Hello everyone! ItsHardToFindAPenName here!

To be honest, I'm quite disappointed with the ending of Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V. It's not that the ending wasn't a decent one, but well, I still think with the writers they have, they could have made a happier ending for everyone during the course of the story, especially the Yu boys and the Bracelet Girls; they have suffered too much already. And I don't agree with the way they made Zarc into a victim who is "forced" by the audience to do violence and goes mad from it; that's just... wrong, in fact it makes him an even more horrible person in my eyes, as he only wants the fame without even caring about anything else, even what the spirits of his cards were thinking, which is basically a staple in every Yu-Gi-Oh! story in the franchise so far. So the other day I came across an excellent duel script made by Yugi1Noob on YouTube, and it gave me the idea for this small piece. This is just my idea of how the story could be better in my mind, so if anyone disagrees, please don't flame me. After all, everyone has the right to speak their own mind, right?

Disclaimer: Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V and the whole Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise don't belong to me; they belong to Kazuki Takahashi, Studio Gallop, Shueisha and... well, you know what I mean. The script for the duel belongs to Yugi1Noob on YouTube (/watch?v=QUMPJ3c2Fis), with some changes I made during the last turn of the duel. The only thing I own is the way I write the story XD

Note: All the character names in the story would be their Japanese names, but the cards would be with their names in Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG.

Chapter 1: Legendary Duelists

The Original Dimension. The home dimension of Akaba Leo, Zarc, and Ray. The only dimension where the mastery of every Extra Deck Summoning technique is possible. And also, the root of the calamity which separated it into the Four Dimensions, and what Akaba Leo was trying to bring back together with his daughter Ray.

And unknown to a lot of people, the home of many legends.

"I activate the effect of Chronograph Sorcerer! I can tribute this card and banish Starving Venom Fusion Dragon, Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon, Clear Wing Synchro Dragon and Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon from my Deck and Extra Deck to summon myself from the Extra Deck!"

The eyes of the Lancers widened in fear when the giant shape of the dragon started appearing from the darkness.

"Chronograph Sorcerer, who governs history! With your abyssal power, compress space and time and overlay our desires! Controlling the Four Heavenly Dragons, the ultimate dragon who reigns in the Original Dimension! Become one with me, right now! Integration Summon! Supreme King Z-ARC!"

One by one, the Lancers were crushed under the brutal power of Supreme King Z-ARC. Even Akaba Reiji, the one famous for mastering every type of Extra Deck Summon including Pendulum Summon, could do nothing but leaving a few scratches on the Demon Duelist.

"Damn it! Isn't there anything else we can do?" Sawatari Shingo punched the ground where he was sitting in hopelessness.

"If only we could have woken up the soul of Yuya inside Zarc…" Shiun'in Sora glared at the dragon towering over them in both fear and awe. "But now, no one can stop him anymore… not like that…"

"I'm sorry, everyone…" Akaba Leo, the Professor, slumped to the ground in regret and pain. "If only I hadn't been selfish… If only I hadn't tried to merge the dimensions back together just to revive my daughter…"

Even Kurosaki Shun, the one who hated the Professor the most for destroying his home dimension, couldn't help pitying the bald old man who was crying silently upon seeing the destruction coming from the giant dragon.

"Oh well, regretting or not, there is nothing we can even do now," he said, looking at the elder Akaba. "We all lost, after all. Nothing can stop Zarc from destroying all the dimensions now. At least you still have the courtesy to feel regret about what you have done."

"It might even be worse."

Everyone turned to Leo, who had just said those heavy words. The Professor sighed heavily.

"Before, the first time when Zarc was split up into the four boys and the Original Dimension was separated, he used Astrograph Sorcerer, the embodiment of space, to fuse himself with the four dragons to become Supreme King Z-ARC. But now, he uses Chronograph Sorcerer, the embodiment of time…"

Reiji's eyes widened. "That means…"

Leo nodded grimly. "Yeah. The whole timeline itself might be compressed into a single point, meaning… the destruction of all reality."

Right on cue, space around them began to twist.

Professor Fudo Yusei was working on a new control program for his Duel Runner. This is a program which allows Duel Runners to harness the power of the new Momentum system he developed after defeating Z-ONE and saving Neo Domino City from destruction, leading the world to a completely new era of Dueling.

He sighed and stood up from his desk. Whenever he looked at the Stardust Dragon card lying on top of his deck, he couldn't help but fondly remember the days they were together in Team 5D's. Their mission had completed; even the Crimson Dragon birthmarks had left them, now they were free to follow their own dreams…


What just happened? I felt a sudden pulse of energy appearing around the city… but what is it?

Feeling something wrong, he put on his helmet, climbed on his Duel Runner and was going to go out to inspect when he felt space around him twisting.

Muto Yugi was sitting on his desk, thinking about the strategies he was going to use for the incoming tournament held by Kaiba Seto, together with his partner, the nameless Pharaoh who lost his memories and was looking for the way to get them back and pass on to the afterlife.

But screw that; right now, a children's card game was more important.

'I think this one is a better choice, Yugi,' Yami Yugi pointed at a card on the table, Archfiend of Gilfer. 'Who knows when we will have to face something with too high an ATK point that we need to reduce its ATK in order to win?'

"Well, that's true, but…"

Then space around him started to twist violently.

"What's going on?!"

"Do you feel that, Yubel?"

'Yeah. It feels like when we faced Darkness the last time… but… for some reason, it feels way more evil, more malicious… just like time itself is going to collapse.'

Then space around Yuki Judai and Yubel started twisting.

'Yuma. I can feel something coming. Something bad.'

Tsukumo Yuma lifted his head in confusion. "What's wrong, Astral? I thought you are preparing for our final duel? What are you doing outside of the Emperor's Key?"

'This is not the time to think about that,' Astral answered with a serious voice. 'What I felt… it feels like… a disturbance in the fabric of time itself…'

What he said was proven immediately to be true, because right after he finished his sentence, space started to twist around them.

"It seems we are going to have to fight together one last time, huh…"

When Yusei could open his eyes again, he saw himself falling.

He had appeared in a space of made of… emptiness. There was almost nothing, except for a few buildings floating around. There were people standing on them, and from afar, he could see the shape of a huge black dragon, which promptly disappeared from his view.

What was that…?

A pair of phoenix wings made of pure red energy spread out from the side of his Duel Runner. After the showdown at the Arc Cradle, the upgrade Aporia had left for his Duel Runner was still intact. With his new pair of wings, Yusei soared through the empty space, rushing toward the direction he had just seen the dragon at.

"Now that you pest called the Lancers have been defeated…" Zarc, now back in his humanoid form, raised his hand to the sky, "…it's time for this universe, this reality… to be gone!"

The Lancers couldn't do anything but staring helplessly at Zarc, who was going to erase the universe from existence.

"I will not allow you to do that!"

The red and white Duel Runner flew in between Zarc and the Lancers, who were all so surprised they couldn't even move a muscle. Zarc's eyes narrowed.

"You are…"

"Who is this guy? Where did he come from?" Sawatari asked in confusion. But it seemed no one in the Lancer could answer his question.

Except for Akaba Leo. His eyes widened.

"That man… he… it couldn't be… he is Fudo Yusei! The legendary duelist who saved Neo Domino City from total destruction… but how can he still be alive and so young…?"

"He's from Neo Domino City?" Jack demanded. "But if he was so famous, why didn't I know about him?"

Leo shook his head. "He's from the Neo Domino City in the Original Dimension… but if this is really him, then we still have a chance! Maybe…"

At the other side, Zarc was laughing. "Now I remember… You are the one who was called the Star of Neo Domino City, the Savior of Light, Legendary Signer… but so what? You are nothing against a god like me!"

To demonstrate his words, he raised his hand again. Thunder crashed down in front of Yusei, destroying the building they were standing on, throwing everyone down the void.

"No!" Yusei yelled, flaring up the engine of his Duel Runner, but he knew he could not rescue everyone of them. But to his relief, the Lancers immediately summoned monsters from their Duel Disks to save themselves.

"See that, Fudo Yusei?" Zarc pointed at Yusei and laughed maniacally. "You are just an antique of the past; you are nothing against the power of Zarc!"

Yusei's hands squeezed the handlebars of his Duel Runner. Never before had he felt such rage.

"Zarc! I challenge you to a Duel! I am not going to allow you to do whatever you want!"

Zarc laughed again. "Oh? You challenging me to a Duel? You have no chance, but if you insist…"

"How about you let us join that Duel also?"

Zarc, Yusei, and everyone turned toward the direction of the voice. Standing on top of another building afar were three other different human figures. And Yusei's eyes widened when he realized who they were.

"They are… Yugi-san and Judai-san! And… another guy I don't know," he deadpanned.

"Long time no see, Yusei-kun," Yugi smiled.

Judai pointed at Zarc. "You must be the one who did all of these things to this world! We are not going to let you destroy it any further!"

"Yeah!" Yuma pumped his fist. "I don't know who you are, but seeing things like this reminds me of the things we've just been through! I am not going to let it happen!"

Zarc laughed maniacally. "You must be all out of your mind, duel champions of the past… but I accept! I will crush you all like the cockroaches you are under my feet!"

He spread his wings and took to the sky, flying toward the building Yugi, Judai and Yuma were standing on. He landed on the rooftop with a loud "thud", cracking the floor.

The Duel Disks of the five Duelists snapped into action, and they yelled at the same time.