celestia, the rose still in her hair, used her magic to knit a long purple and pink scarf.

Celestia heard Discord sniff through his nose once—not unusual for a creature to do. But when he did it again she glanced at him.

He was still holding the book but he wasn't reading. His paw caught a tear from the corner of his eye. He glanced at her, blinked, then glanced back down at the book.

Celestia put aside her knitting and put her hoof on his arm. "Discord…"

He took a deep breath, and his gaze returned to her. "I know, I do this every month after the Friendship Committee meeting." He shook his head trying to smile. "It's just seeing how much the other girls change between times seeing them makes me realize how much Fluttershy changes. She's…more tired than she used to be." He closed his eyes for a moment then opened them and frowned.

"And you are a lovely friend for helping her keep up with her cottage and the sanctuary." Celestia nuzzled the side of his head. "We can go see her now if you want…"

He smiled more and squeezed her hoof but shook his head. "She's probably still out giggling with the girls. Besides, I'm really okay. I value the time she and I have. And she knows how I feel. We talk about it sometimes…when I can manage." He tried to smile a little more. "She's even got Breezy calling me Uncle Discord; she wants me to stay part of her family—not be lonely."

Celestia smiled a little. "Zephyr's little girl also really does love you—she's more obsessed with you than Flurry Heart was. And you are part of her family, Discord, no matter what. And she's part of ours: Fluttershy is my sister-in-law as far as I'm concerned."

Discord nodded; he stroked through her hair. "We'll all always be family." His smile was becoming more genuine again. "And Twilight and Cadance are sort of my sisters-in-law…"

"And Luna's still your sister?" Celestia grinned.

"I know it doesn't make much sense because you and I went and did this whole crazy, kooky husband and wife thing and Luna's your sister, but I still think of her as my sister too, just like Fluttershy at this point. And I never won't." He winked.

They cuddled close.

"Thank you, Tia."

"Always, Discord."

After a moment, Discord glanced at the scarf. "Is that for Twilight?"

Celestia nodded.

"Needs to be longer. She's basically part giraffe now."

Celestia snorted through her nose. "I'll keep that in mind."

"At this rate she's going to start hitting her head on the rafters of the castle."

Celestia laughed more.

"Remember that time at the Gala when I did standup with Smooze there and made fun of Twilight's flying?"

Celestia burst into fully laughter, unable to breathe. Discord laughed too.

Just then Luna teleported in the throne room…an Ursa Minor in tow. She turned to the giant bear-like creature. "Now, Albertus, you know you can't spend the night inside. Ursa's need to absorb starlight while they slumber. But you have a nice pen in the old garden, and your mother shall return for you shortly."

The baby Ursa frowned with big eyes and stayed close to Luna.

Luna smiled gently and flew up to look into his eyes. "Shall I help you off to sleep with a good dream?"

He nodded, smiling a little again.

"Very well. Close your eyes…" She closed hers as he closed his. Luna toucher her horn to Albertus—he glowed a gentle blue and then he was lying down. She teleported him away with a happy smile then turned to Discord and Celestia.

Discord smirked. "Your tendency to bring home every gigantic mythical creature in this forest at least once never ceases to amaze and amuse."

Luna settled onto a sofa of her own. "Oh, they only linger as they need to—they are too big to keep or to house in Fluttershy's sanctuary. And I like having pets that come and go and grow. Albertus is already half the size of his mother."

"Creatures used to come to her here when she was younger," Celestia added with a gentle smile. "They could sense in Luna a spirit that would care and listen."

Luna blushed and shrugged. "I've just always wanted to help those in need who may be feared or misunderstood. And now that we are retired, I can return to it. Between such creatures and my ambassador work, I have made many new friends."

"And we are very proud of you. And I love meeting your pets; I'm…partial to places with animals." Discord gave her a warm smile and wiped his eye quickly. Luna nodded her head, understanding. But then he added with his usual amusement, "Though I could do without the unfair advantage that your knowledge of mythical creatures gives you in Ogres and Oubliettes."

Luna chuckled a little. "Indeed, perhaps I will be the superior player one day. And until then we can keep playing, dear brother." Then Luna smirked a little and raised an eyebrow at Discord and Celestia. "And speaking of fun activities, what were you two doing exactly while some of us were taking a lonely Ursa for a walk?"

They were cuddled together, Celestia almost on top of Discord by now. Celestia blushed with a grin and sent away her knitting as Discord sent away his guidebook and glasses with a sheepish grin.

The chaos master shrugged at Luna. "Hopelessly flirting, canoodling, engaging in things that will lead to other things. You're the one who left us unsupervised."

Luna stretched, laughing. "Indeed, your honeymoon phase almost seems endless some days. But you may want to get yourselves under some control—I believe we're about to have a visitor."

Celestia raised an eyebrow. "How do you—"

"I sensed some anxious dreams from a familiar friend while I assisted Albertus," Luna explained simply.

And then there was a knock at the door.

Luna trotted over and opened it. And from the dark and into the candle and firelight of the room stepped Twilight Sparkle. "Er…hi, Celestia, Luna, Discord. I'm sorry it's so late and that I didn't write first. But the Friendship Committee meeting only just ended and I couldn't sleep and…" she blushed a little, glancing at Celestia and Discord snuggled close, "is this a bad time?"

Luna hugged her with a foreleg then led her forward. "Tis never a bad time, Twilight Sparkle. We were just having a pleasant evening together—and Discord and Celestia always flirt close up."

Luna laughed as Celestia rolled her eyes and removed herself from Discord to sit up on the sofa. "It's no bother, Twilight. You are always welcome here." She bowed her head.

"Thank you, Celestia." Twilight bowed her head then lifted it as Celestia lifted hers.

Discord nudged Celestia and whispered in her ear. "I was right about the scarf—see."

Celestia nudged him back and held back a laugh.

Twilight just glanced at Discord with a grin. "Whatever the joke was about me, Discord, I'm sure it was very funny. Also, it's good to see you."

He grinned. "It's good to see you too, Twilight. And my jokes are always a riot, you know that." Then he snapped to make Twilight appear sitting on the other side of Celestia on the sofa. "Now, you two, stop being so formal. Tia, always worried you'll interrupt the flow of Twilight's reign, and Twilight always worried you're cheating or something by coming to Celestia for advice. I've watched you two get far too worked up for decades dancing around each other, and now that Twilight's setting up her own little protege it's time to stop. You're friends, so for a moment stop worrying about being student and teacher or mentor and apprentice or princess and trainee and just be that: nice adult friends."

Twilight and Celestia sat there with wide eyes, looking at Discord and then each other.

Luna came forward and sighed. "I have to agree. I think the problem is you two write letters but rarely actually see each other anymore. We're retired; not banished. Twilight, whether you have a question about Equestria or you just want to visit you can come see us. And Celestia, Twilight knows you have full confidence in her abilities, and you know she needs you as her friend even if the other titles in your relationship have come and gone."

Both mares were blushing a little now. They glanced at each other. Celestia took a breath and spoke first. "I know you're busy, Twilight. But if you ever can—or want—to visit us or go somewhere with us, I'd like that…" She rubbed the back of her neck. "I know we write, but it's not the same as seeing each other."

Twilight hesitated but then nodded. "When I'm around the girls—and around the three of you and Cadance—I feel more like Twilight and less like Princess Twilight Sparkle. And I like that. And I like you. And you left and wanted to go on adventures together, and I've been happy for you. But I want to do more than write too, I think." She glanced up, a small smile on her face and tear in her eye. "You were like my first best friend, Celestia."

Celestia smiled, her own eyes glistening. "For a while, you were my best and almost only close friend, Twilight."

Twilight frowned. "I didn't mean to let us grow apart—I just wanted to make you proud and to give you a chance to be happy and live for yourself."

Celestia nodded and frowned as well. "I didn't mean to drift apart either. I just wanted you to know I had full confidence in you. And I didn't want to push myself on you if you didn't need me."

"I still need you, Celestia! I miss you!"

"I miss you too, Twilight!"

And then the two mares hugged each other, smiling and wiping tears from their eyes.

Luna grinned and wiped some tears from her own, trotting in place. "Oh, what a lovely reunion!"

Twilight laughed and teleported Luna close to join in the tender embrace.

Discord stood off to the side clapping. "Bravo! And congratulations! After decades of observing pony sweetness, I officially declare this to be by far the sappiest moment ever!"

Celestia laughed and teleported Discord over who wrapped his body around them in a big loop for a hug.

They all separated eventually, smiling and cozy. Discord snapped the sofa longer and sat on the end beside Celestia while Luna sat on the end beside Twilight.

"Told you the children still needed us sometimes, just like we need them." Discord grinned.

Twilight raised an eyebrow, blushing as she glanced back and forth between Celestia and Discord with wide eyes. "The children?"

Celestia blushed and cleared her throat with a smile. "Twilight, he likes to refer to you and the girls by that term when it comes to us. You and I may have grown out of touch a little, but a surprise development like that is something I would certainly have told you about." She rolled her eyes at Discord.

He chuckled. "Oh, Twilight is the oldest—or at least the tallest—she can take a joke."

"The only thing I can take is any other major changes today." Twilight wiped her brow and settled back with a relieved sigh.

"Yes, well, in this castle the changes are simple and subtle and always good," Luna started with a smile, "which, I think, is just the environment you need to feel better. And speaking of which, I believe it is now time to let Celestia know exactly what is on your mind, Twilight."

Twilight blinked and raised an eyebrow.

Luna shrugged. "Just because I'm no longer princess of the night does not mean I do not sense the activities of the dream realm, especially from powerful ponies. Go on."

Twilight smiled a little then swallowed. "I need some guidance about Luster Dawn moving to Ponyville. This is different than when I first thought it was time to send Starlight away from my castle when we were younger. I'm potentially training somepony to run a nation. I'm going to be putting her in harm's way to see how she responds and asking her to care for Equestria. And I'll be asking her to make some genuine friends too first." She sighed deeply, rubbing her temple. "There are so many details to consider. The girls helped me feel calmer about choosing to send Luster away but…I need someone who's been part of the beginning of Equestria's new age of peace," she glanced at Luna who smiled gently, "someone who's pulled the 'puppet strings' behind the scenes," she glanced at Discord who held up his head proudly, "someone who's…done this before." She looked at Celestia who smiled warmly back at her. Then Twilight glanced down and took a deep breath. "I understand now why Equestria started with two sisters. Being the only ruler makes me worried sometimes."

When Twilight glanced up again, the three beings around her were sharing meaningful looks.

Celestia addressed Twilight. "You have a great task before you and felt you needed help, you knew where to look for it, and you asked. That is very wise, my friend." She hugged her and pulled back. "Tomorrow why don't we go for a walk and you can tell me everything you need to about your plans going forward. I think you'll find you have a lot of the answers already, but I'll help when I can."

Luna smiled to Twilight. "And we decided earlier that when the time comes for Luster's first test of friendship to defend Equestria, you may stay here with us while she handles things on her own."

Discord nodded, grinning. "This is where Celestia hid out when she left you to fight Nightmare Moon, you know."

Twilight blinked at Celestia. "You were hiding out that whole time? I thought you were trapped somewhere from Nightmare Moon's magic!"

"Heh…" Celestia grinned sheepishly, "No, I just knew the first time you wouldn't rely on your friends unless I wasn't there and…I knew it would be easier for me to resist helping you if I were away. But I kept an eye on things."

Twilight sighed but had to grin. "I see. Interesting approach."

Luna snorted. "Oh yes, tis a great story that involves her pacing every hall of this place and eating four cakes in a day. Remind her to tell you about it sometime. But speaking of the powers of the night, for now, before any preparations about your student, you are to get a good evening's rest. And you will stay here with us, Twilight."

Twilight blinked. "Oh, no, I can't—I haven't lined the Canterlot castle halls with lavender yet for the night, and the guards are expecting me, and I've got an early meeting with the Canterlot mayor…"

Celestia tapped her on the shoulder. "Write a note to the maids to tend to the lavender, write a note to the night guards that you need to be away for the evening, and write a note to Spike asking him to cover for you in the morning. Sometimes you need to take care of yourself, Twilight."

Luna nodded. Discord did too.

And finally Twilight did as well. "Okay…for this, I will." She made three scrolls appear, wrote on each of them, then sent them away. And then she took a deep breath. "Do you guys mind if I have a snack? I'm starving." She made a bowl of chocolate pudding appear and a spoon. "And would you like any?"

Luna laughed but shook her head. "Nay—my vice was always cookies."

"Cotton candy and chocolate milk…"

"Cake, of course…"

"And Cadance's is chocolate—and I completely understand why about all of it." Twilight finished the bowl off in a few bites and sent it away.

Luna took her hoof. "Come now, I'll put you up in my room for the night with me. I always have lavender, and the scent shall help you sleep. Then perhaps after Luster's first friendship trial is complete we can celebrate by having a princess sleepover with Cadance, and we'll send Discord for a sleepover with Shining Armor and Spike and Big Mac. It's been far too long. What do you say, Discord?"

"I'm always game for night with the guys, however much I do cherish the lovely ladies of my life…" Discord raised Celestia's hoof and gave it a kiss.

Celestia laughed and hazed her eyes at him for a moment before turning back to Twilight. "A sleepover like that sounds nice. We'll plan it soon. But no dares for me involving Discord, Luna." She blushed. "There's no need to awkwardly push us together anymore after all."

"Fair enough." Luna smirked. "But perhaps Cadance and I shall ask some truths about him and you instead. We shall see." She led a blushing Twilight off to a wall with a lever. "And perhaps over breakfast you and I can discuss my upcoming trip to the land of the Kirin. I think some of their children are very interested in attending the school of friendship."

"Thank you, Luna." Twilight replied with a nod as Luna pulled the lever and a trap door opened in the wall. "You've been a wonderful ambassador. The school's grown because of you."

"I am happy to help. Now then tuck in your wings and hold on tight!" Luna climbed through the trap door first, and glanced at Celestia and Discord as Twilight got settled. "And while I'm away with the kirin, no wild parties, you two!" She winked.

"Without you here? Perish the thought." Discord grinned.

"Your consideration is appreciated," Luna replied.

"Goodnight, Celestia and Discord!" Twilight waved at them.

They waved back.

Then with a surprised yelp Twilight was pulled with Luna down through a chute and the wall closed behind them.

They tumbled out into Luna's room after a few daring twists and turns through the walls.

Twilight was a little dizzy at first but eventually had a chance to appreciate the space. Luna's furniture was all in dark blues and purples. She had stars drawn in silver on her ceiling that glowed. Her walls were lined with shelves of ancient books, and in other places around the walls and the room were various pictures of herself and Celestia from youth to the present, ancient tapestries depicting moments in history, and various souvenirs from the lands she had visited since retirement. And around the full length mirror on one wall were photos of all of their friends. From the ceiling she even had a banner strung up from the first official celebration of the Day of the Two Sisters. And in the sconces Twilight now noticed fresh lavender that gave the room a relaxing scent.

Before Twilight could even compliment the room, Luna made a platter appear with a pot and two steaming cups of tea that smelled like mint and jasmine—Twilight was feeling sleepy and at peace already.

"Drink deeply, Twilight," Luna advised, "and sleep in as late as you'd like. I may leave the room at some point for a nice night flight over the forest, but I will not disturb you, and I usually don't come down to breakfast until later in the morning myself. And Celestia may still wake up to see the sunrise but she and Discord only come down to breakfast quite a while after it has passed."

"As late as I'd like." A perfectly relieved smile came to Twilight's features as she teleported her crown and regalia away and took a deep gulp of the tea. "It's been…decades!" She laughed and shook her head. "Thank you, Luna." She gave Luna a hug with one foreleg.

"Of course…" Luna hugged her in return.

The mares separated, and Luna sipped her own tea as she drew back the curtains to let the moonlight into the room. "And you can sleep in my bed along side if you don't mind—like a sleepover. Celestia and I do that sometimes but I'm afraid it's difficult to persuade her away from Discord's nightly side too often." She chuckled and headed back over to the bed.

Twilight blushed but nodded with a smile. "I'd like that, Luna. Some night, when I have trouble falling asleep, I think about those princess sleepovers we had when each of us would sleep with a wing over the other. I always felt so safe and loved and like I was part of something."

"And tis how families should always feel." Luna used her magic to add some pillows to the bed.

Twilight climbed into bed on one side and snuggled against the cozy covers and pillows with a yawn.

Luna headed over to the hearth to light a fire. "Have you decided on Luster Dawn's first trial yet?"

"Mmm hmm…" Twilight replied with a deep sigh, "Reforming Tirek and Cozy Glow and Chrysalis. Celestia…" she yawned, "Celestia reminded me, after we beat them, that a thousand years was such a long time. They deserve a chance sooner…"

"I'm sure she and her new friends will work wonders when the time is right," Luna replied as she stroked a brush through her mane a few times, looking into her mirror. "Those three reformed—perhaps after it takes Celestia, Discord, and I shall invite them over for tea. Could you imagine the antics?" She laughed to herself.

"Let me come…" Twilight cooed sleepily. "I want to watch." A laugh left her at the end of another yawn.

"Indeed." Luna stretched. "And we'll have Cadance too, and Flurry Heart. We'll just have to keep the little princess from pouncing on our guests with enthusiastic suspicion, but I'm sure such possibilities will only add to the fun."

"…Definitely…" Twilight murmured.

Luna yawned and turned to the bed. "Well then, sweet dreams, Twi—" She paused then smiled more—Twilight's eyes were closed, and Luna could tell she was already sleeping deeply.

Luna climbed into the opposite side of the bed and put a wing over Twilight. She wiped away a tear at the memory of how all of Twilight had used to fit under her wing and now Luna could barely get her wing over Twilight's side. But it was enough.

"Luna," Twilight mumbled, her sleepy eyes barely opening.

She smiled gently. "Yes, Twilight Sparkle?"

Twilight hesitated but then asked in a tone much like her younger, still-learning self, "One day when I retire…could I come live here with you?"

Luna's smile grew, and she brushed a tear from the corner of her eye. She whispered to Twilight. "I should hope so. Celestia and I have worked very hard to set up a potential room for you in the old library, should you choose to move in."

Twilight smiled so much and hugged close to Luna. "I'd like that. Thank you." Little tears left the corners of her eyes.

Luna kissed her forehead. "Goodnight, Twilight."

"Goodnight…" left Twilight in a soft breath, and she released Luna and relaxed completely against the pillows.

Luna relaxed too then touched her horn to Twilight's, making them both glow blue. She guided Twilight to a state of peaceful dreams. The purple princess smiled a little and cuddled closer. Luna smiled more and cuddled closer too then closed her eyes. They both eased in to a deep and well-deserved rest.

Back in the throne room, Celestia and Discord were still close together. Celestia hugged Discord then pulled back with them still close. "Thank you for helping us talk."

"That's what husbands are for." He kissed her forehead.

"And this wife if very glad." She nuzzled him then let out a sigh. "It's going to be an interesting new part of Equestria's history. Luster Dawn… It took nine years for Twilight to be ready to ascend the throne."

"I'm already planning her retirement party for when Luster is ready—I want it to be legendary. But also a surprise, so no telling." He twirled a few of Celestia's curls. "And I figure afterwards we'll take all the girls on a trip to celebrate—a little 'family and friends reunion'."

"Yes. I'd like to catch up with them all, and especially Fluttershy, my favorite sister-in-law." Celestia let out a happy sigh against his chest.

"But until then we have almost a decade to fill. Between when Twilight and the girls need us, how would you like to spend the time?" He brushed a hand over her shoulder and along her wing.

Celestia blushed and smiled more. "Well, we have all sorts of things we like to do… but for starters I think I might go back with Twilight to Canterlot for a few days. I want to be there if she needs any advice. And I think we're overdue for a long visit anyway."

"Ooo, an excellent excuse for me to become Fluttershy's house guest for a few days." Discord grinned then lifted her hoof and kissed it. "Darling, you're a genius."

Celestia giggled. "Thank you. The only downside is we'll be away from each other for a few days, but…we still have tonight." She blushed a little.

Discord blushed as well, then his eyes narrowed playfully and he snapped. "My thinking tree is already in your room if we want to play a rousing and flirtatious game of chase around it to start. You could dress up in something special—I could help." He twirled the lock of hair in his fingers that framed her face. "You know how good hands are for that."

She giggled. "Good idea—you are very skilled with them." Her eyes hazed. "Speaking of 'dressing up', and as long as your tree is there, maybe we should take the opportunity to play princess versus the villain and get to our favorite part sooner rather than later. You know, when the princess and the villain realize that fighting isn't nearly as fun as loving…" She kissed his lips, looking into his eyes, then pulled back. "I have a new dress Cadance helped me pick out—it's black." She winked.

Discord grinned, chest rising and falling. "Oh it's a date, my darling Mrs. Discord."

"Wonderful, kind Mr. Celestia." She snuggled close, and their foreheads rested against each other. They gazed into each other's eyes with sweet smiles for a moment. They shared a simple kiss. Then Celestia teleported them both away.

The throne room was left empty of creatures but full of warmth and memories. Life and love and friendship would always go on in Equestria just like it went on here in the castle of the two sisters…or rather the castle of the two sisters and one draconequus.

Togetherness was never-ending in Equestria.


And that's the end of the story 3 I hope you all enjoyed it, and thank you for your reading and support. I really wanted to create a future for Luna too along with Celestia and Discord. I wish we'd gotten to see them just for a moment in the series finale, and to see Twilight with them. But it's nice to imagine their lives together too.

I'll be writing more one shots and some sequels to current stories in the future, though I'm not sure right now about starting any new multi chapter fics. Thank you all for reading and reviewing!

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