Chapter 6: Passionate Duelists

The nameless Pharaoh looked at the card he had just drawn, and smiled.

"I already told you, partner, that this card is going to be useful someday."

"Yeah. After all, there isn't any useless card in our deck, right?"

"This will be the final move of the duel!" he declared. "First, I tribute Tasuke Knight to summon Archfiend of Gilfer from my hand!"

"Archfiend… of Gilfer?" Sawatari blinked. "Wait, I know this card…"

"Fool!" Despite writhing in pain, Zarc still sneered. "What can you do with this pathetic card? And in Attack Mode, even!"

But despite Zarc's taunt, Yami Yugi just smirked. "Oh, is that so?"

"Trap Card, Panic Wave, open!" Next to him, Yusei declared. "With this card, I can destroy Archfiend of Gilfer to negate the effect of all face-up monsters, Continuous Spells and Continuous Traps on the field during this turn!"

Zarc's eyes widened. "What?!"

To his shock, all of his dragons and his Supreme King Dance started turning gray, signaling their loss of effect. And Zarc was terrified when he suddenly saw Clear Wing's ATK dropping to 2000.

"What is happening to my dragon?" he demanded in shock, and Yami Yugi smirked.

"Archfiend of Gilfer's effect! When it is sent from the field to the Graveyard, I can equip it to a monster on the field, and it will lose 500 ATK! Now any monster on my field can defeat it!"

"Even if you do that…" Zarc breathed out, "my two Supreme King Gates are still not Continuous Spells or Traps! Their effects aren't negated!"

"Ah, that's true. But they can now be destroyed."

Zarc's spine went stiff. "What…"

"Now, from my hand, I activate my Spell Card, Dark Magic Attack! When Dark Magician is on the field, all Spell and Trap Cards on your field would be destroyed!"

Dark Magician raised his scepter. At the tip of the staff, a sphere of black energy formed, and with a yell, the sphere was sent at Zarc and exploded, blasting away Supreme King Dance together with Zarc's two Pendulum Scales.

"Now they can finally take away Zarc's Life Point!" Edo cheered.

"That's not the end of it!" the nameless Pharaoh spirit continued. "Now, from my hand, I activate Dark Magic Curtain! With this card, I can pay half of our Life Point to bring out Dark Magician Girl from my deck! Come to the field, Dark Magician Girl!" (Legendary Duelists' LP: 50)

In a gust of wind, a creepy-looking curtain dropped down on the heroes' field. It opened, and from the inside, Dark Magician Girl flew out in all her glory. She winked, and all the males on the field, except Yugi and Zarc, of course, felt themselves blushing uncontrollably.

"When Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl are both on the field, I can activate the Magic Card, Dark Magic Twin Burst!" Yami Yugi finished, slotting the final card on his hand into his Duel Disk. "Dark Magician will gain the ATK of Dark Magician Girl!"

"So that means… 4500 ATK!" Sora cheered. "More than enough to destroy Supreme King Z-ARC!"

"Now, battle! It's time for us to bring down Zarc, together!" Yami Yugi declared. "Judai, you go first!"

"All right!" Judai pumped his fist. "Yugi-san, leave this one to me! Elemental HERO Neos, attack Starving Venom! Wrath of Neos!"

The Normal HERO Monster roared a battle cry, and jumped into the sky. His hand glowing, he slammed into the corrupted dragon and delivered a chop at its head. The sharpened hand slashed through the dragon's body, splitting it cleanly in half. (Zarc's LP: 1100)

"Yes, Yugi-san!" Yusei nodded.

"AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHH!" Zarc screamed in pain, and at the same time, the bracelet corresponding to the En Moon card, Serena's bracelet, started glowing brightly.

"Wh… what the… NO!" Zarc shrieked in horror when his own body also started glowing. The two sources of light resonated with each other, both getting brighter and brighter, until the light covered the whole battlefield. Inside the light, Zarc let out a blood-curling howl.

And when the light faded, on the battlefield appeared another person. It was…

"No! Why him?!" Edo screamed, his Duel Disk snapped into life in a blink of an eye, ready for battle. The other Lancers also activated their own Duel Disks, but Yuri didn't seem to pay attention to any one of them. He just looked at his hands, seemingly couldn't believe that he was revived.

"This is not the time, everyone," Surprisingly, the one who raised his voice first was Kaito. "Zarc's defeat is within our reach now; just leave fighting this bastard until later."

Back to the battlefield, Zarc had recovered from the attack. "You… but that's the end of what you can do! Now that Archfiend of Gilfer is not on the field anymore…"

And his eyes widened when it was Supreme King Dragon Starving Venom's turn to get its ATK lowered. "What…? But… how…"

"You were right when you said that Archfiend of Gilfer wasn't on the field anymore," Yami Yugi said with a smile. "When the monster it equips itself to is destroyed, it is also destroyed together with it. But when it is destroyed…"

"…it can reequip itself to another monster on the field!" Sawatari's right fist punched his left palm. "So, as long as there is a monster on Zarc's field, all of Zarc's monsters are going to have their ATK reduced!"

Everyone looked at Sawatari. He scowled. "What? At least I can still remember what I learned at school!"

"That's right!" Yusei nodded. "I'm going next, Yugi-san! Stardust Dragon, attack Supreme King Dragon Clear Wing! Shooting Sonic!"

The Signer mark on Yusei's arm glowed brightly, and the beam of light once again shot out from the Signer Dragon's maw toward the weakened Clear Wing. This time, it connected, and the corrupted dragon was blasted into particles of light and disappeared. (Zarc's LP: 800)

"GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Zarc howled again when lightning pierced through his body with the dragon's destruction, and this time, Rin's bracelet was the one to glow. With another flash, the one who appeared on the battlefield this time was…

"Yugo!" Edo and Kaito exclaimed at the same time.

"Wh… what's going on…" the newly appeared boy groaned, holding his head. "I just remember I was absorbed by that bastard Yuri… and…"

"You really were absorbed," Leo answered him. "But thanks to the work of those heroes over there, you were rescued."

"Wait, what…?!" Yugo looked at the man who had just said those words and was startled. "Isn't he…?!"

"Yes, he's the Professor," Reiji nodded at the boy. "But right now, things like that aren't important anymore. Right now, everyone's hearts only focus at one thing: defeating Zarc once and for all. And it seems we are about to do it, with the help of those legendary heroes from the past."

He pointed at the battlefield, and Yugo marveled when he saw the form of Stardust Dragon. "Wow… so beautiful…"

"It's my turn next, Yugi-san!" Yuma looked at the King of Games, and he nodded.

"Yes, let's do it, Yuma!"

"Let's go, Utopia!" the Xyz user declared. "Attack Supreme King Dragon Dark Rebellion! Hope Sword Slash!"

The ATK point of Dark Rebellion was reduced to 2000 by the effect of Gilfer right at the time Utopia leaped at it, brandishing his sword. The sword started glowing with a golden light, and with a downward slash, the black dragon was also cut down. (Zarc's LP: 100)

"NO! THIS CANNOT BE!" Zarc screamed when the third bracelet, which belonged to Ruri, started glowing. "YOU CANNOT DO THIS TO ME!"

"Yes, we can! And we are going to do it, right now!" Reira, or more exactly, Ray in Reira's body, said, raising her arm high. "We are not going to allow you to harm people anymore, Zarc!"

The bright light engulfed the field again.

"Ugh… where am I…?" Yuto groaned when he could finally open his eyes again. Answering him was Shun, who was giving him his hand.

"Welcome back, Yuto."

The boy smiled, and grabbed the hand sticking out for him.

"Yes! Now there is only Yuya left!" Gongenzaka said excitedly.

"But wait… if Yugi-san destroys Odd-Eyes with his Dark Magician right now to rescue Yuya, isn't Zarc still alive?" questioned Sora. "That means we still couldn't defeat him completely!"

"Yes, yes! That's right!" Zarc howled, clutching at his final bit of hope. "If you cannot destroy me, I would never be defeated! I will come back, stronger than ever, and next time, no one of you, even you heroes from the past, would be able to defeat me again! HAHAHAHA!"

But Yami Yugi just smiled. "I know. And I will not let you escape. You will never be able to terrorize any world again."

"Hah! Big talk!" Zarc laughed. "The only thing you have right now is your Dark Magician! If you choose to attack me, you won't be able to rescue Sakaki Yuya! He will just die together with me! And if you attack Odd-Eyes with Dark Magician Girl, your Dark Magic Twin Burst will lose its effect!"

"I know that. That's why… Dark Magician Girl, attack Supreme King Dragon Odd-Eyes!"


Now not only Zarc, but everyone exclaimed at the same time.

Except for Yugi and Yusei. The King of Games smiled.

"Yusei, do you think it's time to activate the final Trap Card?"

The Signer answered him also with a smile.

"Trap Card, Enduring Soul, open! If a face-up monster on our field in Attack Mode would be destroyed by battle, it won't be destroyed, but it will lose 800 ATK after Damage Calculation!"

"So…" said Gongenzaka. "Dark Magician Girl will be able to destroy Odd-Eyes…"

"…while not being destroyed in the process…" continued Edo.

"…and Yugi-san would still have Dark Magician left to destroy Zarc once and for all!" Reiji finished. "We are going to be saved!"

"Go, Dark Magician Girl! Black Burning Attack!"

Energy started gathering at the tip of Dark Magician Girl's wand. At the same time, Archfiend of Gilfer's spirit grabbed Supreme King Dragon Odd-Eyes from behind, decreasing its ATK. And with a spirited cry, the sphere of pink and purple magic from Dark Magician Girl's weapon shot forward, obliterating the weakened dragon.


And right on cue, the final bracelet – Yuzu's bracelet – on Reira's arm started shining.

"Yuya!" called Crow.

"Come back to us, Yuya!" Shun yelled, pumping his fist to the sky.

"Everyone is waiting for you, Yuya!" Gongenzaka also shouted.


Thank you, everyone…

The light faded, and the boy named Sakaki Yuya once again appeared in front of everyone.

"Yeah, I'm back, everyone," he greeted them with a smile.

"Everyone! Look at Zarc!"

The shout of Sora pulled everyone back to the problem at hand.

Zarc didn't look like Yuya anymore. In fact, it didn't look like he even had a body anymore. Right now, he was just a black, smoky humanoid figure attached to the head of Supreme King Z-ARC, which was roaring and thrashing around in pain.

"So that is the true form of Zarc…" Reiji mused. "If we destroy this, Zarc won't be able to return, ever again!"

"No… You can't do this! You can't do this to me! I am Zarc! I am God! You don't have the right to do this to me!"

"You still don't get it, do you?" This time, it was Yuya who stepped up. "No matter how powerful you are, this world doesn't need you. No one needs a god who considers mindless destruction as 'fun' and 'entertaining', and they sure as hell don't need someone who thinks of that idea with a selfish and cowardly mind like you!"

"That is true," the nameless Pharaoh, standing next to Yuya, nodded in agreement. "And that's why you need to disappear, right here, right now! Dark Magician, Dark Magician Girl, get ready!"

"No… no… stop… don't do this… STOOOOOOOOOOP!"




(Zarc's LP: 0)

The duelists were standing on top of a building in the Standard Dimension, now dubbed the Pendulum Dimension after the four dimensions separated from Arc-V again. To everyone's relief, they saw all of their loved people in the new world, safe and sound. It meant what the Professor said before was the truth; everyone carded in the old Four Dimensions were now returned, albeit to the newly revived dimensions themselves instead of the Original Dimension.

"So… I guess it's time to say goodbye." Finally, Reiji started. He reached out his hand, and Yugi grabbed it for a handshake. "Thank you all for helping us defeat Zarc."

"No problem," the King of Games shook his head. "We cannot just let someone like Zarc destroy the universe, right?"

"So… what will happen to us now?"

Everyone turned to Yuya, who was holding his Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon card with a dejected look on his face.

"I thought with my dueling, I could bring smiles to everyone… but turned out my card was just the tool of a mad person who wanted to destroy the universe… And I was also born as a piece of that maniac… How can I even call myself an entertainer after that?"


Yugi didn't say anything for a few seconds. Then, he said.

"Do you know the origin of Duel Monsters, Yuya?"

The boy in question blinked in surprise. "Huh?"

"In Ancient Egypt, Duel Monsters were created as a form of judging the heart of the player. The monster in their heart will reflect the personality of the owner; basically, how the duelists play the game shows whether they're good or bad. That's what the creator of the game, Pegasus J. Crawford, told me. But personally, I think no matter what it is, after all, at the core, Duel Monster is still a game. And games are created for people to enjoy, to have fun with. You believe in that, don't you, Sakaki Yuya? Then just follow what your heart believes in, try your hardest to give people joy, and most importantly, enjoy yourself also."

Then he looked up the sky, which had fully formed at the horizon and was now turning red at dusk. "Pegasus told me the uglier, the more terrible the monsters look, the eviler they are, but I disagree. The cards themselves aren't evil; it's how the duelist uses them that makes them good or bad. Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon has been your partner for a long time, and has given a lot of people joy; you should continue putting your trust in it, and prove that even though you are its owner, you are not someone evil like Zarc. You are Sakaki Yuya, the entertainer, the one who strives for everyone's smile, and you can protect their smiles with your dragon, not destroy it. Walk your own way, and work so that you won't have to regret your choice."

Then Yugi's body started glowing. Not only him; the three other heroes of the past were also glowing with the same light.

"Seems it's time for us to go," Judai said, and the other three nodded in agreement.

"Are we… going to meet you again?" Yuto asked hesitantly. Yusei gave him a smile in return.

"Who knows? Maybe someday, if destiny gives us the chance."

Then he pulled the throttle, and his red Duel Runner flew to the sky, heading toward the sun before disappearing in a flash of light.

"Remember, never forget to smile, everyone!" Judai gave them a thumb-up, and leaped off the building before also disappearing in another flash of light.

"And never lose hope on your future!" Yuma winked, and also disappeared in light when he jumped toward the direction of the sun.

Finally, Yugi grabbed Yuya's hand.

"Whenever you start to lose your hope, just think about the battle today and smile. You still have your own way to walk, and there are always people who care for you, who are ready to help you. Understand?"

Yuya nodded. "I understood."

Then the King of Games also disappeared in a flash of light. The rooftop now only had the Lancers, the four boys who used to be Zarc's reincarnations and Akaba Leo left.

No one said anything for a while. Then Yuri snorted and turned his back, starting to walk away.

"Stop right there, Yuri!" Yugo was the first one who noticed his departure. "Do you really think we're letting you go that easily?"

The Fusion user just snorted in response.

"Or what? Are you going to fight me now? I can take all of you down if you really want to."

"Don't be so arrogant!" Sawatari pointed at him. "Two or three duelists at the same time is one thing, but it's all of us here! Do you really think you stand a chance?"

"Oh? Do you want to try?" Yuri sneered, and activated his Duel Disk. Sawatari unconsciously took a step back.

"Guys, stop. Let him go, please."

Sawatari's head snapped back toward Yuya, who had just said those words.

"What the hell are you talking about?" he demanded. "He was the one who carded half the people in the Dimension War! He also carded your own dad! How the hell can you even think of letting him go?"

It wasn't only Sawatari. Everyone was staring at Yuya as if he had just grown a second head.

Yuya shifted uneasily under everyone's stare.

"I really don't know," he answered honestly. "It's just… when I absorbed him and became Zarc, I had a glimpse of what happened in his head. I… I don't know, but I have a feeling that he's not that hopeless. Please…"

"It's easy for you to say," Yuto scowled. "What if he goes rampaging again?"

"Then I will stop him… no, we will stop him," Yuya nodded confidently. "We already stopped him once before; we will be able to do it again, right?"

No one else could say anything in response to that answer. Then, after a few seconds, Reiji sighed.

"Very well. We'll let him go this time. But if there is something happen, you'd better take responsibility for it, understand?"

Yuya nodded. Then he turned to Yuri.

"Hey Yuri! You heard what everyone said! From now on, don't go around harming other people again, or we will come to get you! But I know you're not like that, right?"

The Fusion user only scowled, then with a few presses of buttons on his Duel Disk, he disappeared in a violet flash, but not before leaving an annoyed huff at Yuya and his group.

Reiji then turned to Leo. "What are you going to do now, Father?"

The Professor sighed. "I'm… not really sure myself. But I think… if you allow me to… I will try my best to find a way to bring those girls back. Now I understand I was wrong when trying to put them back together without even thinking of what they could think; I didn't even think of them as human beings at all. Doing this is the only way I can atone for my sins. Then after that… you can do whatever you want with me; I would accept without question."

Silence covered the rooftop again. Then surprisingly, it was Yuto who spoke up first.

"Are you sure you can do that?"

Leo nodded. "I'm pretty sure I can. After all, the spirits of those girls have gathered inside Reira as Ray; I'm sure there will be a way to reverse the process to bring them back. And I know Ray would agree with me on this, right?" he looked at Reira, who smiled and nodded in confirmation.

"Then I'm counting on you," Yuto nodded, and reached out his hand. Leo took the hand reaching out for him and shook it.

"What about you guys?"

"Heh," Shun chuckled in defeat. "If Yuto himself already agreed, then I guess I have no choice but to put my hope on you. Although…"

He walked up, and gave the Professor a brutal punch to the stomach. The older man crumpled to the ground, clutching his torso in pain.

"That's for everything you've done to the Xyz Dimension, you bastard."

"Well, that could have been worse," Reiji looked at his father and noted. Leo sighed out, and chuckled.

"Yeah… Although now I can say for sure, as long as we have these youngsters, we won't ever have to face threats like Zarc again."

Months later…

Yuya was looking through the mailbox in his Duel Disk. Most of the mails he received were invitations from professional tournaments, from famous Duel Monsters teams asking him to join them, but he wasn't interested in any of them. Now, when the roads between the Four Dimensions were opened, his chance to spread his Entertainment Duel was expanded greater than ever before.

These days, he also saw Yugo and Yuto more often, and the two boys were also doing their best to rebuild their Synchro and Xyz Dimensions even better than before after the war. The only person missing was Yuri; since the final battle, he hadn't heard anything about the Fusion user…

Then his eyes stopped when he saw something interesting.

"Hm? A challenge letter?"

The day in the challenge letter had come, and Yuya was now standing in the central stadium together with Yugo and Yuto.

"What do you think this is gonna be?" Yugo asked in confusion. Yuto shrugged.

"Who knows? But the fact that all of us were sent that challenge letter means the challenger must be someone who knows all of us."

"Yeah," Yuya nodded in agreement. "Wonder who that could be…"

Suddenly, from the far side of the stadium, a cloaked figure entered. The three boys turned back; their eyes focused on the newcomer warily.

"Who are you?" Yugo demanded, pointing at the cloaked figure. "Are you the one who challenged us?"

The newcomer answered Yugo with a laugh. "Oh, Fusion, it's just a few months and you already forgot me?"

The three boys, as well as everyone who realized the voice, widened their eyes. "You're…"

The figure took off his cloak. Standing on the field right now was Yuri, but he looked nothing like the omnicidal maniac they had known before. In fact, for some reason, he looked… normal, if one didn't count the vivid violet hair.

"During those days of traveling through the dimensions, I have thought a lot about the reason I lost against you," he pointed at Yuya. "The words of the King of Games had really touched me, and I want to know how it feels to bring joy to people through Dueling. And through a lot of research and training, I have developed my own brand of Entertainment Dueling, so here and now, I challenge you, Sakaki Yuya, as a fellow Entertainment Duelist! Let's see whether your Entertainment Dueling or mine is the better one!"

Everyone was taken aback by Yuri's declaration. Yuri, the maniac who was the terror of both the Academia and the dimensions he went through, as an Entertainment Duelist? The idea was both wrong and intriguing at the same time.

Even Yuya himself was shocked. But the moment passed as quickly as it had come, and he smiled and brandished his Duel Disk.

"Then I think we will have to see that in a Duel, am I right?"

"Don't forget about us!" Yugo also spoke up enthusiastically while activating his own green Duel Disk. "The challenge is for all of us, not only you, Yuya!"

"That's right," Yuto also smiled, and his own Duel Disk flared to life. "I'm also eager to see what kind of 'entertainment' he's going to bring us."


At the same time…

Akaba Leo was pouring every bit of effort he had into his work. So far, he had already found a hypothesis of how to bring the four Bracelet Girls back without causing any further harm to the dimensions. But he still hadn't received any acceptable result with it. Even so, he didn't give up. He still pushed himself harder and harder each day, because that's what he needed to do…

Suddenly the machine he was working on flared up an alarm. And his eyes widened.

"What… what is this reaction…?!"

The stadium was suddenly lit up when four beams of light with different colors struck it from above.

"What the hell is happening…?!"

"Is this something in your so-called Entertainment Dueling, bastard?" Yugo yelled into the blinding screen of light in front of him.

"That guy, Entertainment Dueling? I can't believe I could live to see the day someone said those words to my face."

"Wait…" Yugo and Yuya's eyes widened. "That voice…"

The light faded, and Hiiragi Shuzo on the spectator stand burst into tears.

Looking back at Yuya, Yuzu gave him the brightest smile.

"We're back."

Yuya greeted her with his own smile. "Welcome back, Yuzu."

The romantic moment was shattered unceremoniously by Rin, who chose this time to raise her voice.

"Oh, having a duel? No way you guys are going to leave us out of this! Let's join, girls!"

"Wait, but didn't you just…" Yuto stuttered, but his girlfriend, Ruri, didn't let him finish his sentence. She pulled him into a hug.

"That's a great idea! Let's have a tag team duel! I and Yuto-kun will be a team!"

"H-hey, don't we have any say in this?"

It's so funny to see Yuri, of all people, stammering. Serena grinned, then reached out her hand and pulled at his ear.

"Nope. And since everyone else already had their own couple, I guess I have to stick with you for a while. And I still hate you, just to remind you."


That's right… now that she's back, I won't have to worry about anything anymore…

Yuya looked at Yuzu, who smiled.

"Duelist locked in battle…"

From the other side, Yuto and Ruri grinned.

"Kicking the earth and dancing in the air alongside their monsters!"

"They storm through the field!" This time it was Yugo and Rin's turn. "Behold! The newest and greatest evolution in Dueling!"

Yuri and Serena, surprisingly, shared the same smile. "Action…"


That's all, folks! This is how I imagine the final battle with Zarc would be if he used Chronograph Sorcerer instead of Astrograph Sorcerer during the battle with the Lancers. In my opinion, this ending is a little bit happier for everyone; after all, the boys and the girls deserved to be brought back (well, not Yuri I think, but still), they are basically the main characters of the whole story, and killing off 6/8 main characters like that is just... well, I can't seem to find a way to describe that :p So, thank you for reading, and if you like the story, please leave a review!