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Darkness. That was the only thing that Natsu Dragneel, vaulted as the great fire dragon slayer, the Salamander of Fairy Tail, could see. He didn't know where he was or how long he had been there, but he did know how he got there. After finally defeating his elder brother the most powerful Dark Mage of all time Zeref Dragneel he had been dragged into an alternate world by Acnologia, the Dragon of Apocalypse, to do battle. Acnologia was once like Natsu a first generation dragon slayer trained by a dragon on the side of humanity to slay those that would destroy it, but had long since lost himself to madness and an insatiable desire to kill all those who bare the power of the dragon, whether it be the creatures themselves or slayers of any of the three generations classes.

They had fought in that false world, their power turning all to ash, lava, and dust. They had cared nothing for their surroundings, why would they? There were no innocents for Natsu to fear getting caught in the crossfire, and it wasn't like Acnologia would care even if there were. In the end Natsu had stood victorious over the blue haired maniac, his body bruised, bloody, and broken but he alone was the one standing and in possession of even a sliver of power. He had been prepared to deal the final blow, all his remaining energy blazing in the fist of his one working arm when the world around him fell apart.

Turns out that the world that they had been fighting in had been a representation of Acnologia's power and now that he was defeated it was falling apart. The other dragon slayers that Acnologia had abducted were able to use those brief moments while the world was ending to return to their reality, but Natsu, tired and drained of all his formidable strength could do nothing as the Black Dragon at his feet laughed and vanished into the void that their battle field had become and darkness consumed him.

'Is this it?' Natsu thought, 'After all that I that we went through, is this how my journey ends? I never got to become S-class, or beat Gildarts or Erza, or purpose to Lisanna, or…' His thoughts catered off, the weight of his apparent death finally sinking in. 'At least with Zeref and Acnologia gone, everyone will be safe.'

"Natsu" a voice bellowed, breaking the suffocating silence that had until then permeated the mage's surroundings. 'I know that voice! Igneel!'

At once Natsu's head began to whip around looking desperately through the darkness for the source of the familiar voice of his deceased foster father who had been one of Acnologia's unfortunate victims and the only one before Natsu to maim the bastard.

"Natsu", the voice rang again this time accompanied by the appearance of a deep red light the same color as the deceased dragon's scales.

"Dad!" the pinket cried, 'guess there's one up side to being dead.'

"You time has not yet come, Natsu" The former Fire Dragon King told his son, "The souls of my kin still cry for vengeance." He boomed.

Hearing this Natsu's excitement vanished faster than Gray's cloths on an average day. "What the hell are you talking about dad? Acnologia is dead what more do they want?" The slayer demanded. For crying out loud he had just been through two of the most insane magic fights of all time and had freaking died, why couldn't he just have some time with his dad telling him that he was awesome?

"No he is not. The world your battle took place in was within the Time Lapse, a realm beyond the concept of time and a natural barrier between dimensions." The dragon king explained, "When you defeated the Apocalypse Dragon he used his last dregs of magic to open a gate way to slip through, entering a new world for his body to heal and to regain his strength." The disembodied voice revealed.

"What?!" Natsu demanded, "That freaking cheater! I'll kick his ass!" He declared.

"That might be kinda tricky," A new feminine voice cut in, "now that you don't have a body I mean." The newcomer continues a form materializing out of the darkness showing the speaker to be Mavis Vermillion, the founder and first master of the Fairy Tail wizards guild that Natsu bore the mark of.

"Master Mavis!" Natsu cried out, "What are you doing here? I figured you'd be with my brother… or seeing him off to hell maybe."

"While I can understand the assumption, that still hurts little brother." A forth presence made itself known and subsequently revealing itself to be none other than Natsu's suicidal/ genocidal older brother Zeref. "But to answer the question it seems that because I spent so long under what higher powers deem a torturous divine punishment outside of Hell for so long I will not be condemned to the depths of the Pit."

Choosing to ignore the allusion to his brother apparently meeting at least one god in the past couple of hours between his death and now Natsu moved on, "What are you two even doing here? Igneel came to tell me about Acnologia's cop out, but I thought you two were finally at rest?"

Mavis just smiled at her guild member, "We thought we'd thank you for letting us be that way." She told him sadly, "Natsu when that Shadow Realm you were fighting in collapsed it destroyed your body along with itself, in other words, you died." She revealed.

"We can't do anything about the body you lost, or your death, not this time." Zeref continued, "But we can offer you a choice. Acnologia will take at the very least two decades to regain his former power and return to Earthland to complete his mission of killing the remaining Dragon Slayers, we can give you the chance to stop him before he gets the opportunity."

"But I thought you said I was dead and you couldn't do anything about it?" Natsu asked his confusion evident.

"We can't do anything about your death in Eathland no." Mavis confirmed, "But together we have the knowledge and power to send your soul to be reincarnated into the world that Acnologia ran to." She told him.

"You will retain your powers and memories, but the body you would possess would be wholly new, it would allow you to fight the coward at your very peak." Igneel assured him.

"But what about my friends? Will I ever see them again?" Natsu asked the three gathered souls.

"Not in life, no." Zeref told his brother, "When your time comes to a close in this new world your soul will have free access to both its afterlife as well as Earthland's, that is when you will once more see your loved ones, I'm afraid any sooner is impossible." The Black magic user told him.

"… Our fight nearly destroyed a whole kingdom Zeref, and the one I had with Acnologia was even worse. What if when we fight again, someone gets hurt?"

Stepping- er, gliding- forward, Zeref grasped his brother's shoulder tightly in a show of support, "It is the nature of dragons to be the embodiments of nature, just as much as gods, I will not lie and say that you could stop others from being caught in you two's cross fire if they are near your battle, but your smarter than people give you credit for little brother. Don't let him dictate the terms of the fight, find a place far from innocents and make him face you there and show him once and for all, the power of our family and Fairy Tail." He told him.

Natsu smiled at his brother, for the first time in his memory feeling kinship with the last of his blood.

"Before you go though, we have a few gifts for you." Mavis told the pinket.

"Huh? I thought you said I was being reen-reincat- reborn or something?" Natsu asked.

"What we plan to give you are not physical things Natsu, but something that will serve you far better."

"We're going to give you the knowledge of our magics." Mavis clarified. "I'll go first so you see what I'm talking about." Gently the spirit laid her hand on the dragon slayers chest, "In life I was a master of illusion magic, telepathy, empathic magic, light magic, and created the Three Grand Fairy spells, and now I give them all to you." She told him.

In an instant a flood of information began to rush through Natsu's mind, it was like when Mirajane taught him and Lucy transformation magic, or when Erza taught him and Gray how to use the basics of Reequip, but… faster, more comprehensive, like he knew it all almost as good as he knew his Dragon Slayer magic. It was one hell of a cheat code that's for sure.

"Woah." Natsu breathed.

"My turn." Zeref told him, replacing his lover's hand with his own, "Throughout my long life I have learned and mastered countless magics, many lost to the sands of time and many more that even I have forgotten as the years passed. Now I give you a portion of that knowledge so that you may continue to rise above me." Like with Mavis' gift the knowledge of magic flowing into his head was clear cut, concise, and fully encompassing. The only difference was in the shear amount of information that was being downloaded into his brain. Mavis had only lived in a physical body for a bit more than twenty some odd years and was mostly self-taught in the ways of magic, while Zeref had spent over a decade as the prized student of one of history's greatest magic schools and had spent nearly four hundred years advancing his skills in search of a way to break his curse. The difference of time and resources between the two revered mages showed.

Last was Igneel, "You already know all that I could teach you in the ways of magic, but I can leave you with something that I think will be just as useful." At the dragon's words a small ball of light separated itself from the larger mass that the fallen king's voice was coming from and entered Natsu's body, "This is the blessing of the dragon. It will allow your future body to be stronger, more durable, faster, more agile, and better equipped than even your old one."

"What do you mean by 'equipped'?" Natsu asked his father.

"You'll figure it out." He assured him, "Now go, and show this new world the might of the Dragons and the strength of the son of the great Igneel!"

And just like that Natsu Dragneel's soul was thrust into a new world to do battle once more to strike down the rising Apocalypse.

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