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Chapter 1: The forgotten brothers and small issues.

"Forgotten… brothers?", Arme asks the happy Ain standing in front of him.

He looks similar to Anpassen, but to think about it, he's a little different.

He still wears the long coat like what all of them used to wear, just that his clothes are way more simple.

"Yes, I'm one of your forgotten brothers.", he smiles brightly. "But don't worry, we knew how are you all doing."

"One of? Does that mean there's more?"

"Yeah, there's one more. I think it would be quite easy for you to meet him, considering he's who we used to fake ourselves as."

"You mean… he's a real priest?", Crimson Rose looks at him from behind Arme.

"Yep, you would definitely know where to find him. By the way, you have a forgotten sister too."

"Wait, me?", she points at herself.

He nods "She's my girlfriend, we've been dating for months.", he chuckles.

This causes both Arme and Crimson Rose to blink, wordlessly.

"It's kind of like you and your brothers, your sisters.", he turns away. "I think there's still one of you for him, but…", he smiles sadly. "… he already has a girlfriend. Although I see her as a good person, I'm not sure about it completely."

"Why do you think so?", Crimson Rose speaks up again.

"I don't know, ever since last week, his smile starts to become more and more forced. I asked him over and over about what happened, he just answers 'It's nothing.' and smile again. It… kind of hurt me every time he smiles like that, he seems to be hiding something.", he sighs. "I hope you'll be able to help, I can't do anything right now. He refuses to tell anyone about problems with her, this situation looks like it's getting worse."

"We'll ask Erblu for help with this, he could read emotions.", Arme folds his arms. "Thank you for telling us."

"You're welcome, we're all brothers anyway.", he smiles. "Bye then, call me Alternate Ain."

Staring at his back, they feel the need to help this… "Ain" they never met.

"Should we go meet him first?", Crimson Rose looks at Arme's tense expression.

He sighs, his face relaxes. "Yes, we should know him a little bit first."

They do know where to look for him, since he's a priest, he could only be at the church nearby.

Looking past the gates, they see another Ain talking to a priest.

He also has a similar appearance to what they used to look like, it's just that his clothes doesn't have as much patterns but still looked complicated.

His bangs look similar to what Arme used to have as Executor, it's just that his hair is long, not much past his shoulders and untied, with a small braid at the left side of his head.

After the conversation ends, he turns to look at the gate and smile at them, walking to where they are.

"Hello, may I help you?"

"Yes, we'd like to talk with you a little bit. Is that okay?", Arme asks.

"Sure, feel free to talk to me.", he unlocks the gate. "Come in."

"Thank you.", Crimson Rose bows.

Sitting in a private room, Arme starts the conversation.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Arme Thaumaturgy and you can call me Arme if you want. You may already knew me, so I don't feel like I need to say much things about myself.", he turns to Crimson Rose. "Her name is Crimson Rose, she's… my wife.", he sighs. "I assume you've already know pretty much about us, so you can introduce yourself now."

He smiles again and close his eyes, nodding in response. "I think you already know me, I'm Ain. I work as a priest, serving Goddess Ishmael and fulfilling the mission she gave us."

Arme nods in approval, speaking again. "Can we visit your house? I'd like to see how another brother of mine lives."

"As you wish, can you wait until I'm finished with my work?"

"We'll wait, take your time.", Crimson Rose nods.

After he's gone outside, these two sigh.

"He seems like… a very good person, I have to admit.", Crimson Rose folds her arms.

"I see that too, you don't have to tell me.", he closes his eyes. "Besides, I feel like he's pretty laid-back."

"Me too.", she sighs. "I'm just wondering what happened, and why does Alternate Ain thinks his girlfriend is the cause of the problem."

"Yeah, she's already lucky to have such a boyfriend."

"Are you saying I'm not a good wife?", her eyebrows twitch.

"No, I mean what could she possibly ask for when she already has a great person by her side.", he face palms.

"Oh, okay.", she pokes his cheek. "Cutie."

"For the last time, I'm not cute."

She chuckles, that's what she likes about this ice cold emissary of Ishmael. "Tsundere."

They sit there for a while until Ain comes in again, telling them they can go now.

His house is big, in fact huge.

"Do you live with anyone? This house is… too huge for someone to live alone.", Crimson Rose is stunned by the look of the house.

"Oh, yes. I live with my girlfriend, but I used to live alone. The reason why it's so huge is just because I also lend homeless people shelter if they have nowhere to go, by lending them shelter I mean letting them live here.", he smiles while unlocking the door.

"Letting them live here? For free?", Arme looks confused.

"Yes, I know they don't have money so I never asked them to pay for staying."

"Kindest person to ever exist.", both of them glance at each other with the thought.

The moment they enter the house, they're greeted by a female voice coming from upstairs.

"Honey, you home?", the voice sings.

Both Arme and Crimson Rose shiver, the voice sounds… so weird, it's like the person speaking is drunk.

"Yes, I'm home. We have visitors today, is that okay?", he asks the girl who seems to be his girlfriend.

"Yeah, completely fine."

Finally the girl got downstairs, she looks rather… very similar to Rose: Blonde hair, blue eyes. She has upside down V shaped bangs, her hair wavy and tied into a high ponytail. Her clothing though, she… wears some sort of… sleeveless shirt and a short that is kind of… too short.

All four of them sit in the living room, introducing themselves to each other.

"My name's Eranda, I'm Ain's girlfriend.", she smiles brightly. "Nice to meet both of you, I never thought that he has brothers that married sisters of the same girl."

Arme crosses his arms, staring at her. "This might be rude, but can't you wear anything less revealing when there are guests?", his eyes narrow slightly. "This is kind of inappropriate."

She just chuckles, clinging to Ain's arm. "Oh, so you really are the straight brother of his. He told me he has a straight, cold brother, two happy, open minded brothers and one quiet, nihilistic brother.", she smiles. "How cold, this is our house, I can wear what I want."

"Excuse me? This is his house, not your house.", Arme talks right back.

"Right, but he lets me do whatever I want. Isn't that right honey?", she brings her face close to his.

"Yes, she can do what she wants in this house.", he smiles. "Don't worry, it's not much of a problem."

"I do not approve this, Ain. Letting her do what she wants is like letting her have all the authority over this house, over you.", Arme stresses the words.

Ain's eyes go slightly wide, surprised from what Arme just said.

"I agree with him, Ain's not something for you to take control of.", Crimson Rose folds her arms as well.

"Aww, how cute.", she smiles – smirks. "I'm in charge here, not him.", she turns Ain's head to face hers again. "Am I right?", her hand goes lightly across his cheek.

"Y- Yes, you're right.", his gaze squints away from hers, down to the ground.

Arme narrows his eyes, standing up in anger. "Ms. Emma, there's something I'd like to say."