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Six months later

Kara and Lena were in the master bedroom of the house. It was the second time they'd gone to view the house because they wanted to make sure it was exactly the house for them before they made an offer. Although they toyed with the idea of building their own home, for now at least, they'd decided just to buy a home. The realtor was down the stairs, having left them to discuss if they were going to put an offer in. Kara was standing on the balcony of the master bedroom, looking out to the garden, and the swimming pool. "Our nieces would love that pool," Lena said, coming out onto the balcony. She still used a crutch on her left side. Her left leg still occasionally needing some extra support. "We could even get a flume or two installed for them and of course for our future kale eating alien baby." Lena joked.

Kara stifled a laugh. "So, this is the house?" Kara questioned, looking around to her wife.

"I think so," Lena answered. "It pretty much has everything we want in a home and it's close to Alex and Maggie's place," Lena gave a little smile. She was looking forward to living closer to her in-laws. "Realtor said there was a lot of interest though but if we offer over the asking price I think we'll be okay."

"Ah so you are prepared to part with more of your billions?" Kara gave her a cheeky smirk. Lena wasn't tight with her money at all, but Kara enjoyed teasing her.

"For this house," Lena nodded her head. She was excited for a new chapter in her and Kara's life. Moving into their family home together. "I think I'll part with a few extra bucks." Lena's lips curled into a smirk.

"Well in that case maybe Supergirl will pay Lena Danvers a visit tonight," Kara said, raising her eyebrows suggestively before pulling Lena into a kiss. "Is that something she would like?" Kara asked, pulling back from the kiss.

"She most definitely would," Lena smiled. "She loves it when Supergirl comes to play." Lena raised her eyebrows before once again sharing a kiss with her wife.

"So, this house though," Kara pulled back. "You don't think it's too big for us?" Kara questioned. The house had 5 bedrooms. And right now, it was obviously only the two of them. "There are lots of bedrooms."

"Well we will just have to fill the place with kids." Lena answered.

Kara bit her lip. "I thought you only wanted one child?"

"Well we could always give Lola a room of her own," Lena joked, referring to their kitten. "But we don't really know how many kids we are going to end up with and we can have a guest room or two," Lena shrugged. "I know the only guest who would visit us would be Eliza and she usually stays with Alex and Maggie, but…" Lena shrugged again. "Maybe sometimes she'll stay here."

"Yeah, I guess so," Kara murmured. "And so what if it has a lot of rooms. We love the house and we can afford it and…." Kara paused. "I do feel like this is our house," Kara smiled, looking down on the garden again. Besides from the swimming pool, there was a huge grass area, so a big space for any kids they did have to play about it and of course for Lola to roam around in. "I can see Riley and Dylan playing out there with baby Lily." Kara smiled dreamily.

"Lily?" Lena questioned.

"Yeah, don't you think it's a lovely name?" Kara questioned, looking back to her wife.

"It is yeah, but it can be short for Lillian and she is not lovely," Lena shook her head as Kara widened her eyes. She's always liked the name Lily, but it was very near to Lillian. "So do I want a reminder of her every time I call for my child?" Lena shook her head once again, like she was answering her own question.

"I guess not, sorry." Kara pursed her lips.

"You don't have to be sorry. I'd just rather not use the name Lily," Lena answered. "And anyways, who's to say we are having a girl?" Lena questioned. Lena leaned on her crutch as she moved the position of her legs.

"I guess no-one," Kara answered. "We might have a little man," Kara gave a smile at the thought. "As long as one day we have a baby I don't mind what we get." Kara said.

"We will," Lena promised her. "And I'd love to raise that child in this home." Lena said, Kara giving a little nod, agreeing with her wife.

"Then you need to work out what you are willing to part with to make sure get this house then," Kara smirked, her hands going around Lena's waist, but instead of pulling Lena's closer to her, she walked into Lena. "And remember, if all goes well, Supergirl will pay you a visit tonight." Kara raised her eyebrows and Lena chuckled before once again sharing a kiss with her wife.

Alex and Maggie were walking hand in hand, through the park. Maggie was wearing a baby carrier, Dylan all snug inside. Riley was walking a little in front of them, holding the dog lead, the puppy all excited for his walk in the park. Two months ago, they'd got a Golden Retriever puppy and had named him Cody. Maggie winning the 'fight' on what kind of puppy they'd get and what to name it. They both had the day off work, so were making the most of it, and spending the day as a family. Alex had only returned to work part-time for the moment, but would eventually return to work full-time. "I love days like today." Maggie was rubbing over the baby carrier as Dylan stirred from her sleep.

"Me too," Alex answered, watching Riley as she was half running, half walking, Cody clearly very excited for his walk, the dog most likely knowing he would soon be off the lead and playing with his ball, and it seemed he was very eager to get to the large grassy area of the park so he could do that. "You need a hand there Riley?" Alex stifled a laugh.

"He is getting strong." Riley frowned.

"He's just excited for being on a walk," Alex told her. "Cody walk nice." Alex spoke sternly and Cody stopped walking and looked around to her at hearing his name. He tilted his head to the side before he turned around again and started walking, but more slowly this time.

"Thank you Mummy." Riley said as she kept walking with Cody, the pup now a little more controllable.

"So, I wonder what Kara and Lena want to tell us tonight," Maggie said. Kara and Lena were coming around to their place for dinner and Kara had said that they had news to share with them. "You don't think one of them is pregnant, do you?" Maggie wondered what it could be.

"Uh…." Alex rubbed the back of her head. "No," Alex shook her head. "I don't think Kara would be able to keep it a secret if they were trying," Alex exhaled. Maybe her sister would surprise her, but she was pretty sure that Kara would have told her if they were trying to get pregnant. "So, I don't think it'll be that."

"You have any idea's then?" Maggie questioned.

"Not really," Alex shrugged. "We'll just have to wait and see." Alex looked down to her wife.

"Mummy is Lola coming tonight?" Riley questioned, hearing what her parents were talking about.

"Uhm, I don't know, sweetie," Alex answered. Lola was the kitten that Kara and Lena got around the same time they'd gotten Cody. She was mostly a light grey in colour but had a white chest and her front paws and most of her front legs were white, and there was a tiny white tip at the end of her tail. "I guess so." Alex shrugged. The kitten usually went everywhere with Kara, unless she was being Supergirl, of course.

"Can I get a kitten?" Riley questioned, the family still walking through the park.

"No," Maggie answered. "We just got you a puppy."

Riley pouted. "Well get Dylan a kitten." Riley suggested.

Alex laughed. "Cody is for Dylan too," Alex told her daughter. "Cody is for all of us." Alex said as they walked onto the large area of grass, other dogs already running about the place. She put her hand on Riley's shoulder, stopping her from walking any further. She leaned down and unclipped the lead from his collar, Cody siting down and turning his head to face Alex.

"Unbelievable," Maggie shook her head. "If I unclipped him he'd be off like a shot." Maggie watched Cody, his gaze on Alex, like he was waiting on her permission to be allowed to go run.

"Well I'm with him a lot more than you right now," Alex noted. "And dogs tend to pick one owner as their master," Alex screwed her face up a little at her choice of wording. "So, I guess that's why."

Maggie frowned as she took the dogs ball from Alex's hand and threw it far across the grass. "Go fetch," Maggie said, Cody getting to his feet and running after the ball, Riley giggling as she ran off after him. "Well, I still think it's highly unfair, given you wanted Gertrude the Maltese. You didn't even want Cody the Golden Retriever."

"Uh, hello," Alex pointed out to Cody who had just picked up the ball, Riley trying to get it out of his mouth. "We got Cody the Golden Retriever, didn't we? So clearly, I did want him. He is the cutest Golden Retriever I ever did see."

Maggie laughed. "Goodness, people are going to be jealous of us then, eh?" Maggie said. "The cutest Golden Retriever and the two most beautiful girls." Maggie smiled as Riley ran back across with the ball, Cody jumping up on her as he tried to get it back, while running back in the direction of her mothers.

"Not to mention the smoking hot little thing holding the baby." Alex murmured, raising her eyebrows and leaning into to kiss her wife.

"Mummies stop kissing," Riley giggled as she put her hand onto Maggie's leg, Maggie pulling back from the kiss and looking down to Riley. "Throw it far again." Riley handed the ball out and Alex took it from her daughter. Cody started jumping up and down, all excited for the game to start again. Alex threw the ball across the grass, Cody bounding off after it, Riley, once again running off after the dog.

Kara and Lena had arrived at Alex and Maggie's place. Lena was sitting on the couch, Dylan sitting on her knee. Lena was making funny faces and silly noises which was causing Dylan to laugh hysterically. Dylan still had lots of dark hair and she had big brown eyes. She'd also inherited Maggie's dimples. Lena pulled another face and Dylan giggled as she reached her hand up and grabbed at Lena's nose. "Ah are you going to steal my nose?" Lena moved her head up and pretended to eat Dylan's little hand, sending Dylan back into hysterics.

"You are good with kids," Maggie noted. "So, remember anytime you want to babysit we have two children here for you." Maggie said. Lena and Kara had babysat for them a few times since Dylan's arrival, allowing them to have some date nights.

"We'll babysit anytime, you just need to ask." Kara said, who was playing on the floor with Riley, but at the moment, Riley looked too interested in Lola, reaching out and pulling her over to her by the tail.

"Oh Riley, be careful with the kitten." Alex told her, as Kara was already taking Riley's hand, pulling it from the kitten's tail.

"I just want to stroke her." Riley stuck her bottom lip out.

"You can," Kara lifted the kitten and put her on Riley's lap, Riley grinning as she started to stroke the kitten. "Just you just have to be gentle," Kara told her. "Just like with Cody."

"Okay." Riley sighed as she kept stroking the kitten. Cody titled his head to the side as he watched Riley with the kitten. He stretched out then got out of his bed and ran over to her, obviously feeling jealous.

"So," Alex rubbed her hands together as she glanced at the time. They'd have to make a start to dinner soon, or at least Maggie would and Kara and Lena still hadn't mentioned the news they wanted to share. "You mentioned maybe having some news for us?" Alex looked between Lena and Kara as she spoke.

"Ah yeah," Kara smiled as she was clapping Cody. "We went to see a house this morning that we were interested in and we put in an offer and they called back soon after and it's been accepted." Kara grinned.

"You are moving out of the apartment?" Alex sounded a little saddened. She loved that place.

"Yeah, I feel the same," Kara exhaled knowing how her sister felt. Alex lived there before Kara, so the place was special to both of them. "But it's not really suitable for us in the long term," Kara said. "You know, we want to have a baby at one point, so…"

"So, where is this house?" Maggie questioned.

"Elm Grove." Lena answered, still pulling funny faces at a still giggling Dylan.

"That's like what?" Maggie glanced around to her wife. "A 10….15 minute walk from here?" Maggie questioned. "Plenty babysitting for you now then," Maggie joked. "The girls could just walk around themselves." Maggie stifled a laugh.

"Don't most of those houses have swimming pools?" Alex questioned. "And like a million bedrooms?"

"Indeed they do," Lena nodded. "But it's hardly a million," Lena laughed. "The house we got has 5 bedrooms so it's only one more than you have in this house." Lena pointed out.

"You have a pool?" Riley glanced up at Lena at hearing about a swimming pool.

"At our new house, we do," Lena answered. Dylan started wriggling in her arms, as she rubbed her eyes with her hands. "Aww are you getting sleepy?" Lena questioned, running her hands over Dylan's dark hair. Dylan's bottom lip stared to tremble. "Oh Mummies she is going to cry." Lena glanced over to the arm chair where Alex was sitting, Maggie perched on the arm of the chair.

Alex stood up from the arm chair and walked over to the couch, and took Dylan in her arms, the little girl cuddling into her, Alex rubbing her back as she walked back over to the arm chair and took a seat again. "Auntie Kara?" Riley questioned as she looked up to Kara, the pair of them still stroking the animals.

"Yes petal?" Kara glanced down at her niece.

"Can I swim in your pool?" Riley tilted her head to the side, and batted her eyelashes.

"Of course you can," Kara told her. "As soon as we move into the house you can come around and swim. You can come around and swim anytime you want." Kara said, running her hand over Riley's hair.

"Yey," Riley cheered. "I'm going to find my costume." Riley stood up and ran from the room.

"Riley, you can't go yet," Maggie shouted for her daughter but she could be heard thumping up the stairs, clearly not coming back after her Mumma's calls. "Well I should go make a start to this dinner. Looks like Alexandra isn't going to." Maggie teased as she patted Alex's shoulder.

"Well for one I am getting the baby to sleep and more importantly, if I cooked I'd most likely burn the kitchen down and we kinda need a kitchen so it's probably for the best if you cook my love." Alex grinned up at Maggie.

"Well when you put it like that," Maggie mumbled. "I suppose we all know I didn't marry you for your cooking skills." Maggie teased.

"Yeah, yeah, you go make dinner." Alex slapped Maggie's bum as she walked passed her.

"I'll come help." Lena pushed herself up off the couch and picked up her crutch, before she walked out of the living room after Maggie.

Lena heard the swoosh of Supergirl before she saw her standing in the room, her hands on her hips. "Supergirl," Lena smiled. "What can I do for you?"

"I was just in the neighbourhood, thought I'd drop by and see if you were okay." Supergirl said, taking a step closer to her.

"I'm very good," Lena nodded. "It's been a while since you dropped by." Lena smirked, taking a step towards Supergirl, before she stopped.

"Yes, well I have been busy fighting aliens and what not," Supergirl told her. "I hear you got married. Go by the name Lena Danvers now?" Supergirl questioned.

"I did get married yes," Lena nodded. "Got myself a very pretty little wifey," Lena smiled as she locked eyes with Supergirl. "She pretty bad in the kitchen and she's often late for dates but you can't have everything, can you?" Lena spoke with a cheeky grin on her face.

"Well I am sure she makes up for it elsewhere." Supergirl said, her eyebrows raising as she took a step closer to Lena.

"Oh she most definitely does," Lena assured her. "She is wonderful at cleaning the bathroom." Lena teased as she once again took a step towards Supergirl.

Supergirl folded her arms across her chest as she pouted sadly. "Hey, you are ruining this, you weren't supposed to say that."

Lena laughed. "This is my fantasy. I can say what I want and you have to play along," Lena informed her. Supergirl furrowed her eyebrows. "Sweetheart, c'mon," Lena stepped forward and put her hand onto Supergirl's arm. "Play along." Lena pouted as she batted her eyelashes.

Supergirl cleared her throat. "Well maybe I can show you what you are missing." Supergirl said, Lena giving a little smirk.

"Oh yeah and what's that?" Lena questioned.

"Let's just say I'm about to take you out of this world." Supergirl raised her eyebrows before she placed a kiss on Lena's lips as she lifted her up and made her way over to the bedroom, the kiss only growing in passion.

Maggie walked into the bedroom, Dylan in her arms, wide awake. "You were supposed to be putting her to bed." Alex said, watching as Maggie slipped back under the covers, sitting Dylan down on her knee, facing her.

"She wasn't sleeping." Maggie answered.

"You barely tried," Alex squeaked she ran her hand over Dylan's soft, dark hair. "You being a naughty little monkey?" Alex moved her hand down and tickled Dylan's underarm, Dylan giving a little giggle.

"Aww c'mon she's only been in her own room for a few nights," Maggie pouted sadly. "She just misses being near her Mummies." Maggie said looking around to her wife.

"Well she is never going to get used to her own room if you keep bringing her back in here," Alex answered. "And I'm sure we'd both appreciated not having a baby sleeping right there." Alex gestured to where the moses basket, and then cot used to be.

Maggie gave a cheeky smirk. "Never stopped us." Maggie raised her eyebrows.

"That's not the point," Alex shook her head. "She needs to be in her own room."

"I'm not intending on having her in our bed all night," Maggie said, before pulling a funny face at Dylan, Dylan giggling again. "When she falls asleep I will take her through." Maggie promised her wife.

Alex rolled her eyes as the door opened and Riley came into the room, Tilly T-Rex under her arm, and Cody coming in behind her. "Oh Riley, what is he doing up the stairs?" Cody wasn't allowed in the upstairs of the house, so Alex was surprised and confused as to how he was in her bedroom.

"He wanted to sleep in my room." Riley answered as she ran over to the bed and climbed up onto it, pushing in between her parents and getting herself comfy.

"Oh he did, did he?" Alex questioned and Riley nodded as Cody put his front legs on the edge of the bed, his tail wagging as he tried to jump up.

"Let him up, Al." Maggie nudged her arm. Alex shook her head and rolled her eyes again as she leaned forward and helped the dog up onto the bed. He walked around in a circle three or four times before curling into a ball at the end on the bed.

Riley giggled. "He's on the bed."

"Yeah, everyone is on Mummy's tonight huh?" Alex questioned, running her hand through Riley's hair. "Why aren't you sleeping?"

Riley shrugged. "Well, I opened my eyes," Riley exhaled, looking down to her dinosaur. "And then they wouldn't shut again." Riley told her mother.

"As simple as that, huh?" Maggie said, Riley looking around to her with a nod. "This is nice though, isn't it?" Maggie questioned. "All of us together. Chilling out."

"Yeah, it is." Alex smiled. She loved moment like this, which usually happened on lazy Sunday mornings, cuddles in bed with all her favourite girls. She reached out and lifted Riley onto her knee, before she shuffled closer to Maggie.

"Mummy." Riley turned herself around on Alex's knee so she was facing her mother. She leaned up and whispered something in her ear.

"You think I should?" Alex questioned and Riley nodded as she giggled.

"What did she say?" Maggie wondered as she looked around to her wife.

Alex turned to face her, raising her eyebrows before she leaned in and placed a soft kiss on Maggie's lips. Riley giggled as she put one hand on Alex's cheek and one hand on Maggie's. "Kiss again." Riley spoke through a giggle. Alex and Maggie looked each other in the eyes, clearly both amused at their daughter before they shared another kiss.

"You think it's funny when me and Mumma kiss?" Alex questioned, Riley giving a little nod as she once again giggled.

"But it means yous in love," Riley smiled. "Yous be in love forever and ever?"

"We sure will be sweet pea." Maggie said, smiling at Alex as she spoke. The pair of them looking lovingly into each other's eyes.

"Good," Riley sounded very pleased with Maggie's response. "And me, and Dylan and Cody too?" Riley questioned, Cody looking up and walking across the bed to them as he heard his name.

"Of course," Alex answered. "Forever and ever," Alex wrapped her arms tightly around her daughter and placed a kiss on her temple. "But only if you go to sleep right now." Alex teased as she started tickling her daughter, Riley falling back in the bed as she tried to get away from the tickling, while bursting into hysterics.

"Mummy…stop…." Riley could hardly talk for laughing. "Mumma…..help…"

"Help who?" Maggie teased as she sat Dylan down on the bed in front of her before she started tickling Riley as well. "Help Mummy?" Maggie asked, as they both tickled their daughter.

"No…" Riley was still giggling. Alex and Maggie both laughed, Dylan giving a little giggle as she waved her arms out in excitement as Cody was jumping around on the bed also all excited. "Stop," Riley pleaded with them. Alex and Maggie glanced at each other, both of them with smirks on their faces before they stopped. Riley took a moment to stop her giggling, even after they'd stopped tickling her. She sat back up, her breathing all heavy as she put her hand on her chest. "We should get Mummy now." Riley said, a cheeky smirk on her face.

"No, no," Alex shook her head. She tried to reach out for Dylan, going to use the excuse that she was holding the baby so couldn't be tickled, but she wasn't quick enough, Riley and Maggie both pouncing on her, Alex screeching, before she erupted into a giggle. "No please," Alex pleaded. "Maggie, seriously, I've given birth to two children….you need to stop. I'm going to pee," Alex managed to grab onto Maggie's wrist. Maggie stopped tickling her and lifted Riley off of being on top of her. "You cannot do that to me." Alex shook her head and Maggie chuckled.

"Sorry," Maggie held back more laughter. "How about we sit nice, with the girls," Maggie exhaled as Alex reached across and lifted up Dylan, cuddling her into her so she would hopefully fall asleep.

"But we haven't tickled you, Mumma." Riley pouted.

"Well unfortunately there's no more tickle time left," Maggie said, Riley pouting even more as Cody got himself comfy on the end of the bed again. "It's sleep time." Maggie told her.

Riley sighed but leaned herself back against Maggie, yawing, because she was tired. "Okay. But you tell me a dinosaur story."

"A dinosaur story, huh?" Maggie questioned and Riley nodded against her as Alex shuffled closer to her again and rested her head against Maggie, the family snuggling together in the bed, as Maggie began the story.

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