In the cool of the night, the queen and princess of Arendelle make their way up mountain paths to a secluded spring.

Nestled in the moss-green rock, the spring is a place of peace. To rule, royals must bear the weight of their nations' sorrows, pains, and hopes as peasants bear the weight of sacks upon their backs; but here, Elsa and Anna can find freedom from the burdens of the state. They know they shall return to their realm at daybreak, giving themselves over to the people who need them more than anything. It is their duty, and neither of them reproaches that duty. Until the golden sun pierces the horizon, however, they will live for themselves alone.

Elsa disrobes and sinks into the water, shutting her eyes. The spring burbles in a gentle melody and Elsa lets her mind stray, lets her thoughts begin to melt into the burbling's steady rhythm… She hears a soft splash – in her dreamy haze, it seems far away – and feels Anna's warm body press against hers. Anna's skin is so soft, and warmer than the warmest spring. Elsa moans with pleasure as her sister's kisses flutter up her shoulder and onto her neck. Her head falls backward at the edge of the pool. Eyes still closed, her world is composed of sensation – sound, sensual touch, and the blur of colors that seem to dance above her shadowed lids.

Anna's hands roam beneath the water. Elsa's eyes finally snap open and she lets forth a shuddering gasp – partly in euphoric pleasure, partly in awe of the vision above her.

Her face upturned to the heavens, Elsa beholds the blaze of the Northern Lights – a celestial fire cascading over a celestial sea, its tongues of flame rippling through waves of icy blue. The waves do not purge the brilliant fire, but mingle and streak through it like some reversal of the Red Sea's parting. Where in Exodus the blue of the waters was divided, here the great flashes of orange and yellow are split by rushes of turquoise and green. Colors swirl and dance. They die away only to burst forth more vibrantly than before.

The aurora bathes the sisters in its radiance. Elsa, overwhelmed, is half-conscious of the way the lights are reflected in the pool, the way they dance in patterns over Anna's nude body.

Ecstasy ripples through Elsa, and when she returns to earth, she feels her heart beating like thunder. Beside her, Anna is smiling – smiling and positively glowing.

"It's beautiful, isn't it?" Anna whispers.

"You're beautiful," Elsa murmurs, saying it almost instinctively, for she knows that Anna is beautiful – more beautiful even than the splendor above them both.

Then she kisses Anna deeply, and her own hands slide over Anna's soft skin once more, finding sweet and tender places to give her exquisite joy.

At last they rest, lying on their bellies and looking upward to get the best view of the lights. Their pale bottoms bob above the warm water, shimmering and winking in the divine glow.

They stay like this for a long while, basking in serenity.

Tomorrow, all of this will be over. They will go down the mountain and be bound to their kingdom once more. But even then, they will have the remembrance of this wondrous night in their hearts.