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Sasuke was one of the first one awake. Surprisingly, Naruto was awake as well. He stared incredulously. Naruto raised his brow in mock offense.

"What? Is it weird for me to be up early?"

"Not really…Just unusual."

The blonde grinned widely. "Well, I'm just really excited for today. It's initiation day! I wanted to be extra ready."

Sasuke nodded in amusement, a slight smile on his face. More people were beginning to wake up as well. Some people were leaving to change and do their business as well. With a stretch and a yawn, he got up grabbing a change of clothes, a toothbrush and toothpaste, and a hairbrush before leaving.

"You coming?"

Naruto nodded, grabbing his things as well.

The hall was bustling with sounds of lockers creaking open and slamming shut, footsteps, and conversations. Sasuke opened his locker and grabbed Vollmund Reflexion, sitting down on a bench near Naruto. The black haired male looked down at his weapon. Today marked the beginning of their new life…Rumors say that the initiation is going to be extremely difficult, but he'd never really believed in those things. But he didn't doubt the initiation was going to be hard. If it wasn't then this school wouldn't be doing as well as it has been.

His thoughts began to drift into someplace darker as he continued to stare at his weapon before being broken out of his thoughts by Yang's voice coming from beside them.

"Hey, Sasuke. Morning!"

"Good morning."

She looked towards Naruto with confusion, and Sasuke just now realized that Naruto was pep talking his weapons. Again. He sighed. "It's his thing. He's really out of it when he does this. Probably won't notice you or me until he's done."

Yang smirked, taking that as a challenge. She began calling out his name to try and grab his attention.


"It's been awhile since we had to fight Grimm…"

"Yoohoo~ Naruto~!"

Naruto continued to talk with his weapons before twisting the hilt revealing the compartment holding dozens of arrows. That was when yang gave up, taking a step back towards Sasuke.

"Okay. You were right. He's out of it. So this happens a lot?"

Sasuke shook his head. "Not usually. Only when its something big and he gets excited." He shrugged. "Well, that also means he's going to take this seriously and that's always a plus." He then turned around to see Ruby humming a rather catchy tune while sharpening the blade of her own weapon. "I see you have to deal with something similar."

He smiled in amusement at the sight. It's not everyday you get to see a petite little girl happily grinding away a massive scythe twice her size on a whetstone. "Should we leave them be until it's time for the test."

"Nope. No worries, I've developed a little method to bring people out of trances like this thanks to Ruby," Yang cracked her knuckles and fingers and smirked. She then stood behind Naruto and waited…


Sasuke winced slightly.

"OW!" Naruto clutched the back of his head in pain, glaring at the other blonde. "Geez…I think you cracked my skull…"

"Well, you're the guy with the miracle band-aid powers. I'm not that worried." She then went towards Ruby. "Her on the other hand…"


"AHHHHH WHYYYYY!" the youngest of the group screamed, falling off her bench.

"Well, I think that worked."

Both Sasuke and Naruto cringed at the sight of the girl rolling in pain as she clutched her head.

"Why…" Ruby moaned, looking up at her sister with teary eyes.

"Because I know better than anyone that once you start cleaning Crescent Rose that yo go through every nook and cranny, and end up finishing by the afternoon. I just saved you from missing the test."

"Y-yeah…But there are other ways you could've done that!"

"Your better isn't as effective."

Ruby glared before turning to the two boys standing off to the side. "You think this is bad too right? Would you treat a sibling like this?"

Naruto shrugged as Sasuke looked off to the side slightly uncomfortable.

"No idea. Only child."

"My brother and I didn't usually interact like that…"

Ruby pouted childishly at the two before hugging her weapon. "Well, it doesn't matter what you think! Crescent Rose always needs my attention to make sure she's in effective condition. My baby likes to show herself off when she's around other people."

Naruto nodded in agreement. "Yeah, I get that. Sometimes you just wanna show off your weapon to everyone and anyone you can."

Sasuke and Yang both sighed. Count on these two to agree on being weapon fanatics. And apparently they are both idiots as well as they agreed that practicality doesn't really matter if its awesome. An idea they both came up with when Yang confronted on why the other has 11 swords or a sniper rifle built into the scythe if it wasn't 'practical'. Yang was about to burst before Sasuke stepped in.

"Okay, now that we're done arguing about weapons, are you guys ready for today?"

Yang's attitude lightened back up at the mention of the day. "You bet I am! I'm ready for anything!" She then turned to Ruby, "Do you have everything?"

The younger sister merely rolled her eyes. "Yes."

"Extra magazines for your gun?"


"Extra extra magazines?"


"Your hood?"

Ruby deadpanned. "I'm wearing it."

"Just checking. Did you eat enough?"

"I ate plenty!" Ruby exclaimed, irritated. She loved her sister but sometimes she's just a tad bit too protective. "I ate my pancakes! I drank my milk! I've eaten enough!"

"You could never eat enough. As long as there's space in your stomach, you need to eat something!" Naruto disagreed. How could anyone even think anything else?

Apparently just him. Sasuke rolled his eyes. "Yes, we know, Naruto. You're like a trash compactor when you see food."

"I'm not that bad…"

Ruby looked at him, "But you ate an entire plate full of pancakes earlier."

"Not to mention an entire second plate after that," Yang added.

"You ate my pancakes," Sasuke scowled.

"But you said you didn't like pancakes."

"I said I didn't think I could eat a full plate of them. And I didn't. Because you ate them."

A face of dawning appeared on the blonde male's face. "Oh…Sorry. I didn't know you meant it like that." Naruto then grinned, stretching his arms. "Oh well, what's done is done! Let's get ready for the test! What do you think it'll be? Puzzle? Tournament? I really hope it has nothing to do with writing."

"I hear there's something about teams," Sasuke commented, sitting down on the bench.

"Great…More fun with strangers…" he heard Ruby groan.

"Oh don't worry!" her older sister reassured her. "Just do the same thing you did to become friends with Jaune and Naruto!"

"You mean blow myself up and the heiress of a world renowned company?"

"…Okay, maybe not exactly the same way."

Sasuke smiled watching the sisters' banter.

"Speaking of, where's Jaune?" Naruto questioned.

"Darn it."

Sasuke's group walked towards where Jaune was currently trying to get himself unstuck from the ice. It was definitely an amusing sight. Sasuke couldn't help the smile that formed on his face. Naruto was struggling to hold back his laughter.

"H-how did you get yourself into this?"

"I…I tried talking to Weiss again."

"Yeah, that would do it."

Ruby tried to cheer up her other blonde friend. "Well, at least we're both being ignored on our attempts to talk with her."

"I now think I understand your pain."

Yang couldn't resist. "Yeah, looks like you've been put on Weiss."

A hush fell over the group. Yang was the only one laughing at her own joke.

"Booooooo!" Ruby called out at last.

"Whatever. That was funny!"

"Um…" Jaune squirmed under the attention he was getting. "Can you guys help me out? I'm stuck…and cold."

"I've got it." Sasuke cocked open his sheathe, revealing the shotgun point at the end. "You might wanna lean back a bit," he suggested as he pointed the gun towards Jaune's feet.

Jaune began getting cold sweat as he realized what was about to happen, and tried to talk the raven out of it, to no avail. The others watched, amused, yet sorry for the blonde.


"Come on, Jaune! He's already apologized. 'Side's, he kept his word and didn't put a single scratch on you! Which, by the way, takes some skill."

"Thank you, Yang."

Jaune weakly glared at the two before sighing. "Yeah…I know. Just…next time try something that's a little more easy on the heart."

Sasuke merely chuckled and replied, "Yeah, yeah, I'll try."

Jaune just rolled his eyes.

"Come one! Let's go or we're gonna be late!"

"We're coming, Ruby! Geez. You and Naruto both need to calm down."

The crowds of students gathered onto the cliff, lining up next to each other on platforms built into the ground, Professors Ozpin and Goodwitch standing in front of them.

"Welcome students! Today is the day of your final exam to gain entry into Beacon." Ozpin took a sip of his cup and continued, "You have been training for years to develop yourselves as warriors. Be it power. Skill. Technique. Strategy. Or any other strengths you have built over time, today is the day where it all comes into play in the Emerald Forest."

Sasuke stood between a student with large male with armor and another with a pink highlight in his hair. He scanned the line for any sign of Naruto and their newfound acquaintances, and saw that Jaune and Ruby sandwiched Naruto towards the end of the line. Turning his attention back to the headmaster, he sighed, exhaling all of his insecurities as the speech continued.

"Now there have been rumors spreading between students that you will be placed into teams this year. Allow me to shed some light on the situation. Today, you will be assigned other students as teammates."

There were a small chorus of gulps as the students steeled themselves for the trial.

Ozpin continued, "And the team you are assigned will be the team you shall work with for the rest of your time here at Beacon."

That was…still okay. The First Years were still keeping calm and controlled. It won't be too bad as long as they kept their cool-

"And your teams will be made with the first person you make eye contact with inside the Emerald Forest."


The students looked at each other with varying degrees of uncertainty. The black-haired teen could practically hear the pathetic whimper of an antisocial introverted girl. Sasuke himself felt slightly unsure himself. This was one of the times he was grateful for the training he did as a child.

'That's…going to be tricky. The person I make eye contact may not be the type I can easily work with…But…I have to do this. And if I do end up partnered with a student I can't work with, then I'll just make it work. No matter what.'

Ozpin ignored the atmosphere of distress and continued on with his explanation. "Once you have made a team, make your way to the northern edge of the forest. But be on your guard…this forest is teeming with dangers that will not hesitate to attack you. If you falter, you may lose your neck."

"In the northern edge of the forest is a site holding several relics. Each team is to take one relic and find their way back to this cliff. From the time you arrive in the forest until you come back here, we will be evaluating you and your efforts," Ozpin's eyes scanned the crowd of students. "Are there any questions?"

Several students raised their hand.

"Good. Then let's begin. Take your positions and prepare your landing strategies,"

The students all bent their knees, some even taking out their weapons and making stances. Others just braced themselves for the jump. Sasuke prepared for his jump, making sure he was relaxed, yet firm, gripping his sheathe as he was hurdled into the sky.


Sasuke smiled, amused at Jaune's screams.


And there's the other blonde idiot. He was probably doing some stupid tricks, claiming how he was "falling with style". Sasuke rolled his eyes, after witnessing a bunch of trees toppling over. Typical Naruto. But even he couldn't deny the addicting rush that came with being catapulted off a cliff. He shook his head and decided to let go with his self control for once. When else would he be able to free fall from a catapult? Probably never. So he experimented. He flipped and did some tumbles and turns. He made the most of his time in the air, but kept awareness of the approaching treetops. Flipping for the last time, he focused himself on the landing strategy.

As soon as his feet touched a branch, he pushed off as the branch began to snap. He continued hopping from one tree to another, finally letting go and rolling onto the ground below. Sasuke slowly got up and brushed himself off. He was about to take a step when he felt a presence. His grip on his weapon tightened, as he brought a hand above the hilt. With a deep breath, he unsheathed his sward and in slicing motion whirled around to come face to face with...


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