(A/N This isn't my usual writing format, and I usual use a "normal" third-person fiction style. But I thought it would be fun to put this out there to whet your appetites. For this chapter it helps to imagine you're watching a promo for the upcoming season premiere. My first FF in about 7 years. Comments welcome!)


("Blue Bloods" theme plays in the background)

(VoiceOver) On the season premier of "Blue Bloods"...

(V/O) A deadly shootout…

(Scene) Multiple NYPD RMPs stopped in a downtown intersection, doors open, officers taking cover behind their vehicles. The sound of multiple automatic weapons. A chaotic scene reminiscent of a war zone. And in the middle of it all is "12-David" , Officers Reagan and Janko, huddled behind the doors of their vehicle. Jamie starts to aim his pistol around his door, when he suddenly grunts and goes down grabbing his leg. All we hear is Eddie's terrified scream "JAMIE!"

(V/O) ... leads to startling revelations...

(Scene) Jamie, wounded, is sitting on the ground leaning against a wall, eyes half open, barely conscious. Sounds of continued gunfire can be heard in the background. There is blood on both their faces and uniforms. Eddie is kneeling over him, tending to his wounds. "C'mom, Stay with me Jamie". Jamie suddenly grabs her collar.

"Eddie.." he says weakly, and their eyes lock. He then pulls the side of her head to his mouth.

"I love you…" he whispers.

Eddie's eyes go wide, and she pulls her head back to look at her partner's face. Jamie's eyes close as he loses consciousness. It is too much for Eddie, who has held it together to this point. Her eyes well up with tears.

(V/O) … that could end a partnership…

(Scene) The hospital chapel. Eddie is alone. Tears are streaming down her face and she is praying.

"Please God, he is a good man… and I love him…"

A hand appears with a handkerchief for her tears. She takes it, turning to look up a who is offering it. She sees it is Frank Reagan. Her eyes go wide, realizing he has heard her.

(V/O ...on the new "Blue Bloods" fanfiction "What the Heart Wants..."