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Jason was sitting in the training room while Dick bandaged his hands, he had gotten a little too excited and forgot the hand gaurds that went with his gloves.

"Dicky, I'm sorry I forgot, no don't give me that look."

Dick of course scoulded him and then sighed as he stood "so you said somthing important was tomarrow"?

he signed a curious look on his face.

Dick had learned sign language so he could better comunicate with everyone, Jason of course was first to learn, Tim and Bruce right behind him. Though Alfred already seemed to know it.

"Oh yeah! Yours truely will be attending a gathering of other partners...I think kid flash, speedy, annnnddd Aqualad!"

Jason couldn't help but be excited, Bruce had never let Him or Dicky meet the others.

"Well then, looks like Bluejay should finish training and get some dinner, I made the dessert"dick sighned before walking to the door. Jason jumped and ran to the dinner room, sitting down eagerly.

He loved when Dick cooked, it was just as good as Alfred's.

Soon enough everyone sat down and Agent Robin, Batman and Bluejay ate while

Jay talked animatedly about what was to come tomarrow.



That was a name Dick had come up with while thinking of his own name.

They were both birds, and Jay would still be his nickname so it would be easier to respond to.

And now Bluejay stood with three other boys a little older then him.

Today they were supposed to be accepted into the league.

Of course that all went to shit, speedy was gone and now Bluejay was calling Robin to have him get information on Cadmus.

Today had gone to crap.


(messages )


Hey Robin need a little help~B


Bluejay? what did you do.~R


Robin! um yea can ya do me a favor and, get me info on a place called Cadmus.~B


fine, but if you do something stupid, I will show up myself and we both know that won't be good~R


Thx R, btw what's for dinner~B




(end of messages)


Bluejay smirked and looked over to KF and Aqualad, "he should be done any secound "

Aqualad looked like he was about to speak but the moment he opened his mouth the computer monitor went black.

A file with the words Cadmus written across the top, and a message attached


{ Don't fuck up and be home for dinner or else~R }


"whoa, who did that?" the red headed speedster said looking to the computer and reading the message.

Bluejay just sighed as he read the message and then the file.

"oh we are sooo going to Cadmus, these are the Bats files not the leagues, and Bats suspects them of some illegal experimentation"

It took only a few minutes to convince Aqualad to come with them to Cadmus.


you all know what happens, only diffrence is Jason didnt know how to open the pod and panicked so he pushed a bunch of buttons untill it opened,

also he asked Robin to hack the motion sensors, other then that it's all the same


The four teens watched as the league arrived, last was Batman in the Batmobile,

Jason was probably the only one who noticed the teen who left the car after Batman.

Superboy looked pretty dejected after superman had basically pushed him away as someone else's problem.

Batman looked ready to speak, but an all to firmiliar figure stepped forward, he looked like a younger version of Alfred, he wore a casual suit with a red tie , an R sewn into the chest pocket and a black domino mask.

Robin, "shit" was all Jason managed to get out before Robin grabbed him by the ear and started pulling.

"ow ow owwww ow , Robin, sorry sorry, please let go pleaaassee" Robin only glared before letting go crossing his arms most definitely waiting for an explanation.

The other teens looked a bit concerned untill Batman spoke after getting a glare from Robin,

"We will discuss this after your wounds have been seen to, your mentors have been made aware of the location you will be taken too."

He paused to look at the newly descovered clone "you will ride with me, Agent R and Bluejay" and with that everyone went to there mentors, Superboy looked unsure but followed after Bluejay and Robin into the Batmobile.


The teens and their mentors arrived at a mountain, the teens were extremely confused, well all except Robin.

He motioned/signed for Jay to tell the others that they needed to follow him.

They reached a med bay inside the cave after passing what looked like a living room and multiple dorm like halls.

Robin looked each teen over and evaluated that Jay and KF had the worst of the wounds with bruised ribs and Jay had a small fracture on his hand when he lost one of his gloves.

"So who exactly are you?" Kid flash asked while sitting on top the medical bed.

Robin motioned to Jay and continued to put away the wraps he used for their ribs,

"this is Robin or agent R which ever works best, he Handles me and Bats medical care after patrols and all that" Robin only nodded and proceded to shoo them out of the room and lead them to the living room they passed through earlier.

" Thank you Agent R, now after some discussion with your mentors we have decided to form a team, you will be given missions and this mountain will be your HQ, aslong as the five of you can get along"

Three of the four teens cheered "wait you said five there are four of us"...

Batman nodded "Yes, Robin will be joining as your medical caretaker and another member will be added", not a secound later Martian manhunter and a girl with green skin apeared "this is Miss Martian, she will be the other member joining you here. The zetas have location Data so you can access the mountain from any Zeta"

after introductions Batman turned to leave "Bluejay, Agent R, be back at the cave before dinner".




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