Hi guys! It's been a while...for anyone who still has an ounce of care for my fic the Governor's Daughter , the second chapter will be out shortly. Updates will be more frequent as it is summer, I'm proud of this depressing oneshot. Reviews and critiques are greatly appreciated. Thanks guys, hope you enjoy! (this is the first realistic Bessa I've written :)

Boq takes a moment to check on the governor as he does every evening, only to ensure that she is not ill, or fallen from the place in her bed. He is about to leave when suddenly he notices her, that her face is tight with discomfort. He can hear her moaning softly as she twists her body back and forth under the covers. He reluctantly picks her up in his arms and carries her to his room. She senses the change around her and stirs in his arms.

"Where are you taking me?" She asked.

"To my room."


"Well, you looked a trifle uncomfortable while I was checking on you and I think it's high time you get a new mattress." He explained.

She flushed, "That's very sweet of you Boq."

"It's my job. Until that can be arranged for you, you will sleep with me."

Nessa smiles, "Are you sure that's alright with you?"

She knows deep down that he'd rather have someone else in his bed.

"Of course, I want to make sure you get enough sleep so you have enough energy to attend all your conferences and further restrict my people." Boq said flatly.

Nessa's face falls, she never meant to hurt any munchkin, but her desire for someone to love was too great for any from of justice. But still, her mistakes haunt her, while Boq ignores the hurt in her eyes.

"Boq." She says meekly.


"Thank you."

"It's no trouble at all."

She sees his eyes soften, the way they did when they shared their first dance at the ozdust. Finally they reach his bedroom. Forgetting himself, he pecks her on the forehead, she releases a small giggle.

"Dreadfully sorry, Madam, that was highly inappropriate."

"That's perfectly fine." Nessa says as a strawberry color invades her ivory cheeks.

He adjust the covers to her liking and says, " As long as we are in this arrangement, it will be business as usual. Only speak to me when absolutely necessary, I will not be a source of romantic company." He says firmly.

"We wouldn't want a scandal to brew now would we?"

"No sir." She says sadly.

It's amazing how much power he has over her. Even though Boq will never be Nessa's sweetheart, she sighs in contentment as she drifts off to the sound of his gentle breathing. Hoping someday, he might consider her a friend.