A/N: Hello everyone! So this story is not related to any of my other previous stories. I've decided to try something new. I haven't abandoned the Mitchell family though so don't worry. I just wanted to give a multi-chapter story a try. So if you like this story and want me to continue it, please let me know! Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Beca sighed as she tossed the final plate onto the dining room table. Jesse did one of those things where he'd invite his friends over for dinner and then tell her about it at the last second. It wasn't the first time he's done this and it probably won't be the last. Today he invited one of his close friends/coworker, Luke. He also invited Luke's longtime girlfriend who she has yet to meet. Something Beca was not thrilled about because now she would probably have to entertain this girl while Jesse brought Luke into the garage to scratch their balls and do whatever else men do. She quickly checked the roast that she had in the slow cooker before heading upstairs to get dressed.

Beca and Jesse had been married for a little over two years and as horrible as it is to say it, Beca regrets every second of it. She can't help but wake up every day with that gnawing feeling in the pit of her stomach telling her she's done exactly what she promised herself she wouldn't do: settled. She thought she wanted to marry Jesse. She thought she was in love him. She does love him. She just isn't in love with him. They weren't even dating a year when he proposed, but she foolishly said yes because she felt like she should, not because she actually wanted to. She let him plan the white wedding of his dreams and when he cried as she walked down the aisle all she could think about was the fact that her dress was too tight around her ribs. She didn't want to be in this house. She didn't want to sleep next to him, or have his babies. Sex with him feels more like a chore than anything else and it takes everything in her power not to scrub herself raw after each 'love making' session. But Jesse is a nice guy. He takes care of her, shows her off, and ultimately does everything any woman in her right mind could ever ask for from a husband. He lets her win when they play video games, always leaves her the last slice of pizza, and let's her pick the large drink they share when he makes her see a movie with him. He is everything she's ever wanted in a person, but he isn't her person. She knew he wasn't and she swallowed that feeling hoping it would change, but it hasn't. Now she is in a one-sided marriage, but not only that. As of three days ago she is also a cheater.

Three days ago while Jesse was out at some D&D thing with his friends, Beca decided to hang out with a friend of her own. Her best friend, Stacie, dragged her out of the house to a local club spewing some shit that Beca needed to live a little. Not even being there for an hour, Stacie found some hot blonde to shack up with, leaving Beca alone at their table. When the brunette was about to call it quits and head home, a gorgeous redhead slid into the booth next to her and informed her that their friends had gone home with each other. She had tried to introduce herself to the mystery woman, but she stopped Beca and told her she likes a little mystery and wanted both of them to remain anonymous in a sense. Beca agreed and let the woman pull her onto the dance floor. She also agreed to be pulled into a taxi, pushed into the woman's apartment, shoved onto her bed, and then urged to sit on her face. You get the idea. It was the first time in a long time that Beca has had a pleasurable sexual experience. It was also the first time in a long while that she actually wanted to have sex. It was slow, sexy, sloppy, and passionate all at the same time and Beca loved it.

It wasn't until she was wrapped in the redhead's arms that what she had done actually hit her and she cried. She cried because she didn't regret. She cried because she felt bad about not feeling bad and when she tried to rush out of the apartment, the woman caught up with her and pulled her into her arms and back into bed. The redhead wiped tears from her eyes and patiently waited for Beca to talk to her, and boy did Beca sing like a canary. She told her about Jesse, how she felt about him and how she didn't feel. She expected to be kicked from the bed when she told the woman she was married and let out a sigh of relief when she was just pulled closer. It seemed the mystery woman had some secrets of her own. She wasn't married, but she was in a relationship, an abusive one. She showed Beca the bruises on her wrist, the scar on her forehead, and her chipped tooth that she would be getting fixed the next day. Beca doesn't understand why she opened up to this stranger and why she opened up to her in return. Maybe because it was the fact they were strangers that made it so easy. It was clear this would be a one-night stand. She didn't even know the woman's name. That's probably why it was so easy. They both obviously needed to vent and they were both okay knowing that there was a stranger walking this Earth who knew their deepest, darkest secrets. Beca snuck out early the next morning while the woman slept and doing so broke her heart. She made sure the door was locked behind her before stepping into her Uber and heading home.

Beca wanted to forget about what happened. She wanted to carry on with her life as if nothing happened, but she couldn't forget. She couldn't forget her curly red hair and glassy blue eyes. She couldn't forget the taste of her lips or the way her skin felt under her fingertips. She couldn't forget the way the woman's thighs tightened around or head or what her moans sounded like. She couldn't forget and she didn't want to forget.

The doorbell ringing pulled Beca from her thoughts. She quickly brushed and fluffed her hair one last time before exiting her bedroom and shutting the door behind her. She could hear Jesse and Luke talking loudly in the front room. She made a pit stop in the kitchen to turn off the crockpot and pull the baked potatoes from the oven before going to greet her guests. She made a face when she got the front room only to see Luke and Jesse. She gave Luke a side hug and he squeezed her tightly.

"I thought you were bringing your girlfriend with?" Beca questioned, peeking out the window to see if there was anyone else outside.

"I did! I picked her up straight from work so she had to use the restroom." Beca could hear the flush of the toilet followed by the sink going off so she just nodded her head and attempted to pull away from the hug. She heard the bathroom door unlock and open. Luke turned his head in the direction of his girlfriend and smiled. "There she is! Beca, this is my girlfriend Chloe." The brunette put on a big fake smile before turning to Chloe to greet her.

"Hi, Beca! It's so nice to meet y-you." Chloe's enthusiasm faltered and Beca's smile dropped when she turned around to greet Chloe. She had the red hair and beautiful blue eyes that were branded into Beca's brain.

Oh shit.

"It's nice to meet you, too, Chloe."