This is my first MFMM fic.


Jane sits in a chair at the police station and is rather aware of the glance being thrown toward the Detective Inspector's office door. Being the ward of The Honorable, Lady Detective Phryne Fisher, the teen cons the constable on duty of a glass cup and holds it to the door to fully hear the conversation. Outside she may hear shouting, but not intelligible words.

"Jack, you can't let her do something like this!" Phryne cries indignantly. Rolling his eyes, Jack answers, "What do you want me to do? I'm not her father, and shouldn't you be happy for her?"

A dramatic sigh escapes the woman as she explains, "Not if it involves her derailing University! She could do great things, and wants to throw it all away!"

"Phryne," Jack begins but stops when his lover crosses her arms and sits in the chair across from his desk. He sighs before asking why she even comes to him at all.

"No one else can make her see sense. Dot would encourage, Cec and Bert think it's a phase, and Mr. B," Phryne begins before collecting her words, "is not prone to too many heart to hearts. You're the only she can turn to."

"Jane, or you? From where I stand Jane's made up her mind. What could be so bad about Jane wanting to be a wife?" He reasons. Jack is well aware of the answer, but wants Phryne to tell him herself.

"She's too bright for that. You saw her when we found her at the station. She was scared, but smart."

Phryne smiles a moment adding, "That's Collingwood girls for you. Street smart and book smart."

"She takes after you," Jack comments. He watches her tilt her head before asking, "What's this really about."

"What if he's like René? I couldn't let her walk into that. She's already had too much trouble in her life. Besides, she's only eighteen."

"We were at war at eighteen," Jack points out. His shoulders sag as he comments, "I wouldn't want that for her though. Her or anyone, really. I'll talk to her."

Gleefully, Phryne stands up and exclaims, "Thank- you, Jack!"

Kissing him, she turns triumphantly from the office to find Jane sitting outside the room.

"Come along, Jane," Phryne asks of her ward who dutifully follows her guardian out the door.

Jack paces his office once Phryne leaves to figure out the best way to speak to Jane. Not being a father, he has nothing substantial to draw from. Part of him hopes either Jane or Phryne will come to their senses. Catching himself frowning into his mirror, Jack heads back to his chair. Paperwork will keep his mind busy.

At half past five, Jack sighs heavily before grabbing his coat and hat. He waves to the constable on duty knowing Hugh is at home with his family. As he leaves the station, Jack finds himself going opposite his intended destination and toward Hugh's home.

"Inspector!" Hugh exclaims surprised to find his boss upon opening his front door. Tipping his hat, Jack greets the younger man before being let inside.

"Dottie's putting the kids to bed," Hugh states. Nodding, Jack comments, "Good. Hugh, may I ask your advice?"

"Advice, sir?"

"Yes, I have to have a talk with someone and was thinking you'd be the best person."

Flummoxed, Hugh finally replies, "Thank-you, Sir."

Realizing his cue to explain himself further, Jack states, "I have to talk to Jane tonight about a sensitive manner."

"Sensitive," Hugh repeats wondering what was wrong with the teen. Jack, being able to read Hugh's facial expressions, quickly explains that the situation is not too dire.

"I just need to know what you'd do if you had to convince one of your children not to do something."

Hugh smirks knowing his convincing has more to do with arguing with a tiny human. After a moment, he answers, "Matt and Louisa are a lot younger than Jane. Usually with them I try to make them think it was their idea."

Nodding, Jack realizes he is on his own. He thanks Hugh before heading out again.