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Author Intro: For all of you who didn't know - All Of You - I really think Cabba, Kale, And Caulifla are really cute and I love their personalities. Kale is my Favorite. This story will start before Cabba fights Vegeta. AU. In fact this is a High School Fanfic.

Disclaimer: I own nothing...Not even the made up last names I gave the characters.
So join us in a Universe 6 before multiple universes, tingling feelings, instant super Saiyan, and friendly behavior leading to attempted murder... Here it goes...

The Love Triangle
Chapter 1

Cabba arrived at his new Saiyan school. It was well made. And sturdy. Cabba smiled. This school was supposed to have a good reputation. There was plenty of space. Beautiful trees and bushes outside. The steps leading up to the entree doors were well maintained and there was no trash to be found. As he walked he looked around. He looked at the couple other Saiyans here early. He hoped they were all pretty friendly. He hoped people would like him even though it was a month into the school year. He breathed in and out. He was ready.

He walked up the steps and through the doors. He headed to the principal's office to be assigned his schedule. The interior of the school was just as nice as the outside. The lockers were not broke and no graffiti anywhere that he could tell. Cabba grinned. This school was definitely better then his last school. He wondered how it looked when all the students were around. He was early after all due to his meeting with the principal.


As Cabba arrived at the principal's office he opened the door and went up to a woman at a desk.

"Hello miss, I'm Cabba Hero. I'm supposed to see the principal for my schedule"

"The woman spoke in a kind but frank manner saying "Very well. The principal's room is the forth door on the left behind me."

"Cabba bowed and said "Thank you!".

Cabba moved aside and went strait to the door and knocked. Less then a minute later the door was open with a large male with black hair and a scar on his forehead who said " Come in. Sit.". Cabba entered and took a seat.

Principal said "Welcome to Saiya-Jin Elite Masters Private School. You may call me Principal Staff. We enlisted you due to your high marks but to be honest your top power ranking in your school made the choice easy. It's a pleasure to meet you Cabba."

Cabba said " Thank you sir!" He was smiling inside and probably failing to hide a huge smile on the outside too.

The principal handed Cabba some papers. "Here is your schedule. You have Physical Education today and your power level will be scored. I very well hope your power level will be the highest here".

Cabba noticed that the principal said that too eagerly so Cabba asked "Why do you want me to have the highest power level sir?"

The Principal coughed and said " Oh uh. Well we want all the students here to excel and so that is why." He coughed again and said " Well You should be off now. I have many papers to attend". He said taking out a huge pile of paperwork.

"Cabba said " Yes sir!" And left the room.


"Cabba walked the halls looking for his class room. They rooms were organized easily so he knew pretty much where to go. There were more students walking around now and Cabba looked at his watch. Fifteen minutes before class started. Plenty of time. He found his locker and looked inside. It had all of his books and materials already there. This school was looking better and better. Cabba thought they must really care about the students to do this for them at the begining of the year.

"Cabba looked at his schedule. It was an eight hour day with and hour for lunch. The schedule alternated every two days. His classes for today were: Saiyan Lang., Physical Education, History, and Art. His classes tomorrow were Math, History, Science, and Music.

"Ten minutes to get to class... Cabba went ahead and headed to his first class. He went in and saw two students and the teacher already there. He went up to the teacher. The teacher was an overweight male with glasses. Cabba said "I'm Cabba Hero. I am a new student". The teacher shook his hand and said " I'm professor Hatch. Welcome."

Cabba looked behind him and back to the teacher. Mr. Hatch got up and said "Now Now where to place you... I know!" He pointed to a girl at the back of the class "You can go sit by Kale back there"

"Cabba quickly said " But sir I'd like to be closer to the front to learn better".

Mr Hatch shook his head and said "Nonsense! Kale has the best grades in this class!"

Cabba looking surprised said "Really? Well it might be a good idea to sit by her after all then!"

Cabba went to sit by the girl named Kale. When he first started walking she was looking at him but quickly looked down. Cabba found that odd. He sat next to her. He looked over at her looking down and said "Hey. My name is Cabba. Nice to meet you!" But there was no response. Cabba said "Uh.. Well I heard you have the best grades in this class. I think that is awesome". No reply. Cabba looked at her. The girl winced and looked down and the put her arms on the table and her head down facing the other way. Cabba thought to himself ~ Gee she must be really shy~ So he said one more thing. " Sorry" in a gentle voice and turned his attention back to class. He looked at his watch as many students came in. Two minutes left before class.

As class began the teacher let all the students sit. Looked over the room and promptly started class. Cabba took out his notebook and pencil. Class progressed. It was a fun class and not very difficult. Cabba enjoyed it. He was ok with not being introduced to all the other students. They would get a chance to meet in time.

After finishing the last assignment of the class and getting a reading and writing homework Cabba packed up his things. He wondered who his first friend would be. He looked at Kale beside was still writing things down. She looked to be very into her work. Cabba admired a good work ethic... But suddenly she stopped she looked at Cabba and back at her paper. She scrunched up her arms close to the paper as if Cabba were reading it. Cabba looked away and sighed. She clearly hated him. And now he wondered what she was writing.


As the bell rang Cabba picked up his items and looked at his schedule. Physical Education was next up. As the students were leaving Cabba got up after Kale and left the room. On the way out Kale tripped and knocked into a big guy. She righted herself up and the guy said "watch where you are going!" Kale flinched and walked past but the Boy grabbed her arm and said "I Said watch where you're going!" And he pushed her to the ground in front of Cabba. Cabba frowned and stepped in front of Kale. He said "Hey look. It was an accident. Kale didn't mean to hit you. She tripped."

The big guy frowned and said "Who are you? Get out of my way! I'm gonna beat her up!" The boy threw a fist which Cabba easily grabbed with one hand leaving the big boy with his mouth wide. Cabba said assertively "No. You won't lay a hand on her. Got it?" The big boy just nodded and turned and left.

Cabba turned back to Kale she was looking at the ground with her hands on her chest and all her books and papers shattered on the floor. Cabba knelt down and started picking up her things. He didn't look at her but as he picked up her things he said " Don't worry, I wont let that guy hurt you". As he finished picking up her things he looked at her. Their eyes met but instantly hers were diverted directly to the ground. Cabba was quiet for a second. He then placed her items in a neat pile in front of Kale. He said "I'll see you later Kale" and he got up and walked off to his next class.


Cabba was walking to Physical Education, his next class on the list. He noticed people were looking at him. Was it because he was new or had news spread of the near fight earlier? Either way Cabba just went to his locker and put his things away and went to the P.E. class.

Cabba found the boys locker room and switched out clothing. They all went into the main P.E area.

A big buff teacher coach was in the middle. Everyone circled him. Cabba just went with the flow. He realized he had only talked to Kale and the teachers so far today. He must have been stressed from that near fight too much to talk to anyone new. Right now he just wanted to pay attention.

The coach said "Everybody! Today is the yearly power scaling! You will step up one by one and have your level read. Last year the average level was 40,000. Good luck. Please line up and stay quiet!" The students did so.

As student after student went by the levels were fairly close. Cabba wandered if anyone would match him.

After a while there was a loud applause that was shushed and a tall student went up for levelling. The coach shouted "450,000". The female students seemed to like this guy. He did have a decent power level. As students went up Cabba noticed the big guy who tried to bully Kale. He got a " 220,000". Cabba paid attention when it was Kale's Turn. He had not seen her up until this point. The couch said "110,000!" No-one said anything. Cabba was amazed. Kale had a high power level. There was a silence for the next person. Cabba wondered why. The coach said "Caulifla 3,880,700! Probably the highest again this year!". Cabba was amazed. She was strong. The line whittled down until it was Cabba's turn. The Coach looked at him and said "Hurry up kid" Cabba replied "Yes Sir!"

Cabba got on the power scale. He wanted to know his power. In front of him the coach gasped. He said '4,320,000" Everyone started talking and making noise until the coach quieted them down. After the power scaling the Physical Education class was over. That was all to that class for the day. At the end of P.E. class Cabba was called to the principal's office.


Cabba left for the principal's office. Was he going to be punished? He opened the office doors to see Principal Staff and other people waiting for him. They cheered. Principal staff put his arm around Cabba saying "Cabba my boy! Way to go. You have the highest power level in the whole school. Man that Caulifla was showing off her 3 million and Boom" He threw his hands up " You just 4 million-ed her! Amazing!"

The principal pulled Cabba aside into his office saying "Cabba do you know what my power level is? It's 980,000. Only you and that brat have me beat... Please one up her in everything!"

Cabba couldn't get a word in until now "Sir, what are you saying?" The principal sighed "That Caulifla has done whatever she wanted whenever she wanted. If we suspend her she just vacationed and if we gave her detention her she just won't go to it. But you just hit her where it hurt! Her ego. She is going to hate your guts and be your number one rival. I love it! You have her beat!" Cabba gulped and Principal Staff shook his hand once more and let him return to class...

As Cabba was walking back to his next class he knew one thing... This year would be interesting...

To Be Continued...

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