Chapter 10. End of all hope?

Sorry for the wait guys. I've been going through stupid personal crap that has finally been resolved and I had a minor case of writers block and I'm working on other projects (non fanfiction). This chapter is intentionally short to give me more room for the next chapters. I also plan to make alternate endings to this story. Anyways I hope you all enjoy this chapter!

The Mane Six, the princesses, Discord, and Zecora stood in absolute shock. They had absolutely no idea that the Alicorn Amulet would even give Frieza magical abilities (along with its immense extent), and the fact that he actually had been able to escape being trapped in an entirely differet dimension! It looks like for our furry friends, all of their luck ran out, as Frieza had finally obtained what he was seeking, making him truly the most powerful being in the universe.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA!" Frieza laughed. "Before I begin the process of slowly killing you all, I just want to ask one question. Did you ever think any of you actually had a chance in stopping me? This form you see here... I could have done this any time from the start! Although with the amount of time I've wasted in this dump, I probably should have done just that."

Princess Celestia then said...

"Whether we had a chance or no chance at all, nothing can stop our will to protect this world against the forces of darkness. Equestria has been through the abyss and back numerous times, and every time, no matter how grim it may seem, good always manages to triumph over..."

Before Princess Celestia could finish, Frieza shot her with a death beam striking her left lung!

"AUGHHH!" She screamed as she quickly lost balance and fell to the ground bleeding heavily, and just as quickly lost consciousness.

"CELESTIA!" Everypony yelled and ran towards to rainbow Alicorn.

"I'm sorry I just couldn't hear another reduntant unoriginal speech from a talking magical horse. You can't even count the amount of times I've heard such nonsense from so called heroes. At least her death was rather quick. I wish I could say the same for the rest of you."

"TIA!" Princess Luna shouted. "TIA! PLEASE! WAKE UP! DON'T YOU DARE DIE ON US!"

"WE'RE RIGHT HERE CELESTIA!" Princess Twilight Sparkle shouted. "PLEASE... JUST HANG IN THERE! IT WILL ALL BE..."

Princess Celestia then regained consciousness, but coughed up blood which poured down her jaw and onto her chest. She could barely breathe, but she spoke anyways.

"I... am... so proud... that... despite not being... able to win this... each and everypony... gave it their absolute all... and... even though... Frieza's won for now... I believe... that one day... somepony... will come along and defeat him... and like always... good will always win against..."

Before Princess Celestia could finish her sentence, another beam was shot hitting Princess Celestia right into her chest!


"Princess Celestia... no...". Princess Twilight Sparkle said with tears in her eyes. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

"I'm usually not the type to go back on my promises, but I absolutely refuse to hear another useless speech from a talking magical horse. Consider that the closest thing of a gift from me. A fast demise."

"You... COLD BLOODED... DEMENTED... DEMONIC... PILE OF TRASH!" Princess Luna shouted, and seconds later flew at Frieza in a rage.

"Luna NO!" Fluttershy shouted, but it had been too late, and just as quickly, dropped to the ground with her wings and horn torn off!

"Don't think that by provoking me will change the outcome of how you'll die." Frieza said with blood on his face, which was licked off.

Princess Luna struggled to get up, but the pain and lack of energy was too much for her to bear, and she fell right back to the ground.

"I...won't...let... my sister's... demise... be in..."

Before Princess Luna could continue, another beam went right through the night Alicorn's body. In a strange way, it luckily hit her in her cartoid artery.

"GAAAAACKKKK! SPLURGGG HAUGGGHH!" Princess Luna went as the blood rapidly poured out of her body as she tried to speak and scream. She pressed hard against her wound, but as quickly as it had happened, Princess Luna along with her sister expired.

"Darn! I meant to hit your stomach! Oh well. Who's up next for target practice?" Frieza said.

" everypony..." Discord said very weakily.

"A VOLUNTEER!" Frieza said with joy.

Princess Twilight Sparkle could only watch as her friends stubbornly looked death in the face and fought anyways. She was completely exhausted from closing the dimensional portal, and emotionally/mentally destroyed after seeing her mentor and her sister Princess Celestia and Princess Luna die a horrible death. Discord was being brutally tortured. Starting with his horns being torn off, his arms torn off, and his legs crushed by Frieza.

Applejack and Rainbow Dash despite having no chance rushed Frieza in a blind rage, only within seconds to have their hooves violently torn off and their ribs were broken. Fluttershy normally in a hostile situation would attempt to deliver her famous STARE ability, but witnessing the horror and knowing that she had no chance, she fainted from the shock, but was forcefully woken up by the evil tyrant and brutally tortured via beams shot into her wings!

Princess Twilight Sparkle barely had the energy to stay conscious. It all looked like a blood nightmare. She hoped and hoped it was all a nightmare. The whole world wasn't even clear to her perspective due to the lack of energy and shock. Tears poured down her eyes as she saw her friends getting slaughtered in ways she could never fathom. She banged on the ground until the rest of her remaining energy completely sapped, and she was nearly out cold.

"wake up Twilight..." She said to herself. "wake up..."

"Hehehehehe...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Frieza laughed as he looked onto the mess he had made.

There was blood literally everywhere. Body parts in random directions. A complete disgusting red paste everywhere. Even Discord had finally died, for even his regeneration wasn't enough to save him from the golden magical terror. Princess Candance's body wasn't even recognizable. Her pink body resembled that of a completely charred skeleton, and the skeleton had holes throughout the entire body. One of which was through the pelvis. Rainbow Dash was nowhere to be found... in one piece anyways. Only a few feathers could be seen, as her body was vaporized after Frieza had his fill with her.

There was only one survivor and one more pony to fry, and that was Twilight Sparkle.


"Oh don't be sad about your friends, because wherever they are, YOU'RE about to join them! I'll kill you quickly since you managed to nearly trap me in that stupid dimension."

Frieza then appeared in front of the helpless nearly unconscious Twilight.

"Don't be so hard on yourself." Frieza said after visibly seeing the lavender pony cry. "Your world just isn't used to threats like me. Even where I'm back from, I was one of the most powerful beings in the this story were told anywhere, they would consider this to be a major mismatch, but nothing in life is fair."

Frieza then prepared to shoot Princess Twilight Sparkle in the head with a death beam.

"But the one thing that is fair, and a gift I give freely..."

'sobs...sniffles...' went the lavender princess.


As Frieza's death beam was about to hit its target...

BOOM! A big sound went. The next thing Princess Twilight Sparkle saw was Frieza being knocked through a mountain and exiting it from the other side!

The evil tyrant quickly shot back up with fire in his eyes!


Frieza couldn't believe who he was seeing. In fact it wasn't just one individual either. This was no pony. This was no reality bending spirits...


"Oh calm down Vegeta! After all it is our fault that Frieza's still alive in the first place! We're responsible for the crimes he's committed here! After all Whis did say earlier that he had a unique task for us earlier hehe."

"Grrr... This world is so pathetic, why would Frieza even choose a place like this to conquer?!"

"VEGETA? GOKU?" Frieza said baffled. "HOW DID THE TWO OF YOU GET HERE?!"

"Pardon me but you're forgetting someone very important." A deep dominating voice went. Frieza turned around and saw two more people, but these weren't just anybody.


"Oh I see that you didn't forget to call me lord this time!" Lord Beerus said flying next to Whis as they both ate apple fritters and drinking apple cider while pegasus ponies held more in their hooves shaking in fear and in awe!

"YOU... YOU'VE ALL COME TO INTERFERE WITH MY PLANS?!" Frieza said nervously.

"Oh don't get the wrong idea." Lord Beerus said. "I don't care one bit about this silly planet or this dimension for that matter at all. If not for the ponies hospitality and great food, I'd probably destroy it myself."

The pegaus ponies gasped upon hearing this but tried their best to keep their composure.

"Oh relax. I was only kidding." Lord Beerus said as he finished his cider. "Or was I?"

The pegasus ponies gulped hard.

"Lord Beerus and I had a disagreement earlier about our dessert. He threw a temper tantrum and randomly destroyed quite a large star. The force of the explosion was so powerful that it became a black hole and took you to this lovely dimension." Whis said and he took another bite from an apple fritter."

"I'm personally not one to judge another life form's morality, but this is a great oppurtunity for Goku and Vegeta to both work together to defeat an enemy. Especially after you received tremendous power from that amulet."

"Don't worry Frieza." Lord Beerus said. "I won't interefere with whatever plan you have. Whether you win or lose, I'm leaving this place regardless of the outcome, but handle your business AWAY from my food or I'll be forced to CANCEL this little training regiment..."

Frieza normally would have cowered in fear and flee from the mighty Lord Beerus, but with his newfound power, he didn't feel entirely intimidated.

"Very well." Frieza said, and he flew back to where Goku and Vegeta where located.

"Wha... what... who... who are you?" Princess Twilight Sparkle weakily asked both Goku and Vegeta?

"I wish we had the time to explain it all, and when this is all over, you'll get all the answers you need, but now's not the time. Here.."

Goku then pulled out a senzu bean.

"Eat it. I promise that we're here to help. We know all about Frieza."

Princess Twilight Sparkle then ate the senzu bean, and to her surprise, her body was back to full health and energy! Her stamina and magic had returned to her instantly! She then jumped into the air completely shocked at what was going on.

"What just... what was... what on..."

"Just get somewhere safe and leave." Vegeta said very impatiently.

"Right!" Princess Twilight Sparkle said and ran off to a safe distance.

"HAHAHAHAHA!" Vegeta laughed as he walked towards Frieza. "Really Frieza?! Out of all of the planets in this dimension, you chose to start over with this one?"

"RGGGG... SHUT UP!" Frieza scremed.

"And your power level hasn't changed at all since our fight on Earth and I'm much stronger than before. And here Whis is wasting our time saying that me and Kakarot have to fight you together. This won't take long at all."

And with that, Vegeta transformed into Super Sayain Blue!

"Hey wait Vegeta!" Goku said. "Don't start without me!"

And Goku to became a Super Sayain Blue.

Frieza giggled to himself. "It looks like these monkeys have no idea what they're dealing with now." He thought to himself.

"If you really think that I'm the same as before then you really have no chance at winning this fight. As irritating as it is for you monkeys to follow me, at least I get another chance of finishing what I should have done decades ago!"

As both Goku and Vegeta turned Super Sayain Blue, nearly all of Equestria felt the same pressure they had felt earlier from Frieza, only this felt a bit different. Neither of it was mavelont, but they both held an immense amount of power that weighed down the very air, and arose questions on what true power truly was.

"My lord, Frieza's power is awfully frightening with that amulet he's wearing but Vegeta remains confident that he can defeat Frieza alone, and knowing Goku he's likely thinking the same. How long do you give them before they finally realize that the only way they can win is together?"

Lord Beerus then finished yet another apple cider drink.

"I'd say somewhere between very soon and never but this fight will be interesting nonetheless.