Chapter 4. Magic vs Chi!

"I... I just don't understand how all of this is possible!" Princess Twilight said. "Frieza DESTROYED the elements of harmony! HOW CAN WE STOP SOMEPONY LIKE THAT? AND ALL OF THOSE PONIES... WE... WE JUST COULDN'T SAVE THEM..."

"Don't be so hard on yourself." Princess Luna said. "Even if we knew this great threat would arise, after witnessing the alien's power, there would be very little we could have done anyway. And something tells me that Frieza wasn't even taking our last encounter seriously."

"Sighs." Princess Twilight did as a few tears dropped from her eyes.


"Applejack I understand what you're feeling. We all do. And yes ponies are getting slaughtered as we speak." Princess Candance said. "But if we attack Frieza now, we will all be killed! Then Equestria as we know it will fall under evil once more."

Applejack eyes were filled with tears.

"Yeah... I know." she said.

"Princess Celestia, didn't you cast a spell on the elements to protect them from things like that?" Discord asked.

"Yes... from you!" Princess Celestia responded. "I couldn't detect any magic in that creature at all! Yet somehow he was able to resist even your power."

"He did say he didn't originate from this dimension your majesty." Rarity said. "Could it be possible that magic may not work wherever he's from?"

"Ehhh...Not really..." Discord said. "In the past, my magic works just as well in other planes of existences just as it does in this one. In some dimensions, it could be harder to focus my magic but something's very odd about Frieza. I saw what was obviously energy, but I am not familiar with what it really is."

"I felt it to!" Rainbow Dash said. "It felt like some type of pressure!"

"I think... I may remember reading something about this many years ago." Princess Twilight said. "Wait... YES! It's in a book called 'Other Forces.' It was about different types of energies aside from magic!"

"I think I may have the answer to what Frieza was using." Princess Celestia said.

"You're not thinking what I'm thinking... are you? Because if so... how is that..." Princess Candance said in surprise.

"I'm afraid so." Princess Celestia said. "He's using Chi."

In Cloudsdale...

"Heh it's sure been some time since I've had this much fun. Oh how I wish I could have done this to those pathetic wretched bastards in Hell! Too bad these creatures simply look too cute for their own good!" Frieza said to himself. "On another note, how in the world is this city able to float in midair?"

Suddenly, Frieza saw something unusual. Multiple thunderclouds were appearing, with several entities seemingly being the source of them. Flying at top speed and heading right towards the evil alien.. Those entities were none other than the...


Frieza chuckled to himself, which turned into full blown laughter.

"Oh give me a break! I haven't been here for even an hour and this is the best this planet has to offer for a challenge. Four pathetic princesses and their followers and whatever that other guy was, and now a bunch of flying horses deluded enough to think they can interefere with my plans!"

"SHUT UP AND TASTE DEFEAT!" Thunderlane screamed. And shortly, the Wonderbolts flew directly at the evil alien.

Frieza then grabbed a stray feather floating in the air. He then let the feather go, floating seconds from touching the surface below him.

To the panicking citizens of Cloudsdale, some could hear the terrifying noises combined with blood curdling screams...







The feather that Frieza had allowed to nearly drop to the surface was then immediately caught in his left hand not even close to reaching the cloud. The feather immediately turned red as it soaked the blood of the fallen Wonderbolts...

"Not like it's any accomplishment but I think I've gotten a little faster. And I wasn't even using any energy." Frieza said.

"YOU'RE... YOU'RE PURE EVIL!" Said an onlooking citizen of Cloudsdale.

"Oh look another genius." Frieza said sarcastically. "I think I've had enough fun for now, as I have more important errands to run, but something about a city floating on a cloud just really vexes me for some odd reason..."

"WAIT WHAT?" A random pegasus said.

Frieza then floated higher and higher above the massive cloud. With an evil smirk, he released an energy ball the size of a mere speck of dust, and watched it fall onto the city of Cloudsdale.

Within seconds, the entire aireal city began to glow purple, and awful screams could be heard within. Some ponies tried to escape by flying away, but not close enough to escape the massive explosion, as the entire town became vaporized leaving no survivors!

"I've wasted enough time playing games with these animals. Now... where to find the other source of that magic..."

In Ponyville...

"Chi?" Applejack asked. "What the hay is that?"

"It's called by many names." Princess Celestia said. "As you all know, Alicorns, unicorns, and spirits are capable of using magic, but there are other forces as well. However Chi is 'inner energy' or power if you will, and literally every living being contains chi within them. With enough mental and physical practice, one can learn how to manipulate their chi and use it to their will. And although very rare, there exists ponies that practice in the art of chi as an alternative to magic."

"But sister, that's one of the weakest forces in nature!" Princess Luna said. "Its potential PALES in comparison to that of magic! I have never seen a pony with chi do even a quarter of what magic can do!"

"That's what I was about to say!" Princess Twilight said. "At the very most, I read that it can be used to enhance your physical potential and in SOME cases be used to move small objects! But anypony with even a small knowledge of magic can do that easily!"

"I'm nowhere near as talented as Twilight and I can pick up a lot more than small rocks and break steel rods in half!" Rarity said.

"Don't be quick to make such accusations." Princess Celestia said. "While it's true that magic is normally superior to Chi, still keep in mind that Frieza comes from a different dimension. Wherever he originated from, it's quite clear that their Chi is on an entirely different level of power! And there's a lot more to Chi then what you all may think!"

Everypony silenced themselves as they listened to Princess Celestia.

"Yes it's true that Chi is a joke to magic NORMALLY, but I guess you can say that this is an example of quantity over quality, and by an EXTREME margin. Frieza has a level of Chi that surpasses even our best magic! While he isn't capable of using magc, his Chi is at a level where his body can actually defend itself quite well against even reality altering affects!"

"But that's supposed to be impossible!" Princess Luna said. "How can mere inner energy defend itself against magic? I don't care how much control anypony has over it! It's just not possible! There exists a few Earth ponies that are stronger than me physically, but if we were to ever engage in combat, they wouldn't stand a chance!"

"Sister you know just as well as I do that magic has its limits." Princess Celestia said. "This is... oddly one of them."

"I'm still real confused here." Applejack said. "Yer telling me that enough inner energy can make ya immune to magic?"

"Well uhh..." Princess Celestia was then caught off.

"Maybe I can explain a bit better." Discord said, as he poofed a big green chalk board.

"Magic as you all know is used to do the impossible! From materializing anything out of nowhere to bending the world around you itself! Magic is like a big...erm... a big hand! And the world is like... hmmmmm... I know...PLATO!"

Discord then materialzed a large amount of plato in front of Pinkie Pie. Pinkie Pie then molded it into numerous shapes as Discord continued.

"Observe! Plato can be molded into whatever you like depending on your skill and creativity. The possibilities are virtually limitless! However with Frieza, his 'Chi' is at a level of power where it's not like Plato at all!"

Discord then turned the plato into a diamond. Pinkie Pie continued to try to mold it, but with no effort.

"Hey!" Pinkie Pie said.

"As Celestia and Twilight put it, Chi can be used to enhance one's physical abilities like speed, strength, and even their body make up! With Frieza however, his Chi has reached a point where he actually transcends above 'plato' if that makes sense. His body just like this diamond can't be molded or influenced in the same way that plato can."

Discord then dematerialized the chalkboard and the diamond.

"So in other words..." Princess Candance said.

"The task outweighs the performer." Princess Twilight said.

Fluttershy then curled into a ball shivering from fear.

"This is just a sick nightmare! This is just a sick nightmare! This is just a sick nightmare..."

"This is too hard to take in!" Princess Luna said. "I've seen chi users before. I've seen them do all sorts of impressive feats, but it took them many years to reach such levels, which can easily be done with magic! How can such a basic force be above the mightiest force in Equestria?"

"Hmmm... I know!" Rainbow Dash said. "Can't we just use magic to make ourselves strong enough to beat that pile of ugly back into the stone age?!"

"That's a great idea!" Rarity said.

"Clever, but it won't work." Princess Twilight said. "I was barely able to fight Tirek even with the combined magic of all of us. It took the Chest of Harmony to finish him... wait... THAT'S IT! WE CAN USE THE CHEST OF HARMONY TO STOP FRIEZA!"

"Great thinking Twi!" Applejack said.

"It's definitely worth a try!" Princess Celestia said. "I must admit I do have my doubts, but all of you were able to easily defeat Tirek with them and restore everypony's stolen magic throughout all of Equestria!"

"Well does everypony else agree?" Rainbow Dash asked. Some ponies still had their doubts but couldn't come up with a better idea.

"Nooo? Then let's do this and wipe that monster off the face of Equestria!"

"Hmmm..." Frieza thought to himself as he flew. "One of the many magical energies I detected didn't feel... alive. It's almost as if it's some type of force with a lot of power emitting from it."

Frieza unconsciously flew towards the direction of the energy being sensed, and saw that he was above an unknown forest (Everfree Forest).

"Hahahahahaha! Oh it's been so long since I've single handedly conquered an entire world. I just can't help but to savor all of this!"

Frieza then descended into the forest.

"And a good way to savor a good day is a lovely walk in such a lovely forest."

However within three minutes, an unexpected creature appeared in Frieza's sight. The creature had the body of a small dragon and the head of a chicken.

"What the?" Frieza said. "What is that thing? Some weird genetic freak of nature?"

But what Frieza didn't know that this was no genetic mutation. This was a legendary creature known as a Cockatrice!

The Cockatrice out of curiosity and its mavelont nature approached Frieza. The evil alien did nothing, curious on what this creature's next action would be.


The Cockatrice then flew into the air making horrifying roars and flapping its wings violently, but Frieza didn't even flinch.

"Heheh. I actually kinda like this little guy." Frieza thought to himself. "But I can't help but feel an incredibly faint sensation coming from whatever this animal is."

The cockatrice eyes were ruby red and were glowing, and it showed signs that it was trying to concentrate. What Frieza was unaware is that the legendary Cockatrice in the world of Equestria is a well known creature known for turning anypony who looks at it long enough into stone!

"What a decent set of pair of eyes you have." Frieza said. "Ha, look at me actually admiring nature. It kind of looks like something I read as a child. Well that's enough of that." Frieza then walked away leaving a very confused Cockatrice.

The Cockatrice then flew right in front of Frieza and began roaring once again, and focusing even more onto the evil alien with it's stone turning eyes! But no effect was taking place!

"Well it seems like your'e quickly becoming annoying." Frieza said now visibly annoyed. The Cockatrice was once more surprised by this, but once more tried to focus it's concentration onto Frieza.

"There's that weird sensation again." Frieza thought to himself. He then looked at his body, but didn't notice any difference. "More importantly, what's this strange creature trying to do?"

The Cockatrice then unleahsed 100% of its concentration, visibly straining itself as veins could be seen appearing on its head and nearly about to burst any second.

"What is this thing up to?" Frieza thought. Then suddenly it hit him!

"WHAT!? HAHAHAHA!" Frieza laughed. "It seems that even animals are capable of using magic. I don't exactly know what it is you're trying to do little cutie..."

The Cockatrice had enough. It quickly tried to fly in the opposite direction, but Frieza grabbed it by the neck!


"Actually... I DO remember what these creatures do! They don't exist in my dimension as far as I know, but if I'm correct, this is an animal capable of turning other creatures into STONE! So THAT'S what you were up to! Too bad it didn't work."

The Cockatrice shook in utter fear as it had no escape against the mighty grip of the evil alien.

"Hmmm... I wonder if there's a way I may be able to harness that type of energy. This little creature seems to be able to control its ability, but based on what I'm sensing, I have bigger fish to fry."

Frieza then squeezed harder popping the Cockatrice's head off like a man popping the cork from a shampange bottle causing large amounts of blood to spurt onto Frieza. The Cockatrice's body at first fell to the ground, FLEW around for fifteen seconds, and crashed into a tree finally ending its life!

"Whoa! Now THAT was a show!" Frieza said to himself. "Hmmm I also sense a lower energy not too far from this area. But from the looks of this place, these little horses wouldn't dare come into the likes of these places. Perhaps I should go check it out. After all, that magic I must be sensing is in the same direction..."