A/N: Here's a story back from when I was on FIMFiction (which really might as well be called FIMFascism). I deleted it but thankfully had it on Google Docs. This will also be my chance to correct the mistakes that were pointed out to me in a ReadingSins review; many of them because of how rushed I was to complete it by a deadline which was really my fault because the guy running the contest extended it by AT LEAST three weeks because there were no submissions; in the end, mine was only one of two entries. Enjoy!


Pinkie Pie had been going at it for half an hour now, bouncing back and forth through Sugarcube Corner and the rest of Ponyville with much enthusiasm. She had had to pull her head out of a chimney at one point, but otherwise it had been uninterrupted.

Her friends had decided that this was just her being her regular zany, hyper self, not paying much heed to what she said.

At last, Rainbow Dash decided something needed to be done. "I'm gonna ask her about it," she said. She flew up to the spot Pinkie happened to be in during another one of her super-jumps and grabbed her by the face. "Who's here?!" she asked, leaning right in muzzle-to-muzzle with Pinkie.

"Pedro, of course!" replied Pinkie, staying standing in the air even after Rainbow had removed her hooves, not showing a difference between that and standing on the ground. "Wanna meet him?"

Staying in her current pose, she descended down to the ground, jittering a bit on the way down, then skipped happily back into Sugarcube Corner.

The rest of the group started to follow her direction. "So, do y'all suppose this Pedro is a relative o' hers?" suggested Applejack.

"Then what is he doing all alone in Sugarcube Corner?" questioned Rarity.

"Eh, we'll find out in due time," decided Twilight as she headed in, then saw Pinkie going upstairs before a noise came from the pink party pony's bedroom - a creak, which somehow sounded familiar.

"Oh geez. Let's go see what it is," said Rainbow, taking the lead and flying upstairs.

She could now see that the sound had, in fact, been that of the trapdoor Twilight had accidentally discovered back when the Yaks had visited. Pinkie grinned at her friends before hopping in. "WHEEEEEEEEEE!" she squealed with delight as she went down the slide.

"Uh... still wanna find out, girls?" Twilight asked her friends.

"Sure, I guess," said AJ. "Ah don't have anythin' else goin' on." She followed suit and headed down the slide. "YEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAW!" she cried in exhilaration. You just can't get too old to enjoy slides.

Twilight was up next. "GERONIMOOOOOO!" was her, hmm... "word of wonder" as she bolted down the slide at high speed.

Rarity simply stood there with her hoof pressed to her lips, trying to think of a word she could yell as she slid down. She shrugged and got down into the trapdoor. "SEQUUUUUIIIIINS!"

An excited Rainbow Dash was just about to go down herself... but she then noticed Fluttershy was still standing, her face partially hidden by her mane.

"Aw, come on, Flutters. Want me to cover your eyes while you're going down?" asked Rainbow

Fluttershy ruminated on that for a few moments, then nodded. So she sat down at the top of the slide but was VERY careful not to actually move. Rainbow got behind and put her hooves over her friend's eyes, then gave her a little push, sending both of them down the slide.

"EEEEEEEEK! I CAN'T SEE WHAT'S AHEAD!" Fluttershy yelled in terror as the wind blew past her.

Rainbow took the best cause she thought appropriate and took her hooves away.

"AAAAAAAAH! IT LOOKS SO SCARY!" shrieked Fluttershy.

Rainbow sighed. "Okay, Flutters, I'm gonna put my hooves back over your eyes. And when I do, imagine you're flying as fast as you can to... tend to a sick animal."

Once her vision was covered again, Fluttershy got the image ready in her mind of everything going past her as she flew to the aid of a poor, helpless animal that needed her help...

Which turned to her going smack-dab right into a wall and stopping suddenly.

The "wall" turned out to be Rarity's rump. All five of them were in a pile at the slide's end.

Applejack got up and dusted herself off. "Everypony okay?"

"And so it begins," declared Pinkie. "Everypony, I welcome you to..." She plucked a pineapple off a plant and held it up for them to see. "Pedro!"

Rainbow eyed the pineapple and gasped. "Oh no, she's gone nuts again! What did we do now?! I swear we're not hiding anything from you or ending our friendship!"

"No, silly!" giggled Pinkie. "Pedro and I are gonna be famous!"

"Fame from PINEAPPLES?! BLASPHEMY!" exclaimed Applejack.

"Uh, I hate to break it to you, Pinkie," said Twilight, "but pineapples have existed for centuries. You aren't revolutionizing the world by growing them. Even if they do take a very long time..."

"I know that!" replied Pinkie. "Pedro and I are gonna have our own show!"

Rarity looked at her blankly, and cleaned her ears quickly to make sure she was hearing this right. "Show, you say?"

"Yeppers!" confirmed Pinkie.

"You see, for ages now, I've had the idea for a talk show where a pineapple and I sit and discuss the current affairs and whatnot, and now I finally have the companion I need to make it happen! He's been growing for all this time! I named him Pedro because that's just SO perfect! I was gonna name him Peter since that's also perfect, but Pedro is even perfecter!"

"Any questions?" she asked.

"Pinkie, if I may?" said Twilight. "A. You just misused the word 'perfect'."

"I see," replied Pinkie. "Well, we can't all be dictionaries on legs."

"B. Why not just buy a pineapple?"

"Because then it wouldn't be close to me!" answered Pinkie. "I'm pretty sure Daisy would be coming for me viciously waving a hedge-trimmer if I pulled out all her lovely flowers and replaced them with store-bought ones."

"Right... C. There is no way that this is going to work. The concept of a pineapple being your co-host could only work in a children's programme. I mean, if that isn't what you're planning on doing..."

"Oh no, not at all," said Pinkie, shaking her head. "This is to be geared for all audiences and aired on the right channel to reflect that. I mean, who says only certain people are allowed to like a certain show? I've seen plenty of shows with an audience outside the target demographic. There's one in particular though. What was it again..."

The rest of the ponies exchanged glances. "Pinkie Pie, dear," said Rarity, forcing a laugh in her voice as she went to stand beside Pinkie. "What do you say we get you an ice pack and a comfortable place to lie down on?"

"I'd be delighted to," answered Pinkie. "Right after I get back from Manehattan. I've an idea to pitch!"

She put her rump back down on the slide and slid back up. "!EEEEEEEEEEHW" she exclaimed as she did so.

Twilight watched her, then turned her attention back to the other four. "Can't wait to find out what friendship lesson we get out of THIS one..."

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