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Chapter 9

Heather and the twins came out of hyperspace in the Cymoon system. Cymoon 1 and several other planets in the system were part of a large industrial imperial operation. This included the manufacturing of weapons, ground vehicles, starships and various explosive devices. The one downfall for perspective thieves was the top-notch security. The fact that the place manufactured AA guns and the like meant that wasn't hard to have those same guns for air defense. And that was only air defense, the ground security was just as tough. No one and strictly no one was allowed in without clearance. The was because of the experimental part of the factory. That made infiltrating it not an option unless one was suicidal. The twins knew this which lead to their confusion.

Ruff and Tuff looked at each other and some people said that they had a death wish but this was plain ridiculous.

"Are you crazy" Ruff yelled into the com.

"No, not really," Heather said nonchalantly.

"Well it sure looks like from here" Ruff stated still relatively frazzled.

"Why," Heather asked bored. She had gotten used to the twins playing games in the coms and figured that this was just one of those instances.

"You want us to go into literally the second most guarded imperial facility in the galaxy and survive." Ruff in consternation.

Heather thought for a moment, "yes".

Ruff was speechless but her brother spoke for the first time.

"Would it be better if we waited for a ship carrying what we need and then hijack it" he strategized.

"But it would go into hyperspace before we could get to it" Heather countered.

Tuff thought for a moment, "wouldn't the arrangement of the planets mean that they would have to travel outside of the system before they could enter hyperspace?"

"I guess" Heather replied, "but how would we hijack it without it calling for backup or getting noticed before we got in range," Heather questioned

Tuff didn't have to think for this one, "we have a tie bomber which they won't suspect until it's too late and your ship can cloak. You can jam their transmissions from your ship and we can hit them with an EMP so their engines won't work."

Heather smiled, it turned out that tuff could strategize pretty well. She would have to tell Hiccup.

"Well then let's go," Ruff said with enthusiasm.

Hiccup surveyed the situation that he and Astrid had gotten into. They were on their way to see the director of covert operations for the empire. Hiccup feared it would be someone who would be too wise to let them have a second chance to escape. The other problem was that their weapons had been taken and it would be extremely hard to escape without them.

The stormtroopers roughly pushed them into the command room. The director stood, facing away, in front of Hiccup and Astrid. He had broad shoulders and stood just shorter than Hiccup. He wore the white officer's coat which he had earned for his service for the Empire.

He turned and faced his the intruders. Hiccup groaned inside. There in front of him stood Snotlout Jorgenson, his cousin. Snotlout smiled

"HIccup?" he said voice that reminded Hiccup of so much more than he wanted to remember.

"Give me their weapons" he ordered. A trooper handed them to the director. He looked at the saber and blaster and them at Hiccup and Astrid. A small, understanding smile crept onto his face. He looked directly at Hiccup. "I know what you are", Snotlout said. Hiccup stayed completely silent. Snotlout laughed.

"He doesn't even know how to answer me." he mocked.

Hiccup turned to Astrid and winked before she could react the saber was in Hiccup's hand. Shock played across Snotlout's face. Hiccup smiled for the first time. He ignited the saber with a whoosh and the stormtroopers step forward, blasters set to stun. He force pushed them unconscious. He turned to the now shocked director. Suddenly 10 death troopers stepped out of the shadows of the room. They pointed their blasters at Hiccup.

"I suggest that you stand down" Snotlout commanded

Hiccup rolled his eyes, "arrogant as ever I see".

Once again Astrid wondered if Hiccup was crazy. Normally people didn't directly confront ten of the galaxies finest bodyguards. This was another one of those times she really hoped he knew what he was doing.

Hiccup started backing up towards the door, motioning for Astrid to do the same. They had made it to the door when Snotlout finally made a decision; "Chase them down and bring them to me unarmed. Hiccup and Astrid turned and ran for the second time that day. Hiccup grabbed Astrid and pulled her into a small storage room and closed the door.

"What are you doing?!" Astrid hissed. Two Troopers rushed by.

"Well," he started. Astrid gave him a hard look. "I thought it would be useless to run around looking for the only exit. However, there is a window located in the director's quarters. That is the quickest and only other way to exit the facility."

Astrid thought for a moment, "they wouldn't see it coming"

He smiled, "that's the idea"

Another set of troopers raced by in the hall. They stopped and came back.

"Should we check in here?" a voice asked from beyond the door. Hiccup and Astrid froze.

"You crazy?" another voice asked, "The director would go crazy if he found out we check a storage room. The insurgents are probably on their way to the only entrance. Why would they come here?"

"Your probably right," the other voice said

The troopers rush on to get to the entrance. Hiccup sighed and Astrid untensed. They got up and went to the door. Astrid looked out to make sure the coast was clear. She motioned Hiccup out. They ran back to the director's quarters. They rushed in and were met by two death troopers. Astrid launched herself at the first trooper knocking him to the ground. Hiccup punched the second making him stagger back. Astrid finished off the first trooper with a blow to the head. Hiccup used the force to knock out his trooper. Hiccup and Astrid advanced farther into the room. Snotlout backed up against a wall.

"What do you guys w-want?" he asked in a shaking voice.

"Nothing" Astrid rolled her eyes.

Snotlout just shook in response. Hiccup went over to the window and used his lightsaber to cut it open. Astrid joined him on the window ledge.

"Astrid I need you to trust me." Hiccup said turning to her.

She looked at him, "with what?" she asked

"Hiccup look into her eyes, " we have to jump from this ledge"

Astrid bit back her fear, she hated heights. "How will we survive the fall," she asked

"You're going to have to trust me on that" he answered.

She stopped, was she willing to trust the stranger who was Hiccup with her life? Did she know that he was actually Hiccup? And how was he going to keep them from dying at the bottom of the fall? But did she have a choice? Did she have the option to try and fight dozens of stormtroopers? "I guess that sometimes you don't have the luxury of choosing who you trust." She thought.

"Fine, what do I do," she asked

"Not much" he answered. He pulled her against him. She tensed at the sudden contact. He wrapped his arms around her leaned backward causing them both to tensed even more if that was possible and then in near terror, she clung to Hiccup.

The fall to the ground was about a kilometer. Astrid thought she was going to die. Hiccup was concentrating on the ground. He had to stop them from being killed. He kept an arm on Astrid while reaching the other towards the ground. He slowly used the force to slow their fall till they were hovering about a meter above the ground. He set them Down gently. Astrid flinched.

"You can open your eyes now," Hiccup said. Astrid did just that, she detached herself from Hiccup, embarrassed.

"You Ok?" Hiccup Asked.

Astrid nodded still slightly shaky, "I fine" she affirmed.

Hiccup nodded and kept silent, he wondered how what she said was. She did not look ok, but he'd have to ask later, they had to move.

They hurried back to the ship. They took off and flew away from the planet's surface. Astrid punched in the coordinates for the navi computer and they were off into hyperspace.

Heather had been rather pleased with their hijacking of the weapons freighter.

"Good job guys, that was quick and efficient." Heather praised.

"That was great!" enthused Tuff.

"Yeah it went without any problems," Ruff said in an awed voice.

"Let's get back before they come looking for us," Heather said.

It had turned out that Ruff and Tuff were pretty good at this type of thing and had not been too crazy. They had however graffitied the inside of the ship with anti-empire symbols. Heather knew that this could be a problem in the future if the Empire got angry over it.

The stars blurred around the ships as they entered hyperspace.

Gobber was in a quandary. He was in a lush forest on the planet Dantooine. He needed a ship to get to Hiccup. But ships just didn't grow on trees, so he would have to find one. He heaved himself up and started towards where he thought the nearest settlement might be. He walked for hours under fallen trees and over rocks. He finally found a small village, from where he took a transport to Dantoo Town, the largest city. Here he ran into the same problem; he needed a ship. He looked around, it wasn't like there was a rent-a-ship that he could just go to. He probably had to buy one. There was one problem; he didn't have the money to buy a ship. He groaned. Hiccup had better appreciate his trouble when he got to him.

Gobber spent the next 2 hours asking around if anyone had a ship for cheap. He finally found someone with a small ship. The catch the guy explained was that the ship needed repair. Two of the five engines didn't work correctly and it had a cranky hyperdrive. When Gobber saw the ship he fell in love. Honestly, anyone in their right mind would have seen the ship and decided that it had been through the last three galactic wars and was a running miracle. However, Gobber was hardly ever in his right mind. He paid the man on the spot and took off in his backyard much to the man's dismay.

Once in orbit, Gobber typed a special set of coordinates into the navi computer. He punched the hyperdrive lever forward. Nothing happened. He kicked the control panel and then the hyperdrive finally worked. He watched the stars blur.

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