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Discord was walking around Ponyville. Discord said "It sure is a peaceful day. I kind of hate that. I suppose ponies being happy and having good times together is nice, but I want something more exciting." Discord heard some noises. He said "That's probably nothing important." He heard some noises that sounded like explosions. He said "I need to go check out what's going on."

The noises were from Mr. and Mrs. Cake's shop so Discord went inside. Discord said "Mr. and Mrs. Cake seem to be gone. I guess they are on their break time right now. I guess that means Pinkie Pie is in charge on things right now. I wonder if that's a good thing. Well it sure is a chaotic thing and I love chaos." Discord heard some villainous laughter. He went into the kitchen.

Discord saw Pinkie Pie in the kitchen. Discord whispered "I wonder what she is up to."

Pinkie Pie was stirring some chemicals. She smiled and said "Soon I will this to poison the silly customers. Then I will poison my friends. Soon enough I will have Ponyville. Ha, ha, ha!"

Discord said "Oh no you won't Pinkie Pie."

Pinkie Pie angrily said "How dare you come into the kitchen without permission you foolish fool."

Discord said "Well I'm glad I came in here, because now I know your evil plan. I won't let you poison Ponyville." Discord grabbed a frying pan and said "You better surrender."

Pinkie Pie smiled and said "You should reconsider your plan, because I have my own weapon." She pointed the chemicals at Discord.

Discord nervously said "You would never hurt me with poisonous chemicals right? We are good friends aren't we?"

Pinkie Pie had a serious look on her face and said "I have never cared about friends. For the past few years I have pretended to be a nice and silly pony so I can betray them without them ever knowing it. Ha, ha, ha!"

Discord said "I love chaos, but this is too much. I have mixed feelings about friendship, but I clearly value it more than you do. Friends aren't for tricking and betraying."

Pinkie Pie said "Whatever. Soon enough I'll have every pony poisoned and the world will be mine."

Discord hit Pinkie Pie with a frying pan. Pinkie Pie grabbed the frying pan, but broke it. Discord said "Oh no. That's not good."

Pinkie Pie said "Duh." Pinkie Pie tried to throw the chemicals at Discord, but Discord managed to duck all of the attempted attacks. Discord said "You are the master of bad aiming." Pinkie Pie kept trying to throw the chemicals at Discord.

Pinkie Pie said "Oh no. I'm running out of chemicals."

Discord said "Oh that's not the real bad part of this adventure."

Pinkie Pie said "What is the bad part?"

Discord pointed to Mr. and Mrs. Cake's shop and said "You destroyed the shop. You will be in so much trouble."

Pinkie Pie said "Oh no. I could get grounded for this."

Discord said "Poor you."

Pinkie Pie said "Quick. Call Bob. I need a new shop built as soon as you can."

Discord said "Oh I think that it's too late for that."

Mr. and Mrs. Cake returned. Mr. Cake said "We are ashamed of you Pinkie Pie."

Mrs. Cake said "You will never work us ever again."

Pinkie Pie tried to sneak away, but Discord put handcuffs on her. Discord said "I hope that you have fun in prison. Ha, ha."

Discord said "I hope that you are not too sad about what happened to your shop Mr. and Mrs. Cake."

Mrs. Cake said "The most important thing is that no pony got hurt."

Mr. Cake passed out.

Mrs. Cake said "I will need a builder."

Discord got out his cell phone and said "I will call Bob."