Chapter 2: A "girlfriend".

"Sure, what is it?", she tilts her head.

"Do you consider my brother your boyfriend? Or do you consider him a toy to play with?", he glares at her. "I demand an honest answer."

"Hah?", she moves closer to Ain. "Of course, I consider him my boyfriend."

"Are you telling me the truth, or are you just trying to make me drop the question?", his glare increases the sharpness of his eyes.

Her smile grows twisted and as fast as a lighting bolt, she pins Crimson Rose to the wall with her wrists locked into two golden shackles.

"Oh? Am I?", she raises a knife to Crimson Rose's throat.

Arme's eyes narrow, Ain's widen as he tries to pull Emma back.

"No, please let her go.", he panics.

"Only if Mr. Straight here stops questioning me.", she smirks. "So?"

In a split second, the knife was knocked out of her hand and she was pinned down the ground.

"Release her, now.", his voice dangerously low.

Emma just smirks and click her fingers, sending electricity down the shackles.

Arme reacts just as quick, he immediately slice off the shackles and bring Crimson Rose away before they hit her.

She immediately charge at them, her knife in hand.

Crimson Rose launches a kick, hitting her face.

Emma stumbles back, covering her face and laugh. "Good, entertain me."

Ain watches in horror as his girlfriend tries to stab his brother, the terrified expression written clearly on his face.

Crimson Rose runs to him, grabbing his shoulders with her hands. "Ain, what's the meaning of this?"

"Ah- I-", he stutters.

Just then, a loud thud was heard.

Turning around, Crimson Rose sees Emma being thrown to the ground and tied up in Arme's holy shackles.

"We're leaving, now.", Arme grabs Crimson Rose. "Erblu's coming tomorrow, I'll tell him about this."

Ain scrambles up "No, please don't tell anyone about this.", he kneels down in front of them. "Please, please don't. I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

"But why? Why can't we-"

"No time for questions, Crimson Rose. I know it means something, so we won't tell.", Arme looks down at Ain. "Just stand up, it's not your fault."

They leave right then, just as Emma breaks free.

He leaves out a sigh of relief, before turning back to face her. "E- Emma, you shouldn't-"

She grabs his hair, yank it and throw him against the door.

"Ah-", he didn't get to say anything before she grabs his hair again and slam his head against the door.

"Why didn't you stop them?", she grumbles.

"Ah- I- They- Arme's my brother, I- I can't-"

She slams his head again "Whoever that is, you must stop them from harming me."

"B- But you're not hurt-", he yelps in pain as she once again slams his head against the door.

"It doesn't matter if I'm hurt or not, you have to stop them.", she growls. "If I got hurt, you'll get it double."

His eyes widen at her statement, tears well up.

"Y- Yes, I- I'll do as you say.", the tears roll down his cheeks.

"Good, now go make dinner. Prepare for tonight, you'll get double today."

His mouth opens for a question, she cuts him off.

"Any questions?"

"I- I thought you're not hurt?", her grip on his hair tightens. "Ah-"

"Double for getting me to fight your hell of a fast brother and for not stopping them, not to mention her kick into my face.", she glares at him. "Perhaps triple."

He nods wordlessly, swallowing the lump in his throat.

She yanks his hair and throw him to the ground, walking up stairs. "And you better be quick, I expect dinner in half an hour."

"Yes.", he replies.

After she disappears up the stairs, he gets himself up weakly. With tears streaming down his cheeks, he shuts his eyes and accept his fate, preparing dinner as his girlfriend asked.

At home, Arme and Crimson Rose sits on their bed.

"What is she? She's so fast.", Crimson Rose sighs. "I mean… fast as lighting."

"Yes, she's an Elemental Master.", Arme sighs in annoyance. "Excelled in using lightning."

"Are you hurt?", she asks him. Seeing the speed Emma possesses, she's afraid that he might got hurt.

"No, I'm fine.", he winces.

"You winced, there must be something.", she sits closer to him. "Now let me check, give me your arm."

He sighs "Fine, but be quick."

"Sure, sure.", she takes his arm and roll up his sleeves. "Hm… nothing."

She keeps checking a while until she reaches the wound on his shoulder, carefully hidden by the dark color of his shirt.

"Why did you tell me you're fine? There's a wound right here, stabbed."

"Because I can heal myself, it's fine.", he replies.

"It stained your shirt, how is this okay? Come over here, let me bandage it."

"I don't need it.", he turns away.

"Nope, you need it.", she grabs his arm. "Stay."

He pauses for a moment and then sigh in defeat "Fine.", he sits down.

"Good boy.", she smiles.

She treats him without a word, but smiling – a genuine smile.

"Thank you.", the words slip out of his mouth automatically.

"Oh? Did I just hear a 'Thank you'?", she smirks.

He turns away, a light shade of pink spreads across his face. "No, you're imagining."

"You sure?", she teases, noticing the blush.

He doesn't say anything, but the blush seems to be more visible.

"Hey, I have to tell you something."

"What? It better be something-"

She presses her lips against his, stopping him from speaking.

His eyes widen from surprise, confusion clearly seen. After about ten seconds, she pulls away.

"What- What was that for?", he covers his mouth and the blush is clearly visible.

"Aww, you're blushing.", she taps his nose. "So cute."

He just turns away, embarrassed.

"Cute.", she smiles. "He's always hiding his feelings."

"Erblu would visit tomorrow, should we tell him?", Crimson Rose asks before bed.

"No, we can't tell him or Frey. Based on his expression, he's pleading us to not tell.", Arme lies down.

"But why?"

"I don't know, but there must be a reason.", he sighs.

"Do you know what it is?"

He shakes his head. "No, but let's just not tell. For his safety, we'll keep quiet about this for now."

"Yes, for now."