Chapter One

"Get ready to die, Wolf-Boy!" the half-demon, Inuyasha, cried as he drew his powerful sword, Tetsusaiga.

"Bring it, Mutt! We finish this now!" the wolf demon shouted back, flashing his claws.

"Will you two please give it a rest?" asked Sango, one of only two survivors of an entire clan of demon slayers.

"Really, Sango, why not just let these young men fight it out?" laughed Miroku, a lecherous monk with a dark past.

"They are fighting over a beautiful young lady, after all."

"But, the woman is Kagome!" she answered in a harsh whsiper as she stole a glance at her best friend's frightened face.

"Please! Stop this, both of you! I'm not worth it!" Kagome Higurashi shrieked at the two feuding demons.

She ran down the the grassy hill where she had been sitting with Sango, Miroku, and Inuyasha. All of them waiting for Shippo to return from his latest Demon Test when Koga showed up with his friends, Goten and Haku.

Kagome ran until she reached the edge of the flat plain where Koga and Inuyasha were facing off.

But, she was too late.

Before Kagome could get close enough to stop them, the furious rivals charged each other, fangs and claws aimed to kill.

Their demonic energies clashed, with the resulting shockwave causing Kagome to be thrown against the trunk of a nearby tree. Hard.

She slumped to the ground in a heap as her vision began to fade.

The last thing Kagome saw were the worried looks on her friends's faces as they gathered around her.

Then, her world went black.


When Kagome finally awoke, her vision was hazy, but she was feeling a slight pressure against her left cheek.

After her sight had cleared, Kagome turned her head and saw that Inuyasha was patting her gently on the cheeks.

She batted his hand away, causing Inuyasha to give her an odd look of both shock and confusion.

But, he was able to compose himself and smile warmly as he held out a hand to help her off the ground.

Kagome smiled back and seized his outstretched hand, all the while, taking in the familiar and safe feel of him.

However, when she finally saw where she was now standing nothing around her held the slightest bit of familairity.

The grassy hills and vegetable fields of Kaede's village had disappeared and been replaced with a dimly-lit, multi-colored forest.

It also seemed that everyone but Inuyasha had vanished.

As she turned back to ask the half-demon what had happened to their friends, Kagome began to notice many things off about him as well.

The most obvious difference were his clothes.

Inuyasha normally wore the Robe of the Fire Rat, a special protective kimono gifted to him by the late father, a great dog demon named InuTaisho.

But now, he wore a pair of crisp black slacks, a red and black checkered vest over a starched white dress shirt, and a black blazer. On his feet were a pair of freshly polished black loafers. Hanging from a thin gold chain at his waist were his sheathed sword and an over-large pocket watch the size of a dinner plate.

After she had taken in his new outfit, Kagome finally saw that Inuyasha now had a pair of long rabbit ears sticking out from the top of his waist-length silver hair, which was pulled back in a long ponytail.

"Inuyasha? Is...Is that you?" Kagome asked, afraid of his answer.

"Who do I like? The goddamn Easter Bunny?" he answered with his trademark smirk.

"Inuyasha White, my lady." he finished with a bow.

I have come to greet you, Lady Alice."

He then took her by the hand once again and began to lead Kagome through the strange forest, leaving her with many unanswered questions.


When they had finally reached the forest's edge, Kagome had to use her free hand to shield her eyes from the sudden light.

That's when she saw a shimmering fabric covering her skin.

Kagome looked down at her body and saw that she was no longer wearing her usual green mini-skirt, white top, red tie, and brown loafers.

Her school uniform had been replaced with a pale blue, knee length gown accessorized with a frilled white apron. Her hands were adorned with a pair of simple white satin gloves. On her feet were white knee-high socks decorated by a small ribbon the same pale blue as her dress, along with a pair of simple black pumps. To complete her look, another pale blue ribbon was tied in a bow at the side of her head.

After she had finished assessing her new outift, Kagome saw that the rabbit-eared Inuyasha had led her to the edge of a large cliff.

"Welcome, Lady Alice. Welcome to Wonderland."


Kagome's view of the landscape was breathtaking.

From the clifftop, she could see a large, silver-painted mansion to her right and extensions of the multi-colored forest covering acres of the landscape.

And on the other side of this strange new land, nestled between a pair of gorgeous snow-covered mountains, there stood an enormous castle painted in a stunning display of blood-red and ebony black.

"It's...beautiful." she whispered in awe.

"But...where exactly am I, Mr. White? What is this place?"

Inuyasha gave a heavy sigh before answering her questions.

"Please...just call me Inuyasha. And as I have already told you, Lady Alice, you are now in the great nation of Wonderland." the half-demon said, walking towards her until he was standing right next to Kagome on the cliff's edge.

"All that you see is very important to the law and order of our ancient country. Deep within the Topsy-Turvy Woods, there lives a large variety of creatures, including a total bastard who seems to find great pleasure in trying to kill me every time we meet. And to our right stands the mansion estate of the Duchess. I'd try to avoid it if you can. The Duchess is known for being rather headstrong. But, if you ask me, she's just obnoxious. And across the way, you can see what is easily the grandest structure in all of Wonderland, Heart Castle. And within its walls lives the ruler of Wonderland, Her Esteemed Royal Majesty, the Queen of Hearts."

"Suddenly, Inuyasha reached for the watch at his waist and glanced at its face with a frown.

"And speaking of the Queen, if I don't return to the castle soon, Her Majesty may find it necessary to use me for her favorite pastime...the removal of a few heads. So, I'm afraid I must bid you farewell, Lady Alice." he finished before placing a soft kiss against the back of her hand.

"My name's not Ali..."

But, before Kagome could finish her sentence, Inuyasha jumped over the side of the cliff and disappeared into the forests below.

"Hey, wait a second! How do I get home from here? INUYASHA, GET THE HELL BACK HERE!" Kagome yelled into the open air.

She then turned on her heels and ran back into the oddly colored forest, following the glowing yellow path.

But, before she could get very far, Kagome came to a fork in the road. And standing between two paths was a wooden post with arrows telling where each path would lead.

The path to her left led to something called the Mad Hatter. The right path lead to the March Hare.

Unsure which path would lead her to Inuyasha, Kagome headed down the right path, hoping it would know where he had disappeared to.

She was also unsure about going anywhere that was considered to be mad.