Here is my 4th one shot :) I hope you all enjoy it :) Just a little note to say these one shots, although aren't connected still are all on the same timeline and follow on from each other (if that makes sense!)

Another big thank you to Tif S for going over this chapter for me, your a star! :)

"Anyone for another drink?" Emma asked her husband, father and son as she gathered up the cups that sat around the coffee table.

"No, I should probably go and start studying." Henry replied as he got up from the sofa. "I've got my exams soon."

"Okay kid, but no staying up till 3am again, do you hear me?"

"Yes Mom." Henry sighed as he made his way up the stairs and to his bedroom.

"I should probably get going now too, Snow and Neal will be wondering where I've got too, I only came to drop this one off." David said as he kissed the top of Charlotte's head from where she sat on his lap.

"No, no Grandpa, you can't go yet!" Charlotte whined.

"I need to go, sweetheart, your Grandma will be expecting me."

"And you, Lovebug need to go to bed, it's getting late" Emma told her daughter.

"No, five more minutes, please Mommy?" Charlotte begged.

"No, come on you've had a long day with Grandma and Grandpa and it's now time for bed, say goodnight to everyone." Emma replied as she carried the cups out into the kitchen.

Charlotte turned to her Father "Daddy, please can I just stay up a little longer?"

"No love, you heard your Mother. It's time for bed." Killian replied.

Charlotte sighed as she slid of her Grandpa's lap. "Bye Grandpa, thank you for a great day"

"You're more than welcome, sweetheart." David stood up "Now you go upstairs and get some rest and I'm sure I'll see you at some point tomorrow."

"Okay" she said as she made her way over to the stairs.

"Are you okay seeing my Father out, Killian while I get this little bug ready for bed?" Emma asked as she came back in from the kitchen.

"Of course, love" Killian replied.

"Night, Dad and thanks again for having Charlotte today for us" Emma said gratefully as she came over to give her Father a hug.

"It was our pleasure." David smiled.

"Right, come on now you, time for bed" Emma said as she took hold of her daughter's small hand and led her up to her bedroom.

"Can I have a story?" Charlotte asked as they entered her room.

"Once we've cleaned your teeth and got you into your jammies, then I'm sure we can find a story to read before bed."

"Yay!" Charlotte grinned as she ran over to the bed and pulled out her pink and white striped pyjama's from under the pillow. Emma came over to join her and together they changed her into her pyjamas before making their way into the bathroom across the corridor to clean Charlotte's teeth.

Once her teeth were clean, Emma carried her daughter back into her bedroom and placed her on her bed. "Into bed then." she told her "whose turn is it to pick a book tonight?" For as long as Emma could remember they'd taken it in turns to choose a bedtime story for Charlotte, it was a little routine that had become something very precious to Emma, it was something she'd hope Charlotte would remember about her childhood, a happy memory and one that Emma never got to have.

"It's yours, Mommy." Charlotte replied as she climbed under her duvet and snuggled down.

"Okay, let's see" Emma made her way over to the bookshelf and began to look through Charlotte's books. "Shall we have the story of Grandma and Grandpa?" she laughed as she held up Charlotte's copy of Snow White, it came from a collection of books that Henry had recently brought Charlotte on a school trip he'd been on.

"Yes!" Charlotte exclaimed "I love this book!"

"I know you do" Emma carried the book over and sat next to Charlotte on the bed. "I'm sure by now you could read this to me"

Charlotte frowned "But I like when you read it"

"I know, It's okay I'll read it" Emma smiled as she snuggled up to her daughter and began to read the story.

Ten minutes later the story was finished, Emma and Charlotte were still snuggled up together on the bed "Mommy, can you sing to me?"

"What would you like me to sing?" Emma asked knowing exactly what her daughter's reply would be.

"Can you sing me yours and Daddy's song?" Charlotte pointed to the wooden plaque on the wall. It was a sign that Regina had made for them when Charlotte was born which read 'Past the clouds we'll find the stars, a happy beginning now is ours' She had told them that Charlotte was the shining star through all the clouds they'd fought through over the years.

"You don't wanna hear me sing that again do you?" Emma smiled as she pulled her daughter closer and placed a kiss on the top of her head.

"I do, Mommy, please?"

"Okay, but only for you." Emma replied. "Tomorrow is uncertain, Who knows what it will bring?"

""But one thing is for sure, love with you, I have everything"

They both turned too look at the door where the voice had come from to see Killian leant against the door frame with a grin on his face.

"How long have you been there for?" Emma smiled as she held out her hand and beckoned him over.

"Not long" he replied as he came to join them on the bed.

"You can both sing the song now!" Charlotte bounced up and down on the bed with excitement as she looked from one parent to the other.

"Aye, but only if we can do it as a Charlotte sandwich" Killian laid down on the other side of his daughter and put his arm around both her and his wife. "Shall we start again, love?"

"If you want too" Emma replied.

"Aye, let's start from the beginning"

Together they sang their wedding song to their young daughter who slowly drifted off to sleep cuddled up to them both. They both stayed there for a short while after she'd fallen asleep, just enjoying each other's company and the sight of their sleeping daughter.