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31st December

It was half past 11 on New Years Eve and Killian was sat in a booth at Granny's sandwiched between his two girls. Charlotte was laid asleep between him and the wall with her head on his lap and his leather jacket over the top of her to keep her warm. Emma and Killian weren't too sure whether to bring Charlotte to this New Years gathering and were thinking of leaving her with Ashley. Charlotte had begged to come though and even agreed to have an afternoon nap with Emma so she would be awake until midnight. Unfortunately sleep got the better off her at around 10pm and she had been asleep on her Dad ever since.

On Killian's other side was Emma who also wasn't doing well with the late night. Her head was rested on his shoulder and although she insisted she wasn't sleepy, Killian could hear the tiredness in her voice. He had suggested they made their way up to their room early (They were staying in a room at Granny's for the night as it was just easier than having to carry Charlotte home!) but Emma had refused, she was insistent about seeing the New Year in with all her family and friends.

"Everything okay?" Charming asked as he slid into the booth opposite the three of them.

"Aye, just spending time with my sleeping princesses" Killian replied.

"I'm not sleeping" Emma mumbled as her eyes dropped shut again.

"No, doesn't look like it" Charming said with a small smile.

"Don't suppose you could get me a drink could you?" Killian asked his Father in law. "Only I'm a little stuck"

"Of course, rum?"

"No, I'm off the rum remember? A lemonade will do me"

"Sorry, I forgot about the no alcohol rule at the moment. I'll just go and get that lemonade for you"

As Charming left to get the drinks Killian looked down at his sleeping daughter. Her blonde hair was sprayed out over his knees, he used his hand to push some of it away from her face and he smiled at how peaceful she looked. It was when she was asleep like this he could most see himself in her, which he found odd because when she was awake she was the absolute spit of Emma. Apart from her blue eyes which were all him but when she was sleeping he couldn't see those.

"She okay?" Emma mumbled.

"Aye, love. She's perfectly okay" Killian replied as he pulled his jacket a little more over Charlotte's shoulder before turning his head and kissing Emma's forehead. "Are you sure you don't want to just go up to bed?"

"No, I just wanna wait till midnight and then we will go up?"

"Okay" Killian agreed, already knowing that would have been the answer. Both his wife and daughter held the same stubbornness and he should have learnt by now not to argue with either of them.

"Killian, Grandpa told me to give you this" Henry said as he sat in the booth and passed a glass of lemonade over the table. "He had to help Grandma with some bits before the ball drops in 15 minutes"

"Thanks Lad" Killian picked up the glass and had a drink, he hadn't realised how thirsty he was until this moment.

"Mom, you okay?" Henry asked with concern as he looked at Emma.

Killian placed his glass down on the table "Your Mother's just tired but she's being her normal stubborn self and refusing to go to bed"

"Of course" Henry laughed.

"Not stubborn" Emma replied half asleep.

"Aye Love, of course you're not" Killian replied which caused Henry to smirk. "So Lad, what's your Grandma got planned for this ball drop?"

"I'm not entirely sure" Henry replied. "Hopefully nothing too loud that'll wake Charlotte."

"Oh I wouldn't worry about Lottie, she's just like her Mother, she'll sleep through anything."

Henry laughed before noticing the clock on the wall "Only 5 minutes to go"

"Good, then I can get these two to bed, although I may need your hand with Charlotte?"

"Yeah, of course" Henry replied "I can carry her, then you can help Mom"

They both looked up when they heard a throat being cleared to see Snow standing on one of the chairs. "Everyone, midnight is just around the corner and thanks to the wonderful help from my husband and the dwarfs they'll be a firework display on outside in 5 minutes when the ball drops, if you all want to make your way out there."

Everyone got up and quickly made their way to the door, all hoping to get the best spot for the firework display.

"Swan" Killian gave Emma a little shake "Wanna see the fireworks?"

"Hm?" Emma mumbled.

"Your Mom's putting some fireworks on outside in 5 minutes if you wanted to go and watch them."

"No, I'm okay here" Emma sighed before dropping back off to a light sleep.

Henry laughed "Want me to help you take them up now?"

Killian was unsure what to do, he knew Emma wanted to see the New Year in but he also knew that their probably wasn't any point in waking her now to see it but he also didn't want Henry to miss out. "Why don't you go out and see the fireworks? Maybe take a few pictures to show your Mom and sister tomorrow and then we can take them to bed?"

Henry nodded "Sounds a good plan" he slid out of the booth. "You sure you'll be okay on your own?"

"You know me, I'll survive" Killian grinned.

"Just as you always do" Henry replied with a smile before going off to join the small crowd making their way out of the door.

Killian watched as everyone filtered out the door and soon it was just him and his two girls left in Granny's diner. He could hear the countdown begin outside and in a whisper he joined in "10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1" he heard the cheers erupt outside as the fireworks started to go off. The diner started to fill with the warm glow of the colours from the fireworks which made him smile.

He looked at his two sleeping girls and he felt his heart fill with love. Everyone from Storybrooke might be outside but right now all he needed in this very moment was here with him in this little booth. He leaned down and kissed Charlotte's temple before kissing Emma on the forehead "Happy new year my two loves" he whispered before resting his head on top of Emma's and soaking in the moment of the new year, the new start with his two, soon to be three favourite people in the entire world.