Alex gave a big stretch as she turned around in the bed, smiling as she watched her wife sleeping. She brought her hand up and moved some hair that was in front of her face. "Maggie," Alex whispered softly. "Maggie, babe." Alex shook Maggie's shoulder, trying to wake her.

"Five years," Maggie sounded annoyed as she kept her eyes closed. "We've been together for 5 years and married for 3 and you still think it's okay to wake me up." Maggie muttered, turning onto her side, so she had her back to Alex.

"Babe," Alex moved closer to her, draping her arm over her and finding the rim of her sleep shorts as she moved her hair with her other hand and kissed her neck. "You still want to go back to sleep?" Alex questioned as her hand slid down under Maggie's panties.

"Well if you woke me up for sex why didn't you say so?" Maggie questioned as she turned around and placed a kiss on Alex's lips. "Mmm, wait," Maggie pulled back. "What time is it?" Maggie questioned.

Alex glanced around to the clock on her bedside table. "Just after 6," Alex told her. "We have almost an hour, don't worry," Alex said before she pulled Maggie back into a kiss, her hand going back between her wife's legs, teasing her as the kiss intensified.

"Ah damn." Maggie muttered as she pulled back, the sounds of babbles from the baby monitor filling the room.

"Shh, it's okay," Alex kissed Maggie again. "She's not crying," Alex argued. "She's just chilling, she's fine," Alex told her wife. "We can keep going." Alex pulled Maggie back into a kiss as the babbles got louder.

"No," Maggie stifled a laugh as she pulled herself away, taking Alex's hand out from her shorts. "Alex, I'm not going to have sex with you while we can hear our daughter babbling away from the other room."

"Well we can switch the monitor off." Alex suggested. Their sex life had been a little sparse lately, their daughter all of a sudden not settling at night and waking up several times during. She'd slept brilliantly ever since she was born but in the last couple of months, all that seemed to change.

"Alex," Maggie gave a little laugh as got out of the bed and walked through to the nursery. "Hey pretty lady," Maggie cooed as she looked into the cot. Riley gave Maggie the biggest of smiles as she waved her arms excitedly. Maggie picked her up and softly kissed her temple. "Now, sweet pea, you are still supposed to be sleeping. You usually wake up at 7," Maggie told her as she started to walk back through to her bedroom. "Mummy and me need some adult time but your little boycott of sleep isn't making it easy for us," Maggie said. "No, it's not," Maggie cooed and Riley babbled in response. "Are you just excited?" Maggie questioned. "Are you an excited little birthday girl?" Maggie tickled Riley's side, Riley giving a giggle as she buried her head against Maggie as she walked back into the bedroom.

"Where is my birthday girl?" Alex held her hands out and Maggie passed Riley down to Alex as she got back in the bed. "I can't believe she is one already," Alex said, kissing Riley's temple a few times before sitting her down in the middle of her and Maggie. "Why you growing up so fast?" Alex questioned, running her hand over Riley's chestnut brown hair, trying to pat it down a little, it sticking up in all directions. "Mumma and me want you to stay a little cutie baby forever," Alex cooed before looking round to Maggie. "We have a one year old," Alex widened her eyes. "Is she even our baby anymore?" Alex wondered. "Do we have a toddler now?" Alex questioned.

"Nah she is still our baby," Maggie rubbed Riley's back. "She is always going to be our baby."

"But she is growing up," Alex pouted sadly. "She's almost walking." Alex widened her eyes again, looking back up to Maggie.

"Well we could always have another one," Maggie suggested. "We want her to have a brother or sister, right?" Maggie said, Alex looking a bit surprised by Maggie's suggestion.

"Maggie," Alex shook her head. "I am not ready," Alex told her. Riley's pregnancy was a really hard one for Alex. She was sick from the day she found out she was pregnant to the day that Riley was born. She'd been admitted to hospital on 4 separate occasions because of her sickness and then the birth also didn't go smoothly, and after 56 hours and the threat of a C-section, Riley was finally delivered by the help of forceps. "I know we got this beautiful little girl from it all but it was an awful experience for me and I'm not ready to deal with being pregnant again."

"Yeah, I know that," Maggie told her. "I thought that I could have this baby." Maggie said. She had been thinking about it for a few months now but was waiting for the right time and Riley was still young as well.

"You?" Alex looked shocked.

"Yeah, is it really such a shock?" Maggie questioned.

"Well you said that you didn't want to be pregnant, that I was the one who could have the children," Alex said, rubbing the back of her head as she spoke. "If you want to then sure, we can talk about this some more, but I just didn't think it was what you wanted."

"I can change my mind, can I not?" Maggie asked.

"Of course." Alex replied reaching out to grab Riley who was crawling over to the end of the bed. She sat her back down in between the two of them, Riley grinning up at her as she shook excitedly.

"See, the way she looks at you, I want that." Maggie confessed.

"She looks at you in the very same way." Alex told her.

"I know but," Maggie pursed her lips. "And I don't want this to come out sounding wrong because I love you so much and Riley, I could not love her anymore if I tried and we have your Mum and Kara, but I…I want a little piece of me. I want that connection," Maggie was scared to look at Alex. She was scared of her reaction. She didn't want her thinking she didn't love Riley or think of her as her own because she did, of course she did but she just wanted a biological child. She didn't have anything to do with her family, with her parents and she was an only child so she had no siblings either. "The joy that Riley brings to me, I want to bring that to you by giving you a child."

Alex gave her a little smile as she rubbed her arm. "I get you," Alex said, Maggie smiled in response. "But Riley has stopped sleeping through the night," Alex exhaled. "You think it's the right time?"

Maggie shrugged. "We have the whole getting pregnant time and then 9 months of a pregnancy to sort that out," Maggie told her. "We should talk about it. Not today because it's Riley's birthday but soon," Maggie said and Alex nodded, of course wanting Riley to have a sibling or two. "What time is your Mum's flight getting in again?"

"Not till 10," Alex answered, holding her hands out as Riley had pushed herself up to standing on the bed. She grabbed onto Alex's hands, giving her a grin, showing off some teeth. Riley lifted her foot up, letting it rest in the air. "Are you going to start walking today?" Alex questioned. Riley would often push herself up to standing but would then just stay upright for a moment then sit back down again.

"Mmm baaa." Riley babbled as she put her foot back on the bed before she sat down again, looking at Maggie and grinning.

"You could say Mumma today," Maggie cooed. "Say Mumma."

"Mmm mmm." Riley babbled.

Alex raised her eyebrows. "She's going to say Mummy first."

"Haha, no chance," Maggie gave a little laugh. "We all know Mumma is easier for a baby to say than Mummy."

"Mmm," Alex looked unsure. "Riley, say Mummy."

Riley smiled, some sounds coming from her mouth, the little girl looking like she was trying really hard to say something. "Hi….hi." Riley clapped her hands. Hi being her first word. She could also say Ta for thank you and would say 'rara' for her little comforter which she loved and usually always had with her, which was a little yellow duck.

"Grandma is coming to see you today," Maggie told her daughter, Riley looking back round to her with a smile on her face. "And Auntie Kara is coming too," Maggie said. They were having a barbeque for Riley's first birthday. It was only going to be the three of them, and Kara and Eliza, of course Riley being too little to know it was her birthday and she wouldn't remember anything anyways, but they wanted to do a little something to mark the special day. Riley gave an excited sounding squeal as Maggie yawned. She was working late the night before and because of Riley getting up in the night and then Alex waking her up early, she hadn't had much sleep. "So sleepy." Maggie yawned again.

Alex stifled a laugh as she got out of the bed. "And you want to have another baby," Alex muttered as she lifted Riley into her arms. "C'mon sweet pea," Alex said. "We will let Mumma have another little sleep. We'll go have some Mummy and Riley time down the stairs." Alex said, Maggie giving Alex a smile of thanks as she lay back down in the bed, watching as Alex and Riley left the room before she closed her eyes to hopefully get some more sleep.

Kara had met Lena at Noonan's for some brunch. They'd been friends for a short time, only around a month. They'd met when Kara had to go to L-Corp on a reporting story. They clicked right away and had been hanging out ever since. "So," Lena took a drink of her smoothie. "I've got some tickets to this art show thingy that's on this afternoon," Lena told her. "I know it's late notice but I wondered if you fancied accompanying me?" Lena questioned, looking up at Kara as she waited on an answer.

"I can't," Kara shook her head. "Got a barbeque at my sisters for my niece's birthday," Kara told her before taking a drink of her smoothie. "Sorry."

"Ah it's okay," Lena would be lying if she said she wasn't disappointed. She really liked Kara. She liked her more than a friend should. "As I said, it was late notice."

"You didn't pay for them though, did you?" Kara wondered.

"No," Lena shook her head. "Benefits of being a CEO. I get stuff sent to me all the time."

"Ah well, the next time then, count me in for something." Kara smiled at her and Lena felt her stomach flutter.

"Sure thing," Lena replied with a smile. "And I'm sure a birthday party will be fun."

"I guess so," Kara answered. "It's her first birthday," Kara informed her friend. "So, I'm pretty sure she won't know what's going on but I get to be a big kid and play with her and her toys," Kara laughed and Lena joined in. "And I can't wait to see her little face when I give her her present."

"Oh yeah?" Lena questioned. "What did you get her?"

"A little trampoline, some books, some clothes, a ball pit and a big drum," Kara widened her eyes. "She's going to love it."

"You bought a one year old a big drum?" Lena questioned. "Her Mum and Dad are going to love that." Lena quipped.

"They will," Kara answered, not picking up on Lena's sarcasm. "And her Mums. My sister is married to another woman." Kara searched for Lena's reaction, because, well, unfortunately there were people who didn't approve of her sister's lifestyle but Lena didn't react at all.

Lena felt herself relax a little. She hadn't told Kara that she was a lesbian yet but at least she wouldn't be bothered by it once she did tell her. It wasn't that she was ashamed or not out yet, but it had just never come up. "So," Lena cleared her throat. "Your sister is all loved up and married. How about you?" Lena asked. "You seeing anyone at the minute?"

"No," Kara shook her head. "I'm to busy being…." Kara trailed off. Lena didn't know she was Supergirl and Kara felt it best not to tell her. "Reporting and such," Kara said. "How about you?" Kara wondered, feeling like she should return the question and of course, wanting to get to know her friend better.

"Also single," Lena answered. "But I only moved here 7 weeks ago so I've not really been looking. It was better to get settled in first and I guess, make some friends although people hear I am a Luthor and well….you're the only friend I've made so far."

"You are nothing like your mother or brother," Kara sounded angry that people could judge Lena solely on who her family were. Lena gave her an appreciative smile. "So, I guess there was no one keeping you in Metropolis?"

"More like someone drove me away from Metropolis," Lena exhaled sadly as she played with her bare ring finger. "I was engaged but uhm….they liked to sleep with other people."

"Oh, Lena, I'm sorry," Kara gave her an empathetic smile. "But shame on them. You are gorgeous. He must have been crazy."

Lena pursed her lips at the use of 'he' as she felt a glow in her stomach at Kara saying she was gorgeous. Sure, a girl saying that about another woman didn't have to mean anything other than a compliment but Lena hoped that there was more to it than that. "Uhm, yeah you know it happened on more than one occasion. I tried to forgive the first. I did forgive the first time but when it happened again, I…" Lena trailed off shaking her head. "We had to be over," Lena told her. "But, it wasn't a he. I eh…I was engaged to another woman."

"Oh okay," Kara said, Lena relaxing at having told her. Maybe the fact she liked her so much was why she hadn't found the right moment but she didn't need to be worried. Kara didn't seem fazed by it at all. "Man or woman it sucks to be cheated on," Kara told her friend. "Was it recent?"

"It was about 6 months ago," Lena told her. "I tried to stay for my company – or well it was my brothers at the time – but that was going out of business after what Lex did and my Mum's influence there, I….I couldn't really save it, so I thought why not a fresh start for everything in my life. And also everywhere there just reminded me of her. So, I took a gamble and moved here and started up a new company, a new name, and I…it's good. It's going good."

"Well I am glad of that," Kara told her. "And I wish every success on L-Corp." Kara said, holding up her smoothie glass. Lena did the same and the clicked glasses together before they took a drink. Lena smiling to herself as she looked at Kara, her heart once again fluttering.