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"Let's review, shall we?" Harry says, going over the list for the ones they've marked down. Hardly any of the silly names made it onto the list, the ones Ginny or Harry vetoed immediately. They're able to narrow it down to six names quickly.

"Arthur Evan," Ginny reads. "Regulus Romulus, Sage Fawkes, Rubeus Regulus, John Orion, and- Sirius Lee? Seriously?"

"Yes, seriously Sirius Lee," Harry says, snickering. Ginny rolls her eyes.

"I love all of these names so much," she says. "I just can't pick one-"

Harry freezes.
"Hey, Ginny?" he says. "What about Albus Severus?"

Ginny freezes, and raises an eyebrow. "Albus Severus?" she asks skeptically, sure he's joking.

Harry nods earnestly, and his wife can see in her husband's eyes how much the name means to him.

She's about to turn it down, mention how any one of the other names is better, and then she realizes it.

How much Severus Snape would detest having a Potter named after him.

She can't help the smile creeping onto her face. "Perfect, Harry," she says, and Harry's eyes brim with happiness.

Oh, this will be fun.

Harry kneels down. "Albus Severus Potter. You were named after two incredibly brave men. One of them was a Slytherin, and he was probably the bravest man I've ever known."

"Really?" Albus asks.

"Really," Harry says. "And if you are in Slytherin, we'll love you all the same."
Albus smiles, and after talking for a few more moments, hurries away. Harry wraps an arm around Ginny and they watch the train leave; all is well.

Albus Severus Potter fidgets nervously in his seat before glancing around. Only four weeks at Hogwarts and he's already in the Headmistress's office- he punched a kid that made fun of his friend Scorpius, because Scorpius' father was a Death Eater.

The portraits on the wall stare at him, whispering about the second son of the legendary Harry Potter.

His eyes meet the portrait of Albus Dumbledore, the first man he's named after. He'd seen portraits of Dumbledore before, and they've always said how they're honored Albus is named after him. But he's never seen a portrait of Severus Snape- like the one on the wall, off to his left side.

"Excuse me," Albus says politely. "But are you Professor Severus Snape?"
"I am," the portrait says with a sneer. "And you are?"
"I'm Albus Severus, sir," Albus says. "My father says I'm named after you, and you were one of the bravest men he's ever known."

"Your father?" Snape asks, raises an eyebrow.
"Harry Potter," Albus says.

Snape's face goes whiter than it already is, and his eyes get a dark, disgusted look. Albus panics- did he say something wrong?

"I shall be right back, Minerva," Snape says, for Headmistress McGonagall has entered her office. "I need to have a word with the Potter coupleā€¦"