A New Fate and Destiny: Rituals and Servants

AN: I am NOT going to use the most popular Saber. I am using a different one.

AN2: I only plan on two servants at current time.

AN3: Most of the personality I'm using is based of the game Fate/Extella

AN4: The servants are the 'book cover' for the fic.

Chapter 1: The summoning.

Lilly Potter was finishing the ritual circle she had been steathfully drawing for over three weeks. Her husband refused to be apart of it and had forbidden her from proceeding, but she did so anyway.

The ritual was for the summoning of powerful beings, that would be bound to a human. She had already submitted the paperwork that, should the ritual succeed, and something interfere with the wills, that the summoned being would be the guardian, both magical and non, of her son.

The circle had been modified to accept 'her' death as a power source. Then there was a part of using the Earth's energy to support the one summoned.

Three weeks, that was how long it took to finish the circle, three weeks of sneaking around to complete it in the basement, in bits and pieces. Three weeks to cover the carved circle in dirt so her husband wouldn't find out.

She sighed and walked up the stairs, hoping against hope, that it would never need to be activated. Then she smiled, she had the cutest costume for her son to wear tomorrow... Halloween.


It was just past eleven the next day when it happened.

The most recent dark lord blasted the door to the house into shrapnel, which impaled James Potter, and mortally wounded him when he was heading for the kitchen for a snack. The dark lord chuckled as he walked passed the dyeing man, after all, the man was wearing his wife's night robe.

Let it not be said that the dark lord has no sense of humor.

Still chuckling the 'man' opened the door into the baby's room, to find Lilly standing between the crib and himself.

"Move girl, I only want the child," he ordered not understanding why one person would die for another.

"No please, take me, not my son!" she pleaded, knowing that James was probably dead. She also dropped a drop of blood on an activation rune, priming the ritual, all it needed now... was a life.

Her husband was drawing closer to death every second.

"Very well, I promised my loyal servant I would try, Avada Kadavra!" the terrorist snarled, and sent a line of green light at the woman.

As soon as it hit the circle in the cellar lit up brilliantly, searching for a servant that would match the infant master. Then things started going wrong... or right? Or odd? Or unexpected? Well actually she should've expected it. After all it was tuned to be powered by death, and thirty seconds after she died, so did her husband.

There was another thing that happened nobody expected. Her words. They constituted a verbal magical contract, normally just acting wouldn't be enough to constitute acceptance, but the words right before he cast the curse are a different story, and when he tried to kill the child using the same curse, it rebounded.

The rebound killed him and tore a chunk off of his already fragile soul, which was absorbed by the ritual causing a truly unexpected occurrence, as the remaining mass of soul fled the cottage. The consequences of would be noticed much later.

The explosion sent a splinter of the cradle at the child and caused a gash to appear on the child's forehead

It was here that the true screw up of the plan the brilliant witch made became clear, as two beings rushed into the room... the summoning circle was in the basement, and the child's room was on the second floor.

Meaning all the action was over for better or worse by the time the two arrived.

"This child is our master?" Said the first, she was a beautiful woman with blonde fox ears, a fox tail, and pink hair. She was wearing a blue top that showed off her shoulders and cleavage, had detached blue sleeves, a blue and gold wide obi, blue stockings, and platform sandals, at least four inches high. "Rather young wouldn't you say Saber?"

"That he is, to both caster." Saber replied, and her eyes fell on the body of the woman at her feet, and she knelt down to retrieve a note the woman was holding. Saber was wearing a red dress with a white bust region, a hole to how the skin from her neck to her bust, flared sleeved with white lace at the end, a wide skirt with transparent front, and was also wearing gold armor boots. "Well this is interesting."

Caster looked over, stopping playing with the baby as she did so. "What is it Saber?"

"To those summoned, I hope you will both find this note and accept the last wishes of a mother. Please, take care of my son and protect him. I have already set it up so that if you accept you would be able to claim him as your word without trouble. Below is where you would need to go. If not, could you at least find him a good home?" Saber read.

Caster looked at saber and said, "I don't know about you, but I'm taking care of him."

Saber nodded, then started as a VERY large man burst in, he looked at the two, and how Caster now had Harry cradled to her chest then said angrily, "Hand the boy over, Dumbledore ordered me to bring him to him."

"No," said Saber imperiously, "I have a note, from his mother, that WE are to take care of him, and this Dumbledore person has no right to take our praetor away from us." she finished calmly, but inside she was seething.

The large man tried to push her aside but was astonished when he was held off with only a little trouble.

Caster, motioned with her head toward a blown out window when saber glanced her way, and after getting confirmation, leapt out with the toddler in her arms, and wedged quite securely in he bosom.

Saber quickly followed, and her higher agility made it so that she quickly caught up with the running Caster, and took the child from her co-servant, and let her climb on her back so that they could move faster. They passed a man on a motorcycle that was driving while crying towards the damaged house.

While the two were running, and starting to make plans, several higher level beings were reflecting on what was happening.


Fate started cursing as a child of prophesy's destiny took a sharp twenty five degree turn, spun around seventy five times, veered left, hit ninety two bumpers, cause a 'TILT' sign to appear above it's head before settling down on a set of rails five metaphorical feet away from where they began and start chugging around on it's new odd path.

Fate began cursing, only to stop as she noticed the prophesy was still in effect, and that was what fate was primarily worried about. The rest, could be dealt with, but Fate's 'sibling' Destiny was a pain in the rear with those damn things.

She suddenly smiled and wondered what the sibling was thinking... and wondering how to make said siblings day worse.

After all, Fate's sibling was the cause of her problems in the past when she had to rewrite many fates to accommodate some prophesy or another.

The "Fate's a bitch" comment she always gets is her sister's fault for the most part. For example Draco was going to be hit by a bus at three years old when he expected it to stop on his command, but he now needed to live for a while. Well unless he pisses off the wrong person.


Destiny had grade twenty seven hangover type symptoms, so couldn't really think about what was happening.

The mortal scale only goes to ten.


Gaia was simply board. Humans may think they keep coming up with new stuff, but nothing was terribly interested to the will of the planet. That was until Lilly's ritual went off. The two beings were both the same as people that had lived in it, and at the same time, beings completely unlike anything that had walked on the planet before.

So it accepted the minor drain without complaint, although it might... reward the child if it becomes interesting enough. It was already amused at the current antics of Fate and Destiny. The grade twenty seven was new though, Destiny never got above a nineteen before.

The Spirit governing Earth would see what would happen in it's domain.


The next three days were busy for Saber. She had left the care of young Harry to Caster. She was the most human looking of the two, actually looking completely human, so it fell to her to set things up.

Lilly's actions, that her husband actually tactfully supported, in that he had realized she had already started to create the ritual, made things extremely easy. The wills had been sealed, but the letters to the wizarding equivalent of social services were impossible to seal, as Dumbledore had found out when he had tried. Not realizing that he was raging about it not two feet from Harry's new guardian.

Or that a second guardian had already been arranged.

Saber just knew that Caster would want to be Harry's wife when he grew up. After all being a loving mother and wife is one of her greatest dreams. Saber knew that the two of them would have much to teach the boy as he grew, and the best part, if he attends a magical school, they can go with him. The bond of servant and master was too close to a familiar bond to not allow it.

Something was bothering her about the command seals, she couldn't see anything wrong with them, but she didn't think they were normal.

She was just worried what Harry's reaction would be to find out who she was. She doesn't have the best of reputations, and she hoped that he would still trust her after he finds out.

She packed the pamphlets of all the wizarding schools she could obtain, and with a last look backwards at the still after twenty minutes was still cursing departed.

She switched off with caster, and when Harry started to get sleepy tried to sing him to sleep... the squalling brought her co-servant in and she stopped the singer. Saber frowned when Caster forbid her to sing to anyone ever again, her singing wasn't THAT bad was it?

The good part was that the sleepy boy went quickly back to sleep after she stopped singing, and held him close. She nodded off on the chair as well, the baby still cuddled to her.


Caster, her ears still ringing from the awful singing sat down with the pamphlets

She discarded some like Durmstrang immediately, as they had connections to the 'dark' and sending the 'vanquisher' of the last dark lord there looked like a bad idea.

The others she put in the maybe pile, including the homeschooling application.

The list of schools she considered was actually fairly short.

The Magical Academia of Rome looked like a good school. They also tried to keep the students up on their mundane studies. It was ranked number three on the best schools in the world.

Mahora Academy looked to be nearly the same, and was ranked number four*. With a side note that there can be only one third place and the difficulty of multiple writing systems caused this school to be dropped to four.

Hogwarts. This school was only on the list because Saber had promised to consider it, and it was were his parents went. It was ranked as number twenty-nine out of fifty-three. A ranking that would, over the next three years drop to forty-nine out of fifty-four.

The last was actually one from the mid twenty's in rankings. The school was considered solid, but not exceptional, and the best part was that unlike most other schools, it was a commuting school. The students could arrange a portkey to take them between home and school. From the various notes it was actually this fact that prevented it from being in the top ten. This break in tradition lowered it's standing greatly.

The last school, was her preference. As she would feel far more secure sleeping in their own home rather than in the dorms. The fact that it was actually only two miles away from the building they had bought to live in was just a bonus.

It was actually part of the London suburbs, and so was an easy commute for those in the city.

She actually discarded the homeschooling option quickly. She didn't know enough about that style of magic to help, but hoped to learn with him.

Tomorrow would come soon, and in less than ten years, a schooling decision.


Chapter End

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