Once upon a time, there lived a couple by the surname Lovegood.

Xenophilius and Pandora had everything they could ever want. A lovely house secluded from the cities. A quiet place to talk of many things. Animals that came round their house. They even had neighbors just down the hill; Pandora and Molly were fairly good friends. Molly found Pandora a bit odd, but still a lovely friend. Pandora, in spite of Molly's hair color (it reminded her of heliopaths), enjoyed her caring side and her children as well.

Except...that was the one thing they lacked. Molly had several beautiful children, all but one of them boys. But Xenophilius and Pandora had no children whatsoever. The Burrow was the only place where they could hear the fairylike pitter-patter of footsteps, the lyrical laughter of the wizard children, look into their innocent doe, or in Fred and George's case mischievous elf, eyes, even feel their warm, loving hugs. The Lovegoods were sort of an aunt and uncle to the children.

But they wanted one of their own. They wanted the same light and love in their own house. But Pandora could not birth a child. Nonetheless, they continued to find ways to have a child, but only kept meeting failure after failure.

Until one day.

Xenophilius was studying a new breed of magical beetles when Pandora came rushing in from the marketplace. Her face was all aglow with glee.

"What's this excitement of, my love?" Xenophilius asked as he kissed her forehead.

"Oh, I met a fellow witch at the market. She specializes in rare magical plants, including the Heart's Desire Rose. Well, she happened to have a few extra seeds and, when I told her about us wanting a sweet, little child of our own, she gave them to me. Oh, Xenophilius! We could finally have a child."

At this point, Pandora was skipping and spinning round the house and crying tears of joy.

"Well then, what are we waiting for, my love?" Xenophilius asked excitedly.
"Let us plant it!"

The two found a painted flower pot and some soil. Carefully, Xenophilus poured some soil in and Pandora dug a small hole. They carefully planted the seeds and watered them.

"Now what comes next?" Xenophilius asked.

"We close our eyes and wish to the seeds."

So they did, intensely. After about half an hour of this, they opened their eyes.

"And now?" Xenophilius asked.

"Now," said Pandora.
"We wait."

And so they did.

Days turned to weeks and soon they turned to months, but the plant was not growing. Not even a slight bud was emerging. Now any old couple would've given up at this point. But the Lovegoods were persistent. They kept faith in that, one day, the plant would give them a child. They kept on wishing and watering all through February.

"Perhaps the child shall be a Valentine's day gift," Xenophilius suggested two days before Valentine's Day.

"I hope so," Pandora said, as her eyes sparkled, even after all of the waiting.

"I want to show Molly and her children."

Then Pandora gave a yawn.

"But for now, we must retire to our room, my dear."


Pandora took the plant off of the kitchen table and placed it by the window. The moonlight shone through the crystal glass windows. Then the two went upstairs, hopeful that it might finally happen.

At about 3 in the morning, Pandora was awoken by a feeling of being called. It happened to her so many times before, but this time it was incredibly strong. It called her down to the living room where she thought she heard a voice singing like a bell or a bird or an angel. She soon realized that it was coming from by the window. Cautiously she walked over and was delightfully surprised to see that the rose had grown. Not only that, but upon the rose sat a girl.

Pandora gasped in awe as she found that the beautiful singing was coming from the girl. Suddenly the girl stopped and turned around. She had pale skin and lovely, blonde hair that reflected in the moonlight as did her wide, blue-grey-almost-silver eyes that looked both dazed and surprised. She donned a light lavender dress.

"Oh hello," the small girl said in a soft, lyrical, Irish voice.

"Did I wake you up?"

The small girl tilted her head in curiosity. Pandora was speechless.

"You...how...the flower..." she stammered.

The girl looked at the rose she sat upon; it was blue with silver edges, a rarity indeed.

"I don't quite know how I got here. I just suddenly saw moonlight and now, here I am. Are you my mum?"

"I-I suppose so," Pandora said.

"But...you're so tiny. No bigger than my thumb."

The girl shrugged.

"Well, from what I know of, you said you wanted a sweet, little child. But I suppose that can be taken in multiple ways."

"And...the moonlight..."

The girl turned to look at the shower of light from the full moon.

"It's fairly impressive, isn't it?" she said, not seeming the slightest bit phased by her situation.

"I quite like the moon. Very tranquil and curious, yet powerful enough to turn tides."

Oh my. She's very perceptive, Pandora thought.

And quite lovely as well.

"Well, I suppose it's getting rather late," the girl yawned.

"Perhaps some sleep would do us both some good."

"But what shall I call you?" Pandora asked.

The small girl tilted her head in confusion.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, everyone has a name they're called by. But I don't know what to call you. Do you have any ideas?"

The small girl thought and thought for a few moments.

"What about something to do with the moon?" she asked glancing towards the shining orb in the sky.

"I find the name Luna quite lovely, but it's up to you."

"Well," Pandora said.

"I suppose so. Oh! I know. I'll call you Thumbeluna, since you're no bigger than my thumb, but you'll be called Luna for short."

"Fair enough," the newly-christened Luna yawned.

"But now I really must get some rest and so must you, mother. I can't wait to meet my dad."

As she nestled into her flower bed, Pandora stood there, still in awe of the girl in front of her. She never knew how or why exactly Luna was so tiny, but it didn't matter. She now had what she most desired.

She settled back into bed, anxious for Xenophilius to meet their new-quite literally little-girl.