After I (Mason) kissed you (Skipper)

(This takes place after Mason kissed Skipper in Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa)

He looks at me and says, "What I said before was a figure of speech." I smile smirkingly and say, "I know, I guess you could say that I wanted to kiss you, Skipper." His eyes go wide as I expected, and he exclaims in shock, "Wait, did you say that you wanted to kiss me, Monkey man?" I nod, grab him with my left paw, pull him close to my face, I begin to rub his soft body across my left cheek, I then kiss his right cheek, and say, "I guess you could also say that I love you, Skipper."

He asks me to put him down, which I do, he then says, "Well I just hope you know that I don't lov-" I cut him off by saying with a smile, "Believe me, I know." He smiles and says, "Good, and I don't want any funny business, understand?" I nod, pick him up again, pull him up to my eyes, look into his eyes, smile, put him down, and say, "As you wish, Skipper." He looks at Kowalski and says to him, "Kowalski, status report!"

Kowalski says to him, "Thanks to our extra thumbs, we're making progress, sir." He smiles and says, "Great." He looks back at me and says, "You should ge-" I pick him up, kiss him, put him down, and say, "Alright, I'll get to-" He cuts me off by saying while putting his right flipper over my left paw, "Before you get to work, let's talk in private."

I smile and say, "Alright, that would be fine with me." He smiles as I pick him up and take him behind some trees, I then ask him what he wanted to talk about, to which his response is, "I didn't want to actually talk." I say, "Then what did you wa-" He smiles more and says, "I wanted to do more than just kiss you, Monkey man." I smile and smirk, "You're one naughty penguin, Skipper." I then kiss him, he kisses me back, I feel as he licks my lower lip, I open my mouth allowing his tongue in, I also stick my tongue in his mouth.

We then begin rolling each other's tongue over one and another, I then pull away, smile, and say, "You're a pretty good kisser, Skipper." He smiles and says, "Thanks, you're not so bad yourself, Monkey man." I then take him back to the plane repair area, I put him down on the hood of the jeep that he on before, he smiles and says with a smirk, "Now get to work!" I wink and say, "As you command, Skipper."

I head over to a jeep, where I see Phil, who says to me (in sign language), "Where have you been?" I say, "Me and Skipper were talking for a little bit." He nods and we begin to take the jeep apart. While we're doing so, I begin to daydream about Skipper. I blush when I think about him proposing to me, I'd say 'Yes', if and/or when he actually proposes to me. Phil nudges me and says, "Why are you blushing?" I look at him, stop blushing, and say, "It's nothing, Phil." He looks at me confused, he then goes back to taking the jeep apart, and I do the same.

The end.