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Kara was bouncing on the little trampoline she'd bought for Riley. "She is going to break that with her super strength," Alex said, watching as Kara was jumping up and down as Riley sat on the grass, looking up at her and watching with wide eyes as she held a yellow ball from the ball pit that Kara had also bought her in her hands. "Kara, you are supposed to let Riley bounce on it not make her watch you." Alex shouted over to her sister from the decking where she was sitting with Maggie and Eliza.

"I'm just showing her what to do." Kara answered back.

"You've been showing her for like 10 minutes," Maggie laughed. "I think she gets it." Kara frowned at her sister-in-law before she jumped off and took a moment to regulate her breath before she picked Riley up and put her on the trampoline. She took the yellow ball from her, throwing it across the garden, it landing back in the ball pit. Riley put her hands on the handle and started jumping up and down, a big grin on her face as she did so. Maggie grabbed the camera and ran over to take some pictures.

"I can't believe she is one already," Eliza said, reaching for her juice and taking a drink. "Seems like just yesterday I was coming to the hospital to see her after she was born."

"Tell me about it." Alex agreed with her mother.

"Aww you remember how little she was?" Eliza reminisced.

"She didn't seem that little when I was trying to give birth to her," Alex muttered and Eliza gave a little laugh. "But yeah, I….I miss her being that small. Don't get me wrong I love the stage she is at now. She's learning new things every day and she's got this great little personality, but, she's not my baby anymore."

"Of course she is," Eliza said. "You are still my baby," Eliza told her. "Your child never stops being your baby, no matter how old they get."

"That's what Maggie said too," Alex said, a smile on her face as she watched Maggie with their daughter. She'd scooped her up into her arms and they were posing for photos, Kara clicking away on the camera. Alex continued to watch Maggie with Riley, Maggie currently tickling Riley's sides, Riley giggling in delight as Kara kept clicking away. "It's just….time is so precious. It flies by."

"Sounds like you are getting broody for number 2." Eliza said, sounding a little hopeful. She'd love to have more grandchildren.

"Not yet," Alex shook her head. "For me, at least," Alex mumbled as she looked back up to Maggie, who had put Riley in her ball pit, Alex laughing as she noticed Kara was sitting in it with her, Maggie now having the camera in her hand and was taking pictures of Kara with her niece. "God, she is such a child." Alex laughed.

"And that is the same girl who keeps the city safe from aliens terrorising the place." Eliza laughed, watching as Kara was juggling with some of the balls, Riley following the blue one as it moved round her hands, a big grin on her face, her eyes all wide in amazement.

"At least she is a fun Auntie," Alex said before she stood up. "I'm going to get this barbeque started." Alex said, walking over to the end of the decking, where the barbeque was. She struck some matches, lighting the coals, before walking into the kitchen and going over to the fridge, opening it up and looking for the plates that the burgers, sausages and kebabs were on. As she reached in to pick up the first plate, she felt hands going around her waist, jumping a little in fright.

"You going to do the barbequing?" Maggie murmured, mocking shock. Alex closed the fridge door and turned around, her head titling to the side slightly.

"I can barbeque." Alex said, wrapping her arms around her wife and pulling her into her, so their bodies pressed together.

"Well I suppose it wouldn't be a barbeque unless the food was a little burned." Maggie gave a cheeky grin. She was the cook in the relationship, Alex usually burning whatever she tried to make, her cooking skills less than desirable.

"Shut up," Alex slapped Maggie's bum. "How about you get the salad prepared then get Riley's lunch sorted." Alex told her, pushing her wife back and turning back around to open the fridge again, getting out the plates with the food on so they were ready to go on the barbeque once it was hot enough for the food.

Kara was holding onto Riley, kissing her temple over and over. "I've had the best time at your little party little petal," Kara kissed her niece again. "Aww Auntie Kara needs to go home now though. I miss you already."

"You can have her for the night if you want." Alex said, half jokingly. Maggie's ears perked up from close by where she was talking with Eliza, hearing Alex was possibly getting rid of their daughter for the night, allowing them some time to reconnect.

"Really?" Kara questioned and Alex nodded, maybe a little to enthusiastically.

"Oh yeah," Alex replied. "Although then you probably won't think she is your cutie little petal," Alex told her. "She is currently a little monster who boycotts sleep, leaving it rather hard for her mummies to find some time…." Alex trailed off, raising her eyebrows, hoping that Kara would get what she was saying. "It's been a while."

"Ah," Kara nodded, understandingly. "You need me to take Eliza off your hands as well then?" Kara questioned. Eliza was supposed to be staying at Alex and Maggie's house for a few days.

"Oh God, yeah," Alex rubbed her forehead. "I didn't think about that."

"It's fine," Kara gave a little laugh. "Hey Eliza," Kara shouted over to her. "You and little miss 'I'm going to boycott sleep so my Mummies can't have sex' are going to come stay at my loft tonight so they are able to get it on." Kara said, Maggie and Alex both going a red with embarrassment.

"Kara." Alex scolded her sister.

"Oh my Rao, I'm pretty sure she knows you two have sex." Kara rolled her eyes.

"Kara, you don't want that image of your daughter in your head." Eliza held her hands out, suggesting the conversation stop.

"I'll go pack her some stuff." Maggie said, using any excuse to get out of the room.

"Yes," Eliza cleared her throat. "I'll go get my stuff as well." Eliza also made an exit from the room.

Alex shook her head at her sister who was standing there with a smirk on her face before she took her daughter in her arms. "Well sweat pea, I hope you stay up all night for Auntie Kara for that," Alex told her. "Give her hell, little one." Alex said, placing a kiss on her daughter's forehead.

Riley smiled at her mother. "Mmmm mu…." Riley said.

"Yeah, clever girl," Alex ran her hand over her soft chestnut locks. "You are getting close to saying Mummy huh?" Alex smiled as Riley's little hand rested on her cheek. "That's what we need to say first, remember that one okay?" Alex told her, Riley staring intently at her mother, like she was listening very hard on her every word.

Eliza came back into the living room first, her little suitcase staying by the door. She hadn't really unpacked anything, so, it didn't take her long to grab her things, but Maggie wasn't far behind. She handed the bag with Riley's things in to Kara, before she took Riley from Alex, giving her a kiss and cuddle. "You have fun at Auntie Kara's," Maggie said as everyone walked down to the front door. Alex and Maggie kissed Riley a few more times before handing her to Kara. "Thanks for this Kara."

"No problem," Kara said. "We'll have a great night wont we petal?" Kara looked down to Riley who was trying to get Kara's glasses off of her. "As I'm sure your Mummies will too." Kara raised her eyebrows suggestively at them as Alex struck her sister on her upper arm.

"Get away," Alex muttered and Kara laughed before she, Eliza and Riley left the house. Maggie closed door and locked it up before looking around to Alex, the pair of them both with the look that they wanted to instantly get it on. "So," Alex brushed her hands together as she walked down the hall and into the kitchen, Maggie following behind her. "We can either clear up or we could talk about the whole having a second baby thing," Alex said. "Or option 3 -"

"Option 3," Maggie said. "I choose option 3." Maggie told her, before even knowing what it was.

"You don't know what option 3 is." Alex laughed, seeing Maggie was very eager now they were alone and had a chance to make love to one another without any interruption.

"Well I know what I want it to be." Maggie murmured as she pulled Alex by the waist, their bodies pressing against each other's as their lips crashed together.

"Mmm, babe," Alex pulled back. "It's only early evening," Alex said. "Don't you want to wait till tonight?"

"Tonight?" Maggie questioned. "Tonight we can have round 2." Maggie said before she pulled Alex back into a kiss as they made their way out of the kitchen, heading for the stairs.

Alex was tracing light circles over Maggie's stomach, her head resting in the crook of Maggie's neck. Maggie had fallen asleep afterwards, but Alex hadn't, thoughts of the morning conversation heavily on her mind. She loved Maggie so much and if Maggie was ready and wanting to have a child, could she really deny her of that? She did want to have more children. She wanted Riley to have at least one brother or sister to grow up with, but she just wasn't sure she wanted another so soon. She heard Maggie stirring, before she felt her hand brushing through her hair. "That's tickly."

"Are you sure you want your stomach to swell?" Alex questioned, looking up to Maggie as Maggie looked downwards.

Maggie looked a little confused before she nodded, getting what Alex had meant. "I really do." Maggie told her.

"Potentially, we could have two under two." Alex told her, her lips pursing.

"I'm sure we will be able to manage," Maggie told her. "Riley is an easy baby. Despite not sleeping right now, but we have time for that to sort itself out," Maggie said. "And it'll be nice for Riley to have a playmate so close in age," Maggie argued. "You were an only child for a long time," Maggie reminded her. "And you hated it, right?"

"Yeah." Alex couldn't deny that she wished she had had a little brother or sister when she was growing up.

"And I am an only child and it's crappy," Maggie told her. "I don't want her to feel alone," Maggie said. "I want her to have someone she can go bitch to about us because we didn't let her go to that party that her all time crush was throwing because his parents were out of town and there would be alcohol there despite them being underage." Maggie screwed her face up at the scenario she'd created but Alex just laughed at her.

"What mean parents she is going to have," Alex murmured. "Sounds like she is going to need at least one sibling to back her up, eh?" Alex traced another circle on Maggie's stomach. "Okay," Alex took a deep breath. "Why not?" Alex questioned. They wanted to have at least one more so why not now. "Let's do this, let's try and get pregnant again." Alex said, looking back up to Maggie, who had a grin on her face.

Kara was pacing the floor, holding Riley in her arms as she rubbed her back. "Shhh, shhh, little petal," Kara spoke softly, trying to calm her down. "It's sleepy time," Kara paced back and forth, still rubbing Riley's back. She'd stayed over at her place before so it wasn't like it was a strange place for her but, of course that was when she went out like a light, but Riley now fought her sleep every chance she got. "You won't miss anything exciting," Kara told her. "Me and Grandma are going to have some potstickers and some pizza, that's all," Kara said. "Well potstickers are very wonderful which I'll get you hooked on when you are older," Kara told her, still pacing back and forth. "Cos I'll share my potstickers with you little one." Kara said, rubbing Riley's back again. She looked over to the door and she heard it opening, Eliza returning with the food.

"What are you doing to her?" Eliza said, walking over to the table and putting the food down, before going over to Kara, taking Riley into her arms. "I could hear her crying from the elevator," Eliza scolded. "Come and see grandma." Eliza said, Riley cuddling into her as she rubbed her back soothingly. Riley cries lessened as Kara ran over to the table, opening up the potstickers container.

"Ohh potstickers," Kara sang, clearly excited for some potstickers. She looked down to her phone as it started ringing, seeing Lena was calling her. She felt herself smiling before she answered the call. "Lena, hey, what's…" Kara trailed off, hearing voices in the background and Lena sounding distressed.

"Everything okay?" Eliza questioned as she saw the look on Kara's face as she was pacing the room with Riley whose cries were lessening even more.

"I need to go," Kara said, putting the rest of the potsticker in her mouth before she took her glasses off and revealed her Supergirl costume. "Do not eat the potstickers." Kara warned her mother before she picked another one up and flew out of the window, heading downtown to get to L-Corp. She saw a figure falling from the balcony and swooped down, seeing it was Lena. She caught her in her arms and gently flew down to the sidewalk, placing Lena down.

"Supergirl," Lena smiled, her heart thumping at what had just happened. "Thank God you were around."

"I was with Kara Danvers when you called her," Supergirl said. "You go home and stay safe," Supergirl told her. "Who's up there? What do they want?"

Lena shook her head. "Someone who works with my Mum, I think. They are after some records," Lena said, her hand on her chest as her heart rate regulated. Supergirl looked back up in the direction of the building. "Go home," She told her again. Kara could see the look on Lena's face. She looked scared. She knew she would have to go see her after she'd finished being Supergirl. "I'll go deal with them." Supergirl said before she flew off, leaving Lena watching as a smile formed on her face.