Frieza in Equestria! (Rewritten)

Author's note! Quite some time ago, I made a fanfic about this, but I was a much younger writer at the time and less experienced and less serious. The previous version of this story was Frieza physically escaping Hell, but that was DBZ filler and the actual Hell is a bit different and nearly impossible to escape alone, as there are Hell's specifically designed for said person. I lack the creativity to come up with a really good way for Frieza to actually enter the MLP dimension so expect an asspull for him to get there, but hey, this is just for fun like any other fanfic.

I hope you enjoy this revised version of "Frieza in Equestria!" PS. Alternative universe scenario so there are big differences than what happened in Super and ROF. This is a continuation to the ending of ROF, only Frieza doesn't die, but is beaten via blasted into deep space by Goku's Kamehameha before he could destroy the Earth.

Chapter 1. Evil is granted another chance...

"Get ready Frieza, cause this time you're going down!" Goku said. "You were just granted a new life and I'd hate for you to have to lose it!" "I don't understand why you call Sayains by such mindless names. The only thing it does is reveal your own fear and ignorance. I guess name calling is your only attack , because your to weak to challenge me any other way."

Goku's words echoed in Frieza's mind as he stayed in his coma, floating through the vacuum of space half dead. Forced to have to bear the memories of his failures. Occasionally the mental trauma would be too much, and Frieza would actually awaken from the coma, but the injuries would only slip him right back into the coma.

Far far away from any planets or forms of life within the cosmos, strange events occasionally happen in space. Events that not even the smartest people can accurately explain what's exactly happening. Well this time, a big event was taking place. A massive star had previously been destroyed by an unknown force, and it quickly became a black hole tear in space like force. If not for Frieza's species being able to survive even the most deadliest of injuries and being able to breathe in space, he would have been a goner, but after all, he is one of the most powerful entities in the known universe.

As Frieza was slowly getting sucked into this massive abyss, he said weakly to himself...

"I just need a brand new start. Yes... that's all I need. A fresh new beginning, and I promise to myself, I won't lose what I gain...

Frieza was then completely engulfed by what appeared to be a black hole like force, but just as quickly as it had appeared, it disappeared. Still in his coma, he felt somehow different. Something was off, but he couldn't put his finger on it. The nightmares he was experiencing seemed like it was finally coming to a halt. Soon after, the icy entity known as Frieza awoke.

"Ugh... what the?" Frieza said to himself. "Where... where am I? I feel... different."

Frieza then looked around and realized that it wasn't just himself feeling different. It was EVERYTHING that was different. He was still in space, but everything was much different than he had ever realized. Reality as he knew was now vastly different than before.

"Wha... what happened? All I could remember is my fight with Goku and Vegeta and then floating through space and then... wait. Am I... but how can that... is that even..."

Frieza then realized the ultimate realization that he was no longer apart of Universe 7 or any of the 12 universes at all. He was somewhere else completely foreign to anything he had ever felt. Not only was he in a separate universe, he was in a completely different plane of existence. Another dimension if you will.

"How did I... wow!" Frieza exclaimed. There were no words he can say that can describe how utterly surprised he was. A few hours passed as Frieza floated through this new reality, with numerous thoughts running through his icy mind.

"I've clearly somehow been given another chance to place myself as the rightful ruler of the universe. I don't exactly know where I am, but I'm sure this place likely has planets with intelligent life."

Frieza then made an evil smile. "And where there's intelligent life, that's where I do the rest. Hehe. It will be a bit frustrating having to do literally everything on my own,but I'll manage."

More thoughts went through Frieza's mind.

"I do need to be cautious though. This after all is a completely different universe. For all I know, there could be beings here who's power rival even mine! I must also be very far away from any life at all as I cannot sense any energy. If that's even possible in this dimension."

Frieza wasted no more time and began searching the cosmos with incredibly speed!

"Hmmm... I can't sense life on that planet. Probably just basic bacteria still undergoing evolution."

Frieza continued.

"No intelligent life on this one. But an interesting view. It's rare I ever get to see a water world."

Frieza continued but continued to find very little until...

"Wait! I... what kind of energy am I feeling? It feels like chi... but different. It's coming from THAT direction! It's.. there's a planet there! There HAS to be sentient life over there! Oh how delightful! It's time for it all to begin! A new era has begun!"

In Equestria...

After the fall of the evil centaur known as Tirek at the hands of the Mane Six, Equestria rightfully earned a great deal of peace and harmony. Even the spirit of chaos known as Discord was being well behaved (sort of). With everypony simply living their lives and embracing the peace, everything for the most part was fine.

But sadly, no peace is everlasting. Although Frieza was far from Equestria, it was enough to disrupt the sleep of the one known as Princess Celestia.

"Gasps! Huh? Wha? Did something...? What in the world was that?"

"Are you alright your majesty?" asked one of the royal guards.

Celestia didn't answer, still puzzled by what she felt.

"Princess? Are you okay?"

"Uhh Oh I'm sorry! Yes I believe so. I thought... I thought I felt something."

"You want us to get you some water or apple cider?"

"No I'm quite fine. Thank you." Celestia said, but still unable to shake the uneasy feeling of whatever force she felt.

Princess Celestia however wasn't the only one who felt this potential disturbance. Princess Luna, Princess Candance, and Princess Twilight had also felt this. However just like Celestia, they brushed it off and went back to sleep.

At Beerus's homeworld...

"My lord, you have GOT to learn to control your temper better." Whis said. "You blew up another star. Luckily that solar system wasn't populated with any life and had very few planets."


"We each had 4 cookies. You had your 4 and I had mine!" Whis said.

"Liar! You took 5!" Beerus said in denial.

"Here we go again." Whis said.

"Well it doesn't matter anyway and even if it did, so what? I'm a destroyer god, and you yourself just said that no one was hurt. Anyways I'm off to take a quick two month nap. If you plan on going back to Earth for more delicacies, be sure to tag me along with you, or at least bring as much as you can back."

"Hmpf, I'll think about it." Whis said still slightly annoyed.

In Equestria...

Morning finally came as Celestia rose the sun...

In space...

"Just a few more hours until... HUH?!" Frieza went. Did... did that star just get... hmmmmm, I perhaps shouldn't be too surprised. This is after all a different universe. The laws of physics appear to be much different compared to my dimension. But something felt off about that star. It felt like something... or someone was influencing it. Almost like psychokinesis. How very odd. Now I'm even more interested to see what wonders await me to this planet."

...with once again the princesses feeling another dose of uneasiness, but once more didn't think much of it. However one party seemed to also feel something, but not in the way the princesses were.

"OHMYGOSH OHMYGOSH OMYGOSH!" Pinkie Pie shouted as she ran through her house. "Something crazy is gonna happen! My Pinkie senses are tingling! TWITCHY TWITCHY TWITCHY TWITCH!" Pinkie Pie said as her tail poofed up and went in random directions.

It was not long before every member of the Mane Six begin to feel a bit of uneasiness. Rainbow Dash nearly crashed into a tree feeling this 'presence'. Fluttershy found it hard to actually leave her house. Applejack went without eating breakfast because she 'just wasn't feeling all that well.' Rarity woke up late in a cold sweat, and although not a member of the Mane Six, Discord himself felt something odd. It only became a matter of time before somepony brought it up...

In Ponyville, Rainbow Dash and Applejack were locked in an intense battle of hoofwrestling, but both could tell that neither were giving it their all like normally.

"Are you... even trying?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"I can ask you the same question." Applejack responded. "Come on, give me something to work with!"

"I don't know Applejack, I just haven't been feeling like myself today. I keep feeling something in my belly."

"Well to be honest with you, I feel sorta the same way. I can't put my hoof on it but something feels funny."

Back in space...

"I estimate it will take another couple of hours before I arrive at this planet. I know for a fact that there is certainly a higher form of energy to this world. I could arrive there in mere moments if I transform, but I'll save energy. After all I prefer to take enjoyable things slowly. Oh this is getting exciting!"

Suddenly Rainbow Dash felt even more of a disturbance, as if something was gradually getting closer, which resulted in her putting less effort in the hoof wrestling match and...

"BAM!" YES! I WON! Better give it your a game next time Dashy!" Applejack said.

"No fair! I got distracted! And don't act like you weren't feeling what I was feeling to!"

" But I still won." Applejack said with a slightly arrogant smile.

"Yeah yeah yeah, whatever. Something's not right."

"I feel something to but it could be nothing. Everything looks like it's get darn good shape to me. Probably just our nerves that's all."

"I hope you're right Applejack." Rainbow Dash said. "I hope you're right."