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It had been a year since Eliot's captivity with Damien Moreau. Since then, all of his wounds had healed. Scars were now the only reminders of that those terrible two years of torture and then recovery. His nightmares still sometimes came to haunt him, but each time Parker would be laying beside him, ready to help him get through it all.

Eliot had broadened his relationship with the crazy thief. They decided to not tell the team,- yet- thinking that they first have to see what happens next. In the course of five months, Parker was already living with Eliot, which was fine by both of them.

They lived in peace, and aside from all the jobs they took, nobody was after them, which was a huge relief. Life was good…




"Mornin', Parker." Eliot whispered, turning his head to face the blonde, who was still mostly asleep.

"Hmmm…" Parker groaned, clearly wanting to sleep a little more.

Eliot began playing with her hair, smiling. "Come on, darlin'," he said. "Nate wants us to come first thing in the morning. Said he has a job for us, a job that YOU might like. So come on, get dressed."

At those words, Parker's eyes opened, and she smiled when she saw his handsome face in front of her.

Eliot leaned in for a kiss, which Parker returned. After a minute of just gazing at each other, Parker finally broke the silence and got out of bed. As she was getting dressed, Eliot lay there, staring at the ceiling. Only when Parker jumped onto him did he come out of his thoughts.

"Well come on!" she exclaimed. "Get dressed."

Eliot groaned from the impact but chuckled at the thief's way of getting him to come out of his daydreams. He pulled Parker off of him, standing up and stretching.

Parker looked dreamily at Eliot's body, admiring the muscle and well built structure. The only thing marring it were the scars, which always made her shudder. One day, she would learn where he got each scar… as well as how he got them.

Once dressed, Eliot went into the kitchen, Parker right behind him. As he made breakfast, the thief was packing all the stuff that she might need for the job: pulleys, zip lines, harnesses, lock picks, anything a thief like her might ever need. When she finished, she walked into the kitchen, coming over to Eliot. She wrapped her arms around his waist as she watched what he was doing over his shoulder. Eliot turned his head and planted a light kiss on her cheek.

In a few minutes, breakfast was ready, and they were both sitting at the couch, watching TV while eating.

As Parker was putting away her plates, she noticed that Eliot was deep in thought again. She sat beside him, caressing his face with her hand. Eliot looked up, smiling as he felt Parker's hand against his face. He took her hand, leaning in closer and closer. Parker did the same, relief washing over her when feeling the hitter's lips on her own. When the kiss ended, they cuddled beside each other on the couch, just enjoying each other's presence.

"Come on," Eliot finally said. "We should probably go."

Parker looked up, gave him another small kiss and then stood up.

As they walked to Nate's place, the hair on the back of Eliot's neck rose and he began to get the feeling that someone was after them; he quickly went on high alert.

Parker felt Eliot tense up, which always meant something bad was going to happen. "Eliot, what's wrong?"

Eliot stopped walking, looking around his surroundings. All of a sudden, he felt something sharp hit his neck. He quickly pulled out, what he realized was a tranquilizer dart. "Dammit." he muttered, falling to the ground. He heard a soft cry, and realized that Parker had been hit too.




The next time he woke up, Eliot was in a truck. On the other side of him, Parker was sleeping on the floor, and Eliot could see chains around her wrists. He slowly crawled up to her, trying to wake her up.

"Parker. Parker, darlin', wake up,"

The thief groaned, slowly waking up. Her eyes went wide when seeing where she was. "Where are we?" she asked.

"In a truck. I think we're-"

The truck suddenly ran over a ditch, beginning to make a sharp turn to the left. Eliot was flung to the left side of the vehicle, slamming into a wall. He moaned, his arm quickly going around his ribs.


The man looked up and threw his hair back. "I'm okay, Parker."

He crawled back to her, sitting against the wall. He held her in his arms as they drove to who knows where. Slowly, they both fell asleep again, having lost track of time.




When Parker woke up, she was alone in a room made of rock. A couple of feet away from her were chains linking to the wall. Parker noticed that there were chains wrapping around her wrists, enabling her from standing up; she guessed that the other chains were for Eliot, since they were thicker and heavier.

She frantically started thinking about Eliot. Where is he? What's being done to him? Is he alright? Is he afraid? Will he be back?

The room's door opened, and a body was thrown in: Eliot. Three guards walked in behind him and chained him to the wall, not paying any attention to the man's strangled groans. They left hurriedly, leaving the two thieves alone.

"Eliot?" Parker asked, her eyes wide.

The hitter didn't reply. His body was limp and trembling, as well as bloody.

"Eliot?" she asked again; she longed to crawl to him, to help him. "Eliot, come on, sit up. Please, Eliot, just talk to me. Say… something."

Eliot slowly sat up, trying to hide his pain. He looked up at Parker, his eyes full of fear. "Moreau," he whispered. "This is all Moreau."

Parker let out a small gasp. She quickly put on a straight face and said, "Eliot look at me."

He looked up.

"Now listen. We will get out of here. Safely. Nate has probably noticed that we're gone, and he's probably thinking of a plan with the others not. All we have to do is hold up for a little bit. I promise, we will get out."

"Parker, Moreau is behind this," Eliot said shakily. "Last time, I barely escaped. How am I supposed to escape now, when I also have to worry about someone that I love. We're screwed, Parker. We're-"

At that time, the door opened… and Moreau himself walked in. Parker saw Eliot's eyes grow big as the warlord walked up to him; he picked up his chin with his finger, staring at Eliot with cold eyes.

"Shall we continue what we had started?" he asked.

"Go to Hell, Moreau." Eliot replied harshly.

Hearing those words, Moreau kicked the hitter so hard, he slammed against the wall. He let out a small grunt before lunging at Moreau, only to be painfully stopped by his chains. He cried out, falling to the ground.

He felt himself getting picked up, unchained, and then forced on his knees. He opened his eyes and saw Parker, her eyes traveling from him and then to Moreau.

He suddenly felt a sickening crack against his back. He gasped.

Another hit.

"No!" Parker screamed.

Eliot bit back a cry as Moreau brought the whip down his back again.

"I will make you scream, Eliot," Moreau said, hitting him. "I will make you scream if it's the last thing I do."

Finally, Eliot, who was unable to take anymore pain, screamed. His breathing was heavy as he was hit again… and again… and again.

"Parker, don't look!" he yelled. "Don't you dare look, you hear me?!"

The thief was frozen in fear; Eliot's words echoed in her mind but didn't register. All she could do was watch as her poor Eliot was whipped.

The young man was finally beaten on on the last hit. He collapsed onto the ground, moaning. Blood spattered everywhere, but Moreau seemed to pay no attention. He hit him one more time before ending.

"Well that was fun!" he exclaimed.

He kneeled beside Eliot and forced him to look at him. "We'll continue in a couple of hours." he whispered in his ear; Parker saw Eliot shiver at his words.

Moreau went outside and brought back a box of medicines and first aids. He dropped it in front of Parker and kicked Eliot towards her. She held him in her arms as Moreau smirked and walked out of the cell.

When the door closed, Eliot let out a quiet groan, beginning to tremble violently.

"It's alright, Eliot, you're okay. He's gone now, you can relax," Parker tried to say. "I'm gonna help you patch up, alright. This will hurt though."

He nodded. "Just get it over with." he said through gritted teeth.

Parker first poured some rubbing alcohol- that was in the crate- on his back. She tried to ignore his weak moans, but couldn't help but apologize after every sound. When she finished, she bandaged his entire upper body. With that done, she used the remaining bandages as a pillow, placing it on her legs and helping the poor man lay down.

She stroked his hair gently, looking around the room. She wished they were back home, in each other's arms, safe and sound. She wished Moreau was gone forever and Eliot was finally free. She wished that he wasn't in so much pain right now, and prayed that it would end soon. She wished for so many things that she knew wouldn't come true… yet she still wished them. For Eliot's sake, she needed to have hope... she needed to hope for the best...