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Author Note: Hi everyone. I am finally back after another six months. I was taking a break playing Dokkan Battle and watching horror anime. I watched Future Diary and other stuff too - Elfen Lied, Dangaronpa, Shiki, When They Cry, Blood C, Deadman Wonderland, Berserk, Paranoia Agent, Shadow Star Narutau, Experimental Lain, Akame Ga kill, Monster, Another and other shows labeled as "Horror"... But my favorite is Future Diary. I also liked Serial Experiments Lain and I love the full version of the intro song "Duvet" by Boa. I also got a new job [again]. But mainly I was distracted on Dokkan Battle. I have a really good amount of great units and I am over rank 700 now...[So honestly I am just lazy lol].

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Chapter 13 Part 2 [Conclusion]

The last members of The Universal Survival Tournament are Jiren of Universe 11; Goku, Vegeta, and Frieza of Universe 7; and Cabba and Kefla(Kale and Caulifla) of Universe 6.

Where is Toppo? Vegeta just knocked him off[This version is just anticlimactic] ... and as for his disciple...

Cabba looked up the the malicious and cruel Frieza smirking at him...


~In a white looking room Kale and Caulifla faced each other... They had been looking around wondering where they were...

Caulifla spoke first "Where the heck are we?"

Kale looked down "M-Maybe we lost a- and our universe was erased?"

Caulifla pondered this for a moment " I don't think so..." She felt am odd feeling."It feels like this is a dream"

Kale seemed to think and said " I-I feel we are still connected"

Caulifla frowned "We are still Kefla but we can't get back to the fight? Why?"

Kale said " I guess we are dreaming because we have gotten knocked out?"

Caulifla "Hmm. We'll have to wake up soon or we'll lose!"

~Kale and Caulifla looked around and looked around and looked around and couldn't find anyway to wake up and join back into the fight... They finally sat down next to one another. Kale seemed to be thinking and Caulifla sulked until...~

'Why did we kiss Cabba?" They both asked at the same time. IT was a question out of nowhere.

Kale looked down and said "I like Cabba". She blushed.

Caulifla smiled and laughed " Haha! I knew that... We can read each other's minds you know..."

They looked at each other...

Caulifla went up to Kale.

As Kale looked at Caulifla, Caulifla got closer and...


Caulifla kissed Kale... Out of nowhere...

Kale blushed and asked "why?"

Caulifla looked down and slightly blushed too " You know... I think we all love each other. You and Cabba and me..." She looked into Kale's Eyes "Maybe if we fused with Cabba we'd be even stronger?"

~The room felt like it was radiating. it was just a dream after all so crazy stuff can happen... But in their minds Caulifla and Kale knew that they loved each other and that they both loved Cabba.~


Kefla opened her eyes. She smiled and closed them to concentrate...She felt the auras around her. She felt Jiren knocking Cabba's mentor out of the arena and continue to fight Jiren. They had massive energies that she felt. Her first thought was to go over and attack them but... She felt another aura of malignancy and...

She opened her eyes and rushed to help Cabba.


"Pity...You're a pathetic monkey.."

Frieza was ready to kick Cabba out of the ring when...



Cabba had been beaten up so bad and Frieza was about to kill him. He closed his eyes but when he opened them...

Kefla held her hand out and Cabba felt relief flood into him. He took Kefla's hand and she picked him up... and...


Cabba felt Kefla's lips on his for a moment.


Cabba looked at Kefla smiling at him as she said "I told you to be careful..."

As Frieza started to rise Kefla turned and said "You're done with Frieza..."


Cabba watched as Kefla and Frieza fought. He couldn't do anything... He was useless... but then...


The Earring broke from Kefla and...

IT happened in an instant.

Caulifla and Kale unfused.

Frieza grabbed the girls by the necks.

Cabba ran at them pushed Frieza...




fell off the ring...


~As Cabba, Caulifla, and Kale fell, they embraced in a hug... As they fell each of them remembered their journey together. The good and the bad. And each of them at the end of their thoughts had only one thought for one another: Love.~

~As Frieza fell he felt like he was in hell again because of the love radiating from the trio next to him~

~Goku and Jiren fought till the end with Goku finally beating Jiren in a close match. Jiren finally accepting friendship and Goku finally mastering Ultra Instinct~

~ As Goku looked at the Super Dragon he wished all the universes back as we all knew he would and so the universes returned. Frieza got restored to life. Jiren and Goku vowed to meet again. All the universes had their enjoyment... And when Cabba, Caulifla and Kale returned they all smiled. Sure Caulifla raged at Goku and Cabba and Kale did that sweat emote from their head but Caulifla then turned and smiled and shared a hug... because in the end the three of them shared a lasting moment and it would be there forever. They were a Love Triangle after all~

The End [Until We Meet Again...]

Edit: I just felt it was time to conclude this story. I do hope you approve. Also I like a bit of an open ending. You can decide what happens next... But be sure to know they all love each other and things work out right... I may make a sequel in the future but who know right now? I have other stories to write and think everything will be ok. Thanks for the journey and nearly 100,000 view and 250 reviews. This is my most popular story and I am really happy. See you next time...

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