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Discord was having a typical of fun day of causing chaos to the residents of Ponyille. Discord said "Wow. I'm the best."

Snips said "You sure are."

Snails said "We love you."

Discord said "Hold on there you creeps."

Snips facepalmed and said "Not romantic love you weirdo."

Snails said "Oh right. We are just like big fans of your work bro."

Discord said "Thanks dudes. I need to get going. I need to see what my buddy, Starlight Glimmer is up to."

Snips and Snails said "Darnit."

Discord went to Princess Twilight Sparkle's castle. Things seemed noisy. Discord said "I have a feeling that something is going on." Discord opened the kingdom's front door.

Spike gently pushed Discord and said "I don't think that you want to be here right now."

Discord gently pushed Spike and said "Of course I want to here right now. I want to see what Starlight Glimmer is up to. Perhaps we can cause some chaos together."

Spike nervously said "I don't think that is going to happen today."

Discord said "Why not?" Discord pushed Spike away. Discord opened the library door where Twilight Sparkle and Starlight Glimmer were. Twilight Sparkle had a angry look on her face and Starlight Glimmer was crying. Discord said "I wonder what is going on."

Twilight Sparkle angrily said "Starlight Glimmer I'm tired your lame excuses. Tell me how you took over Equestria so I can defeat Princess Celestia and took over as Equestria's new ruler."

Starlight Glimmer said "I'm sorry Princess Sparkle. I can't tell you that. I can't put Equestira in danger again. Please don't force me."

Twilight Sparkle did a evil smile and said "Oh I will force you and I will keep on forcing you. Tell me how to rule Equestria!"

Discord burst in and said "Twilight Sparkle that's enough."

Twilight Sparkle had a angry look on her face. She said "I told Spike to keep intruders out of here."

Discord said "Well Spike's pointless."

Spike said "Thanks so much."

Discord said "Starlight Glimmer are you alright?"

Starlight Glimmer said "Please help me."

Twilight Sparkle said "You will get no help from anybody ever."

Discord said "I'm tired of your evilness. I thought that you were a better pony than this."

Twilight Sparkle said "Oh whatever. I just pretended to care about friendship to fool Princess Celestia into giving me a higher ranking in the kingdom. After I find out from Starlight Glimmer how to defeat Princess Celestia I will be the queen of Equestria. Ha, ha, ha."

Discord said "I can't allow that."

Twilight Sparkle said "I don't care what you allow. Now go before you get punished."

Discord folded his arms and said "Oh I'm not going."

Twilight Sparkle did a evil smile and said "Prepare to face the ultimate punishment."

Twilight Sparkle used her horn to blast Discord. Starlight Glimmer was worried about Discord, but the blast didn't hurt him that badly. Discord used his power to battle Twilight Sparkle. Both Discord and Twilight Sparkle were quite powerful so it was a pretty even fight.

Suddenly Discord felt weak and Twilight Sparkle blasted him quite hard. Discord fell to the library ground. Twilight Sparkle did another evil laugh.

Starlight Glimmer said "Discord needs me and I need him. Also I need to do something." Starlight Glimmer used her horn to blast Twilight Sparkle.

Twilight Sparkle said "You are supposed to be my loyal student."

Starlight Glimmer said "And you are supposed to be a good teacher."

Discord got off of the floor and continued battling Twilight Sparkle. Discord said "Well now that both me and Starlight Glimmer are fighting you this battle should be pretty easy."

Starlight Glimmer said "Your evil ruling is over Twilight Sparkle."

Twilight Sparkle nervously said "Spike I need your help."

Spike smiled and said "I quit."

Twilight Sparkle said "I hate all of you! I will rule over all of you. No pony will escape the evilness of Twilight Sparkle."

Discord said "I disagree. You are finished."

Starlight Glimmer said "Goodbye former teacher."

Discord blasted Twilight Sparkle out of the kingdom.

Starlight Glimmer said "Wow Discord. You are a great hero."

Discord said "You helped too."

Starlight Glimmer blushed and said "I didn't do that much."

Discord though about it and said "Yes. You didn't do that much. Anyways I think I know what your new job is."

Starlight Glimmer looked confused and said "What do you mean Discord?"

Discord said "Well Princess Celestia will totally fire Twilight Sparkle for what she did so this kingdom will have a new princess and it will be you."

Starlight Glimmer said "Thank you, but I don't think that you are allowed to decide who rules the kingdom."

Discord said "Well too bad. You are the new princess." Discord handed Twilight Sparkle's crown to Starlight Glimmer.

Starlight Glimmer smiled and said "I could use a prince."

Discord nervously said "I need to go back to causing chaos. Goodbye."