Akihito looked around the cell, but it was too hard to anything, since the only light provided there was few torches. Akihito felt nervous, he was in unfamiliar place and bound together with still unconscious Kirishima. Not to mention that all this time someone watched him and he didn't notice it, are his star photographer's skills fading? He probably got too used that Asami and others are looking after him all the time, now it's time for him to fight, of course he doesn't think that he can murder someone, but to fight someone, even though he isn't as strong and trained as solders, but he still thinks that he can pull of quite a good fight and if he is held as a hostage, that means that they don't want to murder him, for now he is useful to them, or at least he thinks so, he hopes that he isn't wrong… and please, he hopes that Kirishima is not injured seriously.

When Akihito looked around he still couldn't see who talked to him, from that quite he thought that his mind is playing tricks on him and it was all his imagination, when he suddenly saw slight movements few cells away in one of them there sat alone figure near the wall drowned in the dark.

"Who are you?" Akihito asked, he felt alarmed and unsure if he should talk with the man.

"I am a friend, I mean no harm." The man answered slowly, his voice was deep, from his voice Akihito understood that, that man is young maybe around his age.

"I am asking who are?" Akihito glared in to the darkness, they don't have time for chitchat and he doesn't trust that stranger, he doesn't know why that man is locked inside the cell, or this could also be a trick to gain their trust, befriend them and gain some kind of information, but luckily Akihito doesn't have any information to give them, he hasn't in this world for more than few days, he isn't here even for a week… but if they will find out that he doesn't know anything, will they kill me? Akihito felt chills down his spine.

The stranger saw that Akihito was scared and didn't trusted him, he understood that quite well.

"My name is Satori, I am the king of these bandits, or at least I was." The man said, Akihito looked at him surprised.

"What do you mean you were?" Akihito asked confused.

"Some of my men weren't loyal to me as I thought… they were bribed by another kingdom's monarch or something like that." The man said and stood up, he walked at the end of his cell and sat near the wall, he picked something that looked like a bottle and took a small glass, he started to pour something inside the glass and drink it, it looked like it was rice wine.

"Aren't bandits very loyal to their king?" Akihito remembered that at school when he was about to sleep his teacher was telling them about bandits pride and pride, and at this age honor and respect meant a lot to people, even to some bandits.

"I don't blame them, it was all my fault, I don't spend so much time with them as before… I leave them for half a year, then after few weeks I leave again, my absence probably finally broke them." The man sadly.

"If you are their king, why are you leaving them for such a long time all by themself?" Akihito felt confused… kings never leave their palace, bandit kings always risk to be stabbed in the back if they don't perform their duties perfectly, a king with no respect from his subordinates is not a king and lack of absence can of course make subordinates feel abandoned and they will lose all of their respect for their king, but while being a bandit king why is his man risking so much.

"I have other business to take care of, to be with someone, I have to help and take care of a friend, that person doesn't let me go so easily and is very possessive… that's why when I go to meet that person I have a trouble to return back. That person also likes to drown me with different jobs." Satori had a small smile on his face and his voice was soft, it was obvious that he was talking about someone who was dear to him.

"You must really love that person." Akihito said and thought about Asami, does he love him? He doesn't know him for so long to know if this is love or a simple attraction, because god that man is perfect in every way, and he isn't some bimbo to fall in love right away with a man that he doesn't know.

When Akihito returned from his thoughts he heard a choking and coughing sound which came from Satori cell.

"I-I wouldn't call it love, it is only business… besides, what does that person need me for, that person has a lot of lovers, that person is never faithful to anyone he will sleep with anyone that will catch his attention, besides that person doesn't think of me as anything… I am probably one of many to him, I don't mean him anything so why should I love and confess to a person like that? who will only after that make fun of me and will break my heart, it is better to die here then." Satori fumed, but sadness in his voice was very clear.

Akihito then thought about Asami… Asami doesn't look as a man who is a stable lover, Asami probably has also a huge number of lovers who are waiting for him day and night… Akihito started not only to feel bad for Satori, but also for himself.

"You have it rough…" was all that Akihito could say, he didn't know how to console the man that he is in love with a free spirit who looks like just cannot be faithful and love one person.

"Thank you… that's why these past few weeks that I have been kept here I was quite happy… I also hope to die here, but I won't sit quietly here and let them behead or poison me, I will die in the middle of a bloody fight while helping you to escape, I want to die, but it is dangerous for someone like you to stay here, I will help you to escape." Satori said seriously, it looked that no one could change his mind. Akihito felt shocked after hearing Satori's words, also he felt troubled after hearing how does he want to die… these people are crazy, but what can happen to that man that he would want to die?

"Why are you talking like that? Don't be stupid, there are many reasons to live for." Akihito argued, could it be that this man lost some kind of fight or something like that?

"No one needs me, he abandoned me… he got himself such a beautiful wife, he will of course spend the rest of his life happily with her, he also told me to don't bother him."

"Who cares what that bastard has done, if he left you than he is at fault, he is ungrateful bastard and you don't need to die or act like that, get revenge at that bastard, show him that you can have a wonderful and happy life without him, this will be the best revenge then." Akihito was so angry, he wants to beat that lover of Satori who is such a selfish bastard, no one should be treated like that!

Akihito's movements and cursing woke Kirishima up who looked around them warily at first then straight away started to think a plan how to escape and return to Asami.

"Thank you… maybe you are right." Satori said quietly.

"Hell yes I am right." Akihito said proudly.

"Your friend is awake." Satori said while sipping his wine.

Akihito startled and looked at Kirishima, he was glad that he has finally woken up, he was worried that Kirishima was injured seriously.

"Kirishima are you okay?" Akihito asked worriedly.

"I am fine, thank you, how long have we been here?"

"I myself have woken up not too long ago."

"You have been here for a while it will be soon night time." Satori said calmly.

"And you are?" Kirishima asked alarmed.

"I am Satori and I am prisoner as you, don't worry I mean no harm, I will help you to escape."

"We will see about that." Kirishima said.

Indeed they would need help, he can't protect Akihito all by himself, extra help would be perfect, but can he trust this man? Sadly he has no other choice, he will have to accept this Satori man help, he can't risk and bring harm to Akihito, if Akihito will be harmed because of him even he as Asami's old friend can get punished.

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