Summary: AU. After his death, Anakin Skywalker's Force-Ghost discovers his wife and children, whom he thought dead, are alive and in hiding, but most of all, in need of him. He will try to communicate with his wife so he can gain, if not her love, her forgiveness.

The Force Ghost will mostly be feared by Padmé, who can't forget how evil the Sith was...

Okay, so I've seen a lot of fanfics inspired by songs or using song lyrics to help tell a story, I thought I might give that a try with my favorite romantic tragedy: Star Wars, of course!

The song is called Ghost and is performed by the incredible Ella Henderson.

-Obviously I don't own neither the song nor Star Wars-

This is also my first fan fiction, so be easy on me, please!


After Anakin Skywalker turned to the dark side and became Darth Vader, he was left to think his wife and child died at his hands, on reality, Padmé ran away with her twins, a boy named Luke and a girl named Leia. When Vader 'learned' of what happened to his beloved family, he couldn't stand the pain and anger, so in an incredible outburst of rage, he killed Darth Sidious, and then, himself. In doing so, he fulfilled the prophecy, as he killed the last of the Sith.

Anakin had been told many times of the probability of being THE CHOSEN ONE, but he never quite understood what it meant. He didn't know he was literally born from the Force, so he was surprised when after leaving his physical body, his mind and conscience remained.

Was Anakin Skywalker a Jedi or a Sith when he died?

It doesn't matter.

He was destined for the light as much as he was the darkness.

One might say, that since he was the boy from the prophecy, he never even had a choice. He was meant to destroy the Jedi as much as he was to destroy the Sith.

He and Padmé were doomed from the start.

For all is as the Force wills it.

The Jedi order was destroyed.

The Sith were also erased.

The Force was finally at balance.

And Anakin's twins were meant to maintain that balance.