Now you must be wondering How on earth did it come to that Mother Toad and Mr. Beetle had found Thumbeluna, let alone together?

Well, during the month of March near the end of winter when all of the birds came back, the beetles flew close to the water, so as to give the birds a path to return on, where, coincidentally, Mother Toad and her son Neville were floating on a lily pad. However they had flown too close, and with a crash, they all fell in.

It was a rather shallow section of the river, however, so the toads and beetles did not drown, but instead proceeded to argue with one another.

"Watch where you're going, you deranged cockroach!" Mother Toad spat as Mr. Beetle and his potential brides pulled themselves up onto the shore.

"Watch where I'm going?" Mr. Beetle spat.
"Well, I'm sor-ry that I couldn't see past your big head!"

"Come on, Draco!" Susan whined.
"We won't find Luna anywhere if we bicker with every single creature we pass by."

All of a sudden, Mother Toad perked up.

"Did you say Luna?"

"Yes, I did."

"We're looking for a girl named Luna."

"Light lavender dress? Blonde hair? Doe-like eyes?"

"Yes. Yes. And yes. She was supposed to marry my son, Neville."

"Marry your son?" Pansy scoffed.
"Draco gave her to me as a marriage offering."

"You mean he gave her to us," Ginerva corrected her.
"He never said which of the four of us he would pick to marry."

"Well, we can argue about who's going to use her for what," Cho piped up.
"Right now, what's important is to find her. And I think we'll be able to accomplish that much more quickly if we pull together an alliance with these frogs-"

"-Toads!" Mother Toad snapped.

"Right. Anyway the more of us we have on our side, the better chance we have to even find Luna. Once we find her, then we can fight over who gets her. Do we have a deal?"

"Deal!" Mother Toad exclaimed enthusiastically.

"Mum," Neville squeaked.
"I-I really d-don't think Luna would want us t-to-"

"Shut your mouth, you ungrateful boy!" Mother Toad snapped.
"You wanted a bride, and you're going to get one!"

"Not if I-" Pansy began.

"-We-" interrupted Ginerva.

"-get her as a marriage offering."

"We're wasting our time!" Susan blurted out.
"We need to find her, and quick!"

"But how?" Cho asked.

"My son can help," Mother Toad exclaimed.
"He was born with a genius sense of smell. Go on, son. Lead us to Luna."

"B-but mum-"


Neville sighed reluctantly and began to sniff the air before pointing.

"Sh-sh-she went North, I believe," he said despondently.

And so the group of creatures raced off to find Luna, not knowing that they were not the only ones looking for her. For you see, whilst this conversation had been happening, Harry the Sparrow had returned from the South and had happened to fly low enough to hear their conversation.

"Those must've been the toads Luna was telling me about!" he gasped.
"I have to find her and warn her. And quick!"

And so he followed the creatures to the den of Miss Fieldmouse and THEN to Mr. Marvemole's dwelling. And THAT is where our story picks up from.