Chapter 1

I groaned loudly as Stein announced that we were having a pop quiz today. Seconds later, an elbow jabbed me in the ribs. I growled, knowing who did it without looking. "Don't get mad. It's your fault you never study. You need to stop being so lazy all the time and actually put some effort into doing your work. Becoming a Death Scythe does include academic success as well!" Maka. My sometimes overly obnoxious, small-chested, blonde-haired, pigtail-wearing, emerald-eyed meister who was a total bookworm/nerd.

I huffed. "Shut up." She stuck her tongue out at me and took out a pencil with an eraser shaped like Lord Death. Next to me sat my loudmouthed best friend, BlackStar. He was kicked back in his seat with his feet propped up on his desk, laughing way too frickin' loud. "A god like me doesn't need to study for a measly pop quiz, right Tsubaki?" The quiet girl looked at him, slightly worried. " didn't study at all?" He grinned. "Nope! But don't worry, I've got this in the bag! Ahahahahaha!" He confidently ran a hand through his spiky blue hair. I shook my head. He really needed to shut up.

"Patty! How could you?! You've ruined it!" That was none other than Death the Kid, the OCD, symmetry-crazed son of Lord Death. Obviously, he was upset about something. He was seated on the other side of Maka. I glanced over at him. He was waving his arms madly and crying. "It's hideous now! Hideous," he wailed. "Oops! I'm sorry Kid," Patty said. "Ah, geez. Calm down would ya, Kid?" That was Liz, trying to comfort him. She placed a hand on his shoulder. He sniffed and rubbed his eyes with his sleeve. "I can't! She ruined it! I had my pencils spread apart perfectly and she grabbed one! The symmetry is ruined!" Liz sighed. "Patty, give Kid the pencil back, please." "Okay!" The younger sister handed the pencil to the reaper. Kid squealed, took the pencil, and started rearranging his desk display. I looked away, having seen enough from those weirdos.

Professor Stein, who had been quietly observing the class while sitting backwards in his rolling chair, cleared his throat loudly. Everyone in the classroom turned in his direction. "Clear your desks of everything except a pencil. I will begin passing out your tests now. You have until the end of class, which," he said, looking at the clock on the wall, "is in fifteen minutes." He gave a creepy grin, which somehow seemed to be directed at me. "Good luck." I gulped. Oh boy...

When the bell rang, I wasted no time passing in my paper and slouching out the door, with Maka right by my side. "I know I passed with flying colors. That was too easy," she said, beaming. I snorted and stuck my hands in my pockets. Who would be this damn happy after pop quiz besides Maka? ...Well Ox, of course, but other than him, no one. My meister folded her arms across her chest. "You're just upset because you know you failed." It was my turn to stick out my tongue. She giggled quietly, a sound my ears appreciated.

"H-h-hey guys." It was Crona, our pink-haired, nervous wreck of a friend. Maka smiled. "Hi Crona!" I grinned. "'Sup?" Crona shuffled his feet and rubbed his arm, his eyes pointed toward the floor.

Maka clapped her hands together. "Did you want to come by later on tonight?" He tensed. "Uh, n-no thank you. I don't think I can d-deal with Blair," he stammered. A small, black blob materialized out of his back. Ragnarok, Crona's freaky weapon partner. "I can totally deal with Blair," he piped in. He started hitting Crona in the head repeatedly, to which he immediately began protesting against. "You big wimp! You afraid of big boobs? I'm not! I like 'em. Blair's are a hundred times better than that book cover Maka calls a chest." At that, a vein appeared on Maka's temple. I could tell she was trying hard not to slam one of her textbooks into Ragnarok's face for fear of hitting poor Crona in the process. Ragnarok snickered and stopped assaulting his meister. Crona shuddered and straightened himself up. "W-well, I'll catch up with you guys some other time. I actually promised Ms. Marie I'd stop by her class later," he said. "Well alright then. See you later Crona," Maka said, waving. I also gave him a quick wave. He smiled, turned around, and started walking off. "See ya later, ya trolls!" Ragnarok screeched, sticking out his tongue. Maka's eye twitched. "C'mon Soul." "Mmkay."

We continued down the hall in silence for a couple of minutes when she suddenly stopped in front of the mission board. "Hey, look Soul!" I blinked. "What?" She pointed to a mission. "We should do one! It's been a while since we've obtained a soul." She grinned. I craned my neck to get a closer look at the choices. "Which one did you have in mind?" She sighed heavily. "This one," she said, jabbing her finger at the same one she had pointed to a few minutes ago. "Oh. Okay, cool," I said, shrugging. "C'mon, let's go tell Lord Death!" She took off running. "Right behind you," I said, jogging after her.