How to start a Rebellion

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Bang, the YT freighter lurched as it was hit by heavy blaster fire, from a mid class imperial cruiser, for the umpteenth time.

"Ruff, Tuff get yourselves to the guns now and give us cover fire."

"Yes captain." came the reply from the to almost identical twins. Astrid, the captain, turned back to the controls of the ship and concentrated on flying them out of this mess. They had

been stealing some fuel for the ship from an imperial depot over Alba-16 and had encountered some annoying TIE fighters.

"Making the jump to hyperspace i 1, Making jump now"

Astrid said as the stars blurred and they entered the wormhole. Then she headed back to where the rest of her crew was sitting around the Dejarik table. Her crew, the twins, were tough bunch, loved explosives and destroying things. They all had escaped from their home planet (Berk) just before the Empire had taken it over looking for someone going by the name of night fury. Right now they were heading to their base on the planet tatooine. While they were waiting they talked about the incident at the depot.

"That was strange TIE fighters at a depot." stated Ruff.

"They're probably tracking us" said Astrid

"In that case we should lay low for a while" Reasoned Tuff.

"That's right" replied Astrid.

Astrid went back to the cockpit and brought the ship out of hyperspace over tatooine. Carefully piloting the ship to their base in the Jundland Wastes. They went over to a shelter made of parts of crashed pod racers. Tuff went to work making some food and Ruff and Astrid started to adjust the list of their inventory for the supplies they had just acquired. After both thing had been finished, they were about to eat when What looked to be an X-wing but completely black landed just outside their camp. Astrid grabbed her A280C rifle and Ruff and Tuff grabbed two thermal detonators each.

"Attack now ask later" Whispered Astrid.

The twins responded by rolling out of cover and simultaneously throwing their grenades right at the X-wing. At the same time the canopy opened and two shots shot the explosives out of the air. Astrid focused on the canopy do the sight of her blaster as the twins went back to cover. A man who looked to be their age climbed out of the X-wing and faced them. He was wearing a leather jacket, navy blue pants, a black shirt, combat boats and a holster with what she judged to be a DL-44. He raised his hands in the air and slowly walked over.

"What do you want?" Astrid said while keeping her gun trained on the man.

"Some questions answered." came the reply in a steady and calm voice.

"I'll ask the questions." she barked. "Who are you?" she asked in an equally harsh manner.

"Hiccup" came the reply.

"That sounds like a name from my home planet."

"It is."

"Oh yeah, what's my home planet."


Astrid checked herself, what he had said was right, but she still smelled a rat. "Anyone who had been in the region of the Berkian system 10 years ago would know that name."

"Why?" asked hiccup.

"It was the name of the son of the prime minister of Berk"

"I am that boy grown up."

Astrid was now wary but was curious about the mans identity. "prove it." Astrid said simply

The man was very close to them now and it was obviously that he was not there for any hostile reason. Astrid set down her weapon and signaled for the twins to do the same. He sat down on a crate and began his story to prove his identity. "I will give you my life in chronological order best as I can remember. I was born in the capital on berk with my twin sister Heather. Shortly there after my mother was kidnapped by a bounty hunter named Cloudjumper." said Hiccup while masking his pain on the subject. "As me and my sister grew up without a mother we were neglected by our father in his grief. We made friends with you guys Astrid, Ruffnut and Tuffnut. We always looked out for each other and watched out for Snoutlout who had the hots for Astrid. Later when I was 14 there was an assassination attempt on my family and my father died protecting me and my sister from several bounty hunters. After that me and my sister ran away and survived in the unknown regions for 10 years and just came back when we heard Berk had been taken over by the empire. We found you by accident.

"If this is true, where is your sister?" said Tuff.

"Yeah" Said Ruff, and Astrid reached for her gun.

"She'll be down in a second" said Hiccup with confidence that surprised the others.

"How can you be sure?" questioned Astrid. Hiccup just smiled and then a dark gray X-wing almost identical to Hiccup's. The canopy opened and a girl got out she was about six inches shorter than Hiccup, wore a gray leather jacket, black shirt, dark gray pants, the same kind of combat boats that Hiccup had and holster with a DL-18. She had shoulder length black hair and bright green eyes Which resembled Hiccup's. She ran up to Hiccup and whispered some thing in his ear. His eyes widened and he turned back to the crew of the Stormfly (Astrid's ship) and said "Well it looks like you were tracked to Tatooine because there is, as we speak, a large corellian cruiser in orbit. So I think we should get out of here."

"He makes an attractive proposition." stated Ruff.

"Agreed." said Astrid and Tuff simultaneously.

Astrid felt she could take on a few stormtroopers, but taking on a star destroyer full of them was crazy by any standards. Everyone went to there ships and started to take off ready for space battle.

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