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[The following you don't have to read. It's completely irrelevant, but there is some background information that will either way be tackled in the story.]

Now. A brief introduction.

I will be doing my best to keep these chapters as long as possible, because I enjoy long chapters. So there's that.

A brief explanation.

Okay, so Gwen became a child star at 11, when she filmed the first of a Harry Potter-esque movie saga. She went on to a children network, protagonist of a fairly successful TV series. Grace dies in this universe, so Gwen and her siblings started living with Cara, her agent, when she was twelve. Now, Gwen's 16 and a half and free of movies and TV series ─so to assert her maturity, she does something stupid.

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BOOK 1: Life is pain, Highness.

Anyone who says differently is selling something.

Gwen wakes up to a world of glaring fluorescent lights, stroboscopic throbs of pain and the taste of puke.

And the unquestionable knowledge that she just ruined everything.