I present you my Fate and DanMachi (First) crossover story with the title: Heart of Gold


So this is it?

I can't see a thing as my eyesight was being covered by a red Bandana and my hands were tied in my back

I'm going to die now, heh?

I can feel my body being beaten by these bastards, acting as if they are heroes who are beating the villains

Are they addicts?

I didn't even do a bad thing!

I'm not a drug pusher nor an Addict! I'm a motherfucking Gamer!

I'm just walking outside in the middle of the night when these guys just covered my eyes and drag me elsewhere. And its my first time to go out in so many years, damn it!

I thought about how it feels to die but I do not want to experience it! I saw my parents die before! They just lay down in a deathbed, waiting to be buried

Suddenly, I heard a gun clicked. Fuck, are they serious?

I felt something cold touch the back of my head and I started to pray

Please God, I know you can make the impossible become possible, so please help me out here. I don't want to die yet, even if you pull me here and throw me into another world like what happened to the protagonist in an anime, I don't care! Just please, I don't want to die! I still need to continue living my life. Just please, I don't want to…



I can feel my own blood gushing out of my head. Damn! It feels cool-I mean, it hurts! Blood, my own blood, is making a pool just for me. Now what?! I think in situations like these, the consciousness of the victim will start to fade. But I'm still breathing; did I stack so much blood that I'm still alive up until now?

But Damn! I can't see a thing. Did they left already?

God please, help me. I know that I'm not a righteous person; I don't even forgive my enemies and please Lord, give me one last chance. Be it in this world or another, but I guess there's no other world than the one You made…

Oh… by the way, I haven't introduced myself, have I? My name is Tony Marrero, and I'm going to reach my thirties this week. But these guys just shot me now so… I guess I didn't reach it. By the way, I'm a Religous person so I'm not a fucking Addict. Fuck! My consciousness is now slipping away

Please Lord, Almighty God, Creator of Heaven and Earth, Save me…

And thus, my consciousness fades away


I use my hands as to cover my eyes from being blinded by the blinding sun

Damn sun, can't you wait for a damn minute?

I open my eyes and was greeted by the sight of heaven… Wait! I'm in Heaven now? No, I'm staring at it…

Haayz, I thought I died and God made his move by pulling me to another world...

Wait, something's wrong
I died right, Right? Then how? How am I still breathing? Am I dreaming?

I stretch my hand forward and started to punch the invisible air. I think it's a no. But I died, right? I died when one of the Psuedo-Hero pulled the trigger of the gun while the muzzle is facing the back of my head, after that I pray to God to give me another chance right? Then that means...

I clasped my hands "Thank you, Lord!"

I touch my head, my chest and my crotch. Great! I'm not missing some major parts of my body as expected of the Creator

I open my eyes again, stand up and noticed that I was lying on a field; I saw a road in front of me. I was about to walk but my feet tripped on something, I fell to the road face-first and damn it hurts. I look at the thing that made me trip and saw a sword, a black one with magenta linings and the appearance of the sword looks familiar. Where did I saw this sword again…?


It's Excalibur alter or should I say Excalibur Morgan; the corrupted sword of Victory owned by Saber Alter. But why does this legendary sword is here in front of me? Is this my weapon? I turn to my right and left and saw no one

"Great, so great… Thank you Lord!"

I felt like crying now, Excalibur Morgan… a sword by King Arthur or Saber Alter is going to be my property now


I quickly grab the sword and raise it above my head, wow it's not heavy. I thought that the sword Excalibur is a choosy sword that it picked its own owner; I tap the sword to the ground confirming if it's the real deal or only a toy


As I confirm that it's real, I started to walk. But where do I walk? To the left or to the right?

"Hayz! So troublesome! Mini-mini Maynimo!" I pointed at the right "Okay! let's go that way!" I started to walk in the right path

After an hour of walking, I saw town and a huge tower in it. I entered the town and noticed that the people have different kinds of clothes. Armors, cloaks and many other clothes can be seen. The people have an unusual traits, others have animal ears and tails and I assume that I was thrown into a world where dying is common. Many people stared at me as I trudge through the road, I pulled a phone from my back pocket and look at my body as to why I attract attention, what I saw is emerald eyes. Did I have those eyes before? And my hair is now b-blond!

I realized that my face didn't look like Asian and I assume that this body of mine came from the far west. I lowered my phone and saw my clothes; a long black coat and a red shirt underneath it and black slacks or should I call it jeans? As I stare at my new body, something connected



Several people look at me as if I'm insane. What do you expect? I got Excalibur Morgan and I found out my hair is not the natural black and my eyes are emerald which is very rare. Therefore I conclude that I am in the body of King Arthur, how? Because his hair is blond, his eyes are emerald and he's a British and Britain is in the far-west and he's also one of the people who can only hold and wield the sword of Promised Victory or my appearance is identical to him and my attributes is also similar to him. Yes him, because it's the Arthur of Fate/Prototype. I saw the OVA before and was disappointed because they didn't made it as a series

Wow, I'm sweating like crazy and my heart beat is so fast that I can feel my hands trembling. Is this Anxiety? Or excitement? Or even Hyperthension?

"Is he somehow related to the sword princess?" asked a stranger to another stranger

"I don't know… it's my first time seeing him here" answered the second stranger

"Is he a member of the Loki Familia?" 1 asked

"We can't be sure. But he looks strong" 2 said

"Is he Insane?" 1 asked

"Maybe... Go and ask him yourself" 2 answered

Sword Princess? Loki Familia? Wait! Did they said Familia?

As if connecting the dots, I realized something. I look at the buildings and heck I noticed medieval buildings I can also see different writings in stores and it further solidify the evidence that I was not in my old world now

And Heck! I'm not insane damn it! I'm just shocked by the revelation of my new identity

Please God, guide me and please let me endure the insult of these guys...

I continued to trudge and heck something clicked in; I look at my surroundings and found the words I was looking for. Are you kidding? I'm in this world? Where the protagonist is a kid, a tower where monsters dwell in and is being killed by adventurers and gods dwell in this land. Heck, I just watched the first episode of the anime. I don't have enough information about the story. I'm doom but, I have Excalibur and had the body of the King of Knights so I'm safe for now, I guess

For now, I have to look for a place to dwell in. I can't afford to just sleep in the alleyways; it's just way too uncool. And I need to work; I'm working adult after all. But my appearance looks like I'm in early twenties. The easy way to earn money is to become an adventurer but… my life is on the line, and I don't have a Familia. Hmm… how about lying to them by saying that my deity is far from Orario and is in a hidden village. Okay, let's use that one. Man, I'm excited about what's gonna happen!

After spending the whole day looking for the Guild, I finally found my knowledge about games back in my world, I cheated the form given to me by my advisor. I think her name is Rose. Do I even need an advisor? All I need is just charge at the dungeon, kill some monsters and exchange the crystals into coins, right? But the Guild insists for me to have an advisor for me to learn and not just attack the dungeon. What can I say; I have the sword of Victory. But I don't know if my reservation of mana have any limits

"So, your god is not in Orario but is in a hidden village outside the town?" asked the pink-haired girl as she look at my paper

"Yes" I simply said

"What's the name of your God?"

I saw this one coming so I prepare the name of my God

"His name is Yahweh" I read this one chapter in the Bible, it says that the Biblical God's name is YHWH or JEHOVAH and I picked the former

"I haven't seen or heard a name like that… what did you say? Yahweh, right?" she pulled a paper from the table and wrote something. What the Fuck?! You didn't heard the name YHWH or even Jehovah? Are you even human? "So Marrero-san, you're now a formal adventurer and you're a level one so the best advice I can give to you right now is not to go too deep in the dungeon"

That's it?

Don't go deeper than just 3 floors

"Thank you, Miss Rose" I said as I bow my head with respect, I turn around and walk towards the door. After reaching the door, I run towards the huge tower; Babel

After entering the dungeon, several goblins went after me. Wow, they really look like the green monsters that RPG games portray

"Let's GO!"

I charge towards the horde of goblins and heck, they were too slow. Am I really a Level one like what Rose said? Let's find out! I jump at the goblins and raise Excalibur Morgan


I'm gonna regret this...


A beam of dark purple surged out from Excalibur, it hit the group of goblins and I think it reached the floor and heck! Did I just heard a crack coming from the floor!? I flicked my fingers and the dark light started to fade. I fall and my eyes widen as I saw what I had done; a large hole can be seen where the horde of goblins stand on

"Yep, a large mistake but I don't regret it"

I landed at the bottom floor of the hole and stand up, after I stand up; I'm sweating badly. Heck! I'm not accustomed to this body yet! But if I continue to practice here in the dungeon then...

"Let's continue..."

I materialize my armor which contains the armor of Servant Saber(Prototype) and dashed to explore the floor

Six months had already passed since I arrived in this world, and six months had passed since I get used to this body and six months had already passed since I last watched some Anime. Fuck! Even though I enjoyed making the quickest way for the monsters to go to heaven. I'm a bit bored because I still didn't meet the main Protagonist in this story. Is he Dead? Am I too early for me to meet him? Or I'm too late?

When I entered the dungeon six months ago, it's too thrilling for me. Thinking that those monsters are just Mobs in any games that are meant to be killed. At my first entry, I accidentally entered the floor 20 because of the blast that came from Excalibur Morgan and Rose lectured me that it's too dangerous for me to attack the middle floors because the monsters there had their own minds. But I just ignored her ranting. And now again, she's lecturing me about not entering the deep floors because I went to the floor 40 and I'm still level one

What can I do? Even though I have the cool tattoo in my back I don't have a deity to update my status and I'm sure that upon entering the deep floors. I'm strong enough to kill a Powerful monster. And those monsters are high in strength; I can just blow them up by using Excalibur Morgan

I'm still not popular, though. I told my advisor; Rose, that she must not say or mention anything about it because of circumstances. I can't have my way in this world anymore if I'm known, ya get that right? I don't help other adventurers because they will talk about me if I just single-handedly killed Minotaur in a single swift. Thank you RPG games for the informations that I need for this world

"So from now on, you must not go to the deeper floors of the dungeon or else you'll face an undead dragon but they're rare monsters so you must be lucky when you went to the floor 40" Rose said "But I'm amazed, you only started venturing the dungeon six months ago, you also walk through the deep floors but you're still level one. What did it mean by that?

I don't update, you know? And Undead dragon? That's new to me, do they regenerate?

Looking at her left and right she lean on "Could you please show me your back, Marrero-san"

"I told you to call me Ton-ton, didn't I?" I said while raising my eyebrows "Seriously, why don't you call me that way? All of my friends call me by that name, you know?"

Rose sigh and pinch the bridge of her nose. What? Is my request that hard for you?

"Alright, Ton-ton" the werewolf said, calmly

"See? It's not that hard, right?" I said smiling "So... Rose-san, do you want me to strip here in. front. of. you?"

Rose sigh again. Oi! don't do that everytime I talk to you, you make me feel that I'm a troublemaker

"Yes, but not here" she said, pointing at the door near the counter

"But you know that it is prohibited to show our status to other people except our Familia, right?" I asked

"Yes, but we're going in private and I'm your advisor, and I also need to know the reason why you're charging in the deep floors" Rose said and started to walk towards the door

"Okay, if you say so" I stand up and follow her at the door. We close the door and I started taking my coat off and my shirt. I make my back faced Rose-san and she stared at it. After a full-minute of silence, silence came afterwards again

"Huh?" I turn around and saw a frozen Pink haired werewolf "What's the matter, Rose-san" I wave my hand in front of her face, snapping her from her thoughts "Is somethin' wrong with my Status, Rose-san?"

"All status are SSS" she said in a monotone then snap "What the heck did you do!? Triple S is an impossible rank of an status for a level one. And Hell, the max rank of every status is only S!"

Wow, she's desperate to find the answer, huh? "I cheated" I simply said, shrugging my shoulder. Well yes, I cheated because this is not my own body but the body of King of Knights; Arthur Pendragon. Wow, it's fun to see a person stand still and don't do anything but breath and think, even though I'm a thirty year old man. My mind is still a kid and I'm not surprise nor disappointed by it. I went to the door and waved at a frustrated Rose

Rose's POV

I can see the door close as it made the click sound my mind again went blank


I dashed towards the door and hurriedly went to the counter, I pulled a drawer and search for files from different adventurers in the past




Ten minutes had passed and there's still no record. Aaargh! There's no record of an adventurer that had a triple S in their Status. Is that guy even human? Even demi-humans' Status rank are not that high?

Ugh! Tony Marrero, what are you?

I enter the dungeon and again, I went straight to the deep floors. This is? I think floor 17, where the Monster Giant Goliath is stationed right?

I stared at the huge crystal wall and waited for the Giant. Suddenly, I can see or heard cracks forming on the wall, I prepared my normal sword instead of Excalibur. What can I do? I want to tame this monster and make profit out of it. A giant arm appeared on the wall and wow, it looks like I'm seeing a titan that came from the Anime AoT. After several seconds the wall was penetrated and now stood a huge human monster. The giant look at me and let out a roar


The giant move its hand to intercept me but I jump and stab its arm. I run through its arm as I pull my regular sword and it broke as I reached the shoulder


A giant hand grab me and throw me into a near wall. I went in deeper and heck! That hurts... I grab two blade from my waist and thankfully I still have reserves, I dashed towards the giant and maneuver at its behind. Let's target its nape, maybe it is a human who has been experimented on and was turned into a monster! I sliced the nape but nothing happen


I was grabbed and now the giant smashed me into the floor, I tried to push back but I cannot rely on Excalibur yet! I dashed into my right but the giant was fast, it used its foot and tried to turn me into a paste. I sheath my two sword and pull Excalibur from my back, I stab the giant's foot and fled to my right and charged towards its foot. I made a few slash; right, left, up, down, right, left and stab! The giant fell down and I went to its chest, I stab the sword of Promised Victory and twist it and again stab it. I put an inch of mana to the blade and Excalibur shone and gave out a Motorcycle sound, after that it pierced through the hard flesh of the giant

The giant slowly disintegrated and left a huge chunk of crystal

"Wow, that's new"

I smashed the crystal and it turns into pieces. I bagged the stones and was about to enter the 18th floor when I heard another roar


Nice, another one. My skill Multiplier is really useful in farming. As the name implies, it multiplies the number of monsters on a certain floor

I draw again two regular swords and charged towards the newly spawned giant

Six months passed again, and now it's my first birthday here in Orario, a year had passed and the protagonist hadn't shown up yet. Is really dead?

By that time, I learn three things

First, Multiplier. As the name stated, the monsters on the particular area or floor will be double in quantity

Second, Presence Concealment. As far as I know, the skill is available to all Assassin-class in the Fate series. The skill can make (not literally) me invisible to other people, it just hide my presence and boom! I'm invisible Though, King Arthur is Saber but... I don't doubt that he can be an Assassin heck, he can also become a Berserker if he was summoned with that class

Third, I found out that my Magic Resistance was so high that even a single firebolt from a Hellhound cannot damage my body. Heh! I'm too OP for this Story

As I trudge on the road, I heard chatters from the inside of a certain building. I walk towards the open door and was greeted by so many customers inside the building. This building is called Hostess of Fertility, it is a pub and an Inn and I was renting one of the rooms upstairs

Yes, I know that the white-haired kid went here in the first episode so I'm still waiting. I went to one of the chairs near the counter, and sat down

"You came, Tony!" exclaimed a rather cheerful Mama Mia (as what I call her), across the counter

"Of course, my home is upstairs " I said, sighing

"So, what do you want? It's a feast tonight, ya know?" she grinned at me

"Just water is fine" I said, burying my head into my crossed arms, I look to my right and my eyes widen at what I see. White hair, Scarlet eyes, brown garments

Is that... Yippiee! Wait! Why am I so happy that I saw the person that I was looking for? The answer for that right now is, I don't know

But! Tha-That's...

Okay, calm down





Okay, I'm calm now. Go, you can do this Brother!

I went closer to the white haired kid and tried to remember the conversation in the first episode

"You're a friend of Syr-san, am I right?" I started, remembering what Mama Mia asked in the first episode. The kid turned to me, surprise? He swallowed his big chunk of food and smile

"Yes, my name is Bell Cranel"

And CUT!

Here comes my new story, I'm sorry for the wrong grammars and wrong spellings (I'm still an author in training so please forgive me and it's my first time in making crossovers so I know its not that great and its an Self-Insert OC)

There's a fact in this story, a man in my vicinity was killed with his eyesight being covered with a red Bandana and his arms are tied at his back and was ruthlessly shot in the head with sixteen shots. So, I made this story in order for me not to forget him (He's one of my dota friends, by the way)

Really, I'm sorry for every mistake that I made, please forgive me

Any opinions would be appreciated, either in PM or in Review, and of course Fate series, Danmachi and other work references is not mine.

See you next time! (If there is)