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Later that night, whilst I'm getting out of the shower, I receive a message from Sakura. 'Hey, I asked you if you would come with us on Saturday, but I totally forgot to tell you where to meet us at. We're going to meet in front of the park tomorrow at 10 am. Don't be late, okay? ;)'

I roll my eyes at Sakura's joke. I'm sure she's in her room right now smiling down at her phone, thinking about how funny and clever she is. 'You know I'm always the first one anywhere. Just make sure you're not late. I don't know who this mystery person is that likes Ino, but I'm sure they're just as tardy as she is.' After pressing send, I close my phone, leaving it on my nightstand. Then, I put the charger in, so it can charge over night.

I walk over to my dresser, pulling open one of the drawers to take out some underwear. I slide on the black boxer briefs I have folded on top. Then, I turn around and walk back over to my bed. I pull the blankets off and drag them to the living room with me. I lay down on the sofa, wrapping the blankets around myself, before turning on the TV.

The next morning, I wake up at 8 am. I'm still on the couch, having fallen asleep there the day before. It's a good thing that my parents bought an expensive brand of furniture right before the accident. Otherwise, my back would probably be hurting and extremely stiff right now.

I get up going about my normal routine, so I can be on time for whatever it is Ino and Sakura have planned today. Whatever it is, I'm sure it won't be boring. I've known Sakura pretty much all my life; we met Ino three years back. Since then, the three of us have always been together. I never have a bad time with them, and they definitely keep me on my feet. But through all that time, Ino's never once had a solid relationship. She's quite the flirt, but I've never seen her get into an actual relationship with anyone. So, I don't see why Sakura would even try and set up one of her friends with Ino. She knows how the Yamanaka is. Unless, she actually thinks this guy will be different. Which brings me to why I said yes in the first place, because if Sakura thinks he has a chance, perhaps he actually could. And if he does, I have to see the guy who's going to change Ino Yamanaka into a person who prefers to be in monogamous relationships.

I'm already finished getting dressed by 9:30 am. Since I've got nothing better to do, I decide to go ahead and start walking to the park. This way I can pick up breakfast along the way.

By the time I get to the park entrance, I've already finished the breakfast burrito I picked up as well as my black coffee. It's 10 am, and of course, no one is here except for me. I knew it was going to happen. Sakura is probably at Ino's house still trying to help the girl find something to wear. I sigh. This is going to take a while. Well, as long as I'm waiting, I may as well walk around a bit. I'm sure they'll call once they're all at the entrance, and I'm not there.

The cherry blossoms have finally bloomed to full capacity. People always say they're beautiful. No matter how many times they've seen them, it takes their breath away. I don't really see the appeal. They're just plants to me.

I walk along the park's dirt path. Each step I take, there are fallen cherry blossoms underneath my feet. I look around the park at the multiple people here on a Saturday morning. There are adults, children, dogs, and some teens as well. It's like one of those perfect scenes out of a movie, but somehow, I feel it's not as bright as it should be.

"Can we please see your new jutsu, Naruto-sensei?" I hear a young boy ask. I look to the left, towards where the voice is coming from. There are three children around the age of ten, two boys and one girl. The one who asked the question, having dark hair and a long blue scarf around his neck, despite the temperature outside.

"Sure, I don't see why not. Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Smoke surrounds the three kids and their sensei. There are shouts of awe from the children. As the smoke starts to clear, the first thing I'm able to see is a swirling ball of blue chakra. Once the smoke is gone completely, I'm able to see their sensei. A blonde boy, about my age, with bright blue eyes, and three whisker marks on each cheek. He's grinning proudly as he shows off his brand new jutsu. His eyes meet mine for only a second, but they soften just a bit.

It's then, something odd happens.

My eyes widen, as my breath is taken away from me.

My whole world changes right before my eyes.

It's no longer dull.

But colorful.

Insanely colorful.


...Could this be what Sakura meant?

Suddenly, I get the urge to take a picture. I pull out my phone from my pocket. I flip it open, immediately going to the camera. I take a picture of the whiskered teen, proudly holding his new jutsu. In it, he looks perfect. Unbeknownst to me, my flash was on.

When I look up, all four of them are staring right at me, but the blonde is the first to speak up. "Hey! What do you think you're doing, weirdo?" Naruto yells out. I blink, unsure how to respond. In retrospect, I can see how this looks. I'm taking a picture of a complete stranger without permission.

Nonetheless, the blonde isn't the least bit intimidated by my actions. He walks up to me, the three children run off not wanting to get involved. Though the one with a blue scarf, does decide to give me a warning by making a motion with his hand signifying I was going to die, before running off to join his friends.

"You just go around snapping pictures of people without their permission?" He yells at me. I try to explain myself, but the blonde isn't hearing any of it. Especially not after he gets a look at said picture which is specifically of him. "If you think you can get away with stalking me, you've got another thing coming, creep! You better-"

"Naruto!" Sakura calls out.

The blonde teen turns around to see Sakura and Ino walking towards us. "Sakura!" He says, his personality instantly changing from rough and hostile to a good-natured and friendly. He runs over to her and Ino, saying good morning, as if nothing happened before.

I frown, confused at the sudden change in temperament. But glad for it all the same, it wouldn't have been an easy thing to explain had Naruto decided to tell them all about it.

"Well then, now that we've found you both. Let's start with greetings." Sakura says, not having heard the screaming going on before. "This is Ino Yamanaka. She's part of the amazing Yamanaka clan, which we all know and love. She's known for her great fashion sense, and she can be quite the sweetheart when she wants to be." Sakura tells Naruto, who's now standing in front of Ino looking like she's the greatest thing in the world.

"And this is Naruto Uzumaki, he loves to have a good time and is super nice to those who deserve it. He's one of the strongest students in our school, thanks to his training under the Legendary Sanin, Jiraiya." Sakura says, talking both of them up to each other. They exchange hellos, and a few flirty comments as well.

"And not that it really matters," Sakura starts jokingly, as she walks over to me. "This is friend A." She introduces me, not even bothering to say my name. I glare at her, but she only giggles in return.

Naruto walks over to me. One of his hands rubbing the back of his neck, sheepishly. "Hey, I'm sorry about my behavior earlier, Freind A. I hope you can forgive me." He starts, but once he's close enough that no one else can see his face; he glares at me, whispering, "You can't fool me, creep. I know what game you're playing. If you cross me, I won't hesitate to take you down."

I glare right back, and after a second, he turns back around with a smile. His constant switching of emotions is definitely giving me whiplash. I roll my eyes as he goes back over to Ino. How the hell was I ever transfixed by that idiot? Even as I think this though, I can't help but notice, just how bright the cherry blossoms are now.

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