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When Eliot woke up, he was engulfed in pain. His entire body ached, and his head was screaming at him. He slowly opened his eyes, realizing that he was in his own room, on his own bed, at the HQ. He sighed with relief. He was home. He was safe.


He turned his head and saw Parker sitting beside him, looking at him with pleading eyes.


The girl reached for some water sitting on the bedside table, letting him drink. When he finished, she put the water back down. She placed her hand on his cheek, smiling. "I'm so happy you're okay." she whispered.

Eliot frowned. "Moreau?" he asked.

"Dead," Parker replied instantly. "Nate took the shot and killed him."

The hitter took a sharp and shaking breath. "He was going to destroy me," he said quietly. "He was going to take every last bit of good I had from me. He was going to turn me into a monster. If you hadn't come for me, I would have…." His voice cut off. He closed his eyes, throwing his head against the bed's backboard. He felt the bed move, and then a gentle hand was on his chest.

He opened his eyes again and saw Parker laying beside him, trying to comfort him. "He's gone now Eliot," she said. "He can't hurt you any more. For now, you need to rest and heal. Then we can worry about everything else. Okay?"

He nodded, letting his chin fall on Parker's head. They stayed like that for another hour, before Parker stood up and said, "The team's waiting."

She helped Eliot stand up, slowly navigating him into the living room….




Weeks passed, and Eliot was still recovering, not only from physical, but also from mental torment. But Parker would be beside him every day, ready to help him… but it wasn't enough.

The man was constantly tense, and even became jumpy, something Eliot Spencer could never be. One simple movement would make him jerk, as if he was remembering a moment from his past. Nightmares plagued him, and even with Parker's presence, they still didn't let him sleep. He became so sad, and distant, barely talking or even eating.

One night, after a quiet meal, Parker helped Eliot get back to his room; she sat with him the entire night, trying to calm him down from the nightmares that haunted him nonstop.

He would wake up and start thrashing, unable to get Moreau out of his head. Parker would have to gather him in her arms and wait out the nightmares with him.

At times, Parker felt guilty. She kept thinking that it was her fault he was in so much pain. So she stayed with him, helped him, assured him that everything was going to be alright… even though she knew that nothing was going to be okay after everything that happened.

Finally, Parker had enough. She missed her Eliot. She missed their relationship. She missed Eliot's lips on hers. She missed the Eliot that was happy, the Eliot that was at peace with himself. She missed Eliot's smile. And she missed their happiness together. She knew she had to do something about it….




Two months had now passed and Eliot had now completely healed. Physically, yes, mentally… not so much. He was still constantly haunted by nightmares… and when Parker saw him, writhing in pain and muttering random words, her heart would shatter. But one night, she decided she would make her move….

Eliot was sitting on the edge of his bed with his head in his hands when Parker walked into his room. He looked up, his eyes completely blank.

Without thinking, Parker walked over to him. She crawled onto him; her legs went between his own and she gently pushed him back. Eliot's hand went behind him so he could hold himself steady as he refused to meet Parker's eyes.

The blonde placed one hand on his strong arm, locking her other hand in his hair. Eliot finally looked up, and Parker took that chance to slowly lean in, her lips landing on his. Eliot's free hand traveled up her leg and stopped at her waist. He shivered as Parker's hand kept going up and down his arm. The kiss that had formed between them was sad, one of those kisses that shows one person that the other understands. Eliot was so grateful that Parker understood….

Parker pushed Eliot farther, until she literally on top of him, now kissing him with more desire.

"Parker," Eliot whispered. "Oh god, Parker."

In a couple of hours, the two thieves found themselves lying beside each other. Parker had her head on Eliot's chest, and Eliot had his arm around the blonde's small form. It was peaceful, and both of them were happy just to be there, just to be near each other.

Parker was happy that she finally had a piece of Eliot back. She knew that he still hadn't completely recovered, but what just happened proved that he was still in there, that he still loves her. She felt so lucky to have him back; for all she knew, he could've been lost to her forever. So as she was snuggled against him, she savored the moment, never wanting it to end.

Soon enough, they fell asleep.

Throughout the night, Eliot slept peacefully, with no nightmares to fight. It felt so good to finally be able to sleep. It was something his body begged for, but he was just never able to without getting ambushed by his dreams. Thanks to Parker, it finally ended. He felt so relief to finally have a break, even if it was going to be a short one-

And then it was all gone. He suddenly saw Moreau standing in front of him. Beside him was Parker… Moreau was holding a gun to her head.

"Say goodbye, Eliot," he said. "Say goodbye to your pretty little thief."

"NO!" Eliot screamed.

He watched Moreau pull the trigger, he watched him let Parker's dead corpse fall on the cold, hard ground. Eliot darted over to her, holding her body in his arms. "Parker, no," he begged. "Please, no. You can't leave me. Come on, darlin', stay with me. Stay with me…."

But it was too late; she was gone… gone… just, gone….




Parker woke up when she heard whimpers coming from Eliot's direction. She quickly woke up, instantly trying to get the poor hitter to open his eyes. But then she saw something she thought she would never see: Eliot was crying. Tears were streaming down his cheeks and were damping the covers. He was crying… why?


The man bolted upright, gasping. He sat stiffly for a few seconds, trying to wrap his head around everything that had happened. "Parker?" he whispered.

"I'm here, Eliot, I'm here," Parker said, pulling him into her arms. "It's okay, you're safe. I got you. You're safe now… you're with me."