A New Fate and Destiny: Rituals and Servants

AN: I've had several people state that Snape was just being mean to Harry to preserve his cover. Exactly WHEN was this stated in cannon? It might have helped with his cover, but I highly doubt that was the case. The majority of the actions, to me, seemed personal.

AN2: I am not bashing Ginny. She feels like she was stood up.

AN3: Oh, and one last thing, something that I have stated multiple times. NO. MORE. SERVANTS. WILL. APPEAR. Thank you for reading ^.^.

Important AN: I edited the last chapter to tone down the Dumbledore bashing a bit, and have added in this one, an explanation for his actions.

Chapter 9: The dance, and plots.

The great hall was silent, and then someone broke it... by laughing.

It was one of the students from Pathfinder. His laughter caused a wave of laughter from the rest of the school, which caused Ginny to go red in anger.

Harry looked at the girl, and asked, "What idiot told you that? No, don't tell me, it must have been Dumbledore, the same man I have told, repeatedly, that I already had a date. So I am not taking you to the dance, and if you want to blame anybody, blame the man who told you I was. So if you will excuse me, I will be joining the other champions now." and with that comment, he left a fuming, and embarrassed girl behind, and Saber split off since the first dance was Caster's.

Harry gave a nod to his fellow champions and Performed a double-take at his friend's date. How the hell did Fluer convince bloody Archer to take her to the ball?! At least his magic resistance prevents him from succumbing to her allure.

The man was wearing... black.

Black pants, socks, shoes, button-up shirt, tie, and black trench coat over the tuxedo top, black of course.

He did have a question on how the hell did that happen though.



Fleur was stalking her prey. She needed a date for the ball, and most of the boys currently available were either unavailable or vulnerable enough to her allure that she felt like she might be assaulted if in close contact for the whole night.

Then she remembered the rather attractive male that was a big brother figure to Harry. He was older than her, much older, but didn't seem to be aging, so that if she feels like they would be a good match, she wouldn't have any guilt pursuing him.

Besides, if she succeeded Harry would make a great brother in law, despite the annoyance of him getting her hard work with the dragon scored a zero. Honestly, she feels it was payback for not telling him herself.

Then she saw her prey exiting from where she guessed the kitchens.

Walking up to him, she said, "Archer."

The man turned towards her and raised an eyebrow, and politely replied, "Miss Delacour, what can I do for you?"

"I would like to ask you to the Yule Ball," she stated bluntly. From what she had seen of the man, he preferred directness to dancing around the subject.

"Aren't I a bit old for you?" he asked curiously.

"Like Caster and Saber are for Harry? Besides, you haven't changed in the half-decade or so that I have known you, meaning that you either do not age, or age so slowly that I'll eventually catch up," she replied.

Archer had to acknowledge the point, and before he could protest, Fleur went for the kill, "I'm not asking for a major commitment, just the ball, so I would have someone I like to dance with that apparently isn't affected by my allure."

Archer frowned, and then sighed. She had a point, and he had seen how most of the males in the castle treat her or affected by her presence, and his master wouldn't want his friend to be unhappy.

"The things I do for my master," he mumbled. He had wanted to avoid making many connections, as it was going to be simply a short break to his duties.

"Very well, I'll see about getting an appropriate outfit," the Servant of the bow said.

A smirking Fluer left to get ready, she believed that she would be one of the two most envied couples at the ball.


Flash forward to just before the ball.

Fleur's eye was twitching. She probably should have expected something like this. Her date had arrived. He was dressed in an obviously high-quality outfit, but the color was, while not bad, it was dour, and monotone.

He seriously needed some color in it.

She saw him hold out his arm, and she took it with a smile, all the while she started planning a fashion intervention.


Nero on the other hand, she went to stand by Luna Lovegood, whom she had invited as a dance partner so that the odd person out of the trio would have someone interesting to dance with while the other two were dancing.

As the dance started Tamamo held Harry tight with both her arms and tail, while at the same time only slightly pushed the current boundaries that Harry was comfortable with.


Dumbledore was frowning at the confrontation, and it deepened during the dance. Harry just damaged his reputation, however slightly. He also damaged Ginny's reputation badly... if unintentionally. The girl had been bragging that she had a date with the-boy-who-lived and they did not.

His control over the boy was nonexistent, and growing worse. The boy was now outright denying him, and putting the blame on him. It wasn't his fault that the boy refused to go with the girl he chose.

The idea that he should have dropped it never entered his mind. He had been so used to the wizarding world taking his word as gospel, that he had started to believe his word was gospel, and that only those clearly dark would disobey him. (EN)

He at this point has no choice but to think of Harry, and his companions, as dark. Harry was meant to be a beacon of light and his successor, but instead, he joined up with people that didn't respect him and outright refused to obey him. Harry was starting to drift into a relationship with a non human and a 'muggle', refuses to associate with the 'appropriate' people, although he couldn't actually blame the boy for the Ron issue, the redhead had been over three hours late, and apparently felt no guilt that one of the women had permanently maimed his trusted spy/potion master.

Now he had to think of a way to redeem him.

One way he would have started off with would be to have Harry transferred to Hogwarts, something that he had no authority to do, something even his staunchest supporters couldn't help him with, as the traditionalists would tear into him like sharks smelling a bloody carcass.

Another way was blocked for the exact same reasons and would make things even worse. An engagement contract.

Then he remembered! Sirius Black! The man had been drowning in a bottle ever since Harry had vanished the night the dark lord fell. The man who was also the godfather of the very boy that had gone dark.

Yes, those two females had an equal right to the boy, as both Lilly and James Potter had set up the girls as guardians, or at least set it up for them to be guardians.

He knew Lilly was making preparations in case she died, and that her husband disapproved, but discreetly helped her in as a 'just in case' situation.

At the very least he could try and get an asset in some sort of useful shape.

Decision made, his grandfatherly smile not showing a single thought, he decided to just enjoy the day.


"Harry, I'm sorry we sprung that on you so casually, the fact that we want to be more than parent and child I mean," Tamamo whispered into Harry's ear while they were dancing. "We should have started moving away from that image sooner."

Harry snuggled closer, and replied, "It's fine, it was just shocking, let's just see how things progress okay?"

The fox-girl simply hummed in agreement as they slow danced to the music.

Soon enough the song ended and Harry was snagged by Saber. The newer song was a faster-paced one that didn't leave much time for conversation.

Most of the males in the audience had one of two reactions to Harry having two girls willing to share him. They were either jealous of the two beautiful girls or disgusted that Harry was with a 'beast' and a 'muggle'.

The girls were chomping at the bit, due to the fact that Harry, one of the most famous and eligible bachelors was apparently very taken. Some of those involved had been ordered to seduce the boy as soon as they had sent letters home that Harry had entered Hogwarts.

They had failed spectacularly so far, partially because of the two that he was close to, but mostly because he spends so little time in Hogwarts at all.

The one that was grinding her teeth the most, to the point that she was cracking her teeth, was Ginny Weasley. She had been allowed to attend as an apology of sorts, and to her, it felt more like a punishment. The boy that she loved was dancing with females that weren't her, and even worse, they were obviously lower than even muggle-borns.

She would have to ask her mother for advice. At least what she heard of the Potter males preferring redheads is somewhat accurate, since the fox-girl had pink hair, something that she felt could not be natural.

So she would wait and see what her mother says.

She would also ask... no, plead to not send a howler, as that would not help.

She just wondered why she felt that her request wouldn't help.

With a sigh, she decided to try for Harry in the next dance, and if that didn't work, she wanted to find somebody to dance with at least once, so that she would have a good memory to compensate her for this disaster of a night. In retrospect, the whore comment was out of line, even though the girl's normal outfits bring that to mind.

She started approaching the-boy-of-her-dreams as the song started to wind down.

She saw Caster heading back towards Harry and she made her move.

When she was in range, and getting glared at, she started out with the best thing she could have, "Caster, Saber, I apologize for my comment earlier, I was simply upset at, to all appearances, being stood up after being exited for the last few weeks. I was wondering whether you might allow me to have this dance."

A quick mental conversation later between the three... and Caster stood back, and was the one to reply, "One dance, and nothing but the dance."

Harry added in, "Just so you know, the chances of anything more, is zero."

Ginny inwardly frowned at Harry's response, but replied, "Understood," anyway.

The dance was a simple waltz, and Ginny had to hold herself back from trying to hold him closer than was strictly appropriate, but she succeeded.

After the dance, she was let go, not like she was on fire, but there wasn't any reluctance either. It was simply like it was a dance with a stranger, one without feelings.

She hid a scowl as Caster shoved Luna in Harry's arms, while she took Saber.

The dance with Luna showed more affection then the one with her, but it was more like a brother dancing with a sister.


Dumbledore had a slight smile on his face when he saw Ginny dance with Harry. The fact that the girl didn't completely kill the possibility of friendship with her earlier comments was a good sign, even her apologizing was.

Him having a light aligned friend would help redeem the boy.

As soon as the dance was over, he left to write and send a letter to Black, hoping that he could help him redeem Harry.


The evening ended soon, with Harry and his girls going back to the dorms, never noticing that a beetle was crushed underfoot.


It was a little known fact that the animagis transformation comes undone after death after the magic maintaining it runs out anyway.

So the next morning found the body of a female on the grounds of Hogwarts, looking like it had been stepped on by a giant.

Rita Skeeter would never write another article again.


End chapter.

EN: I hope this explains a lot of Dumbledore's actions. Basically, everyone had been actig like his word was law for the 'light faction' for so long he started to believe it himself.

EN2: I decided to throw Ginny a bone, no she will not be joining in with Caster and Saber.