"I know you have her!" screeched the voices of Mother Toad and Mr. Beetle.

Now, in spite of their knowledge of Luna, they had no idea who these creatures were, and therefore, they were quite puzzled when this accusation had been made.

"Excuse me, sir and madame, but I do believe we are not acquainted with one another; therefore we haven't the faintest idea of whom you are referring to."

"We know you have Thumbeluna!" Mother Toad exclaimed.
"And she was mine first!"

"Well, you lost her!" Mr. Beetle spat.
"I had her second."

"Well, it seems that you both lost her," Mr. Marvemole snapped.
"So therefore, she is now mine."

"What could you possibly need her for?" Mother Toad spat.
"You look like a rich mole. You could get any woman you wish."

"There are many things that money cannot buy. At least, not directly," he said winking as Miss Fieldmouse who winked back.

"Well, at least my cause is noble," Mother Toad huffed.
"I need to have her as a bride for my son. He's refused to find other frogs, says he's afraid to be laughed at and rejected."

"Well, I promised her as an offering to one of these four lovely lady beetles," Draco sniffed.
"After many previous failures, they fell head over heels in love with her, and I will not let the chance slip past me."

"Well, I'm using her not just as my bride, but as my source of income," Mr. Marvemole said pridefully.
"I'm providing the world a service by making her sing for their enjoyment, at a fair price, of course. Now you see, my friends. You simply cannot get more noble than what I have planned for her."

As the creatures continued to barter and banter about who was the one who Luna trulybelonged to, they did not notice Neville slipping away from the group. He hopped around to the side of the burrow and dug a hole through to the surface only to be snatched up by Harry.

"I've got you now, you monster!" Harry hissed as he pinned him to the ground.
"I won't let you kidnap Luna!"

"P-please don't hurt me! I'm not trying t-to kidnap her, I swear," Neville trembled.
"I h-h-helped her escape my mum."

Harry suddenly recalled Luna telling him that it was indeed the toad's son who had helped her escape. His gaze softening, he let Neville loose.

"W-Who are you? H-how do you know Luna?"

"I'm Harry. I saved Luna from those dreadful beetles."

"What d-did Mr. Beetle mean about a m-marriage offering?"

"It's a custom of the beetle community that, should a beetle of the male gender want to take a bride, he must give to her an offering most beautiful. And that means anything beautiful. If she is impressed, she's to say yes."

"W-what happens to marriage offerings if they are l-l-living?"

"It varies depending on the lady's preferences, but more often than not, they're kept in enclosures or cages to be admired. If one of those lady beetles takes Luna, she may very well become essentially nothing more than something to be gawked at."

"We have to save h-her," Neville gasped.
"Not just f-from those b-beetles and my mum, b-b-but that mole s-s-said he wanted to marry her a-a-and use her as income. H-He's going to ch-ch-charge others t-t-to hear her sing!"

"That dastardly mole!" Harry growled.
"He and I have some unfinished business to attend to. Alright, I suspect she's being held captive by that blasted mole. Let's dig into his den and get her out!"