Arnold never imagined he'd hire a hooker, let alone fall for her. But he's been lonely and his cousin is marrying his ex-girlfriend. He needed someone. A/U Arnold and Helga never met as kids.

Warnings: Contains sex and past depictions of various forms of abuse.


Arnold Shortman sighed heavily as he sat down on the barstool at the fairly empty bar of Prime Grill. He had a supremely long day and he was starving. The last thing he wanted to do was wait to eat, but the hostess told him it would be a half an hour wait. He scanned the bar, only about a dozen or so patrons, all in couples, were there sipping on their drinks and chatting quietly. Signaling the bar tender he loosened his neck tie just slightly. Sometime he really hated wearing suits, they could be so damn stifling, especially after a long day.

"What can I get you?" The middle-aged male bartender with balding dark brown hair asked once he reached Arnold.

"Dirty martini." Arnold ordered, his tone short and clipped. He barely looked at the bartender as he started to make his drink. He rubbed his neck, in attempt to relieve some soreness and when that didn't work he used his phone to text his assistant, telling him to schedule him a massage for midmorning the following day.

"Anything else?" The bartender asked as he set Arnold's martini down in front of him.

"No. Thank you." Arnold replied without looking away from his phone before taking a long slow drink of his martini. He kept his eyes on the phone, trying to ignore the fact that he was alone. Alone. He was sick of being alone. His cousin's upcoming nuptials with his ex-girlfriend really weren't helping matters. He sighed heavily, taking another drink. He didn't understand it. How was he still single? He was a catch wasn't he? He was a good guy, good looking, unbelievably rich. Charitable. So why couldn't he find anyone who wasn't completely awful?

"Are you saving this seat?"

A feminine voice interrupted his thoughts. Arnold look to his right to see a long legged blonde woman wearing a form fitting little black dress that reached only a couple of inches above her knees. Her hair was in loose waves, flowing a few inches past her shoulders. The little make up she wore only enhanced her already gorgeous features. Her dark blue eyes reminded Arnold of the sapphire ring his grandma left him when she died, they sparked when she smiled.

"Umm…No. Take a seat." He couldn't help but stare as she sat down, her dress riding up another inch or two. "Are you waiting for someone?"

"Nope." She flashed him a smile as she pulled her wallet out of her Gucci handbag.

"Put that away." Arnold requested, "Let me get it. What would you like?" He asked as he once again waved down the bartender.

"Mmm…I'll have a whiskey sour."

Arnold's eyebrows shot up in surprise, "Really?"

The blonde shrugged, fishing a twenty out of her wallet. "I like whiskey." She smirked.
Don't worry. I can handle my liquor. You don't need to buy my drink, but thank you."

Arnold ignored her, ordering her drink for her before handing the bartender his credit card. "I insist. I'm Arnold."

"Helga and thank you. You really didn't need to do that." She slipped the twenty back into her wallet and placed her wallet into her purse. "Thank you." Helga smiled at the bartender before taking a sip of her whiskey sour, "Tell me Arnold, are you waiting for anyone?" She shifted in her seat, her knee grazing his.

Arnold's heart thumped. The physical attraction towards Helga was instant and he was pretty sure she was flirting with him. Arnold hated the fact that he was twenty five, the head of a multimillion dollar business, but still awkward around pretty girls. "Um…No…I'm waiting for a table."

"Do you eat alone often?" Helga asked stirring her drink with her straw.

Arnold shrugged, "Yeah…I guess. Depends how long the work day is." He took a deep breath, composing himself before he could chicken out, "I wouldn't have to eat alone if you joined me."

He watched her as Helga smirked before leaning in closer towards him, her hand touching his knee. "That would be lovely…But I'm not so sure you can afford me." She winked at him before taking another drink, her hand squeezing his knee slightly before retreating back.

Arnold's eyes widened, quickly catching her drift. Of course she had to be a prostitute, why else would she talk to him? "You're a hooker?" His asked a bit more loudly than intended.

"Shh…Arnold. Not so loud. Be cool." She locked eyes with him. "You look intrigued."

"I've never hired a prostitute before." Arnold quickly defended himself. But he couldn't lie to himself. He was a little intrigued. She was beautiful. He was lonely…

"I didn't say you did." She brushed some of her silky looking blonde hair behind her ear. "I'm just saying you look curious."

"Just how much do you charge? I ask purely out of curiosity's sake." Arnold took a large gulp of his martini, suddenly feeling nervous.

"Five hundred to enjoy my company. No sex. If it's company and sex you're looking for….Two thousand."

Arnold's jaw dropped. "People pay you fifteen hundred dollars for sex?"

"No. Men pay me two thousand for sex. They get to enjoy my company for free. It's like buy one get one kind of deal." She smiled and her eyes sparkled. "You're thinking about it."

Arnold cleared his throat nervously. "I thought you said you didn't think I could afford you." He knew he was deflecting. Truthfully, he was thinking about it. It had been a long time since he was in a relationship. Sex with no feelings had its perks. At least with Helga he'd know she was sleeping with other men.

"Oh, please. Do you really think I would have bothered sitting next to you if I didn't know you could pay? You're wearing a very expensive Brook Brothers suit, Arnold. Not to mention…" She tapped on his watch. "It's a Cartier. I know how much those things cost." She paused, leaning in close once again. "If you are curious on how I can get two grand for sex it's because I have the Cartier of…" She paused again, deciding what the best word choice would be. "Love tunnels." She leaned back, "If you're interested…All other expenses are on you. I don't go home with strangers, so you'll need to reserve a hotel room."

"Mr. Shortman?" A man's voice interrupted them. It was the restaurant's host. "Your table for one is ready."

"Actually…I need to you set another place, my friend here will be joining me." Arnold smiled nervously. "I didn't think she was going to be able to make it. Are you ready?"

Helga smirked, "Oh yeah."

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