"Boys I've been thinking and maybe it might not be the best thing to go in and out of jail anymore, I mean we can't keep doing this forever literally. I'm tired of being caught by the cops or the girls. And now it just feels like a repetition, an ongoing cycle. I think it might be time to get an education. What do you think?"

"No way, we can leave this city and go to another one where we can get away with anything we want."

"I don't know he has a point we can't keep doing this."

"Think about it Butch, if we move to another city or town and cause trouble they'll call the girls and we'll just go to jail again."

"What's your plan then Brick?"

"Yeah Brick what can we do? We're criminals we're not going to be allowed into school just like that."

"Yeah, and it's not like we can just waltz into school and beat up the principal into letting us go there."

"Plus the girls could throw us in jail for doing that."

"Well boys then we will talk to the brains of this city at city hall."


*At City Hall*

"Ms. Bellum, may we have a word."

"What are you boys doing here?"

"We have a proposition for you lady."

"That's if you have time to talk ma'm"

"Alright what is it?"

"We would like to attend school, and I know that they won't accept us since we're criminals so we're going to give up fighting crime mostly because I don't believe it's the best thing for us to do anymore. And we're tired of this life we want something more for ourselves. We want a real life, a chance at happiness."

"Yeah, whatever that is."

"We want to be like other boys. I want to learn and play."

"Well you boys seem like you are being honest and I can tell you really want this so alright you may attend school as long as the criminal activity stops and you agree to have someone check up on you every once in a while to see how you are doing."

"Alright we agree."

"Oh thank you Ms. Bellum we won't let you down!" hugs Ms. Bellum

"Yeah, thanks or whatever."

"You're welcome boys now if you excuse me I had work to do and I'll arrange for you boys to start school tomorrow. So be ready. I'll have to escort you there myself to make sure there is no funny business from the school or you."

Yes ma'am."

"Be ready by 6:30 a.m."

~Flashback ends~



"Mmmm….what time is it?" I check the clock and see in bright, glowing red numbers read 5:30 a.m. Why must I get up so early, that's right if I don't I'll have to fight for the shower and eat a quick breakfast. I get up grab some clothes and my snake bite rings and go to the shower. I turn the hot water on and let it run down my body as I relax. Okay we bought our school supplies and backpacks. Ms. Bellum tested us and we're able to start with 11th grade because we learned enough from Mojo. That guy is something strange. I turn off the water and get dressed, I clean the mirror and get close and put in my rings. Perfect I can't keep these out for more than a day or the skin will close up do to our powers.

I head to the kitchen and as I pass my brothers' room and hear Boomer's alarm go off. Guess he had the same idea. I head to the kitchen and notice the time is 5:40 a.m. I pull out some eggs and bacon. I cook enough for the three of us and distribute them evenly on three plates. I start the coffee machine to brew us some coffee. Butch floats to the kitchen sits on a stool and starts eating.


"Yeah, lots of it." He grumbles out I pour him some coffee in a tall cup and hand him the sugar.
"Thanks." He says as he pours the whole container of sugar in his coffee and mixes it. Butch loves his sugar. Just like he loves my SUGAR! No need to get upset about this I can make her mine. I'm sure I can talk to her without freaking her out like I always freak others out. Maybe it's just the fact that I'm the gruesome leader of the RowdyRuff am I thinking I'm so different from her? she'd fall for Butch before she even considers me. She's carefree, stress free I'm not. I've only ever had one real conversation with the girl, but it was special. Like I've said before she probably doesn't even remember that conversation, to her it was probably not as important as it was to me. I have no chance with her.

Out of us all Boomer has the biggest chance he's the closest to her. I know he has been since we were young children and probably will continue being forever. Butch has his charming charisma and I have nothing. She's scared of me.

"Hey guys, what time is Ms. Bellum going to be here" Boomer asks as he comes down the hall.

"6:30 why Boomer?"

"Well it's 6 and Butch still needs to shower and get ready."

"Fuck!" Butch yells and rushes down the hallway. He comes back down the hall 15 minutes later dressed and putting his lip rings on.

"Guys are we even allowed to have face piercings at school." Boomer asks playing around with his eyebrow peircing.

"Who knows, I guess we'll find out when Ms. Bellum picks us up." Just then there's a knock on the door. Guess that's her.

Boomer scarves down his breakfast and runs to open the door.

Fuck I didn't get to eat any of mine. I'll just take the bacon.

"This is good bacon Brick."

"Butch you already ate your food."

"I know that's why I ate yours, top notch bro."

"You jerk now I didn't get to eat breakfast at all, let's go." We walk to the front door where Boomer is with Ms. Bellum.

"There you two are, shall we get going?" Ms. Bellum asks us. We nod yes and she leads us to the car. I stay behind to lock the door.

I head to the car and see Butch and Boomer fighting over the front seat and Ms. Bellum trying to get them to stop. Time for me to step in.

"Butch, Boomer, stop fighting over the front seat!"

"But it's my turn Brick!" Boomer whines

"But this is a different car so it's my turn." Butch growls

"That's it no one is going in the front seat all three of us are sitting in the back, both of you at one window. Butch left window and Boomer right window. No buts, or any form of complaining or else. Understood!?" I Yell

"Yes, Brick." Both Boomer and Butch say in unison.

"Good now in we go and what do you say to Ms. Bellum?"

"Sorry for the trouble we caused." Boomer apologises

"Butch your turn."

"Sorry…." he mumbles

"Sorry what?"

"Sorry Ms. Bellum"

It's alright boys." Ms. Bellum says and then we all get into the car and buckle up and we finally leave.

~Ms. Bellum's P.O.V~

We get in the car and I tell the boys to please buckle up and they do. I adjust the mirror so I can see the boys and the cars behind me. I notice that Brick is not only the leader but the parent. Both mother and father. Boomer is staring out the window and Butch has his eyes closed while Brick has his guard up.

"Boys." I say to get their attention. Brick and Boomer look up at me but Butch still has his eyes closed. Brick nudges him and he opens his eyes. Seeing I have all of their attention.

"Is there anything you would like to ask about school?"

They look at each other. Boomer is the first to speak up.

"I have a question."

"Go ahead and ask." I encourage

"Are we allowed to wear facial piercings?" He asks hesitantly

"Good question, well as long as the piercings aren't super gaudy and out there, in other words if it's not distracting they are allowed."

"So our piercings fine?" He asks

"Yes Boomer the three of you are fine."

"So how will this whole school thing work?" Brick asks

"The three of you will have classes together if you don't have a class together you'll have it with your caregiver."

"Caregiver?" Brick asks

"Yes, the person whom will report me on how you are doing sincerely."

"So a damn patrol officer?" Butch yells

"Not exactly Butch but in a way yes."

"I knew you people didn't trust us, we're going to be treated like damn prisoners at that school."

"Butch calm down let Ms. Bellum explain." Brick tells him sternly

"Fine, sorry." Butch tells me and huffs

"It's alright your reaction is perfectly normal. Now the caregiver will be another classmate that will report back to me at the end of each week. That person will be the only one aware that they're your caregiver everyone else will think you all are friends including the principal. The principal will give me reports as well but I won't trust his word because I don't trust the school to be truthful to me about you boys. Your schedules will match up to your caregiver on classes but on others you'll have together at least one of you will have a class with your caregiver. Understood?" I ask as I park the car

"Yes." They all say in unison

"Alright let's go inside. Don't worry the only people here is the staff." I assure them when I saw the three of them tense up.

We head into the building and head to the main office. The secretary looks ups at me and smiles. Of course her smile fades when she see the Boys.

"Excuse me ma'm but we're here to see the principal, he is expecting all ready." I inform her and she nods and leads us to his office then she tells us to wait a minute and we do and when she comes out she tells us the principal is waiting for us all ready. We go inside and the principal is sitting on his desk.

"Welcome Ms. Bellum, RowdyRuff Boys. Please sit." He gestures to some seats.

Boomer, Brick, and I take a sit but Butch stays standing up.

"I have given you all the classes you have requested and the periods and classrooms you asked for as well."

"We didn't even choose our classes…" Butch whispers

"Trust me boys I chose all your classes and I assure you, that you will enjoy them." I calmly state

"Well boys here are your schedules, your school guide, the book of rules and the dress code." The principal says handing the boys a piece of paper, a map, and two books.

Brick scans through the dress code while Boomer stares at all three of their schedules and Butch just stands there.

"Also boys you are not allowed to wear piercings in school." The principal states

Brick clears his throat and speaks. "Don't take your piercings out yet Boomer, according to the school dress code `piercings of solid colors are allowed and those of multi-color are not as well as those that are more than an inch big. We are fine you guys. Mr. Principal I ask that you learn your own dress code before telling your students what they can and cannot do." Brick states calmly

"Are the Boys all set to go?" I ask

"Yes, I'll have someone escort them to their classes."

"No, need I can take them myselves." We stand up and walk out the door.

"This way boys your first class is together so just follow me."

"Ms. Bellum?"

"Yes Boomer?"

"Who is our caregiver?" He asks quietly

"Who do you think?" I ask back

"One of the PowerPuff Girls." Brick states

"Which one?" Butch asks now he looks interested

"I'm sure you boys are smart enough to figure that one out."

"Alright well Blossom would be on our case 24/7." Brick says raising a brow

"Yeah and she would constantly suspect us of doing something bad everyday all the time." Boomer adds

"She'd also want us to have all the same classes she has and not give us any kind of space." Butch finishes

"Correct, now you have two left."

"Buttercup is not it she'd take advantage of the power she'd have us wrapped around her finger." Butch says a little upset

"She'd have us do her bidding, make Brick do her homework, have Butch get her lunch, and she'd push me around and make fun of me." Boomer adds on

"And we wouldn't be able to do anything about it since she can lie to you and get us kicked out of the school." Brick completes.

"So why have Bubbles as your caregiver?" I ask them

"She has the biggest heart and sees good in even those who have done so much evil." Boomer smiles

"She would never take advantage of anyone or make them feel below her." Brick continues

"And she would put all her trust in you, so much that if you let her down you'd feel like the worst person in the universe." Butch finishes again while the three of them nod in agreement

"That's part of the reason."

"Wait you mean there's more to why you chose Bubbles." The three of them ask me


"What is the rest of it?" Brick asks

"This is your first period boys. You'll have to find out on your own." I say stopping in front of a classroom. I walk into the classroom to talk to the teacher, while the boys waited outside.

"Hello may I help you?" The teacher asks me.

"Yes, you have three new students and they are waiting outside for you." I say as I spot Bubbles staring out the window.

"Alright thank you." The teacher states and tells her class she is stepping out for a second and follows me outside.

"Boys this is your first period teacher."

"I'm Ms. Lebrum, don't worry I know who you are and I will not be treating you differently for none of the teachers you have will."

"I'll see you boys tomorrow, and do me a favor give this letter to Bubbles she doesn't quite know she's your caregiver." I whisper and walk away before they can say anything.