Chapter II

I felt warm; I opened my eyes and was surprised at what I saw. Tony Marrero, my first Familia member, is sleeping in the same bed as me and I'm naked! Wait! Did I accidentally do it again!? Please no, no, no, not with my first child of my Familia… no. I realized that Tony's arms are wrapped around me, I was about to untangle his arms but then I saw his face. It's the first time I saw it in his face since we met; a true smile. The smile he was giving when we first met were a fake smile with no value, but this… it's a rare thing

I let myself be wrapped by his arms and also wrapped my arms around him; I lock my feet with him and tried to slumber. I closed my eyes even though I can't sleep, a few minutes later; I can hear a creaking sound


"Bell-kun! Let's go visit our new neighbor!" shouted Hestia-sama; she seems rather cheerfully even though she is out cold an hour ago. I nodded and smile at her, I cannot afford for her to feel depressed when she got out of the bed "Then let's go!"

"But… do you know this person that is living in that house?" I asked, I don't know but I had a hunch that I know this person. I waited for Hestia-sama to think and give me an answer

"Yes, she is a goddess. Her name is Eos; she's a close friend of mine…" Hestia-sama said with her twirling her index finger "And she got her very first Familia. But…"


"But?" I don't know what Hestia-sama will say after that so let's ask

"I'm afraid if her first child is a guy…" Hestia-sama said with a sigh "Eos got a bad habit, she had an insatiable lust. But, if her first child is a girl… its effect is still the same"

"Insatiable lust?" I remember the word lust but, insatiable? Does that mean it is impossible to satisfy?

"It is a lust for an intercourse that cannot be satisfy by normal means" said Hestia-sama, with a sad face "But enough of that! We still need to visit them!"

Yeah, I forgot about that

"Well lets…"


"Goddess, is this the house?" I looked at the house, it looks creepy. My Familia's HQ is even decent to look at compared to this. I turned to Hestia-sama and she hold the doorknob "Goddess, what are you doing?"

"We're going to surprise them… I know that they're still asleep. I'll show you why I told you that she had an Insatiable desire for S.E.X" I can feel my face burning at the teasing tone of Hestia-sama as she said the three letters. I just shook my head, clearing my mind. I still had to know who is the first member of Eos-sama's Familia. Hestia-sama turned the knob and it opened, we peeked at the small hole that the door made and we saw a table, a chair and we didn't saw the… bed

We saw the bed, and my eyes widen. There in the bed I can see the man I admired; Tony Pendragon. And he was hugging something, Hestia-sama look at me and I look at her. We nodded to each other and entered the house… after entering the house. We looked at the thing that Pendragon-san is hugging. After I saw it, I can feel my blood reach my face, I covered my eyes and turn around. Pendragon-san is hugging a g-girl and the gi-girl is na-naked!

I turned to Hestia-sama and she was frozen in place. I shake her shoulders and she snapped

"See Bell-kun, this is what I mean by Insatiable lust" I heard Hestia-sama whispered to me "She's a slut"

"And who is the one that is Virgin up until now?" We heard a woman voice and look at the woman in the bed, the woman is awake and she used the blanket as her cover


These guys are irritating… I'm trying to sleep and then they trespass our house!

"So… who is the one that you're talking about that had an Insatiable Lust?" I asked Hestia, she only stood at her ground. She smiled at me, embarrassingly. And I also smile at her, I also turn to her companion that has a white hair and gave him my smile. He's cute

I noticed Tony trembling in excitement, his eyes still closed. I put my fingers at his cheeks and pinched it. Tony's eyes suddenly open and sit up, his eyes still wide. He turned to me "What did you do, Goddess?"

"It's already morning" I said, leaning my head at his arm. His face had a small pink hue at his cheeks, I just smile at him and his face flinched. Hmmm… I wonder why


Shit! My dream has been destroyed, and I'm dreaming about on how this story will unfold! I looked at Eos-sama and she smile at me, my chest ache again, I flinched. Shit! Her face and her smile is really identical to that woman, I need to take off this feeling. I turned to face the front and I saw Bell Cranel and his goddess… WAIT! I look down at my body and I'm really in my boxers, I turned to Eos-sama and she's naked!? I turned to the two that is standing

"Hestia-sama and Cranel, will you please leave us for five minutes" I said, monotonously and they nodded. I get off of the bed and pick my clothes "And you, Goddess" I turned to her and she smile innocently. Well played! "Get your butt off that bed and prepare yourself we got visitors" she nodded and get off of the bed. I turned around in order not to peek but… there's a mirror in front of me! Luck me… err, I looked away while putting my pants… damn! I cannot take my eyes off from the mirror

I shrug and finally, I finished wearing my clothes. I turned around and found Eos-sama also finished with her clothes. I went to the door and saw a Goddess and a kid, whispering each other. They noticed me and stopped their chatter, I gestured them to enter the house. They nodded and followed me, they took a seat in the chairs while me and Eos-sama is sitting in the bed. I nodded and let out a breath I don't know I'm holding. I inhale a bit of air and…

"What are you doing yesterday, Eos-sama!" I shouted, making Bell and his Goddess cover their ears, Eos-sama also cover her ear with her hands

"Don't shout. You'll make me deaf…" said Eos-sama, innocently. Don't start playing the innocent here, you cute-but-dirty goddess! "And I didn't did something last night" She made a thinking pose, recalling what happened last night ", no, maybe I did something…" she whispered but I caught it

I was about to pinch Eos-sama's cheeks when a cough caught my attention. I turned to where the cough belong and saw a Goddess with her hand in her mouth and Cranel smiling at us

"You two seems close, Pendragon-san…" Cranel chuckled lightly; I frowned and stared to both of them. Suddenly, Goddess cling in to my right arm, damn it! If your face and features isn't identical to Marianne's, then I would have already returned the action

"Yes, it is. Because, he is the very first child of my Familia!" Eos-sama exclaimed, while clinging into my right arm. Damn it!

"Goddess, will you refrain from clinging unto me?" I asked, sighing "By the way, let's formally introduce ourselves, shall we?" They all nodded "Then, let's start with the Hestia Familia, please"

"I'm first, then" Hestia-sama said and stand up "My name is Hestia… that's all" she sat down and smile at us. Fuck you! Even though I know something about you, I'm not satisfied with your answer!

"I'm next" Cranel stand up, he inhale then blow it "My name is Bell Cranel, I'm the very first member of the Hestia Familia. I'm here because my grandfather left me and I decided to become an adventurer and become a hero just like with the books!" he puffed his chest with his hands "Pleased to meet you!" Again, I'm almost satisfied by his answer but it still didn't sate my curiosity

"What if I said that your grandfather is Zeus and he left you a blessing before he went to heaven?" I asked, looking at them for answers but I didn't received anything "And of course, that's just a joke"

"That joke is not funny, Tony" said Eos-sama, she sighed and stand up which made Cranel to sat down "My name is Eos, I'm the goddess of the Eos Familia… that's all" Are they all retarded? Is that all that they can introduce?

"And is a slut" said Hestia-sama out of the blue, Eos-sama's eyes twitched a bit but she sat down at the bed. All eyes then turned to me

I sighed and stand up "My name is Tony Marrero Pendragon" Yey! I got accustomed to this name now! And with my real surname being my middle name "I'm the first member of the Eos Familia" Man, I don't know what words will come out from my mouth but that's it for now "That's all"


"What?! Is my introduction that bad?" I asked, one eyebrow raise

"No, its fine" Eos-sama said with a disappointed tone "But enough of that!"

"By the way, Goddess" I spoke, standing up "I have something to do right now so… Later" I disappeared at their vision and went to the door


I reached the 16th floor without skipping the dungeon. Many monsters are following me as I was not killing them and want to use the Goliath to kill these things. After running for a full minute, I saw a person, I used Presence Concealment and went to where I the person. I saw the person, wearing a heavy armor and a helmet with horns, lying on the ground, unconscious. I noticed that the monsters noticed the unconscious body of a human and coming for him/her so I lifted the person and run to the deeper floor, where the giant resided

I reached the 17th floor with hundreds of monsters in tow. I put the person in a corner and charge towards the horde of monsters. Thankfully, this floor is so wide that I can move so freely, I sliced a Hellhound as it opened its mouth. I'm so bored even if I'm killing these for money but, nah! Just do it!

I drew my other longsword and dashed towards the next wave of monsters. I sliced heads, impaled bodies, and heck there's no challenge! Someone please, show me what humility is! I noticed that the walls started to crack and a hand stretched out, all the monsters started to run away from the cracking wall and the huge monster walked out of the huge rock

The Goliath saw the monsters and started to stomp them, the hellhounds throw their fires to the giant but no effect!


Many monsters made a truce and attack the Goliath at once, the others monsters attack the feet of the giant whilst the hellhounds throw fires at the face of the Goliath


After half an hour of hiding, the goliath sat down and leaned on the wall, many fragments of crystals scattered the place where the horde of many monsters stood before. I draw Excalibur and charged mana into it, the black blade shone and let out a 'VROOOM!' sound. I dashed towards the sitting giant and impaled it with the Sword of Promised Victory. After the giant disintegrated, I grab a huge bag at my back and started to pick up the crystals

"Lord, please. Keep me away from the Goliaths…" I prayed as I punched the crystal fragment of the goliath. After finished picking up the crystals for half an hour, I heard a growl


What luck!

I was about to draw Ex when I noticed a blur. After a moment, the giant fall on its feet and disintegrated, I went to where the giant once stood and saw a person cladded in armor with red linings. Wait! Isn't that the one we rescued a while ago? The person turned to me and I tensed

"May I ask… are you my Master?" spoke the person, it's feminine I'm sure. My eyebrows went up. Master…? The woman is in an armor and she's asking me if I'm her Master… My eyes snapped when I realized what the Master meant. No way, right? "Again… are you my Master?"

"Uh… Master of what?" I asked, looking for confirmation

"I'm the servant of the sword, Saber. So, I ask of you, are you my Master?"


"Uh, may I have a word in this?" I asked, a sweat forming at the back of my head. Why does a servant in front of me and it's Saber class! The woman nodded "I'm not…?"


"What!?" yelled the woman in armor, loudly. I flinched but I stood my ground

"And I'm not really a master, I'm an adventurer"

"If you're not a Master; then why am I here!?" yelled the woman

"I don't know and can you please stop shouting. A Goliath will soon spawn there" I pointed at the wall that is being crack again

"A Goliath?" asked the woman in armor. Please, stop asking already!

"Just watch and learn…" I sighed and draw my longsword. The wall cracked and the goliath step out, I prepared my sword and made a stance with my sword at my right side. I blurred at my spot and went for the head of the giant, the giant roared at me


"Biiiiiiitch!" I charged my longsword with mana, the long steel shone a blue light and I swing it in the face of the giant, the head flew and blood gushed out of the neck, I used my two hands to grip the handle of the sword and sliced the neck of the giant downwards. I damaged the crystal and the body of the giant disintegrated and I landed on the ground with a not-so-large crystal in hand. My longsword cracked and I stab it in the ground. I guess we need a new one, I turn to the woman and her helmet was gone. Huh? Did I saw a resemblance of her face with Saber of Fate?

"Uh, hello?" I asked, waving my hand

The woman snapped and looked at me, she blurred from her spot and I felt a hand pull the collar of my shirt. I look down and saw green eyes, glaring at me

"What was that giant abomination!?" yelled the Arthuria-look-alike. I was about to hold her hand when she pulled her hand from my collar

"Follow me" I sighed, walking towards the hole that leads to the 18th floor, Saber followed after me. We sled to the slant road and landed on a greeny grass. The woman behind me only looks in awe, I know right? A beautiful scenery inside a dungeon and there's also a town here, it is very dumb to think that these kinds of places even exist. I started to walk again and the woman followed me, we started to run and heck! The woman is even faster than me, got to train this body of mine!

We saw the town a few meters away and we continued to run, we reached the entrance the town and a sign was carved in the top of the entrance saying 'Welcome, Fellow adventurers'. We entered the town and we went to a certain building with a sign 'Eat and Run'. We entered the building and all eyes turned to me, I waved at them, signaling them not to mind us. I saw table in the corner and went there, I gestured to the woman to take a seat

Wow, she won't speak if you don't tell her to speak. That's a nice a skill you have there

"So…" I started, making the girl eye me "Your thoughts?"

"First, where am I?" spoked the woman, my eyes widen but I realized that she's a Servant and Servants came from the past, present and future, right?

"This is Livira, a town inside a dungeon" I answered, making the girl raise an eyebrow


"By the way, I'm Tony Marrero" Can't risk to say the Pendragon because she resembled Arthuria "Yes, dungeon. A labyrinth if you say"

"Mordred, the future heir of England" said the now-named Mordred. What!? Mordred!? The knight of treachery? The one who almost killed King Arthur? Dafuq!? What's with these luck nowadays? Please God, protect me

"Then, that giant human before is…" before she can continue her sentence, I said

"A monster"

"A monster?" asked Mordred. I can feel a sweat forming in my head. Damn it! Why do I have to meet her?!

"Others can call it beast or a magical creature" I explained "There are different kinds of monsters, Kobolds, Goblins, Wild boars, Giant apes, fairies, troll etc. etc."

"I see…" Mordred made a thinking pose, consisting of her finger rubbing her chin

"There's no England here, though" my statement made her eyes widen


"Keep it down, will you? We're not the only ones here" I said, making gestures to assure the diners that there's no problem (But there is!) "Because this world is different from ours"

"Ours? Do you mean you're not also from this world?"

"Yes, I came from the same world where you came from but," I inhaled "Other western and eastern names, cultures and other traditions are being used here like the surname Pendragon" Upon hearing the surname, Mordred tensed "Uh, are you okay?"

"Yes, I just remembered a sour memory" said Mordred with a sigh. Her expression steeled "I have been wondering…" she pointed at Excalibur at my back "where did you got that sword?"

My body tensed, did she knew? What if she knew!? No, let's play along right now "What? Do you want to buy it?"

She shook her head "No, it's just that… it reminded me of something or someone. I saw it before but it feels different, like… it's the same thing but the presence it emit is the opposite than the thing I saw before"

Yeah, they're the same thing, I know. And the aura they emit is also the opposite, I know. What else!?


"The wielder of the sword is the one I admired and despised" spoked Mordred, her eyes losing its color. Oh no, I knew who that 'person' is… it was me- NO! Not me! This body is male and she's talking about the female version!

"I'm sorry if you remembered bad memories because of me wielding this piece of steel" No, I'm not! "So, I'm going now" I was about to stand when Mordred pounced onto me. What!? Please don't kill me, don't kill me… HuH? I looked down and I saw a Mordred hugging me, what!?

"Uh, Mordred-san… please?" I can feel my blood reaching my face. Damn it! She's going to kill me! Mordred look up to me and her face turn red. Did I raised a flag? Fuck men, are you making a story that had a harem? Damn it, don't make me the center of attraction! And don't add this girl! Maybe she's going to kill me if she saw me with another girl!?

"Uhm… s-sorry" Mordred stuttered. Damn… that's fast! Turning serious to shy… Dafuq, men. Can't you make something more original than things like this? Finally, Mordred let go of me, she coughed on her hand, regaining her composure "Since you're not a master and we're in a different world than ours and there's no grail war here then… take me with you!"

"Come again?" what? Did I misheard it or something?

"Take me with you. T.A.K.E" Oi, don't spell it like that, it creates misunderstanding!

"But are you okay with that?" I'm not okay with it! "If I'm taking you with me, many dangers will come your way"

"Don't worry!" exclaimed Mordred, puffing her chest "Clarent is with me, after all" she pulled her sword, which is identical to Caliburn and pointed it at me, a sweat slides down my forehead

"Don't point that thing in front of me" I deadpanned. Hayz, thankfully… Mordred is not what I really expected she is going to be, I thought she's (she because Arthuria is female then her 'son' is also female) some bloodthirsty berserker that just ransacked things. But what if she turned like that. Ugh, I shuddered at that thought

"Let's go-"


Many other adventurers in the building draw all of their swords, ready if a monster attacks. Though, I doubt that there will be. I waved my hands towards the customers and smile, making the tension fade. I then turn to the blonde that is in front of me, her face flushed because of what happened a while ago. She covered her face with her hands

"Hayzzz" I pinched at the bridge of my nose "If you knew that you're hungry; please tell me in advance, alright?" she nodded and went to the counter, ordering her meal. I sat down at the stool and waited for her to return; I folded my arms and lean my head on it

"You cannot save anyone"


"You cannot save her"

An image of Marianne being abused, bruise can be noticed on her body, fresh wounds was on her face, blood dripping from her head flashed in my vision. I bolted up forcing my eyes to open, I look around and only saw a shocked Mordred, two plates in her two hands

"What's wrong" she placed the plates on the table "You looked like you had a nightmare… did something happened?"

I shook my head, signaling that nothing's wrong but… What was that? To whom does that voice belongs to? The voice was raspy yet deep and it made me shiver… in fear? I just shook my head again, erasing the thought about the voice…! But what about the image of Marianne!? How did that happened, I didn't stacked that up in my memory but… how? Did she experienced that when she went with that bastard!?

I can feel a hand reached into my shoulder, I look up and saw Mordred looking at me with worried eyes

"Are you sure you're okay?" she asked, her hand still in my shoulder. I nodded and sighed

"A memory, that I don't want to remember, showed up in my brain" But I didn't saw that before! "So, there's no need to worry"

A nod came from Mordred and she pulled her hand and continue to eat her meal. Wow, that's too much food for a girl like you but I followed suit as I saw a plate in front of me, I took the spoon and brought the food in my mouth


I stood up and went to the door, I turned around and saw a sleeping Mordred on the other bed, it's been five days isn't? I can't believe it that this was the one who wounded King Arthur. I turned the knob and opened the door and leave the room, I went to the counter downstairs and paid the rent for the room, I also left a letter at the huge man

I trudged to the forest and vanished in my spot, making my way towards the hole in order to go up and leave the dungeon. I can't just make Mordred come with me, who knows, there must be a person that can rival me and I don't want her to know my true Identity as the Demi-servant; King Arthur and hell! I don't want someone to prepare to kill me when I'm sleeping

I reached the first floor of the dungeon and went to the entrance, I went down the stairs and dashed towards the Guild, making my way by running with my Skill Presence Concealment being activated

I reached the Guild in just five minutes and I entered the guild and went to my advisor's counter. Upon seeing me, Rose dashed over the counter and meet me

"Good morning, Ton-ton" greeted Rose

"Oh? You knew how to greet anyone now, huh?" I spoke

Rose shook her head and started to walk in the counter. I followed and face the counter; I grab the bag at my waist and poured out the crystals in a plate. Rose took it and converted it into Valis, while I don't know how they do it, though


Bell's POV

[Cue: Market town]

It's been awhile since the incident in the 10th floor of the dungeon, I lost Eina-san's protector and now I was walking on town, I went to the Guild. It's been awhile since I saw Pendragon-san, I hoped he's okay…

"Uh, Bell-kun?" I turned around and search for the owner of the voice, I saw Eina-san in a corner, sitting with… eh!? The blonde near Eina-san turned to me, my eyes widen and I started to walk away, ignoring the call of Eina-san. I'm sorry Eina-san but, I can't face her yet. I only walked, not giving my area a mind, my head stumbled back. I look upwards and saw a macho adventurer, I was about to turn back but Aiz Wallenstein was already in front of me

"What are you doing, Bell-kun?" Eina-san asked, an index finger raised "It's rude to just run away like that"

"Fo-forgive me" I closed my eyes and bow "But…" I turned to the girl I admired

"Wallenstein-san wants to have a talk with you, she said" explained Eina-san, but! Why does she have to talk with me? Did I do something bad that needs talking? Please, don't hurt this low-level adventurer! Wait! Why do I talk like Pendragon-san? No, never mind about that

I nodded and we went to the sofa that Eina-san and Wallenstein-san sat before. I only stand and Eina-san left us, a few moments later…

"Kid!" I turned around and saw a blonde guy not far away where I stood, he waved at me and I nodded. He continue to walk towards us and reached the opposite sofa where Wallenstein-san sat

[Track end]


Wow, this kid is maturing. A few days before, he only watched his ideal girl from afar but now, he was standing face to face with her. Such improvement must be rewarded!

"Oh… sorry if I interrupted your intimate conversation" I said bowing

"It's okay" the blonde from the opposite side said, I nodded and pulled my phone, I put the pin of the headphone on my phone's hole. Well, I didn't knew that the house where I'm staying at had a precious thing that came from my world. Though, I don't know how it got here but hell, let's use it while phones aren't yet developed in this world. About my phone well… when a month had already passed when I arrived in this fucked up world; my phone is still alive! The battery isn't moving so, it's a luck that I can play it till now

I fiddled into my phone and found one of my favorite bands; Black Veil Brides. I searched the song I always played and found it! I tap the song with the title 'Faithless'

[Cue: Faithless- Black Veil Brides]

How ironic, I'm Faithful to God whilst the songs in my phone had the title of 'Faithless' or 'Fallen Angels' but hell! The drums and electrics are so damn good, but enough of that! I closed my eyes as the music calmed my nerves, I can use this when I fight monsters, can't I?


I noticed Pendragon-san pull something, a headdress? He put the odd-looking headdress on his head and it covered his ears, this is the first time I saw a headdress like that. After he put on the odd headdress, he started… singing? His singing is odd, it's a bit of messy, he forced his voice to get rough and his tempo is fast. I turned from Pendragon-san to Wallenstein-san, who is also looking at Pendragon-san with a brow raised

"U-uh, Wallenstein-sa…"

"Call me Aiz" Wallenstein-san spoke, still staring at Pendragon-san as he sang in his own song

"O-okay… Aiz-san, what do you want to talk about?"

"Even when I fall down to my knees, I'll never say a prayer I don't believe and I don't wanna look up to the So, but I will never be the Faithless one…" Yeah it really is weird when I hear him sing, it feels like… Your body wants to do some movements that are aggressive to be compatible with the rhythm of the song

Aiz-san turned to me, and pulled out a green thing from behind… wait! Where did she put that thing!? NO! Don't think about it

"I think you drop this in the dungeon" she showed me a green armlet… is that? Eina-san's protector!? S-so she's…

"T-thank you…" I went to Aiz-san and she gave me the protector, I went and sat down near Pendragon-san. So, Aiz-san is the one who saved me back then, huh?

"You became injured because of me by letting the Minotaur escape" Aiz-san continued and stood up from her seat. And did the impossible; she bowed "I'm sorry"

"I-I… no!" I stuttered "I-it's not y-your fault at all, Aiz-san!" But you still did released that Minotaur towards me- WHAT AM I THINKING!? This is not the same with my thinking. I shook my head, erasing that thought "After all, you're the one who saved me back then and now; So, it's not a big deal!" I bowed down


Yeah, I forgot about him… I set my gaze upon Pendragon-san and he smiled at me and gave me a two thumbs up, though, I don't know what he's thinking about


[Track End]

I paused the music and look at Cranel, his scarlet eyes staring at my face. I gave 'em a two thumbs up as I realized that he is now conversing well with the renowned Sword-Princess. Aiz Wallenstein stood up and was about to walk away but stopped on her tracks

"By the way, you're still a rookie, isn't?" asked the Sword-Princess towards Cranel "Is anyone teaching you in combat?"

After hearing her question, Cranel shook his head

"No one" Cranel said

Eh? Isn't that I'm teaching him how to be a proper hero? Then why did he denied my presence? Hmm… I wonder

"Then is it okay if I teach you?" Wow! A bold declaration you got there, girl

"Eh?" I saw Cranel blinked within five seconds and it irritates me. Man, this is a good chance for you to get close to your ideal girl, you know? I swing my arm to Cranel's shoulder and whispers

"Take it. It's a chance"

Cranel only looked at me with a raised brow, and slowly nod

"By the way" I looked towards the Sword-Princess "Do you know where I can find Hephaestus-sama?" I need a weapon that is indestructible, so it will not give in when I just smashed it into a tough monster

"She's always in the blacksmith, isn't she?" she tilted her head, emphasizing her curiosity. Well, damn she's cute

"No…um, I'm talking about what hour is she available?"

"I don't know" the Sword-Princess said calmly… Is she an airhead?

"Well…" I scratched the back of my head. Man, I hate dealing people with this kind of personality "I have to go now" I was about to turn around but then, I remembered something. I suddenly rushed over Cranel and whisper to his ear

"If someone is looking for me or Tony Marrero at the dungeon… don't show them the way, 'kay?" After saying this, Cranel only nodded slowly and I waved at the both of them. Damn, I must train my body in using the sword and I also need a gun! Guns are cool, though, I don't know if there's one in this era


I'm now standing in front the shop of the Hephaestus Familia, different kinds of swords are being hanged and placed in front of the shop and I know they're all good in quality but I need a magical weapon. I entered the shop and all eyes turned to me, I just raised my brows and they all turned to their respective work, I saw the counter and walked towards it

"Um… Can I ask something, sir?" I asked towards the man at the counter, the man nodded and I exhale some air "Then, where can I find Hephaestus-sama?" The bearded man at the counter drop his work and look at me with a bored look

"What business?" asked the old man, continuing his work

"Secret?" I said, smiling slowly. The old man sighed and drop his work again, he stood up and I followed him, I put on my headphones and played a shuffled song

[Cue: Smells Like Teen Spirit- Nirvana]

We went downstairs and the light became dimmer and dimmer heck! Are we going to hell? After few minutes of walking we stood up in front of a door with two lamps at the opposite walls, is this a dungeon?


"Who is it?" a woman asked at the opposite side of the door

"It's Adhemar, Hephaestus-sama" said the old man, so his name is Adhemar, huh... nice name

"And what business do you have, Adhemar?"

"Someone wants to see you..." said Adhemar, looking at the door

"Who?" asked the woman

Adhemar looked at me, signaling that I need to state my name

"I'm Tony Pendragon, first member of the Eos Familia" I said, focusing on the music at my ear

"Come in" said the woman. Adhemar nodded to me and I opened the door, I entered the room and saw woman, sitting and had her hands placed under her chin

"If you'll excuse me... I have some work to do" Adhemar said and he closed the door, leaving me and the red headed woman inside the room

"I'm the goddess Hephaestus" introduced the woman. So she's Hephaestus... Damn, mythology is really altered in this world, in my world; Hephaestus was said to be an ugly guy but here? Fuck it, she's smoking hot! Unlike the previous goddess, she's my type! "So, what business does a member of a newly made Familia have here?"

"Uh... Actually, I want you to make me a Magical weapon, a weapon that is not easily destroyed if it was smashed into the face of a monster" I said, scratchin the back of my neck. Really, it's so embarrassing telling a blacksmith that I smash weapons in the face of the monsters

"I see..." she made a thinking pose and I just raised my right eyebrow "But why me?"


"There's many blacksmith there that has amazing talents but why me?" asked the goddess. Because you're hot, no?

"Uh… Because the quality of the weapon you make is great?" I said with doubt, Gosh, I'm a dumbass!

I heard Hephaestus-sama sighed and turned to her, she eyed me for a moment then started to shook her head slowly

"I never knew that the Tony Pendragon that Hestia was talking about is like this" she started to laugh and shook her head to calm her mind "You're really an interesting person... Okay, I'll make your weapon as a friend of Hestia but…"

"But?" What now? Is there any conditions?

"What kind of weapon do you want?" asked Hephaestus-sama while smiling

"A melee and a ranged weapon" I said, no mistake in my choice of weapon, I really want a range weapon

"Two weapon, huh. Hmmm..." Hephaestus-sama made a thinking pose again "That would cost too much, can you pay it?"

"How much?" I know I have tons of Valis but I don't know if I'm able to pay it all, it's the goddess Hephaestus is the one to make it after all!

"We'll see it after I made it… also, you stay here for today, I need an assistant to help me" said Hephaestus-sama, standing up from her chair and went to a nearby wall, she picked up a hammer? That is placed on the wall

"Okay" I slowly nod and she started walking to a nearby furnace, wait! Did I noticed before? No, did it showed up when Hephaestus-sama hold a hammer? Maybe…

[Track End]


Bell's POV

What does Pendragon-san meant by saying that to me? Is someone looking for him? Then why is he hiding from the person that is looking for him?

"Don't space out while in combat" Aiz-san's voice echoed at my ear and I blocked the scabbard that was going to strike me

"HAAAAAAA!" I kicked Aiz-san but she jumped back. I was panting crazy but I braced myself

"That's the first time you were able to counterattack" said Aiz-san, I lower my guard but still on guard if she's only confusing me

"Yeah" I responded, lowering my knife a bit. After seeing her only stood there, I also stand straight

"Today is our last session, isn't?" asked Aiz-san in a monotone

"Thank you for everything you taught me for this past week" I bowed "Thank you"

"I enjoyed it" said Aiz-san, and then the wind is starting to blow her hair. What is wrong with this kind of scene, when it is something sweet there's a wind blowing or a music that is being heard somewhere but I don't know where? "Anyway, do your best"

Unconsciously, I can feel my face heat up "Y-yeah. And y-you, too um… Aiz-san" my lips curved up "Give your best!" This is our last time to be alone together, huh. Such a shame


What the Fuck!

It's been a week since I requested Hephaestus-sama in making my weapon but Fuck! It's too long for me, is it even a weapon suited for me? I'm afraid all of my money will get wasted in this piece of metal

"Here" said Hephaestus-sama, putting the two weapon on the table, a sword resembling Excalibur and a gun that resembles the Thompson Contender that is used by Kiritsugu Emiya. Thank you google for the information that you show me about the gun, haha. Suddenly, Hephaestus-sama grab my hands and impaled a needle on my index finger

"What the Fu-" I didn't finished my sentence and Hephaestus-sama grip my hand, making the wounded finger bleed, the blood drop on the sword and wow! Did it just glow? Not wasting a time she pulled my hand and turned it into the gun, the blood drip from my finger and slid down the handle of the gun, the blood was sucked inside the gun and there, the goddess of weaponry released my hand "What did you-"

"You want to make your weapons only yours, right?" asked Hephaestus-sama, I nodded "Then what I did a while ago is proof that only you can wield these weapons, though, the sword is identical to the one at your back and this gun, you call, is a bit odd" Well yeah, I did the drawing and put details on it and she's the one who made it…

"Well… that's a secret for now" I said, forming my hand into an OK sign. Damn, the blood won't stop coming out, do I have a Hemophilia? Well yes, I'm a king, right? But Damn! The amount of blood leaking out is a bit much for a single stab of a small needle. Am I going to die again? Haha, no way in hell "And how much?"

"Haha… well" Hephaestus-sama stepped forward and leaned on my ear "500,000,000 valis" she whispered. WHAT THE FUCK!? 500 million? Bitch! That's worth ¾ of what I've earned since I arrived at this world but! I still have that amount of money, haha. Lucky me

"Okay, I'll give it to you tomorrow"

"You sure is rich" said Hephaestus-sama

"Nah! It's only thanks to my skill that I earned too much money that I can buy all of things here in Orario" I said, picking up the 'Excalibur' which I will call it for now and the 'Etag' which I will call the Contender "I will go now Hephaesstus-sama, I think my goddess will be worried about me"

"Okay, come back again if you have any request but give it to the blacksmiths not me… but thanks anyway" said Hephaestus-sama, waving at me and I also wave back, I run towards the dark stairs

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