The bustling streets of Manehattan hadn't changed much since Pinkie's last visit. There were still ponies coming from all directions in a rush, on the sidewalk, across the road, and flying above, and there were many taxis around in the rush hour traffic. Pinkie was doing something you rarely saw somepony in such a crowded and busy setting do—smiling, with a literal spring in her step.

Now she had the place she wanted. Manehattan Telecommunications Tower, that skyscraper which had antennas at the top. The automatic doors opened for her, allowing her in.

Pinkie found herself in a wide, looming hallway, with a glass booth at the side. She went there first, and looked at the dark brown, blue-maned stallion behind the glass looking through some papers, whose eyes simply looked up at her before he said in a boring and dull voice, "Hello, welcome to Manehattan Telecommunications Tower."

"Hi!" greeted Pinkie in a high note. She blew on the window and used her hoof to draw a smiley face in front of the receptionist's expression. Much better.

The receptionist groaned and flipped the glass around. "Please don't do that to the glass, miss," he said as he wiped off Pinkie's 'artwork'. "So, what is your clearance?"

"Special delivery!" Pinkie held up an envelope.

"Is that the transmission efficiency for apparatus servicing and maintenance report?"

Pinkie tilted her head. "That's booooore-ing! Why not call it 'cupcakes rainbows huggles uranium friendship marigold'?"

The receptionist groaned. "Ma'am, I don't claim to enjoy this job."

Pinkie frowned, which then turned to a big smile as she pulled something out of her saddlebag. Her trusty camera. "Say cheese!"

The receptionist rolled his eyes and hid his face in his hooves before he looked up and managed to contort his face into a not-so-sincere smile. You could tell by looking at his eyes.

Pinkie, deciding that this was as good as she was getting out of him, took the photo anyway. "Well, it was nice talking with ya…" She showed him the photo then trotted off.

The receptionist got back to work.

"And have a great day!" Pinkie returned by surprise and threw a bunch of confetti at the glass, then sped off.

The receptionist grr'd and went to the other side of the glass with a dustpan and brush.

"Hey, nice tie!" Pinkie complimented a smartly-dressed mare with a blue and white checkered tie as part of her attire. "Hey, nice tie!" said Pinkie again to a middle-aged mare dressed the exact same way. "Hey, nice tie!" she told a similarly-dressed stallion.

This went on for about 3-4 minutes until Pinkie finally got to what she thought was the entrance to the CEO's office. She knocked on the door, and soon after, the door opened to reveal a stout stallion in uniform. He inspected her for a few moments. "Aren't you one of those Elements of Harmonica or somethin'?" he asked.

"Sure!" Pinkie reached into her bag and held up a wind instrument. "Anyway… it's your lucky day, Mr. Businesspony!"

"Please," said the stallion. "You may refer to me as Chief Assets."

"Well then, it's your lucky day, Chief Assets!" Pinkie held up her envelope and showed it to him.

"Even if you say no, I haven't wasted my time!" said Pinks.

"Huh? And why's that?"

"Because you and I got to know somepony new!" Pinkie cheered.

"Yeah, yeah, magic of friendship and all that," said Assets. "But anyway, as for your goal of getting whatever this is made into a show, you did waste your time."

Pinkie pouted sadly and hung her head. "Aww… please?" She looked up at Assets with the most adorable and pitiable pair of puppy dog eyes he ever did see.

He covered his eyes with his foreleg. "Gah, stop that! It's bad for business!"

Pinkie seemed confused. "Bad for business how?"

"Because it causes me to make decisions like this," snapped Chief Assets as he took the envelope before going back into his office.

"Is that a yes?" asked Pinkie. There was no reply. "Meh. I'll take it as that." And with that, she got to happily skipping back the way she came.

"And he actually agreed to take a look at it!" gushed Pinkie to the mare, now that she was on the train going home.

"That sure does sound fascinating," said the mare, smiling. "We need more minds like yours to make talk shows less boring."

"Is it just me, or is this seat a little uncomfortable and hard…" commented Pinkie. "So, do you ride on the train often?"

"On in it, or on on it?" asked the mare.

Yeah, Pinkie was literally ON the train. She had her head poking upside down through the window next to the mare she was talking to, and her tail blowing in the wind.

"...The first one," replied Pinkie. "I don't usually do this, but there didn't seem to be a spare seat."

"Well, in that case, yes, I do ride the train quite often," replied the mare, nodding. "Are you sure you know what you're doing?"

Pinkie shrugged. "I just gave my ticket to the conductor and he told me to sit anywhere."

The mare's face contorted into a goofy grin before she gave a spout of laughter, clenching her chest. "OH! OH DEAR LUNA! You better make this talk show a thing! 'Cause I will be tuning in every week!"

"Don't you mean 'day'?" asked Pinkie.

"Every day? You sure that'll work out?"

"Back in Ponyville, there's usually something going on," explained Pinkie matter-of-factly.

"There is? I do believe I've heard of a few incidents there…" replied the other pony. "Well, it's been nice talking with you, miss…?"

"Pinkamena Diane Pie! But my friends just call me Pinkie Pie," the party mare told her.

"Reel Deal," the other pony finally introduced herself. "Well, we're about to stop. Have a nice day!"

"See you-" The train grinded to an abrupt halt and Pinkie was flung up and sent rocketing across the sky. "-laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!"

"Mr. Abercromb was clearly a good soul, having a positive impact on our society," said Mr. Waddle, standing next to a coffin and a photograph. There was a crowd of ponies gathered for today's service sat on the rows of chairs, here to respectfully pay their homage to the unfortunate loss of a stallion they had known.

Mr. Waddle looked up and held his forelegs in the air. "Our dear lord… when shall the day ever come when laughter falls upon us once more?"

One mare in the crowd looked up at the sky and noticed something oddly bright getting bigger and bigger…

Just then, it came down and landed in Mr. Waddle's arms, sending them both to the ground.

Pinkie Pie got up and looked down at him. "Oh, um, sorry," she said with her bashful smile, helping the poor fellow up. She looked around at where she was, and saw the crowd of ponies open-mouthed at the whole spectacle. "Oh… double sorry…" she said awkwardly. She tiptoed to her right a bit before she zoomed away in a blur of pink.