AN: This story is made with permission from Blood Brandy of Fan Fiction. Its based on his challenge, except this one deals with Marvelverse instead of DCverse.

Name:Harry Potter's Vegas Vacation Challenge

Category: Harry Potter & Marvel and/or Animated/Movie Universe

Sirius fakes his own death (Hey, if a rat like Pettigrew can do it on his own, why can't Sirius when he can enlist pretty much anyone in the order to help?), and has his will enacted, emancipating Harry for one good reason.

To send Harry to Las Vegas (With Moony as a 'responsible' chaperone).

With a fake muggle ID in hand (Perhaps a glamor or two), the two take to the town. But in true 'The Hangover' fashion, Harry has too much to drink and blacks out, waking up a day or two later...with a wedding ring.


-Harry has to go to Las Vegas, Nevada (If you want, you can do a Fem!Harry instead) - will be a semi-normal Harry by canon standards

-Moony has to travel with him as chaperone (If you do Fem!Harry, you either have to have a Fem!Remus, or choose McGonagall or Tonks as chaperone) - We will have both Tonks and Remus as chaperones

-Harry has to get married to a super, Villain or hero is your choice, but has no memory of the wedding. - he will be married to two heros

-He does NOT get a divorce for whatever reason (Wife talks him out of it, he really falls for her, magically binding, whatever reason you want) - The marriages will be magically bonding, being drunk, along with the ones he married, it 'seemed like a good idea at the time'

-Magical law is different outside Europe to allow for Magical Heros - We plan for the heros to fall under SHIELD jurisdiction, which gives them protection from narrow minded countries like Britain.

-Harry wakes up with no idea where Moony (Or Fem!Harry's chaperone) is, but his wife says (s)he was at the wedding. - Oh, one of them will know in this story, having contacts and what not, not to mention one will be a former law enforcement officer.

-Harry's wife was completely (or at least mostly) sober when they were married. - well, one of them

-Harry gets married by an Elvis impersonator. - plenty of those in Vegas, lol

-The Potter Luck strikes, Harry, while drunk, won a LOT of money at the casinos, and is in a comp-ed room when he wakes up. - Of course he did, he wouldn't be Harry if he didn't cause panic and mayhem wherever he went xD

-The Potter Luck strikes again, Harry and his wife have to fight someone before they even leave Vegas, and win quickly thanks to Harry. - There are plenty of mob bosses in Vegas, I am sure one of them could hire Beetle...


-No Slash for Harry(Nothing against Homosexuals, but it seems a lot of HP/DC crossovers are guy on guy) - Don't know about Oracle, but I sure don't want to read let alone write slash, again, nothing against Gays or Lesbians, but, doesn't mean I want to read about it =w


-Takes Place either in August of fifth year, or during winter break, which I think would be easiest to work it in - will be set after 5th year ends during the summer before 6th

-The Statute of Secrecy was signed in before the Revolutionary War (Which is true, according to HP wiki it was signed in 1692), so it at least doesn't apply/isn't enforced in America outside the 13 original colonies or not at all in America. - I think we can work that MACUSA is a bit more...lenient, with Mutants and 'heros' with Magical Powers then Britian would be

-Harry's wife should probably be at least aware of magic - Two of them will be

-Remus (Or Fem!Harry's chaperone) gets drunkenly married - Oh yes he will, and quite the surprize it will be too!

-Probably easiest to stick with one wife, but if you can make more work, I won't stop you. - Oh, with what we have planned, it will be more amusing...


~Vegas, 2009, July 19th~

Harry groaned as he slowly woke up, his head felt like someone had taken a beaters bat, and then proceeded to beat at his head, with a bludger attached to the end of it. As he slowly shifted on the bed, he groaned happily into the soft pillows...that is he did, until he heard a responding moan after he stopped moving. Frowning, Harry moved his arms...or at least, he TRIED to. Apparently one was pinned between two other pillows, and the other was currently underneath something soft and fabric like that seemed to be quite heavy, implying there was quite a bit of weight resting on his arm.

Opening his eyes slowly Harry wondered for a moment if the killing curse would be a mercy right now as the light of the room quickly blinded him. After a moment of adjusting Harry pulled his one arm out from under the fabric and found his glasses, slipping them into place and looking at the room around him. It appeared to be a very high end room with a big gambling theme going for it. Turning slightly to try to go back to sleep and hopefully lose the horrible migraine he had, Harry froze when he noticed where his other hand was. What he originally thought was two pillows were in fact two breast just barely covered by a bra, and Harry had curled his hand around one of them as he had been turning. Lifting his eyes from the breast, Harry found himself looking at the face of a woman he didn't know.

The young woman was a teenage looking girl with a tanned skin complexion and an athletic and well-fit build. She had long dark brown hair that was currently loose and splayed out everywhere. As he tried to move his arm, she murmured in her sleep and hugged his arm tighter. This action caused Harry to blush a deep crimson, after all, first, he didn't know the woman, and secondly, they were in a very intimate position. As Harry tried to wiggle free, his head pushed against the pillows again, and this time, he heard a moan, before a voice he knew well groaned and then said the following words, "Stop that Harry, we can play more later..." Harry gulped in fear, that had sounded a lot like Nym.

Turning his head slightly, and lifting it when he noticed his hand wasn't the only thing touching breasts Harry found that he had been resting on Nym's and that made his blush darken considerably further. Harry quickly tried to recall just what the hell had happened but all he could come up with was a huge blur. That was about the time he heard the shower turning off and his eyes whipped to the door the sound had come from, dreading what was about to leave the bathroom. Part of him almost hoped it would be Remus, and that he'd be able to explain everything to Harry and also make sure the mystery woman in bed with Harry and Tonks wouldn't get the wrong idea.

From the bathroom came a red headed woman in a towel. At first she didn't seem to notice Harry was awake and could see her clearly as she began to remove the towel. However Harry's sudden gasp as he covered his eyes quickly put a stop to that.

"Ah, your awake finally," the woman said, a hint of amusement in her voice, "Though, given the hangover I had, I imagine yours must be quite worse, given that, when I had met up with you, you had been drinking for quite a while already," she sounded kind of disapproving as she finished. "Though, I must say, I was quite surprized when I woke up and saw just how much you had won," now she sounded quite amused, and looked it too.

"Won?" Harry questioned softly and questioningly. Seeing his confused look, the red head smiled sadly, "You really don't remember much do you?" she asked, getting a shake of the head in response, "To be honest, my memory is...kinda fuzzy too," she said, sounding like she was disturbed by the notion of her memory being 'fuzzy', "I can say you cleaned out no less then thirteen casinos, and when you cleaned out the fourteenth, they comped you a room, in the obvious hopes of eventually winning back some of their ill gotten money," she said with an amused smirk when she saw the dumbfounded look on Harry's face. Then she suddenly had a look of realisation on her face, "Oh, there was also those two animals you won, one was a giant egg, with scale like patterns on it, and the other was some kitten of a breed I have never seen before..."

"Fourteen casinos?" Harry repeated in shock. He'd cleaned out fourteen casinos? Had someone slipped him Felix Felicis without him knowing it? Shaking off the shock Harry turned to what she had just finished saying. An egg with scales? That sounded almost like a dragon egg. And what was this about a kitten? "Um, sorry to have to ask this miss, but who are you?" Harry asked her, trying not to think about how he was in bed with one of his chaperones as well as a young woman he'd never met before, and Remus was still unaccounted for.

The red head sighed, and shook her head, "Sorry to break this to you, but, we got married, all four of us," she said, and not seeing his look of horror, added, "Already checked the marriage certificates, they said something about being bound by Vows of Magic or something," she sounded a bit irritated by that, almost angry, "That pink haired woman whose breasts your resting on is one of the witnesses as is Laura who currently has your arm wedged between her own," she paused for a moment, "I remember you taking us to a district I never heard of before in the city, and getting me a drink of something called Ogden's Old Firewhisky, after that, everything is a blur, and even I can't recall what happened, I only know that when I woke up on top of you, I scoured the room, had to stay clear of the kitten though as its claws need to be trimmed," she finished. Inwardly, she was cursing herself for getting drunk and somehow married to the target she had been sent to investigate.

Thinking back Harry vaguely recalled a bottle or two of fire whisky appearing at some point, however anything after that was still blurry to him. "You still haven't told me who you are?" He was doing his best not to think about the news that he's married to both of the mystery women and Nym. After all if he actually tried to think about it, Harry was sure that he would have a heart attack. He was dreading what Remus would say or think when he learned of this, after all Remus had always looked at Harry almost as a son. For Harry to get married to three women at the age of fifteen might just kill him.

The woman smiled, "Well, my name is Natasha, Laura is the one with brown hair, and the other woman is someone you know," suddenly there was a knock at the door, and Natasha, in a blur, grabbed an outfit off the pile next to Harry and then went to answer the door. Harry in the meantime, looked around the room as best he could, and saw dozens of duffle bags bearing various Casino logos on them, some of them were mundane, but some of them were ones that were owned by magicals, something he gulped at as he had been told to stay clear of those ones by Remus, apparently in his drunken state, he had ignored that advice.

The door opened and Natasha almost sighed in relief when she saw it was Coulson, thankfully without Clint, though she had a feeling he wasn't too far behind.

"Given how long you've been off the grid for and where I found you, I trust this will be an interesting story?" Coulson questioned before looking past her to the bed. Upon seeing Harry and the two sleeping women though, Coulson frowned and turned back to Natasha. "Start talking," He ordered like he was talking to a child who'd done something they shouldn't have.

Natasha sighed, knowing how bad this looked as well as being against the rules. "I'll get dressed and then tell you everything I know in the hall. Don't want to wake the other two," She then turned and returned to the bathroom. Though she didn't have any problems getting dressed in front of Coulson and she had clearly been naked in front of her new husband before, Natasha wanted the privacy to get her thoughts in order as well as try to recall more.

Coulson mean while stepped into the room and shut the door before giving Harry a small nod. "Rough night?" He asked, trying to put the young man at ease, if only just a little.

Harry shook his head sadly, "Can't even tell, last thing I remember is arriving in Vegas and hitting up one of the casinos with my chaperones," he said, not seeing the frown that marred Coulson's face at the mention of chaperones.

"How old are you son?" Coulson was almost dreading the answer, for if it was lower then what he was hoping for then it would mean a great deal of trouble for Natasha and the two women in bed with the young man.

"Fifteen sir," Harry answered, rubbing at the side of his head with his free hand, trying to nurse the headache that was developing.

Coulson let out a sigh of relief at that. While still young it wasn't as bad as it could be, though he was slightly worried about what Natasha was going to do once she learned of this.

Natasha stepped out of the bathroom at that point, clearly having not heard a word of what was said and walked towards the door. "I'll just be outside if the other two wake up," She told Harry before opening the door and stepping out with Coulson. Once in the hall and a few feet from the door Natasha turned to Coulson and sighed, "I really don't recall much after being offered Ogden's Old Firewhisky. Just how long was I off the grid for?" She knew it had to be more than 24 hours at least, otherwise Coulson wouldn't be here in person.

"Two days," Coulson answered simply. "What do you know of that young man in there?" He questioned her.

"From what I read on the marriage certificate his name is Harry Potter, he seems to be British which suggests he may have been the target I was sent to investigate. Other than that, I don't really recall much else that I could've learned.

Coulson sighed, "So then you don't recall his age I take it?"

Natasha frowned, "His age?" She asked, not liking the way this seemed to be going. "Why do you ask?"

Coulson sighed, "When I asked him he told me he's fifteen, and he wasn't lying," Coulson would've been able to tell if he had been.

Natasha's eyes went as wide as plates at that. "What?!" She shouted before cursing to herself. She'd gotten herself married to a teenager alongside two other women. When word of this gets around Shield, she knew that there would be no shortage of comments and rumors about her. Hell, just Clint alone was going to be bad enough.

Coulson did his best to hold back an amused smile; after all it took a lot to shake Natasha like this.

Meanwhile inside the room, Harry was once more trying to free his trapped hand without waking the woman holding it, however every time he thought he was about to escape her hold she would tighten it and pull him a little closer. At the rate this was going Harry was sure that he would soon be face first in her chest.

"You just can't get enough, can you Harry?" Harry tilted his head and found Nym smirking down at him. "Can't even let us girls have some rest before you jump us again," She teased.

"What? No! No, I swear this isn't what it looks like!" Harry cried, wishing Natasha would come back and help him.

Nym laughed before winching, "Oh, feels like a banshee is screaming up a storm in my head," Nym groaned before crawling out from under Harry and looking around. "Huh? Where's the other one? Nat I think her name was?" Nym questioned, noticing that not only was Natasha missing from the bed, but so too were her clothes.

"A man showed up at the door and she stepped out to talk after getting dressed," Harry answered, "Um, help?" Harry waved to his trapped hand.

Nym gave him a thoughtful look, "Well, I could help you out. Or, I could go clean myself up..." She said with a grin before running to the bathroom and shutting the door.

"No!" Harry called after her before groaning and flopping onto his back, his head actually landing on a real pillow this time. He turned to look at Luara and sighed, "Now what do I do?" Harry thought about using his wand, however a quick look around revealed it lying on the table on the other side of the room. "Bugger!" There was that plan out the window.

As Harry tried to get free a little more subtly, he failed to notice that the 'kitten' that Nat had mentioned had jumped onto the bed and was currently curling up next to his foot. When he did notice it, he realised instantly what it was, he had studied them back in third year when Remus had taught them about dark creatures, and in his fourth year when he started Care of Magical Creatures and had studied the book once Hagrid had shown how to disarm it. The 'kitten' that Harry had won, was a fucking Nundu kit. Needless to say, he screamed, loudly, causing the 'kitten' to glare at him in irritation.

Hearing the scream Natasha and Coulson raced back to the room while Nym ran out of the bathroom with a towel barely wrapped around her soaked body, her wand at the ready. Luara, meanwhile shot up and seemed to go on the defense, her claws at the ready, realizing his hand was now free Harry jumped off the bed and scrambled for his wand. He wasn't sure just what the Nundu kit would do and he didn't want to be unarmed if it tried to hurt one of them. However to his surprise the kit simply curled up and went to sleep on the bed.

Natasha, who had drawn her gun before entering sighed and put her weapon away. "Really? The cat scared you?" She asked Harry with a raised brow and look of disbelief.

"That's not a cat, that's a bloody Nundu!" Nym told Natasha, "And their extremely dangerous,"

Luara looked down at the now sleeping kit and put her claws away. "I don't think it's waking up anytime soon," She said as she carefully got off the bed, picking up a sheet that had fallen from the bed and wrapping it around herself to cover her underwear. Turning to everyone she sighed as the last of her hangover cleared up but the memories were still very foggy. "So, someone want to tell me what exactly happened to me?" She asked those in the room.

Harry wasn't sure if he wanted to be the one to tell her about the marriage or not, then again he wondered just what she did remember as well as how much did she know about him being a wizard and Nym being a witch. Did Natasha know? And who was this man who came looking for Natasha? And perhaps the most important question of all, where the fuck was Remus during all fo this?

Nym cleared her throat getting everyone's attentions, "Seems to be that I am the only one who even remotely remembers what happened two days ago," she said, ignoring the shocked looks of Laura and Harry, "So, after the Fearless One over there arrived, we hit up some casinos, he got offered a drink, more gambling happened, followed by more intense drinks, followed by meeting Laura who was apparently looking for someone and decided Harry was a good friend to hang with, then meeting Natasha over there, followed by hitting up a several more casinos, some of them of questionable ownership, followed by even more drinking, and, well, last thing I remember after that, was an Elvis Impersonator. I do recall Remus being there too with some woman with jet black hair and that made him seem small by comparison, after that, well, it's kind of a blur, I vaguely recall casinos, chases by groups of men and women with guns, and lots and lots of drinks..." she finished, then blushed when she saw the shocked looks of everyone. "What?" she asked intelligently.

Harry did his best to shake off his shock, "Nym, where is Remus now? And who was that woman he was with?" As far as Harry knew Remus didn't know anyone in Vegas, and it's not like he's very social able most days.

Nym shrugged, "Haven't the foggiest," she said simply, "We got separated when he and his date went off to some motel after the impersonator, they seemed very close last I recall..." she said.

"We should track him down quickly then as he may remember more about what happened. I'll ask some of Shield's contacts here to look into where he might be," Coulson said before looking to Harry. "Best to find your other chaperone before something else happens to you." Coulson then took out his phone and stepped back into the hall.

"Chaperone?" Laura questioned before looking to Harry, "You have a chaperone?" She questioned.

Natasha sighed, "Turns out our new husband is only fifteen years old."

"Husband?" Laura questioned confusingly, she was unclear on what exactly happened. "Congratulations, your married!" Nym said with a cheeky grin in reply.

Laura looked from Nym, to Natasha, to Harry, and back again, as if trying to figure out which one of them might've planned this little joke. However when Natasha brought over the marriage certificate for her to see Laura had to shut her eyes and take a long slow breath. "Who's idea was this?" She asked her new spouses.

Nym scratched the side of her face embarrassedly, "I MAY have suggested to Harry that, when in Vegas, get married, but, I swear, it was a joke though!" she said, she then took hold of the certificates, and swore, loudly, "FUCKING BUGGER!" she cursed as she saw exactly what the certificates said if you had magic.

"What now?" Harry sighed as he dropped into a plush armchair in the room. He really couldn't handle any more surprises right now, and to make matters worse his migraine had grown greatly in the last half hour.

Laura decided to search for her phone, she had to make a call to a certain someone and at least try to explain things to them, if for no other reason than someone with more understanding of this kind of thing could help then for the simple fact that at least she would get to talk with someone she knows before she loses her mind.

Natasha sighed to herself, knowing that whatever was about to come out of the pinkette's mouth next was only going to make things even worse. Natasha was really wishing now that Clint had been the one to take this mission. At least then she could be the one to laugh at what happened, rather than be a 'victim' of it.

Nym sighed heavily, "It seems we went to one of the magical churches that have a sick sense of humor," she said, only to be cut off by Natasha, who narrowed her eyes at the use of the word magical, like it confirmed something for her.

"What exactly do you mean by that?" Natasha asked. She had looked over each certificate carefully and found nothing that would suggest they had gone some place with a 'sick sense of humor'. However, she did remember that they had been in the magical part of Vegas last she could recall. So perhaps it had been some magical Elvis that had married them.

Nym sighed, and put the certificate down, "Apparently, the bastard who married us, included one thing, and discluded something else," she said, "He included a part that could only be read or seen by those who have magic, and not by those without," she then paused, "What he did not include, was a divorce clause," she said, "OR an option for annulment," she concluded.

Natasha's eyes narrowed, "You mean to tell me that the one who married all of us, made sure we couldn't get out of it?" She questioned, doing her best not to pick up anything and break it in anger. She had already done one, maybe two, stupid things that were unlike her, no need to add a third to the list.

Laura had been part way through a text when Nym explained what she'd found, causing her to look up in confusion. As far as she knew wasn't it illegal to do something like that? To trap people in a marriage that only happened because they were drunk out of their skulls? Though what did she really know about this sort of thing? Not like she spends her days thinking about getting married or what laws there are out there regarding marriage.

Nym sighed, "Sadly, the magical world is governed by different laws then the Muggle one," she said, "In this case, the church we went to, was free to dictate the terms of the certificate because apparently, the Witless Wonder over there, didn't specify what type of marriage we wanted, at least, that's what I gather from reading the marriage contracts, considering they say 'polygamous marriage' happened on the certificates, which, again, is more common in the magical world, then the none magical," she groaned.

The trio of women turned when they suddenly heard a light banging sound and found Harry banging his head off the coffee table mumbling something along the lines of 'stupid, stupid, stupid'.

"Wait, didn't you say that you were the one to put the idea into his head?" Laura pointed out to Nym after sending the text she'd been typing. "And since you remember more than the rest of us clearly you had to have been more sober then us."

Natasha sighed and rubbed the sides of her head. This was just getting worse and worse by the minute. She was now trapped in this four way marriage all because she had married at least one magical person. Coulson wasn't going to like this when he returned.

Nym sighed, then her face brightened, "You know what, as bad as this is, it COULD be worse," she said, smiling as she finished.

"Couldn't it be worse?" Harry questioned. "Nym I'm fifteen years old with three wives, a Nundu kit, a dragon egg," Here Harry held up said Egg having found it under the coffee table, "And Remus is missing and was last seen with some woman, I clearly went to some of the casinos he warned me against, and to top it all off, we can't end the marriages! If there is worse than this then please, kill me now," Harry grumbled.

"You think you have it bad? Once this spreads to my coworkers as well as to my one friend I'm going to be the biggest laughing stock ever. Not to mention what my boss is going to say when he hears of this," Natasha pointed out.

"I think I have it worse for reasons I won't mention as I don't want to give any of us anymore reason to be horrified with what's happened." Laura said before her phone went off. Reading the text she sighed. "Great...Now he's on his way here and expecting answers that I don't have."

Nym sighed, "Your own problems aside, which are now, technically, family problems, it COULD be worse, we could be married to someone who isn't as nice and honorable as Harry," she said, "First thing we should do is properly introduce ourselves, and share our lives, I mean, we are stuck together, so, if we can't share each other's secrets, who can we share with, right?" she finished with a shrug.

Natasha, Laura, and Harry looked at each other and sighed, after all Nym did have a point. They were stuck with each other for better or worse, so they might as well try to get to know each other. However as the three thought this through they also thought about all the trouble and chaos in their own lives.

"I need to speak to my boss before I can disclose anything to the three of you," Natasha said, "In my line of work I handle a lot of things that the public are not allowed to know. This will be something you will all have to get use to with me," Natasha shrugged.

Harry sighed, trying not to think of just what her job might be. "I have had a mad man trying to kill me since I was a baby. Both he and his followers may come after all of you. Just figured I'd warn you," Harry wished he hadn't needed to tell them this but once word got out that the 'Boy Who Lived' was now a married man, he was sure that Death Eaters would be coming for his new wives.

Laura stared at Harry for a moment before figuring she should get one of the biggest things about herself out of the way, "I'm a mutant," She wasn't going to go any further then that until she got a better understanding of her new little family. Though in truth being a mutant might be almost as big a shock to them than the other thing she has to tell them about sooner or later. It all really depends on just what the other three have been through in their lives.

Nym smiled, "I'm a metamorphmagus," she said, "And I know what mutants are, but, meh, who cares, your still a nice person, right?" she replied with a smirk, then she turned to Natasha, "As for you, so long as your boss doesn't try to control Harry through you then were cool, right Harry?" she finished. To which Harry gave a responding nod, he already had problems with Dumbledore, the letter from Sirius had said as much when he was notified of the Will Reading by the Goblins. "Oh, also Harry is quite heroic, despite his age he has accomplished things only a mythical hero would have been said to accomplish!" she boasted proudly, to which Harry hid his face in his hands in embarrassment.

"Nym!" Harry said, "I'm not that special, and the things I did were not alone!" he tried to protest. Nym scoffed, "Yeah, right, nothing special, and not alone, well, your half right on the second one, while you did have help, you always ended up facing the big baddies alone!" she countered. Neither saw the confused looks on Natasha or Laura's face.

Natasha wondered just what kind of person she'd ended up married to. Not just with Nym, but with Harry as well. She would have to look into the British magical world and see just what Harry had done to make Nym make such a claim.

Laura on the other hand was use to people doing things that others would expect some kind of fantasy hero to do. After all many mutants had mutations that could be mistaken for some kind of magic or something.

Coulson returned to the room at that moment, "Well, I've managed to track down your other Chaperone. Though it would seem he's gotten himself into some trouble." When Coulson noticed Harry's look of concern he held up a hand to stop any questions. "He's fine, hungover like the rest of you, but in one piece, though he does seem to have been arrested. I didn't hear what the charges were, however we should be able to bail him out," Coulson assured Harry.

Harry sighed in relief, glad to hear that Remus was alright. He then recalled what Nym had said about Remus before. "What about the woman he was with when we last saw him? Is she locked up in jail too?"

Coulson shook his head, "There was no mention of her being with him. It's possible she was away when he was arrested," he replied.

Harry sighed, "Well, we were just getting to know one another," he said, he then turned to Coulson, "Uh, sir, whatever your name is, could you leave the room while we get dressed?" he asked before grabbing his own clothes and heading to the bathroom.

"I'll make sure there's a car ready for all of you when you're ready to get his chaperone out of jail. Just find me down stairs when you're ready," Coulson told Natasha before leaving, shutting the door behind him. He still found some amusement with this, though there were a lot of questions he knew would need to be answered later.

When Harry finished changing, he opened the door a crack and asked, "Are you done changing?" only to hear Nym say, "See, honorable!" in reply.

"Yes Harry we're finished," Natasha told him. When Harry came out Natasha looked at the stuff they had in the room with them, "We can leave everything here while we go get the guy you mentioned out of jail. Just put the sign on the door that cleaning isn't needed or whatever it says these days," Natasha told him.

"Is it really alright to leave that cat alone?" Laura asked as she looked at the still napping kit on the bed.

Nym shrugged, "Usually their supposed to be quite vicious, I think, this one is pretty tame by comparison," she said, "Either way, we'll get some books or something on them later, maybe contact MACUSA about help with relocating it," she said in reply. Then she turned to Harry, "Ready dear?" she asked with a teasing tone and a big smirk, causing Harry to groan.


~LVPD Headquarters a half hour later~

To say Harry was unamused, was like saying that waking up in Vegas with no memory and being married to three beautiful women was a cake walk. It seemed that after they left the hotel, the mysterious tall woman that Nym had seen with Remus had arrived ahead of them, and was currently holding a police officer three feet off the ground while the others surrounded her; meanwhile, she looked highly annoyed, though also slightly amused. "You will bring me the one know as Remus Lupin now, or I shall drag this one down to Helheim when I return there!" she ordered.

Harry and co were stunned for a moment by what they were seeing. Sure, Nym could remember the woman; however the memory was in pieces. But to see her holding one officer in the air while being surrounded by others and making threats was something else.

Shaking off the shock and amazement Harry walked over to the woman. "Um, excuse me, miss? Are you the one that we last saw Remus with?" He asked her.

The woman turned her head and, upon seeing Harry gave him a smile. "Ah yes, I remember you, the young man under his care. I take it you too are here to have him freed from his confinement?" She questioned, still holding the one officer in the air, only now the ones surrounding her were looking back and forth between her and Harry.

Harry nodded, "Yes, could you, uh, please put him down? I don't think they will help us if you keep holding him up there like that."

The woman looked to the one she was holding before nodding with a sigh, "I suppose you would know better than I how to go about having him released," She said before dropping the officer like a rock.

Natasha walked over to Harry, a little weary of the tall woman, and turned to the officers gathered around them. "Who do we need to speak to about the release of Remus Lupin?" She questioned.

Not wanting to be threatened or humiliated any further the officers quickly pointed them to the chief's office.

The group, including Coulson and the tall woman, quickly headed for the office. Harry and Nym wondering just what Remus had done to be arrested. After all, it's not like it could be anything that bad, right? It was Remus, clean as a whistle and as soft as a Flobberworm, surely this was a case of mistaken identity, right?

When they got to the office of the Chief, it was to see a very muscular and tall man, whose shirt didn't cover all of his bulging arms. The plaque on the front of his desk said his name was Chief Idris Bogo.

~Song start: Naruto OST 2 - Fooling Mode~

"So, your here for that man who only gave his name as Remus Moony?" Bogo asked gruffly and seriously.

"We are, though I can't imagine what he could've done to get himself arrested. He's never done anything that would even make anyone look at him with disapproval...well, anything he could control anyway," Harry answered. "Are you sure your men weren't mistaken when they arrested him?" Harry could almost sense the tall woman's annoyance at how long this was taking. He really wanted to ask why she had come to get Remus, but he figured this wasn't the best time to do that.

Cheif Bogo snorted, "Trust me, his name is Remus, he said as much before spelling it out by taking a shit," the man grunted out, though there was a hint of amusement in his tone now, "Managed to cobble together all the recordings of the man's antics while intoxicated," he said, missing the face palm from Harry, and the snickering from Nym, "Don't know what he drank, but whatever it was gave him the time of his life, no less then seventy five misdemeanor charges, including but not limited to small time property destruction, defecating in public, public indecency, public nudity, multiple counts of trespassing, multiple counts of petty theft under ten dollars each, multiple counts of graffiti, and quite a few other misdemeanors," he said, not seeing the looks of shock on Nym and Harry's faces when he finished.

The tall woman was not impressed when the police chief finished, "Typical, I come to Midgard for vacation, with Odin's blessing, only to end up married, and to a man who cannot hold his mead either..." she said with a groan of disapproval.

Harry and Nym turned to the tall woman in shock at that… "Married?!" The both asked, not believing that Remus had gotten married after getting drunk just like they had, along with his many crimes.

The tall woman nodded, "Yes, he is my husband." She then turned back to chief Bogo. "Where is my husband? I want him released right this instance."

"That's not how this works," Natasha sighed before turning to Bogo. "That's quite the list of charges for one person. I trust the recordings your men collected are clear enough to hold up in court?"

"I would rather Remus not have to go to trial," Harry sighed. "Can't we bail him out?" Harry questioned Bogo hopefully.

Bogo actually smirked now, "To be honest, all the chaos he caused two nights ago gave my men some much needed training, and his antics were all recorded, so long as you promise to let us keep a copy, we could drop the charges, you have no idea how many requests we got for a copy of the recording," he laughed, "We would drop all charges, provided that, should he ever visit this city again, he be monitored by someone and kept AWAY from any drinks that contain alcohol," here he looked pointedly at the tall woman, who merely glared in response and replied with, "If he does come back to this realm, he wouldn't be allowed to touch so much as a drop," the woman said harshly, causing Harry and Tonks to wonder just how she and Remus met two days ago. "Oh, and I request a copy of the recording too," the tall woman added.

"I want a record too please. I simply can't believe Remus would do any of that until I see it for myself." What Harry wasn't saying was that he was looking forward to seeing how bad Remus got while drunk, he was sure it was going to be good for a laugh later. Nym was also sure to get a good laugh out of it as well, and then there was how Sirius would react when he found out of course.

Natasha could tell what was actually going through Harry's head, and it wasn't just seeing for himself what Remus had done, but she wasn't going to call him out on it. Though she did kind of wonder just what kind of person this Remus guy is. After all both Harry and Nym seemed to be of the mind that he would never do anything like what Bogo had claimed he'd done. She might just have to look at that footage herself…at least once anyway.

Coulson also knew just what Harry actually wanted the footage for, but since Natasha wasn't saying anything on the matter he would either. Truth be told Coulson had already seen a little of the footage Bogo had spoken of, having looked over the arresting footage as well as the security footage from when Harry arrived in Vegas to be sure that he had gotten the location of Remus. Needless to say Coulson was very amused at what the seemingly quiet man had gotten into from the short video Coulson had been able to see.

Laura raised a brow at the request for the footage, but decided to stay out of it. It wasn't like she knew this Remus person, not as far as she knew that is, so it was best she stay out of it for now and in any case she had something else on her mind. Like the person coming to see her about her sudden marriage. Laura was certain that whatever Remus had done would quickly be forgotten once HE found them. She still wasn't even sure what she would say to him when she sees him.

Nym was of two minds, while she liked Remus, she was married to Harry, and honestly, she wasn't able to tell which of the two was a better option, despite her recent marriage, though, granted, Harry would keep things interesting, Remus was proving to be the amusing fish that got away. Granted, she was sure she would have been happy with Remus, but, to be honest, Remus was a bit…boring.

Bogo smiled and nodded, he then tapped his intercom, "Clawhauser," he said, "Contact the drunk tank, and have Remus Moony cleaned up and brought to my office please," he said, then he turned to the tall woman, "Given he is your husband, would you care to tell me your name?" he asked.

"Hela Lupin, well, it is now I guess," the woman said, as she took out her marriage certificate and looked at it, then she turned to the other four who had been recently married, "Interesting, it states you four were witnesses at our wedding..." she paused when she read the last name of Harry's that was on the certificate, "You wouldn't happen to be THE Harry Potter, would you?" she asked.

Harry raised a brow, surprised both that they had been at Remus's wedding as well as that Remus's new wife knew who he is. "Yes, why do you ask?"

"As in Harry James Potter, son of James Charlus Potter and Lily Potter nee Evans?" Hela asked cautiously, her tone declaring that this was as much a statement of fact as it was a question.

Now Harry was really curious as to how she knew him and his family. "That's right, those are my parents. Why do you ask?" Harry asked her.

Hela smirked, "Father will be so happy to know you are alive and well, a bit angry that he didn't get to attend your wedding, and that you wedded so young," she said, finishing with a tone of amusement, "Father has been searching on and off the last fifteen years for news of you," she said, smiling now, "I am your half-sister, Hela Lokisdaughter," she said, "Our father will be pleased I have found you," she then tilted her head, "May I see your certificates for a moment?" she asked.

Natasha handed over the certificates, which she had grabbed when they were leaving the hotel, just in case. "Here they are," she said.

Hela took them, and looked at each one before smiling, "Just as I thought, each of your last names was changed when you married my half-brother here," she said, completely missing the fact that Harry was still shocked that his father was alive, and that he may not be James Potter's son, as well as having a half-sister.

Natasha cast a glance at Nym before turning back to Hela, her new sister in law. "What do you mean our names changed?" She had been too busy looking for signs that the certificates were fakes to notice the names on the papers back when she had looked them over.

Hela smirked at her new sister in law, "Well," she said, holding up the first one, "This one says Nymphadora Potter nee Tonks," she said, smirking when Nym twitched at the usage of her full first name, she then held up the second, "This one says Laura Peverell nee Logan-Kinney," she then held up the third and final certificate, "And this one, says Natasha Gryffindor nee Romanova," she held in a smirk as she saw the look of realisation in Harry's eyes, and then smiled as his face met the desk…loudly.

Natasha was the first to turn to Harry with a raised brow. "Potter, Peverell, Gryffindor? Why is it that only one of us has your actual last name?" In her experience someone with that many last names was usually in her line of work.

"Laura Peverell? Why did I get that name?" Laura thought it sounded rather odd, though she was more questioning because she too wanted to know why they were all different even though they married the same person. She just didn't want to sound like she was repeating Natasha's question.

Coulson was on his phone looking up the other two last names. He'd already looked up the Potter family as far as he could from his phone, now he wanted to know what he could of the other two.

Harry sighed, "The letter from my godfather, mentioned that I was the last of three families, the Houses of Gryffindor, Peverell, and my own family, he hinted at there being the possibility that there could be two more titles in my future, but that I would have to stop by Gringrotts again first to make sure," the whole time he replied, his face was planted down on the chiefs desk. Bogo laughed, "I thought I recognised you, your Harry Potter, allow me to properly introduce myself," he said as he pulled out a wand from under his desk, "Chief Bogo, Las Vegas Chief Auror for MACUSA," he said with a laugh, he then turned to Coulson, "Agent Coulson of Shield, it's good to see you, heard so much about you back when I was in training," he smirked.

Coulson gave Bogo a polite smile; this wasn't the only time that someone had said something like that to him. And he was certain it wouldn't be the last he would hear of such comments towards himself.

Natasha turned to Coulson with a raised brow, "Just what could Chief Bogo be speaking about?" She questioned Coulson. "Care to explain?"

Coulson smiled awkwardly, "I'm a squib, or in layman's terms, I am a mundane who was born into a pure magical family, however, I feel like Bogo was referencing some of my…blunders and successes…from my early career in Shield," he said, looking at Bogo, who nodded with a smile. "'The Bumbling Genius', was the title that you were given I believe?" Bogo countered, to which Coulson sighed.

Natasha wanted to question this further but Laura cut in with a different question. "You have titles from maybe five families? Five?" Laura could understand maybe having two at the most, but five families? How does one person end up the last living member of five houses?

Harry sighed, "In Britain, family lines are important in the magical world, to prevent a family line from dying out, any living relation who can claim the closest tie to the last confirmed head of house before the line was 'lost' will have" here Harry blushed a deep crimson, unable to say what he should be saying.

"Have to what?" Laura asked, not seeing Natasha's annoyed look as she was once more cut off before she could speak.

Nym smiled at Harry's shyness, and smirked, she would steal the rug out from under her new husband this time, "He means that it falls to him to find someone to marry, fuck, have children with, and restart the family lines so they don't die out," she said in a simple tone like it was no big deal, while inwardly, she was smirking at Harry's now deep crimson blush.

Laura was also blushing a little; after all she was still getting over the shock of being married to Harry along with two other women. She hadn't given any thought to children at all.

Natasha looked away from Harry when she heard the part about having children. She had long since had that ability removed when she graduated from the Red Room. She dreaded having to tell her new husband about that and could only wonder just what the British magical community would say about this. Not that it would hurt her much, she was just worried about the effect it would have on Harry.

Coulson could tell what was going through Natasha's head right now. He wanted to tell her that it would be fine and there was a way to correct this, however he wasn't going to say that in front of Bogo and Hela. This was more a matter that they would be better off talking about in privacy back in the hotel room.

Harry groaned again, "Did you have to say it like that Nym?" he asked her. "Yes," Nym replied with simply.

Before anything else could be said, the door opened at that moment and a wet, but fresh looking Remus was pushed into the room, the front of his jumpsuit was wet, and stained with obvious amounts of bile, apparently at some point during his…'adventures' two nights before, he had lost his clothes, and so a jumpsuit had been provided when he had been arrested.

Harry looked at Remus and said, with an obvious sarcastic tone in his voice, "Um Remus, tell me again, who was supposed to be the RESPONSIBLE chaperone on this trip?" Hela merely sighed and shook her head at her husband's state of dress.

Remus rubbed at the back of his head and sighed. "I told you to stay away from firewhiskey. Or was that about that sixth pub?" Remus shook his head, regretting that instantly as it made his head hurt more.

"Oh, and here I thought your first thought would be why there are three women here with us besides Nym," Harry countered sarcastically, "So, in belated congratulations, Remus Lupin, you sly wolf, are finally married, then again so am I…" he finished flatly. His ending choice of words caused Nym to elbow him in the ribs, causing him to release a grunt of pain.

"W-w-what?" Remus asked with a stammer, "I remember a 'little' of my marriage, but what is this about you being married?" He gave Hela a glance when he said he remembered some of his wedding before looking to the two women that, while he couldn't recall them he did feel like he knew them, then he looked at Coulson.

"Perhaps we should return to the hotel and speak of this in private," Coulson suggested, knowing that there would already be enough of a buzz going round magical Vegas after the last two days and not wanting to give anyone listening anything more to gossip about.

Hela walked over to Remus, "I agree with him, let us take this family and speak somewhere else." She then gave a look of disgust to his stained jumpsuit, "And get you a change of clothes."

Remus was in agreement on getting something else to wear, and he was hoping for something to help with his pounding headache. "Yes please, at least make it some place quieter then here."

Harry sighed, "Right, let's go."

Nym placed a hand on Harry's shoulder, "Hold on, aren't we forgetting something?" She asked them.

Hela smiled, "Ah yes, the recordings." She turned to Bogo, "May we have them now?" she asked.

Bogo smiled, and reached into his desk, "Copies were made, all the guys and girls in the division want a copy cause of how amusing it was," he then took out three copies and handed one to Harry, one to Hela, and one to Remus.

Remus accepted his copy, dreading just what it would actually show. He didn't recall much of what happened while he was drunk, but from what he'd heard, it had been really bad. And to top off his 'misadventures,' he had gotten married. He was supposed to be the responsible adult on this trip, and yet here he was, being released from jail, with a wife. At least, unlike Harry he had only married once. Though Remus couldn't help but worry about what his new wife will think when she learns he's a werewolf. That would have to be something he tells her once they are safely back in the hotel room.

~Song ends here~

As they left the precinct, Laura suddenly ducked down and pulled Harry and Nym down with her as a blast of energy hit the wall where they had been a moment before. As Harry looked around for the person who had fired, a man in red and silver armor flew from out of the trees and into view, "Greetings Mister Radcliff," he began, "Well, greetings isn't really the word I should be using I guess, I was hired to take you out and recover the money you won," he then readied the weapons attached to his wrist, preparing to fire, "Hold still and this will be painless!" he said.


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